Season 1: Episode 11 - "S" is for Sean: Farewell to the Doctor
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

Sean Kenniff, the affable Long Island neurologist with stars in his eyes, was voted off Pulau Tiga. "I did the best I could. I really thought I might be able to go all the way and win it all, but I guess it wasn't to be," Sean noted. It was a crushing disappointment to Sean. After nearly being voted off on Day Twelve, he'd not only survived the Tribal Merger, but enjoyed a luxurious night on a luxury yacht with his father, and quietly become a dark horse to win Survivor's million-dollar grand prize. "I think I could do good things with the money," Sean said, quietly adding that his real motivation for coming on the show wasn't so much the money, but to realize a lifelong dream of becoming famous.

Survivor Bar

Kelly, the Las Vegas resident, continues to gamble successfully with her island fate. She won both the reward and immunity challenges. Her reward for the Mud Pack competition was a night at a bar, with a hot meal and a cold Bud Light. Not only did the meal and the beer fill her empty stomach, but the victories continued Kelly's challenge winning streak, now up to two.

The victory came at a time of bitter dissension on the island. Not only are Kelly and former pal Sue fighting, but Kelly is struggling to convince Richard she still favors an alignment with him.

So Long, Sean

That winning streak sealed Sean's fate. He knew that the vaunted Tagi Alliance saw him as the tribe's last remaining threat, a physical and mental talent capable of stealing the million dollars. Sean, like so many lame duck castaways before him, either had to win the Survivor Witch Hunt immunity challenge or face the boat ride back to civilization ( Sue predicts Sean's departure, now that Kelly won immunity).

Held on Pagong Beach, former home of the now-defunct Pagong Tribe, Survivor Witch Hunt gave each castaway a video camera and asked them to scramble through the jungle in search of hand-carved masks. On the back of each mask was a question. The castaway finding all the proper masks, then reciting the correct answers into their video camera first would become the winner. The ensuing jungle sprint saw all five remaining castaways push themselves to their physical limits to find the answers first.

It was Kelly who won, the third consecutive challenge victory for her. For Kelly, the exultation she showed in winning belied her sometimes seeming apathy.

Sean's departure paves the way for Survivor's final four showdown. The vaunted Tagi Alliance had maintained all along that they would remain together until the competition narrowed to four, then separate. That time has come. One of those four is just a few short days away from being a millionaire.

No Boyfriend

After Sean's father showed up on the Sipadan Princess, Kelly hoped to see her boyfriend waiting for her at the Survivor Bar. She enjoyed the food, Bud Light, and local flavor, but unfortunately the reunion with a loved one was not to occur once more.

Can She Keep It Up?

Kelly's reward and immunity challenge winning streak is increasing her confidence. Where she had felt susceptible to the Alliance's power previously, she has come to believe that her destiny lies in her own hands - as long as she keeps winning challenges.

The Jury

The jury (now consisting of Greg, Jenna, Gervase, Colleen, and Sean) is almost all former Pagong members. Though not openly bitter about being picked off one-by-one by the Tagi Alliance, they're watching the proceedings very closely to pinpoint the mastermind behind the Alliance. Whether or not this leads to a vote of revenge could very possibly decide Survivor's winner.

The Fame Game

With his island stay not at an end, has Sean gotten enough camera time to earn that fame he craves? "Only time will tell," he says candidly. "My goal is to practice medicine and star on a soap opera at the same time."