Season 26: Episode 4 - Kill or Be Killed
Posted on Mar 7, 2013 12:00am

On night seven, the Gota tribe returns to camp from Tribal Council having voted out Hope. Eddie asks the members of the majority alliance why they voted for her when she was stronger than Laura in challenges. He vents, "It's mind boggling to me. We got rid of Hope tonight because she was the prettiest one here." Reynold yells at Laura for making a fool of him by getting him to change his vote from her to Shamar and then Shamar stays safe. Matt tries to calm Reynold and Eddie down by reminding them that these moves are all part of playing SURVIVOR. Reynold tells his tribe that he has no respect for them and does not want to be associated with them anymore. Eddie asks his tribe how many challenges they think they will win without him and Reynold. Michael responds, "We're not winning with you guys." Reynold and Eddie leave camp and walk down the beach. Reynold admits, "It's pretty much over for Eddie and I." However, he still has some safety because he has the idol.

The next morning at Bikal, Philip decides it's time to add new members to his Stealth R Us organization. Philip starts with Brandon. He doesn't really consider Brandon an official member of Stealth R Us. Philip explains, "It just to give him a sense that he belongs and hopefully be able to, as we say in the business, contain the threat." Philip shakes Brandon's hand and welcomes him to Stealth R Us. He gives him the name "The Conqueror" for his outstanding performance in challenges. Brandon enthusiastically accepts the invitation and hugs Philip. He reveals, "Supposedly Philip is supposed to be able to discern who's lying to him. I'm lying to him. This agent sucks." Brandon wants to get on the inside and find out Phillip's alliance's plans." Next, Philip talks to Erik, names him "The Silent One", and asks him to collect information and report back to him. Andrea looks on as Philip talks to Erik. She says, "It kind of makes me upset that Philip gives people outside of our alliance a name." Later, Philip welcomes Brenda to Stealth R Us. She is happy with the name he gives "“ "Serenity." He explains, "You can't have an operation of this magnitude unless The Specialist is here in the Caramoan Islands." His goal is to make his tribe to work together to win challenges.

The Gota and Bikal tribes arrive on their mats. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the reward challenge. Each tribe will select two members to be placed on separate platforms. The rest of the tribe will use planks to transfer those members to a third platform. Once transferred, everyone must swim to a final, smaller platform. The first tribe to get all eight members on or above the top of that platform will win reward. The reward is a visit to their camp from a local bushman who knows how to live off the land. In addition, he will bring a chicken, fruit, and vegetables. The Bikal (Favorites) tribe has one extra person, so Cochran sits out. At the start, both tribes race out into the water and untie the three planks from the first wooden platform. Julia waits on the first platform for the Fans, while Brenda stands for the Favorites. The two tribes get Julia and Brenda to their second platforms at the same time, so the tribes are dead even. At the second platform, the tribes have to transport two people to the third one. The Favorites tribe now works to get both Brenda and Andrea to their third platform by transferring them from plank to plank. At the same time, the Fans tribe moves Julia and Laura. Laura is shaky and slows the Fans. Brenda and Andrea are able to get to the third platform before anyone from the Fans tribe gets there. The Favorites take the lead and all head to the final small platform. As they start to pile onto it, Julia and Laura finally get to the Fans' third platform. The Fans all head to their final platform. Malcolm and Philip get on for the Favorites. Then, the rest climb the ladder and try to find a spot to stand or hang from. Meanwhile, Shamar kneels down on the final platform for the Fans and has the girls climb on top of him. It comes down to Corinne for the Favorites and Matt for the Fans as the last castaways get onto their platforms. In the end, the Favorites get everyone on first and win reward. As the disappointed Fans leave the challenge, Reynold comments, "Laura definitely slowed us down. Let's just vote her off."

Back at the Bikal (Favorites) camp, Tata, the bushman arrives via canoe. The Bikal tribe helps him unload the food that he brought with him. Tata is a small, sixty-year old man with lots of energy. He immediately shows the tribe how to cook rice inside bamboo. Malcolm comments, "It was entertaining more than anything. It was just fun to watch him." The Bikal tribe is amazed at what Tata can do with bamboo and how good the chicken, potatoes, and rice that he cooked tastes. Cochran admits, "He created an unbelievable feast for us." Tata also helps improve the tribe's shelter. Andrea admits, "I almost felt bad because these Fans are losing and losing, and this was a reward they probably really could have used." Before he left, Tata danced with Brenda and Andrea and received a kiss from each of the ladies.

Meanwhile, the Gota tribe returns from the challenge very disappointed with their loss. Michael vents, "I was so mad. The Favorites have everything. They've won every reward." Shamar goes straight to the shelter and lies down while the rest of his tribe works around camp. Eddie vents, "There is absolutely no reason to be lying in the shelter for nineteen hours." Matt asks Shamar if he is okay. Shamar admits that he is exhausted and demands, "Y'all going to bring me rice once a day." The Gota tribe is shocked that Shamar insists that they serve him. Reynold is amazed that Shamar can get away with demanding things from the tribe in order to keep him in the game. He vents, "How much longer can this go on?" Sherri reluctantly fills a seashell with rice and brings it to Shamar in the shelter. Laura is upset that Shamar gets special treatment because they are all hungry and tired. Later, Shamar groans in the shelter because he scratched his eyeball. Eddie reveals, "I think Shamar is going to lose it soon. I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up quitting again." Meanwhile, Michael, Sherri, Julia, and Laura question whether their tribe would win more challenges if Shamar and his drama weren't around. Eddie and Reynold hope that Shamar goes before they do.

That evening misery strikes the Gota tribe. It's windy and rainy, so they huddle in the shelter. The rats in camp also escape the bad weather and try and join them in the shelter. The ladies scream after discovering this. Michael mentions that they are all having a hard time with the harsh weather and environment. He comments, "It's a hard game and now it's even harder because we believe that Shamar is going to quit." Shamar sits in the shelter and rocks back and forth. He thinks that a piece of sand scratched and damaged his eye. He admits, "I'm not thinking about the game. I just kind of want my eye fixed." Jeff Probst and the medical team arrive at camp via boat. The medical team checks Shamar's eye and recommends that he be pulled from the game since he has damaged his cornea. Shamar regrets having to leave the game but does not want to risk his vision. Jeff calls the rest of the Gota tribe to give them the chance to say goodbye to Shamar. They wish him well. As Shamar walks with Jeff to the boat, he admits, "The people who know me know that I'm a strong guy and that it takes a lot to bring me down, but you know, SURVIVOR is a tough game." Everyone in the Gota tribe feels sad that Shamar has to leave the game this way. Sherri confirms with Matt, Michael, Julia, and Laura that their alliance is still strong. Reynold and Eddie hope that their tribe wins the next immunity challenge so one of them will not be sent home.

The Gota and Bikal tribes arrive on their mats. The Bikal (Favorites) tribe is shocked to hear that Shamar had to leave the game. Now, the Fans have only seven members. Jeff then explains the rules of the challenge. They will swim out to a platform then climb to the top and smash a tile to release a key. They must then retrieve the key and swim back to shore, and then the next person goes. Once they have retrieved five keys, the two remaining tribe members will use those keys to open a chest full of sandbags. They will use the sandbags to knock off all of the blocks on their ledge, which will raise their tribe's flag. The first tribe to finish wins immunity and avoids Tribal Council. The losers will go to Tribal where someone will be voted out. The Favorites have two extra members, so Corinne and Dawn sit out. Sherri is first out for the Fans, while Erik goes for the Favorites. Both Erik and Sherri fall on the floating steps and have to crawl across them. Erik gets to the platform first and successfully smashes his tile and retrieves the first key. Sherri finally gets to the platform and misses her first attempt. She has to climb back up on the platform and try again. Meanwhile, Erik gets back to shore with his key, and Brandon heads out on the course. Sherri snags a key on her second attempt and returns to shore just before Brandon so the Fans are a key behind. Matt heads out for the Fans and Brenda goes for the Favorites. They both successfully retrieve keys and return to the shore at the same time. The Fans now have two keys, while the Favorites have three. Eddie and Andrea go out next for their respective tribes. Eddie proves faster than Andrea and makes up some time for the Fans. Julia heads out next for the Fans and retrieves their fourth key. Malcolm stays with her and retrieves the Favorites' fifth and final key. Philip and Cochran start unlocking the Favorites' chest, while Michael goes out to grab the Fans' final key. Philip and Cochran open their chest, and Philip starts knocking down blocks before Michael returns with the Fans' final key. Reynold and Laura start working on unlocking the Fans' chest, while Philip continues to knock down blocks with the sandbags. Laura fumbles with the locks, and she once again slows the Fans. Finally, they get their chest open and Reynold starts throwing the sandbags at the Fans' blocks. He has a lot of ground to make up. Reynold does well, but Philip now only has four blocks left. Reynold does not give up. Philip has only one block left, while Reynold has six. In the end, Philip knocks off the final block for the Favorites before Reynold gets below five. The Favorites once again win immunity. The Fans will lose another member tonight at Tribal Council.

Matt compliments Reynold on his performance in the challenge as the Gota (Fans) tribe returns to camp. They are so upset that they are going to lose a second person today after they already lost Shamar this morning. Eddie and Reynold notice Matt and Michael leaving camp to talk. They see that people are already talking behind their back and feel like one of them will be voted out tonight. Reynold feels they will try to blindside him because he has an idol. Matt tells Michael that Eddie and Reynold have to stay or Gota has no chance of winning any challenges. He recommends that they vote for Laura tonight, even though she is part of their alliance. Michael is not sure that's the best way to go. He comments, "I trust Laura more than I trust Reynold and Eddie." Later, Matt talks to Reynold and assures him that he and Michael are voting for Laura and not for him tonight. Reynold does not trust Matt since he has lied to him before. He admits, "I should probably play the idol tonight and just save myself." Reynold would hate to waste the idol though if everyone is going to vote for Laura. He is not sure what to do. Laura watches all of the conversations around camp and feels nervous that she might be going home tonight. She reveals, "I know at this point that my tribe does not have a lot of confidence in me at challenges so I'm definitely worried." Next, Matt meets with Sherri and tells her the plan to vote for Laura. Sherri doesn't feel good about voting for Laura. She explains, "First we lost Shamar, now this. It feels like the alliance is falling apart." Sherri knows that the guys will always be stronger than the women so she doesn't like them voting out Laura and leaving her and Julia as the last two women left. Michael tries to assure Laura that they are concentrating on flushing out the idol out tonight. He is still not sure whether to vote for Laura or for Eddie or Reynold. He admits, "I'm just going to have to go with my gut and hope it works out." TRIBAL COUNCIL Matt admits that there is less tension around camp without Shamar, but they lost a strong person for challenges. Reynold reminds everyone that their chances of winning future challenges are slim without him and Eddie around. Laura points out that the members of her alliance have built a lot of trust with one another. Reynold counters arguing that trust does not win challenges. Sherri reminds Reynold that they have not been winning challenges with Reynold and Eddie around. Eddie encourages everyone to get rid of a weak player, which will help them win challenges and bring them closer together. He thinks Sherri is weak but that Laura is the weakest. Laura mentions that the tribes could be jumbled up and asks whether Eddie and Reynold would be as loyal as she if that happened. Eddie responds, "I think tonight is the make or break factor for this tribe." The Gota tribe then votes. Before revealing the votes, Jeff asks if anyone would like to play a hidden immunity idol. Reynold plays his idol, assuring him safety from the vote. Jeff then reveals five votes "“ Reynold receives one and Laura four. Laura Alexander, the 23 year-old administrative officer from Washington, DC, becomes the fifth person to be voted out of SURVIVOR: CARAMOAN FANS VS FAVORITES 2.