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Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

"It has been the most trying experience of my life, filled with the most highs and lows in a short period of time that I could ever imagine. They just didn't want me to get into the final two because I would have kicked some major butt in that situation." Those were the parting thoughts expressed by Elisabeth Filarski, the 23-year-old footwear designer from Newton, Massachusetts. Well-liked by all, Elisabeth was voted out in a 3-1 vote, proving that Survivor is far from a popularity contest and that strategy was definitely at play. Elisabeth becomes the 13th person voted out of the Outback and is now the 6th member of the jury, which will decide who will be the sole Survivor.

The tribe returned from an emotional night at Tribal Council after Rodger Bingham was voted out. Elisabeth reflected on being the last member of the original Kucha tribe. Lonely, she reminisced about her closest companion in the Outback, her "Outback Daddy," as she called him, or "Kentucky Joe," as others addressed him. But she wasn't ready to give up: "It was emotional for me, seeing Rodger being voted out, but he would never want me to get all mushy and sad and lay down and die. No way, I'm going to win this thing!"

Final Reward Challenge: Survivor Pentathlon

The Survivors met host Jeff Probst for their final reward challenge, "Survivor Pentathlon," a course comprising several key elements from past challenges, including being blindfolded and shackled, walking on a beam, solving a puzzle, and starting a fire. The prize was the biggest yet: a hot meal, a warm shower, and a new car, a Pontiac Aztek, not just to sleep in for the night, but to own back in the United States.

The race began with a flurry of action as each remaining member of Barramundi fought to complete each stage of the race. But despite a good fight from Elisabeth Filarski, Colby Donaldson managed an early lead that took him right to the end and to a new car.

Tipping the Scale

"My hair is falling out in clumps all the time," said Elisabeth. "I think it's just malnutrition. I just feel as though my stomach is eating itself." Weak and hungry too, Keith and Colby went to check their tree mail and found a scale and mirror. How much did they weigh, and how many pounds had they lost since they began their experience in the Outback?

Tina: 99 pounds, reflecting a loss of 16
Elizabeth: 101 pounds, reflecting a loss of 12
Keith: 143 pounds, for a loss of 27
Colby: 165 pounds, for a loss of 25

Shocked, Tina exclaimed, "Between four people, we have lost 80 pounds!" Elisabeth responded, "We have lost a third grader."

Colby's Night Out

Upon arriving at his reward, Colby was brought to his new car, which, due to its special design, had already been converted into a tent for sleeping purposes. "How wild is this thing? This is unbelievable; I won a new car!" Little did the Cowboy know that the car wasn't the biggest reward he was to receive. When host Jeff Probst called for Colby's dinner to be brought out to him, Colby was shocked to see who was delivering his food: It was the Colbster's mom! Picking her up and hugging her in disbelief, Colby exclaimed, "What are you doing here? I am so happy to see you!" Colby and his mother enjoyed their meal as they caught up on Colby's experiences.

The next morning, Colby found himself enjoying one more luxury, a hot shower. "By far the most refreshing shower I have ever had. I had no idea that having a hot shower would feel so good!"

Returning to Camp

Later, Colby returned to Barramundi, surprising the others with his mother. After a moving introduction in which she gave each one a "hug from home," as she called it, Colby's mother was given a quick tour of the camp. "It's a bit more crude than I thought it would be," she commented.

Care packages from homeBefore leaving, Colby's mom had one more surprise for the group: care packages for each Survivor from their loved ones back at home. Keith was particularly overwhelmed with tears by the pictures of his family and had to step away to think privately about home.

As Colby's mom prepared to leave, Tina commended her. "If my daughter marries a man like Colby I will feel very fortunate." And as she left, a tearful Colby waved farewell.

Immunity Challenge: Memory

The Survivors once again met host Jeff Probst at the next Immunity Challenge, where Jeff explained that this challenge was not physical. The only aspect involved in this game would be memory. 36 covers were placed over 18 matching pairs of items from the Outback. Each Survivor would uncover two baskets, revealing their hidden items. Match the items and win a point. The person who matched the most items would win immunity.

Elisabeth tests her memoryOnce again, Colby proved that he could dominate not only the physical challenges, but the mental ones as well. It would prove to be Colby's fourth immunity win in a row, one that guaranteed him a spot in the final three.

The Vote

With only four Survivors left in the Outback, whom to vote for loomed in all of their minds. It would not be an easy choice. Only minutes before starting the hike to Tribal Council, Colby admitted, "I still haven't figured out who I am voting for yet. It comes down to who deserves the money, who is the righteous person. On the other hand, how can I win? How can I get that money in my pocket?"

And so in the end it was Elisabeth who would receive three votes, thereby propelling Tina, Keith, and Colby into the final three.

Three days remain. Who will be the sole Survivor?

Survivor Trivia

What did Colby, Keith, and Tina say while they voted off Elisabeth?