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Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

It seemed like a sure thing that another Kucha member would go, but in a shocking twist, Ogakor's Jerri Manthey was voted out of the tribe! In a 6-2 vote, the Barramundis gave the 30-year-old actress from Los Angeles her walking papers. The sometimes-controversial game player had earlier insisted on partnering with Colby Donaldson for a challenge, rather than pick a name out of the hat. "When did this game start being fair?" she demanded as she opted for a blatantly unfair advantage. After she left the tribe, Jerri confessed, "You know, this is funny, because I knew this was coming after the remark I made about the game not being fair. I'm pretty sure that's what set everyone off."

Jerri will join Alicia Calaway as the second member of the jury, and will return every three days to observe Tribal Council. The jury will ultimately decide which of the final two people will be the "sole Survivor" and winner of one million dollars.

Difficult Night's Rest

Day 25 began with the Barramundi tribe members waking up only to find that their fire had been extinguished by the previous night's rain; the river had been made too murky to fish in it successfully; and their rice supply was approaching an all-time low. 23-year-old Harvard Law student Nick Brown, weak from lack of nourishment, declared, "My throat feels like it was burned for the last three days. I can't even drink water normally." Chef Keith Famie added, "The life in the Outback is tough, and it's definitely getting tougher for everybody."

Competing on an Even Playing Field

The tribe received tree mail announcing the next reward challenge. Each person must pick a partner, and the winning team would get an amazing reward. Said Colby after reading the challenge clue, "If there is one reward to win, this one is it." Most of the tribe agreed that picking names out of a hat would be the fairest way to decide the pairs, but Jerri vehemently opposed the decision. "I don't think that is such a good way to pick; I want to pick Colby." Surprised by Jerri's audacity, Tina responded, "Well, who wouldn't pick Colby. He is the strongest and fastest guy here!" But Jerri continued to plead her case: "Well, the whole thing is, when did this game start being fair?" Ultimately, the tribe nevertheless did pick names out of a hat--and who should pick Colby's, but Jerri! Of course, Jerri was quite content with the result. Colby, however, responded, "Granted, I want to win this thing, but I'm not sure I want to share it with her, whatever it is."

Reward Challenge: Double Play

The Barramundi tribe met host Jeff Probst at the reward challenge, where he explained the game and revealed the prize: a trip via helicopter to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Great Barrier Reef, where the winning twosome would enjoy a feast of delicious food and a day of snorkeling.

The challenge: An obstacle course race consisting of 3 races. The winners of the first two races will compete against each other in the third race to determine the final winner. Youth prevailed in the first race as Keith and Amber easily defeated the slower team of Rodger and Tina. The second race found Nick and Elisabeth losing to Colby and Jerri, thus propelling them to the finals against Keith and Amber. In an exhausting physical competition, Colby pushed Jerri to her physical limit, earning them the trip to the Great Barrier Reef. ( Reward challenge: Double Play )


"I am feeling a little guilty about winning this reward, and it concerns me about the voting," remarked Jerri, as she and Colby eagerly awaited the helicopter to take them to the Reef on Day 26. But then she thought, "On the other hand, at this point I really couldn't give a crap."

As Jerri and Colby flew off toward the horizon, envy settled in among the remaining tribe members as they could only quietly stand by, imagining what could have been.

The two arrived at a beach and boarded a boat, which took them miles out into the sea to an island, where they found a small picnic tent containing snorkeling equipment and a buffet of food. Wanting to enjoy the day to its fullest, Colby told Jerri, "We are not going to talk about strategy, or anyone else in the tribe. Let's enjoy this time for what it is, a day off." Delving into the food was their main priority as they ate everything in sight.

While they feasted, their fellow tribe members scraped what little rice they had left and continued with the day's chores. Nick later commented, "We are out here in the Outback, and to get a chance to see one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and have a huge meal, would have been great." Back at the Reef, Colby and Jerri temporarily pulled themselves away from the food to enjoy some snorkeling and to soak up the sun.

"I couldn't have come out here with a better person," declared Jerri. "We are having a great time and we are getting to know each other. This is basically the perfect honeymoon without the sex." Colby had different thoughts: "I was just looking for some down time away from the game, and that's exactly what I got."

Strategic Moves

Upon returning to Barramundi Beach, Colby and Jerri were greeted by an eager tribe full of questions about the events of their day. Surprising Jerri, Colby revealed, "I wish you all could have come with us, but since you couldn't, I brought a little of it back for you." He then handed out pieces of the reef, each in a natural shape that, with imagination, would be meaningful to each of his fellow tribe members.

Observing Colby, Jerri recognized, "I find Colby and myself on the most even playing field out of everyone else here. But now, because of his little shell maneuver, he has one up on me for sure."

Importance of Winning Immunity

Before arriving at the next immunity challenge, Nick contemplated his fate. "If I don't win this next immunity challenge, I'm gone. They are definitely voting down tribal lines." Elisabeth agreed. "Nick, if you win immunity, it could very well be me or Rodger going as well."

Immunity Challenge: Hanging in the Balance

On Day 27 the tribe met host Jeff Probst on the bank of the Herbert River, where he explained the next immunity challenge, which consisted of three head-to-head competitions.

First, names were drawn at random to select which person would compete against whom. In "Know Your Ropes," each member of a pair had to stand on a platform in the water and use the give-and-take of a rope to cause the opponent to lose balance and to fall in the water. The winners of this competition would proceed to the next.

In "Rock the Boat," each member of a pair had to rock an unsteady beam above the water back and forth, attempting to force the opponent to fall off. The winners would then proceed to the last competition.

In "Sinking Ship," each person in a pair had to use a rope to cause the opponent to fall off an unsteady wooden raft in the water. Colby Donaldson and Nick Brown faced each other in this final game. After an intense display of strength and balance, Nick prevailed and won immunity, saving himself from what he believed to be his imminent demise.

The Lobbying Begins

Knowing very well that her number may be up, Elisabeth lobbied hard with Tina to vote Jerri off. "You guys are in control," she asserted, "but my next vote would be for Jerri. I don't like the way she treats people, even on her own tribe. Her allegiance is only to herself." Tina felt compassionate, but firmly disagreed. "That's just the way it has to be," Tina responded. "You are next."

In the meantime, Colby and Keith discussed voting strategy as well. Keith was adamant about voting Jerri off, and tried to persuade Colby to join his thinking. Like Tina, Colby also understood the thinking, but declared it to be a bad move. "I can't imagine getting rid of Elisabeth over Jerri," he said, "but it's the right move."

But at Tribal Council, sentiments outweighed strategy as the dominant Ogakor members, minus Amber, voted off one of their own. And Jerri Manthey, who respectfully declared "Checkmate" on behalf of her tribemates as she realized her own demise, accepted her fate.

Survivor Trivia

Colby Donaldson changed his mind and voted off Jerri Manthey. What did Colby say to the camera as he voted against her?

The night before Jerri was voted out of the tribe, she and Amber had a long talk. What were they talking about?