Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

The gloves came off at Tribal Council, where there was only room for one Rob in the Chapera tribe. Rob Mariano, the 28-year-old All-Star of SURVIVOR: MARQUESAS from Canton, Massachusetts, blatantly broke his newly formed alliance with Rob Cesternino by leading the rest of Chapera to vote off the 25-year-old castaway of SURVIVOR: THE AMAZON from Wantagh, New York, in a five-to-one decision. After being ousted, the distraught Rob C. complained, "I feel like I was kind of targeted unfairly. It's going to take a little while to swallow this one."

As the rain poured down on the Chapera camp, the castaways huddled under their shelter. Providing some heat during the cool night was the budding relationship between Rob M. and Amber Brkich, the 25-year-old All-Star of SURVIVOR: THE AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK from Beaver, Pennsylvania. "Boston Rob and Amber are going to do it. I don't know when…but they're gonna do it," concluded Rob C.

Over at the Saboga camp, the torrential downpour wreaked major havoc. Due to the massive flooding of their home, Saboga was cast out into the storm with no protection from the harsh elements. Suffering through the sleepless, cold night tormented Rupert Boneham, the 40-year-old castaway of SURVIVOR: PEARL ISLANDS PANAMA from Indianapolis, Indiana, who berated himself for building the faulty shelter. Taking it the worst of all, Jerri Manthey, the 33-year-old tribe member of SURVIVOR: THE AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK from Stuttgart, Germany, cried; "It's not worth it."

Rebounding quickly from the storm, the Mogo Mogo tribe rekindled their fire while finding themselves in good spirits. The good vibe continued as Richard Hatch, the 42-year-old winner of SURVIVOR: BORNEO from Middletown, Rhode Island, successfully caught three meaty eels to the cheers of his hungry tribemates. After feasting on the delicious eel meat, Lex van den Berghe, the 40-year-old All-Star of SURVIVOR: AFRICA from Santa Cruz, California, soberly pointed out, "One of the reasons I'm looking so forward to getting the third key to the rice box is that once we have rice, we won't need to rely so heavily on Richard."

When the tribes assembled for a Reward Challenge, host Jeff Probst explained that it would be a competition involving memory. Each castaway would receive a box containing four items. The goal was for each Survivor to match an item from their box to an item in another castaway's box. The tribe scoring the most matches would win a badly needed "Survival Bathroom," consisting of a shower, toilet, mouthwash, shampoo, soap, toilet paper, toothbrushes and toothpaste. In addition, the first and second place tribes would get another clue that would help open their lock box of rice.

Mogo Mogo struck first blood as Richard marshaled his deduction skills to match a rock from Rob M.'s box. The All-Stars then got on a roll as match after match moved the competition swiftly forward in good cheer.

It all came down to Chapera's Alicia Calaway, the 35-year-old castaway of SURVIVOR: THE AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK from Trumbull, Connecticut, who correctly guessed what the final item was in the box of Saboga's Jerri, thus securing another victory for Chapera.

After enjoying the shampoo and soap, the Chapera castaways set out to solve the clue and find the final key that would open up their box of rice. Desperate to show his tribe that he could contribute, Rob C. obsessively dug for the key in a patch of sand. However, it was Rob M. who found the key first, thus thwarting Rob C.'s efforts while reaffirming his own position as the alpha male within the tribe. After enjoying the much-anticipated meal of rice, Alicia gloated, "We're so far ahead of the other tribes now, it's insane."

As the tribes reconvened for the Immunity Challenge, Jeff Probst explained that the tribes would be blindfolded while guided by a "sighted" tribemate to locate pieces to a large three-dimensional cube puzzle. After they brought all the pieces back to a "solving area," the players must then remove their blindfolds and assemble the cube puzzle. The first tribe to successfully complete their puzzle would win, while the last to complete the puzzle must make the terrible trip to Tribal Council.

In a frenzied pace, chaos reigned as the blindfolded castaways bumped into other All-Stars while the sighted Survivors shouted over one other to direct their tribemates. Accidents were happening all over the place. Ethan Zohn, the 30-year-old winner of SURVIVOR: AFRICA from Lexington, Massachusetts, threw down his puzzle piece right onto Colby Donaldson, the 29-year-old tribe member of SURVIVOR: THE AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK from Christoval, Texas. Tom Buchanan kept falling down. Lex got lost, while Colby slammed Tom head-on, which sent the 48-year-old castaway of SURVIVOR: AFRICA from Rich Valley, Virginia, flying to the ground.

When the comedy of errors was finished, the tribes battled in a close race to finish the puzzle. Saboga placed the final piece of their puzzle first, giving them their first Immunity Challenge victory and leaving Chapera and Mogo Mogo in a fierce battle to avoid Tribal Council.

In the end, Mogo Mogo clicked their last puzzle piece into place just in time to beat Chapera, thus sending Chapera to their first Tribal Council of SURVIVOR: ALL-STARS.

As losing tribe Chapera returned to camp, questions arose as to which member would be sent home. Rob C., Alicia and Susan Hawk, the 42-year-old SURVIVOR: BORNEO castaway from Las Vegas, Nevada, were all on the chopping block. The romantic alliance between Amber and Boston Rob seemed to be in control. Easing Rob C.'s fears was the offer of an alliance from Rob M. After they shook hands, Rob C. expressed his skepticism, "I don't know how good Boston Rob's word is…"

Boston Rob's word wasn't that good after all, as Rob Cesternino fell victim to a five-to-one rout and watched his torch extinguished along with his hopes and dreams of winning SURVIVOR: ALL-STARS.