Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

Staying on the course they plotted long ago, the Alinta women continued ruthlessly picking off the men one at a time by sending home Chad Crittenden, the 35-year-old teacher from Oakland, California, in a six-to-two decision. Although Chad and Chris Daugherty, the 33-year-old highway construction worker from South Vienna, Ohio, helped fuel dissention within the women's alliance, their efforts fell short, and there is now only one man left standing on SURVIVOR: VANUATU. After Tribal Council, Chad confided, "I'm not sore or sour, but damn, I wish I could've gone further."


Waking up before the rest of the tribe, Scout Cloud Lee, the 59-year-old rancher from Stillwater, Oklahoma, awakened Chad and Chris by informing them that she would like to keep them around and form an alliance. Clearly on the chopping block, Chad and Chris were thrilled to hear this. Sensing her descending position in the pecking order of women, Scout felt the urgency to implement this new strategy. Her plan: to oust Eliza Orlins, the 21-year-old pre-law student from Syracuse, New York, and Ami Cusack, the 31-year-old barista from Lakewood, Colorado. As she explained, "The plan that I have would take out Liza and take out Ami. We get them out of there."


The members of Alinta took their pig to the Challenge, where host Jeff Probst explained that the animal was going to be used as a gift as part of the Reward. He went on to explain that for this Challenge, the tribe would be split into two teams of four. One chosen player from each team must wear a harness, have their hands tied, and be deemed the Sacrificial Lamb. The other team members must negotiate their Sacrificial Lamb through an obstacle course involving a fence, hitching posts, a log and a rope maze. The first team to get their Lamb to the end wins a visit to another island, where a Vanuatu village would host an evening of ritual, spiritual union and food.

The first team consisted of Ami, Chad, and Chris, with Eliza serving as the Sacrificial Lamb. The other team contained Scout, Twila Tanner, the 41-year-old highway repair worker from Marshall, Missouri, and Leann Slaby, the 35-year-old research assistant from Kansasville, Wisconsin, with Julie Berry, the 23-year-old youth mentor from Gorham, Maine, serving as Sacrificial Lamb. It was wild and chaotic as both teams tugged, twisted and towed their lambs through uncomfortable and compromising positions. Eliza's team took a lead around the hitching posts as Julie's team struggled to navigate her through the fence. Despite making it a close race, Julie's team just could not get though the vertical rope maze in time to make a real run for it. Although they were exhausted, Eliza's team used all they had to usher her across the finish line to freedom and Reward.


Ushered into a small plane and flown to another island, Chad, Chris, Eliza and Ami were greeted by a village of Vanuatu locals. Pleasantries and then pigs, were exchanged. After enjoying a celebration of local dance and song, the Survivors were given a few cups of warm kava. The kava had a kick: Chad found himself heavily intoxicated after the ritual. As Chad put it, "I couldn't walk. I wasn't coordinated."

After consuming a local feast that left something to be desired, the Survivors were treated to a song by the children of the village. The children's song warmed the Survivors' hearts and clearly served as the highlight of the excursion.


Back at Alinta, the Reward losers were struggling to keep the fire going amidst a torrential downpour. Under the pretext of this storm, Scout unveiled her plan to vote out Eliza before the men. While Leann had her doubts, Twila and Julie took to the idea. "Her time is definitely overdue," Julie noted.


Returning to camp, Chad, Chris, Eliza and Ami experienced a less than ecstatic reception from the tribemates who had stayed behind. Stealing away from camp, Scout quickly told Chad and Chris of her new plan, to their delight. "You question a woman's character, you question a woman's ability, she'll snap your neck," explained Chris. "You open up your heart, show a woman you're vulnerable, that's when they start thinking with their heart. That's when they open up that back door. That's what's happened this time."


As the tribe convened for the Immunity Challenge, Jeff Probst explained that this Challenge would involve endurance. The players must climb to the top of a pole on a ladder, then step off, grab onto the pole and hang on. The last player to drop to the ground would win.

The Challenge got off to a gripping start as the Survivors worked themselves into position. Judging by the sweat and grunts, it was obviously difficult to keep grasping the pole, and the Survivors quickly slid to the ground. Julie was first out, then Chris, then Scout. After Ami, Eliza and Leann slipped to the ground, the Challenge came down to Chad and Twila. Chad simply couldn't hold on any longer as he fell off the pole, hitting the ground and giving Twila Immunity.


After returning to camp, Scout immediately lobbied to have Eliza voted out, with the men saved for later. This was met with resistance from Ami, who wanted to stick to the previous plan by voting out all the men before any women. Twila, finding herself a swing vote, could either vote for Eliza with Chad, Chris and Scout, causing a tie, or she could vote for Chad with Ami, Eliza, Julie and Leann, which would place the woman's alliance one man away from triumphant. "Let's kinda stick to the game plan and not have to worry later that there's two strong men that could win Immunity and we're gonna have to start voting out women." urged Ami.

In the end, the women did stick to the game plan by staying with their strategy of eliminating the original all-male Lopevi tribe before voting out a woman. The recipient of the women's wrath was Chad, who witnessed the six-to-two decision that sent him home. Chad became the eleventh Survivor to be voted off SURVIVOR: VANUATU and will be the second to serve on the Jury that will ultimately decide who wins the million dollar prize and the title Sole Survivor.