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Season 26: Episode 9 - Cut Off the Head of the Snake
Posted on Apr 11, 2013 12:00am

Phillip is pleased that he and his alliance have made it to day 23 in SURVIVOR, and he believes that they are still in control of the game. Reynold comments, “At last night’s Tribal Council, Corinne gets voted out and I look at last night as a victory.” Even though he is sad to lose his ally Corinne, Reynold is happy that a Favorite was voted out instead of a Fan. Reynold points out to Eddie that every girl who associates herself with them ends up getting voted out. They wonder who will be next. Reynold feels good about his alliance with Eddie and Malcolm and about his idol. Meanwhile, Malcolm is upset that he lost Corinne, his closest ally. His only advantage to losing Corinne is that now no one in the game knows about his idol. Malcolm feels confident that Michael, Eddie, and Reynold are still loyal to him. He admits, “I took a hit last night, but I’m still alive.” Malcolm is pleased that Phillip and his alliance misjudged who was really leading the counter-alliance when they voted out Corinne instead of him.

SHERRI JOINS STEALTH R US Phillip and Sherri are talking at camp away from the others. Sherri asks Phillip if Michael has talked to him. Phillip admits to her that Michael is likely his choice to go next. He reveals, “Each one of the Fans needs to understand, if you don’t do what we ask you to do, you will go home.” Phillip is happy that Sherri voted with the Favorites to eliminate Corinne, so he rewards her with membership to Stealth R Us. He gives her the name “Tenacity.” She accepts the invitation and vows to be loyal and trustworthy. Sherri admits, “Besides even the game of SURVIVOR, I have another game to play. I have to play ‘The Specialists’ game.” Phillip introduces her to the other members of Stealth R Us and reveals their names. Phillip assures Sherri that he does not plan to vote her out. Sherri is willing to accept Phillip’s unconventional ways if it will get her further in this game. She says that she handled Shamar, and she feels that she can handle Phillip too. Sherri comments, “You give me two more votes and I’ll be calling shots with Phillip.”

The Enil Edam tribe arrives on their mat. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the reward challenge. The tribe will divide into two teams of five. One member of each team will be the defender. One at a time, members of the other team will leap from a platform and attempt to throw a ball past the defender and into a net. Each time a ball goes through the net, a team scores a point. The first team to four wins reward. The winning team will be taken to a beautiful waterfall, and they will repel down it and enjoy a picnic lunch at the bottom. The purple team consists of Erik, Eddie, Reynold, Cochran, and Michael. Michael is the defender for that team, and the rest are shooters. The orange team consists of Phillip, Dawn, Andrea, Brenda, and Malcolm where Malcolm defends. Sherri did not get chosen, so she sits out of the challenge and is not eligible win reward. Eddie is the first to shoot for the purple team. Malcolm successfully defends the net and stops Eddie from scoring a point. Brenda shoots first for the orange team, and she scores a point by throwing a ball over Michael’s head and into the net behind him. The orange team takes the lead right away. Erik scores next for the purple tribe and ties the score. Andrea puts the orange team back in the lead by scoring a point. Reynold and Dawn go. Neither of them scores any points, but Cochran who is up next does. The game is now tied at two for each team. Jeff says, “Cochran is on a terror in challenges lately.” Phillip and Eddie both score for their teams, so the score is now tied at three each. The next team to score will win the reward. Brenda goes next and misses for the orange team. Erik gives it a try for the purple team and scores. Erik, Eddie, Reynold, Cochran, and Michael win the waterfall and picnic reward. Michael yells, “I’m on a winning team.”

Erik, Eddie, Reynold, Cochran, and Michael arrive at the tall and beautiful waterfall. Cochran grows scared as he realizes he will have to repel down this forty-foot cliff. He watches as the Erik, Eddie, Reynold, and Michael repel their way down. Cochran finally gets up the nerve and takes his turn. He comments, “This is the same guy that was afraid to take of his shirt the last time I played SURVIVOR, now I’m flying down a waterfall.” He is less graceful than his teammates, but he does successfully make it to the bottom. Cochran says, “I loved it.” They all rush to take their seats at the food table that contains mounds of sandwiches and pitchers of drinks. As they enjoy the food, they toast and say “Men.” They love the fact that there are no women at the reward so they can just be themselves. Reynold admits, “Everything has gotten so complicated out here. I think it was a great reprieve for all of us.” Michael suggests that the five of them form an all-guy alliance and go to the end together. Reynold encourages Cochran to make a big move and join them in a muscle alliance. Cochran reveals, “I don’t want to be engaging any sort of masculine tomfoolery with these numbskulls.”

Back at the Enil Edam camp, Malcolm, Sherri, Phillip, Andrea, Dawn, and Brenda decide to have a calm afternoon to forget about their loss. Malcolm feels it is a perfect time to try and talk to Dawn and Sherri about joining his alliance. He explains, “I need numbers, and it’s easiest to scoop up the people on the bottom and Sherri and Dawn seem like the most likely candidates to me.” He meets with Sherri first and explains his plan to her. Malcolm is pretty sure that the Favorites’ alliance is going to split their eight votes between Eddie and Reynold at the next Tribal Council. If he can get five people to vote together, he will have enough votes to vote out someone from the Favorites’ alliance. Malcolm encourages Sherri to join with them, so she can go further in the game and be part of the top five versus top eight. Next, Malcolm meets with Dawn and pitches his plan to her. Dawn realizes how dangerous Malcolm is. She reveals, “It would be great if I could give him the impression that I was voting with him and we could all just take him out.” Later, Sherri, Andrea, Dawn, and Phillip meet in the shelter away from Malcolm. Sherri and Dawn tell Andrea and Phillip about Malcolm’s plan. Andrea suggests that Sherri and Dawn pretend to go along with his plan, but they will instead vote for him next. Malcolm checks with Phillip to see how Phillip wants him to vote. Phillip tells Malcolm that they are going to split the vote between Eddie and Reynold. Phillip reveals, “Malcolm has been trying to play double duty. He‘s been trying to play me as if he really is part of the core alliance.” Phillip mentions that he is anxious to get Malcolm out of the game.

It’s day 25 and Andrea and Eddie decide to get away from camp and hang out at the lagoon. Andrea and Eddie are attracted to each other, but Andrea is not sure that it will go anywhere. She admits, “The more I play up this possible Eddie relationship, the more likely he is to maybe vote for me in the end or give me information.” Eddie tells Andrea that he will do whatever he needs to in order to stay in the game, except vote for Reynold. Eddie admits, “I don’t think Andrea wants to vote me out. I think that she wants to keep me here. I think she likes me.” He feels that if he can just stick around for a couple more votes, then he and his alliance can take control of the game. Andrea asks Eddie if he knows who has hidden immunity idols. He claims that he doesn’t know anything. Andrea tells Eddie that they will not vote for him next if he promises to tell her who Malcolm plans on voting for. She reveals, “I know I’m definitely playing Eddie, but I’m trying to see if he is trying to play me.”

Jeff Probst warns the Enil Edam tribe that this individual immunity challenge will test their ability to remain calm. He explains the rules of this classic individual immunity challenge. They will each take a spot in the water underneath a grated steel barrier. As the tide rises, the water will rise. As the water rises, the space to breathe will decrease until it runs out. The person who lasts the longest in this challenge wins immunity and is guaranteed a one-in-ten shot at winning SURVIVOR. One of the losers will be voted out tonight at Tribal Council. Everyone takes his or her place under the steel grate, and the challenge begins. After thirty minutes, the water rises three inches giving everyone little space to breathe comfortably. After an hour, the water is over their ears and many people have to create a snorkel with their hands to continue to breathe. The water level is close to one inch from the top of the grate. As water starts to lap over the grate, Phillip drops out of the challenge. Sherri and Erik follow shortly thereafter. Only eight people are left. Dawn, Malcolm, and Michael are the next ones who pull out. Now only Cochran, Reynold, Brenda, Eddie, and Andrea are left. With the water now above the grate, Eddie, Cochran, and Reynold pull out next. Brenda and Andrea are the two remaining SURVIVIORS. Brenda has been calm from the beginning. Andrea starts to struggle, as she gasps for air and decides to drop out of the challenge. Brenda wins individual immunity and is safe at tonight’s Tribal Council.

As the rest of the tribe talks about the immunity challenge and congratulates Brenda on her win, Malcolm works on his plan for the vote tonight. He reveals, “This next vote has to be the turning point in the game that I’ve been waiting for. It’s the last time that I definitely can have the numbers on my side.” He knows that if his plan doesn’t work then somebody from his alliance will be voted out. Malcolm just hopes that he can assure the Favorites’ alliance that he is still with them, and then take one of them out. Andrea takes Malcolm aside and tells him they are splitting the votes between Eddie and Reynold. Malcolm is glad that Andrea trusts him with their plan and feels like he is still okay with the Favorites. Andrea reveals, “Malcolm’s a good liar.” She knows that he has no plans to vote with them, but he looks sincere when he said he would. Andrea is also impressed with how well Dawn is playing Malcolm by pretending to be in his alliance. Malcolm meets with Dawn and tells her to vote for Andrea tonight. Malcolm admits, “Andrea is the leader out here.” He knows that Phillip appears to be the leader, but he realizes that Andrea is the one calling the shots. Malcolm tells Dawn that Reynold has an idol and can help them get to the end. Dawn promises to work with them if she can see Reynold’s idol. Dawn is shocked that Malcolm still wants to work with her since she betrayed him at the last Tribal Council by voting out Corinne. Malcolm talks to Reynold and convinces him to show his idol to Dawn. Later, Reynold discretely opens his bag and shows Dawn his idol. He warns Dawn that he will play the idol for himself if he doubts her tonight. Dawn does not appreciate Reynold threatening her. She says, “Shame on you, you shouldn’t have shown me your idol. Shame on you, Malcolm you shouldn’t have brought me in.” Eddie talks to Andrea before the vote. He tries to get her to tell him who she is voting for tonight. She refuses to tell him, but she assures him that he is not going home tonight. As he pushes her for more information, Eddie slips and mentions that Reynold might have an idol and that people are talking about voting for her tonight. Andrea is shocked to hear that she is being targeted. She panics and tells Cochran that they need to change their plans and vote for Michael since they know that he does not have an idol. Cochran is reluctant to change plans, but he agrees to do so to calm Andrea. Andrea passes the word to everyone in her alliance to change his or her vote to Michael. When Andrea tells Dawn about the change, Dawn tries to talk her out of it. Dawn reminds her of all the work she did to gain Malcolm’s confidence and to confirm that Reynold has an idol. Dawn doesn’t want to lose the opportunity to vote out a dangerous player like Malcolm and to flush out Reynold’s idol. Andrea isn’t sure what to do.

Michael admits that he was pleased that a Favorite and not a Fan went home at the last Tribal Council. He hopes that any Favorites that need votes will work with him. Phillip credits his Stealth R Us organization for getting Corinne out of the game. He also introduces Sherri as the newest member of their alliance and suggests that she will go farther in the game than any of the other Fans. Sherri says, “Payback is a bitch.” She reminds everyone that the other remaining Fans had voted for her in the past. Eddie fires back by saying that he would rather play his own game than play someone else’s as a puppet. Reynold points out that someone with an idol can flip the game. Phillip vows that his alliance will throw votes at anyone who they think has an idol. Andrea hopes that her Favorite alliance will stick together tonight because she knows that people will likely make big moves to better their position in the game. Phillip assures everyone that the Favorites still have the numbers and will crush anyone that comes at them. The Enil Edam tribe then votes. Before revealing the votes, Jeff asks if anyone would like to play a hidden immunity idol. Reynold stands and heads towards Jeff to play his idol. Malcolm says, “Hold up Reynold. They all voted for me.” He asks Reynold to give him his idol. Reynold hands it over to Malcolm. Malcolm plays the idol for himself. Jeff then reveals ten votes. Reynold receives one vote. Andrea receives three votes. Michael receives six votes. Michael Snow, the 44 year-old event planner from New York, NY, becomes the tenth person to be voted out of SURVIVOR: CARAMOAN FANS VS FAVORITES 2 and the first member of the jury.