Season 26: Episode 10 - Zipping Over the Cuckoo's Next
Posted on Apr 18, 2013 12:00am


It’s night 25, and the Enil Edam tribe returns to camp from Tribal Council where Michael was voted out and became the first jury member. Malcolm’s plan to eliminate Andrea failed, and he is now on the outs with the Favorites’ alliance. All of the Favorites except Malcolm go off to talk, leaving only Reynold, Eddie, and Malcolm at camp. Reynold and Eddie welcome Malcolm to the bottom. Eddie explains that it’s not a bad place to be because they don’t have to worry about being blindsided since they know they are the next to go. Malcolm admits, “Just about everything I tried to do went wrong.” Dawn tricked him into thinking that she would vote with him, but she didn’t. Meanwhile, the Favorites discuss Tribal Council. Dawn doesn’t want to be a double agent anymore. They all feel confident that Reynold, Eddie, and Malcolm don’t have a hidden immunity idol since Reynold just played his at Tribal Council. With that in mind, they plan to split the vote to eliminate one of them next. Back at camp, Reynold, Malcolm, and Eddie decide to get up early and search for a new hidden immunity idol. Malcolm reveals, “If there’s any silver lining, I still have an idol.”

The next morning at Enil Edam, Cochran admits to Phillip that he is not worried that Dawn will win the game if she makes it to the end. Cochran points out that Dawn has betrayed a lot of people thus far. Phillip agrees and says that she is not proving to be a threat at challenges either. At the same time, they hear Dawn yell out for Brenda. Brenda runs and finds Dawn crying. In hysterics, Dawn explains to Brenda that her retainer with fake bottom teeth fell out of her mouth at the lagoon when she took a gulp of water. She is embarrassed to be seen without her teeth and admits, “I’ll pull myself from the game. I’m not kidding.” Brenda hugs Dawn and assures her that she will help her find her teeth. Brenda puts on a mask and snorkel and dives into the water to search the area as Dawn waits anxiously on the dock. Shortly thereafter, Brenda spots Dawn’s retainer and retrieves it. Dawn is thankful for Brenda’s help. Brenda admits, “My heart just went out to her so much, and after that incident, I’m not going to turn my back on her and vice versa.”

The Enil Edam tribe arrives on their mat. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the reward challenge. The tribe will divide into two teams of five. One member of each team will race through a series of obstacles into a muddy pit, where they will search for a bag of balls. Once they have a bag, they will go through a pit of rice and drop their bag on a table, and then the next person from their team goes. Once a team has collected all five bags they will shoot the balls into a basket. The first team to get all twelve balls into their basket wins reward. The winning team will be taken to a resort with a beautiful pool and a delicious lunch of beef, chicken, pork, and cocktails. The purple team consists of Reynold, Dawn, Cochran, and Phillip. The orange team consists of Eddie, Sherri, Andrea, Erik, and Malcolm. Malcolm is first out for the orange team, while Erik is first out for the purple team. They stay neck and neck over a balance beam, down a slide, and into the mud. In the mud pit, Erik quickly finds a bag of balls and moves on to the rice pit. Malcolm has a different strategy. He stays inside the mud pit and searches for all five bags at once, stacking them up in a corner. Malcolm hopes that this will make it easy for the rest of his teammates that come through the course. While Malcolm stays at the mud pit, Erik gets through the rice pit and drops his bag on the table. Reynold is next on the course for the purple team. He gets to the mud pit quickly and decides to copy Malcolm’s strategy, but he is much faster than Malcolm. Reynold quickly finds his team’s four remaining bags and continues through the course with one of them. Meanwhile, Malcolm is still struggling to find the fifth and final bag for the orange team. Dawn is next on the course for purple, which now has a big lead. Malcolm finally finds the final bag and continues through the course. Andrea is on the course next for the orange team and Cochran goes out next for purple. Sherri is out next for the orange team. She goes over the balance beam slowly, which unsettles the rest of her team. Cochran completes the course, and Phillip is the last person out for purple. Sherri is still progressing slowly. The orange team is one and a half players behind the purple team. Phillip brings in the fifth and final bag for purple, and Brenda heads out for the fourth bag for orange. The purple team then unties their bags and starts shooting the balls into the hoop. Brenda flies through the course. Eddie heads out last for the orange team, just as the purple team scores their first point. Purple scores their tenth point as Eddie makes his bag of balls to the end of the course. The orange team quickly tries to untie their bags and get back in the game. However, the purple team scores their twelfth and final basket even before the orange team can throw one ball. The purple team of Reynold, Dawn, Cochran, and Phillip win the resort reward.

Reynold, Dawn, Cochran, and Phillip arrive at the resort to find a table full of food including fried chicken, calamari, and various kabobs. They all immediately sit down and start eating. Cochran admits, “This is the sort of energy I need to go into challenges and continue being the challenge monster that I think I’ve proven myself to be.” Next, they use the outdoor shower and soap to try and wash the dried mud from their challenge before jumping into a huge swimming pool. Dawn comments, “I needed it. I was losing my marbles.” Unlike the others, Phillip jumps right into the pool before rinsing the mud and rice from his body. Erik is upset by Phillip’s actions. He vents, “That’s pretty much what Phillip has done this whole season. He just jumps in without care for anybody else and does things on his own.”

That night back at camp, Dawn lies awake as the rest of Enil Edam sleeps. Dawn has not gotten much sleep in the past few nights. She admits, “My brain has not rested, and so I’ve become nervous about how the next stage of the game is going to play out.” Dawn is paranoid that she will be blindsided. She is especially worried about Andrea since she has been spending a lot of time with Malcolm, Reynold, and Eddie, who are not part of their alliance. The next morning, Dawn voices her fears to Phillip and Cochran. Phillip tries to assure Dawn that Andrea will not flip and blindside her. Phillip is bothered by Dawn’s paranoia. Later, Dawn watches Andrea as she talks to Malcolm and Eddie while sharing a coconut with them. Dawn confronts Andrea, which surprises her. Andrea finds Phillip and wonders why Dawn is so upset. Phillip assures Andrea that she did nothing wrong and that Dawn is just paranoid. Meanwhile, Dawn talks to Cochran. She admits to Cochran that she feels unstable and is tired of crying so much. Cochran tries to reassure her that everything is okay, but he is worried about her. He admits, “It looks like there is another possible hummingbird that’s zipping over the cuckoo’s nest and her name is Dawn.”

The next morning, Dawn is thrilled to have gotten a good night’s sleep. She comments, “I woke up today feeling like myself. I feel like my head is clear. The game is not overwhelming me.” Phillip calls a Stealth R Us meeting to discuss who they will vote for next. Phillip, Andrea, Cochran, Erik, Brenda, Dawn, and Sherri agree that Reynold should go. They decide to play it safe and cast four votes for Reynold and three votes for Malcolm to flush out any possible idols. Cochran reveals, “I don’t mean to get too confident, but my alliance has the numbers and I couldn’t be happier.”

Jeff Probst explains the rules of this individual immunity challenge. The challenge will run in two heats. Each person will race across a platform, jump into the ocean, and swim back under the platform by pulling themselves along with a rope. They will then climb back onto the platform, grab a ring, and move it to the second post. The first two people from each heat to get both their rings will move on to the final round. The winner of the final wins immunity and is guaranteed a one-in-nine shot at winning SURVIVOR. One of the losers will be voted out tonight at Tribal Council. Reynold, Dawn, Cochran, Andrea, and Sherri compete in the first heat. Reynold takes the lead and never gives it up. Dawn and Andrea compete for second place, while Cochran and Sherri bring up the rear. Andrea beats Dawn and makes it to the final round with Reynold. In the second heat, Phillip decides to sit out of the challenge because of a water trauma he experienced as a child. Therefore, only Erik, Eddie, Malcolm, and Brenda compete for the top two spots. All four are good swimmers and make it a very competitive heat. Malcolm gets his second ring on the post first. Eddie is out of the water next, but he loses control of his ring and misses the post. This allows Brenda to win the coveted second position, scoring her a place in the final round. Now Reynold, Malcolm, Andrea, and Brenda compete in the final round for individual immunity. In this heat, the winner must get five rings onto the post before the others. Jeff warns them that this round will exhaust them. Malcolm and Reynold take the lead right away and keep up with each other throughout. In the end, Reynold wins individual immunity.

The Enil Edam tribe returns to camp exhausted from the challenge. Reynold is glad that he won individual immunity because he believes he was a likely candidate for the vote. Reynold can’t believe that Phillip sat out of an immunity challenge. He reveals, “I have no respect for Phillip. I mean when it boils down to it, he’s all talk and no action.” Phillip checks with the members of his alliance and instructs them to split the vote between Malcolm and Eddie tonight. Phillip enjoys his leadership position and boasts, “I just might have a shot at getting to the final three, and if these people aren’t bitter I might actually have a shot at winning.” Because his Stealth R Us alliance has seven people compared to the three members outside of it, Phillip feels confident that his group is safe tonight. Malcolm meets with Eddie and Reynold and encourages them all to look for a hidden immunity idol. Malcolm knows that he is in the hot seat and is ready to use his idol if need be. While the rest of the Favorites’ alliance sits at camp talking, Dawn and Andrea decide to look for a hidden idol as well. While searching, they come upon Malcolm who is also in the hunt. Right in front of Dawn and Andrea, Malcolm gets lucky and finds an idol inside of a crevice in a large rock. Andrea vents, “Malcolm was supposed to go home, but he found the hidden immunity idol exactly when he needed to find it.” Andrea and Dawn pass the information along to the rest of their alliance. They agree to keep the plan the same – putting four for Malcolm and three for Eddie. If Malcolm plays the idol, then Eddie will go home. TRIBAL COUNCIL Reynold and Eddie confirm that they believe they are still the most likely to be voted out next along with Malcolm. Reynold admits that this as the reason for why he worked so hard to win individual immunity today. Andrea reveals that Malcolm found a hidden immunity idol, so Eddie will likely be the one voted out tonight. Phillip explains to everyone why he didn’t participate in the immunity challenge. When he was a boy, he got trapped in the water under a dock and was rescued. The immunity challenge looked too much like that dock that he was trapped under. Andrea describes how paranoid people are becoming in the game, and how she no longer feels comfortable talking to Malcolm, Reynold, and Eddie because they are the enemy. Malcolm surprises everyone by revealing the first hidden immunity idol that he found and gives it to Eddie. Now, Reynold, Eddie and Malcolm all have idols. Everyone in the Favorites’ alliance is shocked and scared because now one of them could be voted out tonight. Malcolm, Reynold, and Eddie gloat over the rest of the tribe. At the same time, the Favorites’ alliance whispers to one another to try and formulate a new plan. Malcolm says, “I know for one vote, we have control.” He lets everyone know that he, Reynold, and Eddie will vote for Phillip because they feel he takes all the fun out of playing SURVIVOR. Andrea fears that they are bluffing and are really going to vote for her. Erik points out that one of the three may not use their idol tonight, even though they say they will. Phillip agrees and instructs his alliance to stay with their original vote. He is willing to be voted out if he is wrong. Dawn reminds her alliance that they can keep Phillip safe by changing their vote to another Favorite instead. The Enil Edam tribe then votes. Before revealing the votes, Jeff asks if anyone would like to play a hidden immunity idol. Both Malcolm and Eddie play their idols. Jeff then reveals nine votes. Malcolm receives two votes, which don’t count because he played the idol. Eddie receives four votes, which also don’t count. Phillip receives three votes. Phillip Sheppard, the 54 year-old Favorite who played on SURVIVOR: REDEMPTION ISLAND becomes the eleventh person to be voted out of SURVIVOR: CARAMOAN FANS VS FAVORITES 2 and the second member of the jury.