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Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

With a fierce rainstorm pounding upon them, the Kucha tribe ousted Kimmi Kappenberg, the 28-year-old vegetarian bartender from Long Island, New York, in a unanimous six-to-one vote. A vegetarian for 14 years, Kimmi found it hard to avoid an emotional attachment to the tribe's principal food source of the past several days, the chickens they had won in a reward challenge. Kimmi's effort to convince her tribemates not to eat the chickens daily angered Alicia Calaway, the personal trainer from New York City, causing an all-out finger-pointing confrontation between the two. Shortly after her removal from the tribe, Kimmi acknowledged, "I knew for a long time that my head was on the chopping block. This wasn't a surprise at all. Alicia and I didn't get along from day one."

Day 13: Strategies Change

As the Ogakor tribe awoke, the wildfires continued to burn out of control. The air was thick with smoke. But Jerri had a bigger concern: As a result of Colby's defection from her alliance, ultimately causing her friend Mitchell to be voted out of the tribe, Jerri realized that "our little group of common voters has been busted up. It's a whole new ball game now."

Confiding in her other friend Amber, the 23-year-old administrative assistant from Beaver, Pennsylvania, Jerri reiterated the importance of getting Colby back on their side. Said Amber, "We are kind of all fighting over Colby." Later that morning, Jerri made it clear to Colby that his voting strategy was not to her liking and reminded him that it was basically the end of any alliance. Said Colby, "Jerri, I don't care about that stage of the game right now. The only thing I care about is doing anything I can to win the next two immunity challenges, and that's the only thing I can focus on right now."

Hunger Pains

Meanwhile, at Kucha, after another miserable night's sleep, Jeff Varner informed his tribe that a coal from their campfire had popped and landed on his jacket, burning a hole through it. Thankful that it did not land on his face, Jeff realized, "It's getting a little too dangerous." Giving up the warmth of the fire for safety's sake, the Kucha tribe moved the fire away from their sleeping quarters.

Moving the fire was one of the few things that Kimmi agreed about with her tribe. When it was time to eat another chicken, Kimmi walked off, declaring, "Well that's my cue, it's time for me to go again." Mike responded by advising Kimmi, "For your own self preservation, let go of the chickens, stop getting involved with them, stop talking about them. Stop making a big spectacle when you leave; it's just too much." While the tribe enjoyed their nourishing chicken dinner, Kimmi lay alone in the distance, visibly saddened by her meat-eating tribe.

Over at Ogakor, food was an even bigger issue. Said Jerri, "The whole hunger thing has been a huge hurdle. I didn't think it would be such a big issue, but it is." Frustrated by her tribe's seeming inability to catch fish, Jerri blamed Keith for depositing the fish waste into the river, thereby feeding the fish, making it impossible for her to tempt them with a hook and bait. Accustomed to Jerri's disagreements, Keith merely sighed. "I don't stand up to Jerri that often because I feel that it is more exhausting to argue with her, and I don't have the energy."

Chicken Fight

While lounging in the hut, Kimmi suggested to Alicia, the personal trainer from New York City, that in order for the tribe to stay stronger, they should eat the chicken only every other day. Suspecting Kimmi's motives to be based more on her beliefs as a vegetarian, Alicia replied, "We need protein every day we are active. That is not a good argument, it's not going to work." Alicia confers with JeffTension escalated into an all-out verbal eruption: "Do you have some kind of a problem?" Demanded Kimmi. "Yes, I have a problem with your attitude!" responded Alicia. While the two hollered at each other, pointing fingers back and forth, their tribemates stood by in quiet dismay until Alicia finally walked away. "I have never liked Kimmi from the beginning, and you know that," Alicia later told Jeff Varner. "I am going to come at her with guns loaded."


Kimmi's vegetarian position wasn't the only thing beginning to annoy some of her tribemates. Mike noticed that Kimmi hadn't been in the river in days; in fact, Kimmi was hesitant to bathe in the river, which she called "croc water," and had been avoiding it. But the result, according to Mike, was a build-up of dirt forming around her neck: "When the other girls put on a different top, you can see a tan line. When Kimmi puts on a different top, you see a dirt line." ( Mike's thoughts on this issue. )

Day 14: Reward Challenge

The tribes received tree mail, notifying them of their next reward challenge, "Triage." Before the game, each tribe had to build a travois (triangular-shaped stretcher) sturdy enough to hold and transport a person. The reward, gifts from Target, included toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, and creature comforts that the tribes got to choose from a catalogue of goods. Ogakor chose spices and soup mix; Kucha chose spices and warm blankets, which were all the more necessary with their fire relocated away from their sleeping area.

Kucha had little difficulty constructing their travois. At Ogakor, however, personal issues made the effort more complex. Jerri had her own thoughts on how to build the travois. Frustrated by the lack of team spirit, Colby Donaldson walked away from the situation. Said Keith, "Colby had to walk away before he completely blows up."

The tribes met host Jeff Probst at the Triage challenge site, where he explained the rules: Each tribe must select two rescuers, while three other tribemates wait at pre-determined "accident sites." (Kucha had two more members than Ogakor, and chose Kimmi and Rodger to sit out of the challenge.) The rescuers had to find each of their tribemates and transport them one at a time on the travois back to a first-aid tent.

It was extremely important for Ogakor to win. Kucha had been feasting on chicken and pig, but Ogakor merely had rice. But alas, it was not to be: Once again, Kucha won the challenge, leaving Ogakor humiliated and in tears. Tina comforted a crying Amber: "Don't let it break your spirit, darling."

Day 15: Bath Time

Losing yet another challenge brought Ogakor's morale to an all-time low. Colby and Tina expressed their frustrations, vowing that they had to turn things around.

Meanwhile, Kucha was busy celebrating, and they were particularly eager to bathe with the shampoo. Even Kimmi joined the group in the river to cleanse the Outback dirt from their pores. Everyone felt much better after the group bath. Some of the Kucha tribe felt bad for Ogakor, but not Jeff Varner. "I don't feel guilty about winning. Screw it, chop their legs off, chop their heads off. This is a game, and I'm ready to beat every one of them!" he promised.

Tears of Joy

"It's not going to be our strength that gets us through this challenge; it's going to be our minds and our hearts," declared Amber upon receiving news of the upcoming immunity challenge. Added Colby, "The excuses are done; check them at the door. Let's get down to business. We are as ready as we can be." Because they had lost the last three immunity challenges, it was imperative for Ogakor to win this one if they were to have any chance of turning things around.

The tribes convened for the next immunity challenge, "The Maze." Built with 46 tons of lumber and three miles of burlap, two identical giant mazes stood before the tribes as host Jeff Probst explained the rules: Each tribe, as a unit, must successfully find their way through their maze, collecting medallions in order from one to five. The first tribe to gather all the medallions in order and to exit the maze would win immunity.

A determined Ogakor tribe sprinted back and forth through the labyrinth, while Kucha quickly fell behind. Not even a moment in which Tina found herself separated from the tribe could stop them from finding all the medallions in order and winning the challenge. The tribe was ecstatic. Exclaimed Amber, "You don't see me crying now, and if you do, they are only tears of joy!" For the first time in 12 days, Ogakor finally won immunity, and Kucha was sent on the dreaded hike to Tribal Council, where Kimmi Kappenberg was voted out of the tribe. ( The Maze. )

Survivor Trivia

As the wild fire charred the Outback, the Ogakor tribe viewed firsthand what sort of damage the blaze could to do the terrain.

Personal hygiene in the Outback is a concern to most of the Survivors. How does the Ogakor tribe deal with not showering or brushing their teeth?