Season 1: Episode 8 - J for Jenna
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

The most dramatic Tribal Council to date concluded with Jeff Probst's holding up the ballot booting Jenna from Pulau Tiga. "J", Jeff said, referring directly to neurologist Sean's besieged alphabet strategy, "for Jenna." The stunned Jenna, considered by many the most openly competitive castaway on the island, watched her torch get snuffed, then sadly left the Tribal Council for home.

The Rattana tribe was getting weak physically, but the politics only intensified. The ballot capped an unsuccessful attempt by Jenna and her new Barbecue Alliance to destroy the vaunted Tagi Alliance. And, were it not for Sean and his alphabet strategy, she might very well have survived the vote.

Barbecue Alliance

Spurred by the recent voting outcomes, all the former Pagong members were frightened by the realization that their island time was short unless they banded together. With Greg now off the island, the dynamics among the former Pagong tribemates have begun to change. Greg's absence certainly has spurred conversation about the alliance. And life certainly changed for Colleen.

Jenna belatedly took the lead in attempting to get into the alliance-forming business. She had previously been reluctant to form such a voting block, feeling it violated the code of island friendship. But with her name next on Sean's alphabetical list, Jenna formed an alliance with Colleen after the latter triumphed in the Out on a Limb Challenge.

Colleen's first prize was a barbecue dinner for two, as well as the receipt of letters from family back home. As winner she was given the right to choose her companion, who would also receive a packet of letters. "Jenna," Colleen stated without hesitation, given that Jenna did not get to see a tape of her family in the previous week's challenge.

As the other castaways returned to Rattana Beach, Jenna and Colleen sat down for a barbecue dinner of hamburgers, hot dogs, shrimp, and baked beans ( Listen into Jenna's conversation with with Colleen at the barbeque). The added reward of letters from home was handed to Colleen and Jenna as they quaffed cold Budweiser and waited for their food to grill. Jenna cried as she read the letters from her daughters aloud.

As beer flowed and food filled starving stomachs, the Barbecue Alliance was born. Jenna and Colleen hatched a plan to align with Gervase and either Sean or even Kelly, who has become quite fond of her new friends from Pagong, to vote Richard off. "Happy Birthday, Richard," Jenna growled as she anticipated voting the tribal fisherman off on, ironically, the day of his birth.

End of the Line

Rudy won his first Immunity Challenge through a mental contest known as Squared Off. So Richard was open game for Jenna, Colleen, and Gervase when it came time for Tribal Council. Sean would be the swing vote. Kelly, Richard, Susan and Rudy had already decided to vote against Jenna. If Sean could be convinced to vote against Richard, the Tribal Council would know its first tie. It was a longshot, but a tie-breaking vote might go the Barbecue Alliance's way.

It wasn't to be. Richard got three votes, and even though Kelly defiantly changed her vote and voted against Sean, Jenna received a killer majority, thanks to the other three members of the Alliance and Sean. The single mother from New Hampshire who pined for her children was going home.


Jenna, a thin woman to begin with, lost almost twenty pounds on Pulau Tiga. On the boat ride back to civilization she consumed an entire jar of peanut butter.

Birthday (Take One)

Richard's birthday fell on the date of the Tribal Council. His initial plan was to remain naked all day long, even through the Squared Off Immunity Challenge and Tribal Council. "I'm very comfortable being naked," he noted. "I'm not ashamed of the way I look, and it's very relaxing."

Despite an outcry from Colleen and Jenna, Richard kept his promise and remained naked most of the morning. However, he slipped into a pair of shorts for Squared Off and Tribal Council.

Birthday (Take Two)

Gervase's fourth child, a boy, was born in Philadelphia. Not only did the child share the same birthdate as Gervase's fellow castaway Richard, but Gervase gave the baby a Survivor name. Hence, Gunnar Tiga Peterson.


When asked if friendship entered into his voting pattern, Rudy was typically straightforward. "We're playing for a million dollars. Of course I'm gonna vote friends off. This is cutthroat."

Kelly and Sean

While Sean seems to enjoy joking and even flirting with Kelly, the Las Vegas-based river guide can get downright caustic during their conversations. She's called Sean a "sissy boy" for wearing a nipple ring, "the most annoying man on the island" for his constant jokes, and laughed heartily when Sue said "Sean has no balls."

What does Sean think of all that? He laughs. "Oh," he says lightly, "that's just Kelly being Kelly. She doesn't mean anything by it."

Video from Home Update

Jenna's home video finally arrived on Pulau Tiga. She watched it after being voted off.