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Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

In the closest and most complicated Tribal Council yet, Mitchell Olson, the seven-foot-tall singer/songwriter from Vermillion, South Dakota, was voted out of the Ogakor tribe. Before Mitchell's expulsion, host Jeff Probst announced a 3-3 tie between chef Keith Famie and Mitchell. After the two were given the opportunity to plead their worth to the others in order to stay in the tribe, a revote took place, ending with yet another tie. Under the Survivor rules, in a deadlocked tie vote, the person who has accumulated the most votes in previous Tribal Councils is the person voted out of the tribe. Mitchell had one; Keith had none. It was time for Mitchell to go.

The real drama, however, happened before Tribal Council, for it was Colby Donaldson whose vote made all the difference. Believing Keith to be the stronger asset to the tribe, Colby cast his vote differently from the alliance he had formerly joined, signaling to Jerri, the leader of the alliance he left, that the game had shifted significantly.

Said Mitchell, "That definitely took me by surprise. I feel a bit betrayed, yet at the same time want to shake their hands, because they definitely got me."

Power Struggles

Day 10 at Ogakor began with Keith and Tina preparing for an early morning fishing expedition. Suddenly, Jerri grabbed the canoe and began to prepare it for her own fishing excursion. Ultimately, she got her way, while Keith, who really wanted time alone with Tina in order to strategize with her, and Tina fished from the shore.

YThe previous night at Tribal Council, Jerri stated that she felt closest to Amber, Mitchell, and Colby. This comment resonated in Keith and Tina's minds. As the older members of the tribe, they realized that their days in the Outback might be numbered. Said Tina, "We have four or five young people playing this game. They have so much chemistry it is almost second nature to gravitate to one another. It makes me feel like an outsider, which I am at this point." Keith agreed: "Jerri is perfect for this game. She will ride the team until it is time to get the knife out and cut someone's throat." And then he promised, "I didn't come here to get pushed around by a bartender/wanna-be actress. I came here to win the money, but now my motive is to do anything I can to make sure she doesn't win the money."


The tribes received treemail notifying them of their next challenge, which included an activity to be executed at their respective camps before the challenge. As a group, each tribe had to build a chicken coop to prepare for the reward: three egg-laying chickens and a rooster. Even vegetarian Kimmi Kappenberg pitched in to help her Kucha tribe build the coop.

The "Mastermind" challenge differed from the previous physical games. The goal was to unscramble a giant puzzle map with sliding wooden squares in order to reveal directions to the location of the reward. The first tribe to accomplish this would win. The challenge was marked by matched intensity as both tribes struggled to solve the puzzle, but ultimately it was the Kucha tribe who won.

Their celebration, however, quickly turned sour when vegetarian Kimmi Kappenberg became visibly disturbed by what was to become of the new birds. Upon leaving with their rewards, Elisabeth tried to excite her dreary tribe by exclaiming, "Come on guys, we just won a reward; can everyone please just smile?"

The Fire

Not only was the game of Survivor heating up, so was the landscape. A fierce and engulfing forest fire burned its way through much of the terrain just across the river from the Ogakor camp, prompting trepidation as Amber sat on the river bank and noted, "You can actually hear the trees falling down. It's definitely a concern."

Survival of the Oldest

As the fire spread and charred everything in its path, Tina took the opportunity to voice her opinion to Colby and Mitchell on how she felt about Jerri's fiery personality. "I'm sorry. She is the most bossy, domineering person I have ever met." Realizing that their survival depended on swaying Colby to their side, Keith followed Tina's lead, telling Colby that "she [Jerri] isn't good enough for you. That girl will cut your throat in a heartbeat."

Dinner Time

Back at Kucha, the tribe agreed to eat the rooster. "I would love to have fried chicken tonight," said Rodger Bingham, the farmer from Kentucky. Vegetarian Kimmi walked away in disgust with her hands over her ears to block the cry of the rooster as it was killed. But Kimmi wasn't the only person who didn't appreciate the new source of food.

Insecure with his position in the tribe, Mike was threatened by the chickens. Kucha wouldn't need to rely on him to catch fish anymore; said Mike, "They no longer need me as a food source. I need to find a way to keep in the limelight."

The Quest for Colby

What will Colby decide? The quest for Colby's allegiance continued. Jerri confessed to Amber that for the first time she felt vulnerable and threatened. If Colby remained loyal to her, Amber, and Mitchell, there would be no problem in getting rid of Keith. But if he joined Keith and Tina, no one was safe-- least of all, in Jerri's mind, herself.

Paranoid and attempting to stay one step ahead of the game, Jerri joined Colby on a pig hunt to try to win his allegiance. "Relax, it's not like you just made a deal with the devil," said Jerri. Reluctantly, Colby agreed to form an alliance with her and Amber until the end. "I'll make you a deal."

Later, Colby acknowledged that loyalties don't mean all that much in this world. "I want to win. Don't talk to me about loyalties. I haven't trusted anyone from the beginning. I only told Jerri that to help me later on." ( Colby talks about Jerri. )

The Pig Hunter

Back at Kucha, the resting tribe was awakened by Nick, the Harvard Law School student, yelling that he just saw a pig down by the river. Michael immediately ran for his knife and charged after the pig. "Oh, please don't charge me," mumbled a concerned Nick as he watched Michael approach the wild boar. At one point, the pig darted directly towards Michael, but then took off. Michael chased after it, and stabbed it from above.

His tribe responded with mixed admiration and disbelief. Shocked, Elisabeth took in the sight in tears. No one could be more proud, however, than Mike. Sharpening the bloodied knife against a rock, Mike declared, "I don't know what my position is with the tribe, but if I go, at least I'm not going to be hungry."

Jeff Varner, who had openly doubted Mike's ability to catch a pig from the beginning, was more than willing to eat his words. To vegetarian Kimmi, Jeff exclaimed, "Mike caught a pig! He actually caught a pig! There is going to be a lot of ham, bacon and pork soon." Once again, Kimmi walked away in disgust, calling her tribe "sick."

Immunity Challenge

Looming in the not-so-distant future is the dreaded "merger," in which the two tribes become one. Winning immunity challenges was becoming all the more important for the Ogakor tribe, who had already lost two members to Kucha's one. Ogakor feared that Kucha could vote them off one by one.

High above the falls near Tribal Council, Kucha and Ogakor confronted each other for immunity once again, this time in a mental challenge called "True or Falls," which tested their knowledge of their environment. Back and forth, the tribes exchanged leads, until in the end it was up to Alicia and Mitchell to break a tie. Alicia was under particular pressure to succeed, for thus far she had answered every question incorrectly. But it was Mitchell, this time, who cost his tribe its victory, sending Ogakor back to Tribal Council for their third consecutive trip.

And at that emotional Tribal Council, Mitchell was voted out, leaving Ogakor with five members against Kucha's seven.

Will Ogakor rebound?

Survivor Trivia

In the Outback, the nights can be cold and wet. Sleeping in this environment can be an uncomfortable experience. How do the tribes stay warm, dry and comfortable?