Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

On a night when both tribes were forced to trek to Tribal Council, the reigning alliance of the Lopevi tribe stuck to their plan. Despite his attempts to separate the pact by emphasizing the personal rift between Rory and Sarge, John Palyok, the 31-year-old sales manager from Los Angeles, California, became the next victim of the Lopevi elders alliance by way of a five-to-three vote. J.P. disagreed with his tribe's decision, musing, "There was no way that I think I was outweighed, outlasted…outplayed."

After Ami Cusack, the 31-year-old barista from Lakewood, Colorado, received Immunity from John Kenney, the 22-year-old mechanical bull operator/model from Los Angeles, California, in a purely political move, the Yasur tribe was to send yet another castaway home. Under the pretext of emotional harmony for the tribe, Lisa Keiffer, the 44-year-old real estate agent from New Orleans, Louisiana, crossed over Yasur alliances in order to vote out Mia Galeotalanza, the 30-year-old finance manager from Tom's River, New Jersey, in a stunning five-to-three decision.

Shortly after leaving Tribal Council, Mia shot some parting words at her rival: "Twila, you have been extremely deceiving with all the girls. I thought you were absolutely horrendous to me. Hopefully, you'll get voted off next."

TROUBLE IN PARADISE As day seven of SURVIVOR: VANUATU crept in, both tribes had to contend with clashes amongst their members. With their alliance of older men seemingly secure, the Lopevi tribe awoke to work on their shelter. To the delight of the younger Lopevi members, personalities clashed within the ranks of the elder alliance when Lea "Sarge" Masters, the 40-year-old drill sergeant from Columbia, South Carolina questioned the work ethic of Lopevi lone wolf Rory Freeman, the 35-year-old housing case manager from Des Moines, Iowa. "He doesn't do a lot of physical work," Sarge complained. "He's not a team player. He's an individualist, but in a team you can't be your own man all the time."

The same day started with a bang at Yasur when Mia exploded at Twila Tanner, the 41-year-old highway repair specialist from Marshall, Missouri, for what she had said at the previous night's Tribal Council. Mia's furious tirade centered around Twila's alleged disrespect to her and the other younger Yasur tribemates. "I can't stand Twila," Mia said. "I want her out."

While fetching Tree Mail for their tribe, Yasur's younger alliance had a chance to discuss their last Tribal Council. With the tribe separated into two alliances of four women each, it was crucial that they were all on the same page. The younger alliance, comprising Mia, Lisa, Eliza Orlins, the 21-year-old pre-law student from Syracuse, New York, Julie Berry, the 23-year-old youth mentor from Gorham, Maine, was concerned that Eliza had changed her vote without telling her comrades. But it wasn't necessarily Eliza that the young women of this alliance should have been concerned with. "I've got a back-up plan," confessed Lisa, "so we'll see what happens."

As the tribes convened for the Challenge, host Jeff Probst shocked the Survivors by explaining that there would be two Tribal Councils, and each tribe must vote someone off. The winning tribe would not only receive a Reward, but would also be able to participate in an Individual Challenge. The winner would receive Immunity, the opportunity to visit the other tribe's camp, and the ability to give Immunity to a member of the other tribe at their Tribal Council.

Jeff then explained that the Challenge would require the tribes to work together to make their way through three locked cages by untying planks, using grappling hooks to retrieve keys and mastering a series of interlocking slide rails. The first tribe to crawl through the three cages to safety would win a Reward of fishing gear as well as a chance for Individual Immunity.

The Challenge started in a flurry as both tribes worked diligently to untie the various knots on the first wall. Lopevi took the lead, making quick work of the knots, but they encountered a problem when they lost one of their grappling hooks, which allowed Yasur to make up ground. But Lopevi quickly broke the tie as Yasur had trouble obtaining the last key. With Sarge barking orders, the men of Lopevi secured their way to the finish mat to take the Reward, as well as the chance to compete against each other for Individual Immunity.

Jeff Probst then announced that the Challenge for Individual Immunity would involve digging ladder steps out of the sand in order to build a ladder with puzzle-like rungs. The first Survivor to build his ladder and climb it to freedom would win Immunity, a visit to the opposing camp and the ability to grant Immunity to one Yasur tribe member.

The Challenge quickly became a two-horse race between John K. and Chad Crittenden, the 35-year-old teacher from Oakland, California, as the other Lopevi tribe members struggled to find their rungs. Chad came up first with seven rungs. While Chad set to build his ladder, John K. searched tirelessly for his final rung. Chad, however, had trouble assembling the puzzle-like ladder, which allowed John K. to overtake the lead, assemble his ladder, then climb to freedom and the precious Immunity.

With John K. in tow, the Yasur tribe returned to camp from their crushing defeat. In an attempt to discern the alliance structure of the tribe, John immediately separated the women of Yasur according to who had voted for Dolly Neely, the 25-year-old sheep farmer from Mercer, Pennsylvania, the night before. While John was digesting the information so that he could decide to whom he would grant the Immunity, Eliza talked his ear off. "She seems really sweet," John noted. "I'm sure she's really nice, but the bottom line is, 'Oh my God, will you please stop talking?'"

After stating their case to John K., the younger Yasur alliance convened to decide who they would vote out. While Eliza pushed for Scout Cloud Lee, the 59-year-old rancher/entrepreneur from Stillwater, Oklahoma, Mia lobbied for her nemesis, Twila. At the end of the discussion, the women concluded that the night's Tribal Council would most likely end up in a tie. Mia's assessment: "I think that me and Julie and Lisa and Eliza are going to be voting for Twila. And I'm pretty sure that Leann and Amy and Twila and Scout will be voting for me tonight."

Hoping to create a new alliance, Brady Finta, the 33-year-old FBI agent/ex-military from Huntington Beach, California, argued to Sarge that Lopevi's elder alliance should be broken up in order to vote off Rory, who doesn't seem to get along with most of his tribe. "It's simple, it's not underhanded and we know our four votes are going in one direction," Brady explained to Sarge.

Personal differences set aside, the initial alliance held strong for Lopevi as John P. suffered the five votes needed to send him home. J.P. became the third Survivor voted off SURVIVOR: VANUATU.

At Yasur, John K. granted Immunity to Ami, who he knew was not going to be voted off anyway. In the name of tribal harmony, a Yasur alliance was broken as Lisa sided with the older members of the tribe in order to vote off Mia in the shocking five-to-three decision. Mia became the fourth Castaway voted off SURVIVOR: VANUATU.