Season 26: Episode 3 - There's Gonna be Hell to Pay
Posted on Feb 28, 2013 12:00am


On night five, the Gota tribe returns to camp from Tribal Council having voted Allie from their tribe. Reynold is upset that his alliance was blindsided since Allie was voted out instead of Shamar. He tells the others that he is no longer their friend and will only use the idol to help himself. Reynold says, "Game on." Shamar is offended that Reynold is upset that Allie got voted out. Eddie tries to talk to Shamar, but Shamar won't listen. Laura admits, "The camp is totally in chaos." Shamar yells at Matt and Julia as they try to talk to him. Laura mentions that she sympathizes with Shamar's experiences during his time in Iraq, but she vents, "The part of Shamar that was fun has completely gone."

The next morning at Gota, Reynold and Eddie feel they are in trouble since their alliance was targeted at the last Tribal Council. Reynold admits, "I thought we were all on the same page about voting Shamar off for not contributing at camp. Congrats to them, they got us." Eddie says that he will likely go before Reynold since Reynold has the idol. Eddie hopes that Shamar will act up and make the tribe angry enough to vote him off next. Meanwhile, Sherri takes Shamar aside and encourages him to keep his cool because he is an easy target for Eddie and Reynold. Shamar tells Sherri that he is tired of the immature games people are playing. Sherri admits, "You don't run across Shamars everyday, but just in my life I have come across people with that kind of attitude." She understands Shamar and tries to encourage him to keep quiet and not let others bother him. Shamar hates the way people lie about things and questions if he is right for this game. He reveals, "I honestly came into this game really wanting the million dollars, but then when I actually seen how people act, it's kind of like, it's not really worth it to me."

Over at the Bikal camp, Philip exercises down at the beach, while others are still asleep. He boasts, "I work out. For my age, to do what I do is phenomenal." Back at home, Philip plays basketball with guys half his age and twice his height. Later, Malcolm and Corinne get away from camp and look for the idol. Unlike Cochran and Dawn or Philip and Andrea, Malcolm and Corinne are the only ones in their six person alliance that don't have someone else from their prior SURVIVOR season playing with them. Corinne explains, "We sort of gravitated towards each other." Malcolm checks around rock and trees. Corinne tags along and gives him suggestions of places to look. Malcolm reaches his hand into a hollowed out tree trunk filled with water and finds the hidden immunity idol wrapped in cloth. Corinne and Malcolm celebrate as they unwrap the idol, and Malcolm is elated to have found it. However, he admits that he's, "not thrilled that Corinne knows that I have the idol." Before returning to camp, Malcolm and Corinne bury the idol.

Later that day, Philip introduces the tribe to a discovery. He sits in the shade with a basket on his head and says that the air swirling around his head under the basket cools him down. Philip allows Cochran to give it a try. Cochran is having fun being a part of SURVIVOR again. He explains, "I get to watch SURVIVOR while I'm playing SURVIVOR and for a SURVIVOR nut like I am, this is a dream come true." Cochran gives his seal of approval to Philip's basket cooling system and then goes back to admiring his female tribe mates walking around camp in skimpy clothing. At the edge of camp, Corinne and Malcolm whisper about the idol. Andrea notices their intense conversation and points it out to Cochran. She doesn't understand why Corinne strategizes with people one-on-one when they are part of a comfortable six-person alliance that controls the game. Andrea reveals, "I really want Corinne out." She suggests to Cochran that they vote for Corinne next and replace her slot in the alliance with Brandon. Next, she talks to Philip about Corinne and is pleased to hear that he also would like to vote her out. Andrea then meets with Cochran and Brandon. She tells Brandon that they want to keep him around and will protect him if he votes with them against Corinne. This comes as encouraging news to Brandon who promises to vote for whomever she wants. Brandon is worried about being played though. He admits, "There's a voice in the back of my head that says, you've been done like this before." He doesn't trust anyone but is committed to doing the best he can in challenges to help his tribe stay away from Tribal Council. He reveals, "If we lose and my efforts aren't good enough for them to keep me around, by God there's going to be hell to pay in camp."

Back at the Gota camp, Shamar opens up to his tribe. He explains that his experiences as a Marine in Iraq have left him with anger issues. Shamar doesn't like the anger he feels towards others in his tribe and mentions that he thinks it might be best for him to quit. He says, "My happiness is not worth a million. I'm not going to be the angry black man on SURVIVOR." Laura is shocked that Shamar would quit SURVIVOR, and she encourages him to stay. Sherri is sympathetic but is worried that he will really regret it if he leaves early. She tries to coax him to stay by pointing out what his quitting will do to the tribe. They will likely lose him and another member if they lose the next immunity challenge. This would put them two down in numbers compared to Bikal. Shamar thinks about it and decides to stay loyal to his alliance and stay in the game. Sherri and Laura are pleased with his decision and thank him. Reynold is in the shelter listening to the whole conversation. He says, "I had my hopes up a little bit that Shamar would quit, but deep down I knew he wouldn't follow through with it."

The Gota and Bikal tribes arrive on their mats. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the immunity/reward challenge. Both tribes will race out into the water to a large bamboo cage. They will climb over the cage and into the water where they will find a heavy chest. They must then untie the cage door and drag the chest through the cage and all the way back to shore. The castaways will then place the chest on a track and use a grappling ring to retrieve three missing sections of track. They will then push their tribe's chest along the track to the finish. The first tribe to get their chest on the finish platform wins immunity and is safe from tonight's Tribal Council. The losers will head to Tribal where somebody will be voted out. In addition, the winners get a comfort reward, which includes a tarp, pillows, blanket, and chairs. At the start of the challenge all members of both tribes dive into the water. The strong swimmers make it to their tribe's cage quickly while the weak ones take longer. Laura, from the Gota tribe, is the furthest out, giving Bikal an advantage. After everyone from the tribe is up and over the cage, they can start untying the door. The Bikal (Favorites) tribe starts untying their door first, while Shamar starts yelling at Reynold on the Gota (Fans) tribe. Shamar accuses Reynold of stealing his mask, which he needs to protect his contact lenses. Reynold ignores him and dives down to untie the door. The Fans get their door opened first and start dragging their chest ashore. The Favorites finally get their door open and rush to catch up to the other tribe. The Fans work well together and maintain their lead getting their chest to the shore first. However, the Favorites catch up quickly and lift their chest on their track just before the Fans do. Malcolm is the first to toss the ring trying to grab the first piece of missing track. Reynold tosses the ring for the Fans and hooks it first. The Fans all pull the track towards them to fill the gap. Philip takes over for the Favorites and successfully hooks the ring to get their first missing piece of track. The Fans are slightly ahead of the Favorites. Eddie tosses the ring next for the Fans. While he keeps trying, Malcolm hooks it for the Favorites. At this point, the Favorites get their second missing track in place before the Fans, putting them in the lead. Shamar takes over tossing for the Fans and gets the job done hooking the second piece of the track. It comes down to the connecting the third and final piece of track for both tribes. Brandon tosses for the Favorites and Eddie tosses for the Fans. In the end, Brandon hooks it first and secures the win for the Favorites. The Favorites win both immunity and reward for the second time in a row.

The Gota tribe shows their discouragement as they return to camp after their loss. Reynold tries to talk to Shamar who immediately shuts him down. Shamar says, "Don't talk to me. You're disgusting. Don't talk to me." He accuses Reynold of taking his goggles and then ignoring him when he asked for them back. Reynold tries to talk calmly to Shamar but has no success. Reynold comments on Shamar saying, "He is less mature than my nephew Grayson, and my nephew is three." He hopes that the rest of his tribe gets tired of Shamar's behavior and votes him out tonight. Meanwhile, Laura feels vulnerable because she performed the worst in today's challenge so she recommends that the tribe votes Hope out tonight. Laura admits, "If this game were about physical strength, they'd be looking at me." Matt talks with Laura and Sherri at the well. They agree that Hope should go next but worry that Reynold may give Hope his hidden immunity idol. To offset this, they decide to split the vote between Hope and Eddie. If Hope has the idol, then they will re-vote and eliminate Eddie. Sherri explains the plan to Shamar and tells him to vote for Eddie. Shamar agrees but is worried that Hope, Eddie, and Reynold will all vote for him, resulting in a three way tie. Sherri assures him that either Hope or Eddie will be going home tonight. Sherri reveals, "I'm the one who's controlling Shamar. I'm keeping him calm." Later, Shamar talks to Hope on the beach. He likes Hope much more than Eddie and Reynold and feels bad that she is being targeted. Hope admits, "I'm concerned that I'm on the chopping block tonight." Shamar tells Hope that he is not voting for her and hints that she can save herself by voting for someone in her alliance. He explains, "We're going to split the vote tonight between her and Eddie and so I basically kind of said like, all she has to do is vote for Eddie to save herself." Later, Hope shares the information Shamar gave her with Julia. Julia is angry that Shamar revealed her alliance's plan and immediately tells Matt, Sherri, and Laura. Laura worries that Shamar is going to jump ship and vote with the other alliance. She reveals, "Shamar at this point I believe is a complete wild card." Laura now worries that she will be voted out tonight. She decides to make a move and talks to Reynold. Laura assures Reynold that she and Julia will vote with them to get Shamar out tonight. Reynold is excited to hear this and guarantees her that his alliance will vote for Shamar. He admits, "Hopefully we send Shamar packing tonight. It would be like Christmas."

Reynold begins Tribal Council by discussing Shamar's unhappiness after their last trip there. Shamar feels like a scapegoat and accuses his tribe mates of lying. Reynold is confused about how he could lie to Shamar if he is not even allowed to talk to him. Shamar responds, "I think you're an evil person, just leave me alone." Hope, Matt, and Julia bring up their interactions with Shamar. Shamar insists that they are all twisting the truth. Sherri says that she understands Shamar. She explains, "Once you cross him, you just can't go back. And they've crossed him." Shamar agrees. Hope admits that she will likely be voted out tonight because she knows the majority alliance is targeting her, Reynold, and Eddie. She wishes that Shamar would go home tonight instead, which would make the camp a more positive place. Reynold reminds everyone that he has the idol, and they are not going to know when he will play it. He says, "It's going to be a poker game from here until when it eventually gets played." The Gota tribe then votes. Before revealing the votes, Jeff asks if anyone would like to play a hidden immunity idol. No one does. Jeff then reveals all nine votes, resulting in a three way tie among Hope, Eddie, and Shamar. Jeff explains that there will be a re-vote, and the tribe can only vote for Hope, Eddie, or Shamar. In addition, Hope, Eddie, and Shamar will not be able to vote in this round. The Gota tribe then re-votes. Jeff reads the first five resulting votes. Shamar receives one vote and Hope receives four votes. Hope Driskill, the 23 year-old pre law student from Jefferson City, MO, becomes the third person to be voted out of SURVIVOR: CARAMOAN FANS VS FAVORITES 2.