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Season 1: Episode 10 - Colleen Loses Her Balance, Loses the Vote
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

Colleen Haskell, the demure advertising student from Miami whose strategy was to "fly below the radar so no one will notice me," was voted off the island tonight. Picked by many to be one of the first castaways voted off the island, Colleen combined a blend of intellect and sweetness to maintain her position, in the process becoming perhaps the most beloved of all castaways. Her quiet spunk and clean beauty outshone the island existence. But neither was enough for a million dollars. The woman who had worn a "sitting duck" shirt to the previous Tribal Council, sure her demise was imminent, finally met her fate.

"I'm rather relieved to go," she said quietly, then turned the discussion to her former Pagong tribe members. "I miss my friends. It will be nice to see them again. The game has changed without them."

Princess For A Day

Survivor's ultimate reward challenge went to Sean, when he won a night aboard a luxury yacht. Competitors were asked simple survival questions concerning life in Borneo. Several were about snakes, fresh water, leeches. In the end, Sean beat out Richard for the prize.

Not only did Sean eagerly board the yacht, but he was soon stunned to be greeted by his father. The two men enjoyed a leisurely dinner together, then spent the night drinking. Rich joined them for breakfast in the morning.

Walk the Plank

Colleen came very close to winning the crucial "Walk the Plank" Immunity Challenge and furthering her stay on the island. Walk the Plank asked competitors to do nothing more than balance atop a beam. This seemingly simple action took on a monumental significance as the time spent atop the perch stretched from minutes to hours. "Imagine," castaway Sean Kenniff said, "standing in one place for several hours at a time. Sooner or later every sane person would loose their balance."

Rich set the tone for Walk the Plank, trying to psych out the competitors by singing several variations of "100 Bottles of Beers on The Wall" (including one memorable chorus sung a la Les Miserables), before toppling into the bay off Rattana Beach.

After over two hours, the competition eventually came down to Kelly and Colleen. Colleen looked relaxed and composed, but inadvertently lost her balance while adjusting her footing. The slip cost her. Colleen's imminent demise became anticlimactic for her. "I guess," said a tired Colleen. "It was time for me to go."

Below The Radar

When the castaways first came ashore on Pulau Tiga, Colleen's strategy of "keeping quiet and flying below the radar" was laughed at by many. However, it worked out well for the petite Miami resident. She was not only among the final six castaways, but until she fell, Colleen was just three Tribal Councils away from winning it all.

Going Home?

Sean had no idea his father would be aboard the Sipadan Princess. He was escorted aboard. After a 20-minute shower, Sean was given a massage, then escorted upstairs to meet the ship's captain before dinner. But instead of the Malaysian captain, Sean discovered his New York fireman father waiting on the bridge to greet him. Meanwhile, back at Rattana, his tribemates could only imagine what it might be like on the yacht .

Kelly, on the other hand, remained unbothered by the sometimes-treacherous method of island living.

Plane Tickets

How did Sean's father come to arrive on Pulau Tiga? Split-second timing, mostly. A significant other representing each of the castaways waited in Los Angeles, ready to board a flight to Borneo if their loved-one triumphed in the reward challenge.

The moment Sean won, word was passed to Los Angeles for Sean's father to board the flight. As he jetted across the Pacific to see his son, the other six significant others flew back to their respective homes.

Rich and Rudy

Rudy and Rich are tighter than ever - for now. With alliances becoming fragile and tentative, Rudy and Rich have deepened their bond in order to ensure island longevity. Rich says he plans to keep that relationship going once they return home. Rudy says he's not too sure.

Breakfast Companions

Now that Sean's abandoned the alphabet strategy and thrown in his lot with the Tagi Alliance, his next step is to exploit the fracture between Sue and Kelly. That may be why Rich was selected as Sean's breakfast companion on the Princess instead of Kelly.