Season 26: Episode 2 - Honey Badger
Posted on Feb 21, 2013 12:00am

On night three, the Bikal tribe returns to camp from Tribal Council after just having voted out Francesca. Dawn approaches Brandon and tries to explain why she voted for Francesca. Brandon is upset because he feels that it was unfair to vote out a nice person like Francesca first again. He comments, "This Tribal Council sucked." Dawn pleads with Brandon to listen to her side of things in front of the rest of the tribe. Brandon doesn't listen to Dawn. Instead, he tells Dawn and Cochran that they will lose again because they made a stupid and ruthless move voting for Francesca first. Upset, Dawn leaves camp. She explains, "It just became too pointed and personal for me and I literally had to walk away." Dawn sits down at the beach and starts to cry, affected by her conversation with Brandon. Dawn says, "I would never do that to someone." Dawn hopes that Brandon will not treat others badly. Meanwhile, Brandon admits to Erik that he is angry and would like to take revenge against the tribe. Brandon reveals, "I feel like Rambo. I honestly feel my uncle's blood running through my body right now." He tells Erik that it would be fun to mess things up at camp. Brandon says, "This is a game and I'm playing it dirty to the core."

The next morning at the Gota camp, the tribe is busy collecting wood, boiling water, and gathering food. Meanwhile, Shamar lies in the shelter watching everyone work around him. He reveals, "Nobody is really worried about my hydration but me. So I've just been relaxing under the tent for a little bit." After having been to Iraq twice, Shamar knows how to conserve his energy and stay cool in hot weather. He admits, "Once they see that I don't really care about the game then I'm not really a threat." Allie and Laura resent Shamar for sleeping in the shelter while they work around camp. Allie comments, "Shamar has definitely got to go if we go to Tribal Council. It's non-negotiable." Later, Shamar talks to Sherri in the water. She tells him that Michael, Julia, Matt, Laura, and herself are in an alliance and would like him to be a part of it. Shamar readily accepts the invitation to join with them. Sherri explains that it is the six of them versus Reynold, Eddie, Hope, and Allie. She encourages Shamar to keep annoying the others. Sherri admits, "I'm not letting go of my boy Shamar. He needs to be here in my back pocket." She gets along fine with Shamar and is happy to add one more member to her alliance.

Over at the Bikal camp, Brandon reveals to Cochran that he wanted to sabotage the camp last night after they voted for Francesca. He admits to Cochran that has come to his senses and realizes that destructive behavior would not be good for his kids to see. Cochran listens to Brandon noting a pattern in his behavior — periods of rage followed by calm and pleasantness. He comments that it is, "The sort of behavior befitting a murderer who is kind of sociopathic." Cochran does not feel comfortable with Brandon being so unpredictable. Philip then joins their conversation. Brandon tells Philip that he would like to have a united camp that agrees on who to vote for at the next Tribal Council. Philip agrees and tells Brandon about how Boston Rob used to dictate who to vote for when they played together on SURVIVOR: REDEMPTION ISLAND. Brandon asks Philip if he would trust him to be part of the group to decide on the vote. Philip equates the tribe to a corporation. He is the CEO and Brandon is only middle management so Brandon doesn't decide what to do. Philip feels Brandon is narcissistic and does not have empathy for others. He reveals, "At the end of the day, there is something I find very disturbing about it." Brandon does not like Philip's "middle management". He leaves Philip and Cochran and goes back to camp, telling the others, "Philip is probably the biggest bully that I've ever met in my life." He tells them that Philip thinks he is the leader and wants to control everything. Corinne assures Brandon that Philip is not the tribe leader. Brandon wants Philip out. He admits, "I've got to give it everything I have these next couple days. If I don't, I'm gone."

The next day, the Gota and Bikal tribes arrive on their mats. The Gota tribe is amazed to see that Francesca was voted out of Bikal first. Michael says, "They came to play. They are vicious people I can tell." Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the immunity/reward challenge. Three members from each tribe will race to a raft. Three other tribe members will pull that raft out to a platform. The tribe members on the raft will dive down and find a cage where they will remove bamboo sticks to release rings. Once they have collected all nine rings, they will be pulled back to shore. The three remaining tribe members will throw those rings and attempt to land them on a post. The first tribe to get a ring on each of their three posts wins immunity and reward. Jeff reveals the reward – a complete fishing kit, including a mask, snorkel, fins, fishing line, fishing nets, and a Hawaiian sling. The Gota tribe has one more member than Bikal, so Laura sits out. Both tribes strategize before the challenge begins. On the Gota tribe, Shamar grows frustrated because the tribe does not listen to his ideas. Erik, Andrea, and Brenda race out to the raft for the Bikal (Favorites) tribe. Sherri, Hope, and Julia get the raft out in the water for the Gota (Fans) tribe. Brandon, Corinne, and Cochran quickly pull the Favorite's raft towards the platform. Shamar, Matt, and Eddie pull the raft for the Fan's tribe. They get off to a slow start but quickly catch up and pass the Favorites. Sherri goes in first for the Fans to pull out the bamboo sticks and release the rings. Erik is the first one in the water for the Favorites. He quickly pulls out the bamboo and releases the first ring. Sherri then releases the first ring for the Favorites. Andrea relieves Erik in the water and releases the second and third ring. Each tribe needs to release nine rings. Sherri is still in the water and has not let Hope or Julia give it a try for the Fans. Meanwhile, Erik, Brenda, and Andrea have taken turns and now released five rings. Hope dives in and relieves Sherri for the Fans. She releases their second ring as the Favorites get their ninth and final ring. The Favorites head back on their raft with their rings as the Fans struggle to get seven more. Sherri relieves Hope in the water and is able to release five more rings before the Favorites make it back to the beach. The Fans need to retrieve two more rings, while the Favorites start the ring toss portion of the challenge. Malcolm tosses first for his tribe. Sherri gets the Fan's eighth ring. Julia then jumps in the water and releases the ninth and final ring. The Fans then jump back on the raft. Shamar, Eddie, and Matt work hard to pull them back as fast as they can. Before they make it back to the beach, Malcolm lands two of their three rings. Reynolds starts tossing rings for the Fans, and he quickly lands the first ring. Michael and then Hope try next. Meanwhile, Philip is now tossing rings for the Favorites. He is able to get their third and final ring to win the challenge. They collect their immunity idol and fishing gear. The Fans are disappointed at their loss. As they leave the challenge, Reynold comments, "Tonight's vote is an obvious vote for Shamar."

The Bikal (Favorites) tribe returns to camp excited about their win. Malcolm says, "That was so much more fun than last time." Philip and Malcolm head out to get more wood for the fire. Philip gives Malcolm the name "The Enforcer". Malcolm pretends to be honored with his new title. Philip explains, "In season twenty-two, SURVIVOR: REDEMPTION ISLAND, I had an organization called Stealth R Us." He is now in the process of adding new members to Stealth R Us from his current alliance. Malcolm comments, "I don't know what's going through Philip's head. He's just out here and he thinks he running some sort of spy corporation, and he's just really getting ridiculous." Philip then introduces the members of his Stealth R Us organization to each other. He is "The Specialist". Cochran is the "Intelegencia Attaché." Malcolm is "The Enforcer." Andrea is "The Eliminator." Corinne is "The Dominatrix." Dawn is "True Grit." Philip reminds them that their mission is to beat the Fans. Malcolm comments, "Philip Sheppard is an insane person."

Over at the Gota (Fans) camp, the tribe is disappointed by their loss and tries to figure out what they could have done to win. Michael points out that they had no leadership in the challenge. Shamar agrees. As soon as Shamar speaks, Reynold says to him, "Your behavior is not acceptable where I come from." Shamar asks Reynold why he is not allowed to have an opinion. The exchange gets heated, and the rest of the tribe looks on silently. Allie is upset with Shamar's behavior and says, "I never understood why people would throw a challenge, until I lived with him for five days." Shamar gives up on trying to argue with Reynold. Shamar explains, "He tried to make a scene to make me look bad, so that people would want to vote for me and keep his alliance in the game for one more challenge." Shamar tells Reynold that he knows what he is trying to do and looks forward to seeing who actually goes home tonight. Reynold and Eddie taunt Shamar as they head out of camp to go get wood. Shamar responds, "Shut up!"

Later that day, Matt meets with Eddie and Reynold and assures them that he is part of their alliance and will join them to vote out Shamar. Matt reveals, "It's time to go to our first Tribal Council and I have two choices right now." Matt is in a tight alliance with Michael, and he next has a conversation with Michael and Sherri. They talk about whether to vote out Shamar or Allie tonight. Sherri assures them that Shamar will calm down as soon as they prove to him that he is not going home next. She recommends that they vote for Allie. Laura joins the conversation and agrees that Allie should go next. Laura explains, "Personally, I think Allie is a strategic threat." She sees Allie as the most strategic of all the members of the "pretty people" alliance.

While the rest of his tribe is getting ready for Tribal Council, Reynold searches the jungle for a hidden immunity idol. As a SURVIVOR fan, he feels that there is a good chance that an idol exists. As he walks along the beach, he searches a large tree with an interesting base. He finds a hole in the trunk and pulls out a rock. He sticks his hand in again and pulls out the hidden immunity idol wrapped in a burlap cloth. Reynold is elated to find the idol, which can give him immunity at Tribal Council if he plays it. He reveals, "I'm like really excited right now, so I'm trying to just like check myself and be smart about it." Reynold does not want anyone else to know that he has the idol. Back at camp, the tribe is deciding whether to cook food or boil water. Reynold heads back to camp and gets dressed for Tribal Council. Laura notices a bulge in Reynold's pocket. She comments, "We all know that the only thing that you'd put in your pocket before Tribal Council is the hidden immunity idol." Laura is worried that Reynold will give Allie his idol and mess up their plan to vote her out tonight. She unfortunately has no time to tell her alliance about her idol suspicions, since it is time to walk out to Tribal Council.

Gota, the Fans tribe, starts their first Tribal Council by lighting their torches in the tribal fire. Jeff informs them, "When your fire is gone, so are you. That is going to be the case for one of you tonight." Michael points out some of the people who are bonding in their tribe. He includes the group of four made up of Reynold, Allie, Eddie, and Hope. Allie explains that they are similar in age and have a lot in common. Matt claims he isn't too worried about the closeness of the foursome. Shamar explains to Jeff that he is the biggest guy in the tribe and has very little to eat, so he is trying to conserve his energy. He goes on to point out that he was able to survive the heat and conditions in his two tours of Iraq as a Marine. Shamar emphasizes that he had good leadership in the Marines, unlike here where each person is out for himself or herself. Michael agrees that the lack of leadership hurt them in the challenge today and causes friction in their tribe. Reynold explains that they are frustrated with Shamar because he is quick to give his opinion but does nothing to help around camp. Eddie says, "Shamar was in the hut for nineteen hours yesterday." Shamar admits to spending the majority of his time in the shelter but claims that he has been outcast by the tribe. He admits, "I think I'm just a big loud guy." Before they vote, Laura reveals that she saw a bulge in someone's pocket. She doesn't want to say who it was, but looks directly at Reynold. At that point, Reynold pulls the hidden immunity idol out of this pocket and reveals it to his tribe. He says, "I'm going to play it tonight and be done with it." Shamar reminds his tribe that Reynold and his alliance have been trying to make Shamar that bad guy to take the focus off them. Sherri is shocked that Reynold has an idol but indicates that she is not changing her vote. The Gota tribe then votes. Before revealing the votes, Jeff asks if anyone would like to play a hidden immunity idol. Reynold puts his idol back in his pocket. Jeff then reveals all ten votes, which are four votes for Shamar and six votes for Allie. Allie Pohevitz, the 25 year-old bartender from Oceanside, NY, becomes the second person to be voted out of SURVIVOR: CARAMOAN FANS VS FAVORITES 2.