Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

On night six of SURVIVOR: VANUATU, the Yasur tribe was forced to make their first, dreaded trek to Tribal Council where they ousted Dolly Neely, the 25-year-old sheep farmer from Mercer, Pennsylvania, in a strategic decision. Finding herself the swing vote in a tribe of two factions, Dolly quickly learned that power is not necessarily a good thing on these islands. Fearing Dolly's control, members from both of Yasur's alliances sent the 25-year-old sheep farmer home in a five-to-four decision.

After witnessing her torch being snuffed out, Dolly admitted, "I wasn't cut out for this. I'm way too simple and I just belong on the farm."

After suffering yet another freezing and sleepless night, the Lopevi tribe awoke on day four in serious need of a morale boost. Desperately needing to boil their undrinkable water, the thirsty Lopevi tribe banded together in an attempt to build a fire. Just as they were close to igniting a flame by friction, the Vanuatu skies sent down rain, causing all hopes of fire to be washed away. "We know exactly that if we don't get water soon, we're going to be hurting. These girls are going to kick our tails," confessed Travis Sampson, the 33-year-old loss prevention specialist from Blountville, Tennessee.

Hungry beyond belief, the women of Yasur worked to find food. After struggling to bring down a patch of bananas from a tall tree, the tribe cooked up what was to be a feast of plantains. To their dismay, the tribe found the bananas to be infested with maggots. Some of the tribe members continued to eat them while others simply fell apart. "These young ones, I don't know what they was thinking. If it comes down to eating maggots, I'm gonna eat maggots. Protein. Eat 'em. Shut up!" complained Twila Tanner, the 41-year-old highway repair specialist from Marshall, Missouri.

As the tribes convened for the Reward Challenge, Host Jeff Probst explained that this Challenge would involve balance and teamwork. Eight castaways from each tribe would stand on a narrow beam over water. One at a time, the Survivors would have to move down the beam, squeezing past their fellow tribe members. If they fall off, they would have to start over. Also, the castaway moving down the beam would not be allowed to touch more than one tribe member at a time. The first tribe to get all eight members to the finish platform would win a Reward of pillows, blankets, and a hammock. Also, the Lopevi tribe, if they were to win, would secure flint, which would help to build a much-needed fire.

The competition started out with members of both tribes getting acquainted with one another in a physical way. After a few failed attempts, Yasur tribe member Eliza Orlins, the 21-year old pre-law student from Syracuse, New York, made her way across, followed by her tribe mate, Julie Berry, the 23-year old youth mentor from Gorham, Maine. Brady Finta, the 33-year-old FBI agent from Huntington Beach, California, made his way to the finishing platform, allowing the men of Lopevi to tighten the race. The women increased their lead to four tribe members to one as Twila crossed over to the final platform. Lopevi simply could not find their way back despite Ami Cusack, the 31-year old barista/model from Lakewood, Colorado, being forced to start over.

After Ami made her way across, the women of Yasur made easy work of the competition and finished well ahead of Lopevi. As the Yasur tribe secured the victory, they celebrated with a dance and cheered to the chagrin of the Lopevi tribe members.

After returning to camp from his second straight defeat, Lopevi member Rory Freeman, the 35-year-old housing case manager from Des Moines, Iowa, was furious as to what he considered poor Yasur sportsmanship. Not sharing in his anger, Rory's tribe mates found it strange that Yasur's celebration bothered him as much as it did. The two losses, coupled with Rory's anger and lack of water, conspired to create a Lopevi tribe that was moving toward disarray.

Meanwhile at Yasur, the tribe awoke refreshed, thanks to their new blankets and pillows. Still hungry, the women of Yasur chased a chicken that had wandered into their camp. Twila's attempts to kill the chicken were in vain; however, the eggs left behind did help quell their hunger. "We almost had us a chicken!" she exclaimed.

Despite all the members getting along, factions were still forming at Yasur. After learning that she had been a target, Twila formed an alliance with Dolly. Dolly and Twila's alliance crossed over the factional lines at Yasur, which were divided between the younger and older women of the tribe. "The younger group would be Mia, Julie, Dolly, Eliza and Lisa. And the older group means more like Scout, Twila, and I think Leann's in the older group," observed Ami.

As the tribes assembled for an Immunity Challenge, Jeff Probst explained this competition would test communication, as well as teamwork. The tribes would be required to assemble a series of platforms to an observation deck. Each platform would be made from puzzle pieces. Blindfolded, the castaways would need to retrieve these puzzle pieces from the land and sea with the aid of a fellow tribe member who is not blindfolded. Once all the pieces are gathered, the tribe would then remove their blindfolds in order to put together their platform puzzles. Once the platforms are pieced together, the Survivors would then race to the top of the observation deck. The first tribe to finish all of the platform puzzles would win the crucial Immunity. If Lopevi were to win, they would also receive their coveted flint.

The Challenge started off in chaos as the blindfolded members bumped into each other, as well tree roots and puzzle pieces. Lopevi took the lead by retrieving eight puzzle pieces to Yasur's five. As the action continued, Yasur tribe mate Eliza asked Scout Cloud Lee, the 59-year old rancher/entrepreneur from Stillwater, Oklahoma, if they needed to get another puzzle piece, to which Scout replied, "No, we're good." Scout was mistaken, as there was one final Yasur puzzle piece in the water.

Yasur did not succeed as Lopevi took off their blindfolds and started to assemble their puzzle. Lopevi never looked back as they made quick work of the rest of the puzzles in order to claim their first Challenge of SURVIVOR: VANUATU, which would bring them fire as well as the crucial Immunity.

After experiencing their first defeat, Yasur returned to camp with the unenviable task of having to vote someone out of the tribe at the evening's Tribal Council. The factions and politicking went into high gear with Leann Slaby, the 35-year old research assistant from Kansasville, Wisconsin and Eliza being on the chopping block. Finding herself as the swing vote, Dolly voiced her concern. "My head is completely spinning and I'm afraid because I don't want to make the wrong choice. I'm definitely in the middle and I hate that."

In the end, Dolly definitely had good reason to hate being in the middle because she was perceived as a threat to the rest of her tribe. The women of Yasur decided Dolly's power was simply too strong, and they chose to eliminate her in the five-to-four decision. Dolly became the second castaway to be voted out of SURVIVOR: VANUATU.