Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

In a stunning Tribal Council, Colby Donaldson, the 29-year-old All-Star of SURVIVOR: THE AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK from Christoval, Texas, was shocked to hear his name read as the tribe he thought he controlled stabbed him in the back and sent him packing. Viewed as the strongest member of his tribe, Colby proved too great a threat as Mogo Mogo eliminated him in a three to two decision.

Shortly after leaving Tribal Council, Colby concluded, "Ultimately, when your day's up, you've got to be okay with that. You've got to feel good about what you've done."

As morning dawned over the Mogo Mogo camp, newest member Jerri Manthey, 33-year-old castaway of SURVIVOR: THE AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK from Stuttgart, Germany, awoke with a list of complaints, much to the chagrin of her tribemates. Viewed as lazy and tiresome, Jerri's attitude has worn thin on most of Mogo Mogo. "When you're the bad seed on the team, man, it brings it down. I don't even mean a bad seed as much as an annoying seed…so that's grating on people," noted Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien, the 50-year-old castaway of SURVIVOR: MARQUESAS from Burlington, Vermont.

After receiving Tree Mail inviting them to a swimming-themed Immunity Challenge, Chapera discussed their chances of winning. Assuming the role of leader, Rupert Boneham, the 40-year-old castaway of SURVIVOR: PEARL ISLANDS PANAMA from Indianapolis, Indiana, motivated his tribe by giving an inspirational speech about how they could not lose. "We'll win, guaranteed, if we keep our composure and we try hard," Rupert stated simply.

As the tribes assembled for the Challenge, host Jeff Probst explained that for this competition, the tribes would start from floating platforms. One at a time, the castaways would swim to retrieve various floating puzzle pieces. Once all the puzzle pieces were gathered, they would then need to assemble them to form a giant boat, which they would paddle to shore. Once there, one tribe member would run through the jungle to raise a flag and retrieve additional paddles. With all six paddles, the tribes would race back to the starting platform. The first tribe back would win a major reward: a day off the island.

This incredible reward would include a barbeque feast, beer and dessert. In a surprise twist, the winning tribe would also get to pick a member from the losing tribe to join them. The chosen member would not have to join their tribe at Tribal Council, where the losers would be forced to send someone home. Thus, this all-important Challenge was not only for Reward but for Immunity as well.

As the grueling Challenge began, Jerri immediately put her tribe behind by struggling to unclip a puzzle piece. Chapera had the lead as they assembled the pieces to their puzzle and set to build it into a boat.

Mogo Mogo took over the lead as they built their puzzle into a boat more quickly than Chapera. As both boats raced toward shore, it was clearly a tight contest. Mogo Mogo reached shore first, and Ethan Zohn, the 30-year-old winner of SURVIVOR: AFRICA from Lexington, Massachusetts, hit the ground running for the jungle. With a lot of room to make up, Chapera followed by sending Rob Mariano, the 28-year-old castaway of SURVIVOR: MARQUESAS from Canton, Massachusetts.

In the jungle, Ethan had trouble untying the two paddles as Rob made quick work of his tribe's bundled paddles. Rob grabbed the lead as he raced back to the Chapera boat. As both boats paddled toward the finish, Chapera held strong, securing the lead and, finally, the victory.

After suffering the crushing loss, Mogo Mogo also had to say goodbye to Kathy, whom Chapera picked to share their reward. Kathy would be spared from the upcoming Tribal Council.

Chapera rejoiced when they saw a luxurious yacht emerge from around the bend. This incredible 94-foot yacht would be the setting for their daylong excursion and reward.

While aboard the extraordinary vessel, the Chapera tribe danced and sang in celebration as they feasted on hamburgers, hot dogs and beer. While enjoying the festivities, Mogo Mogo tribe member Kathy took comfort in her new surroundings and observed, "They brought me in like I was one of their tribe members."

As the defeated Mogo Mogo tribe returned to camp, Ethan took the blame for the loss when he confided that he just couldn't untie the paddles fast enough. "Do they see a need for me here?" questioned Ethan, "Or do they let me go? I don't know. And we've gotta vote someone off tonight."

While Chapera sipped champagne in paradise, Mogo Mogo was in a flurry over who was going to be voted out of the tribe. Colby and Ethan conspired to vote off Jerri with the approval of Lex van den Berghe, the 40-year-old All-Star of SURVIVOR: AFRICA from Santa Cruz, California. However, Lex later approached Jerri, explaining it was Colby who was his biggest threat. "Colby doesn't see this coming at all," smiled Jerri, "He doesn't see a single vote coming in his direction."

Indeed, Colby didn't see it coming as he stoically witnessed Jeff Probst read the final vote, which sent him home in a three to two decision.