Season 26: Episode 11 - Come Over to the Dark Side
Posted on Apr 25, 2013 12:00am

On night 28, the Enil Edam tribe returns to camp from Tribal Council after having just voted out Phillip. Phillip’s alliance was not expecting this. Malcolm reveals, “With the execution of The Specialist, Phillip Sheppard, I think Stealth R Us is hopefully going to fracture.” After the recent vote, Phillip’s former alliance is left with 6 castaways while Malcolm’s has only 3. Erik comments, “The stability has been rocked out of the game. The legs have been kicked out under the chair of Stealth R Us.” Erik mentions that he looks forward to doing things that Phillip forbid him to do, like talking to people in the other alliance. The next morning, the Enil Edam tribe wakes still exhausted from last night’s vote. Cochran explains, “Never before have I seen anything quite like what happened last night at Tribal Council. It left me breathless. It left me terrified.” Moreover, the tribe is hungry. Dawn comforts Brenda who cries and encourages her to drink water. Brenda is rattled that Malcolm, Reynold, and Eddie were able to vote out Phillip. She admits, “It’s just a little hard with the emotions, with the food situation, with the low energy, and with the uncertainty of what these boys are capable of.”

Cochran and Dawn bring tree mail to camp. The tribe cheers when they see what it is. Each person receives an envelope with $500 to spend at an auction, which usually includes food items. Malcolm comments, “It couldn’t have really come at a better time because there is a chance that there’s going to be some sort of big advantage in the game offered up.”

The Enil Edam tribe arrives at the auction smiling and with $500 in each of their hands. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the SURVIVOR auction. Bidding must be done in $20 increments, and there is no sharing of money or food. The auction will end without warning. To begin the auction, Jeff pulls out a bottle of beer and a bowl of peanuts for the first person to announce a $20 bid. Without hesitation, Malcolm yells out a $20 offer, even though he was originally planning to keep his money to bid on an advantage in the game. When he pays his $20, Jeff gives him two more beers and pretzels. Reynold buys a pizza slice for $180, and Sherri buys the rest of the pizza for $500. Sherri is now out of money. Dawn spends all of her money on a roasted chicken. The next item up is information to help the winner in the game. Malcolm bids all of his remaining money – $480. No one outbids him, and Jeff gives Malcolm one minute to read a clue to find a hidden immunity idol. Andrea spends $280 to get a covered item, which Jeff reveals is a plate of spaghetti, garlic bread, and glass of wine. Jeff gives her the option to trade that for a bag of rice and beans for the tribe. Andrea forgoes the spaghetti so that her tribe has food for the rest of the game. Her tribe mates thank her. The next item up for bid is an advantage in the next immunity challenge. Cochran outbids Brenda and Reynold to win the advantage with a bid of $340. The advantage is printed on a rolled piece of paper that he must bring to the next immunity challenge. Brenda bids $300 on a covered item, and Jeff reveals that she bought pig brains. Brenda is disappointed. Jeff then auctions letters from home for $20 each. Malcolm, Sherri, and Dawn are upset that they have already used up all of their money and cannot afford messages from their loved ones. The last item for bid is a covered item purchased by Eddie for $200. As he pays for it, he learns that he must share it with everyone in his tribe. It ends up being a giant bowl of peanut butter. Everyone in the tribe eats as much as they can for sixty seconds and stores whatever they can on the outside of their body to take back to camp. As the auction ends, Dawn worries about Malcolm finding the hidden immunity idol and whether he will coax one of her allies to join his alliance.

The Enil Edam tribe is lively when they return back to camp. They start scraping the excess peanut butter from their bodies and collecting it in a bowl so they can enjoy it later. Reynold comments, “My alliance has an idol clue. It’s a 180 degree turn.” Next, those who purchased letters from home sit down on the beach together to read them. As Brenda reads her letters, she feels that she purchased the best thing from the auction. She says, “So much encouragement and so much love. This is all that matters.” Cochran starts to cry as he reads his. He admits that this is unusual for him, and he is embarrassed. Cochran has been trying hard to stay focused in the game and not let his mind think about anything else. He remarks, “Getting letters from home makes you realize there is life outside the game and things I value more than this game.” On the other side of camp, Reynold and Malcolm try to talk Sherri into joining their alliance and forming a final five with the two of them, Eddie, and Erik. Sherri promises to consider their offer. She admits, “If they’re constantly winning and they’ve got hidden immunity idols, you start feeling that they are unbeatable. So, if you can’t beat them, you join them.” Later, Malcolm tells Reynold to talk to Erik and he will work on getting Sherri. Reynold reveals, “We want to knock out Cochran. If we knock out a really strategic power player, then that alliance is completely busted.”

That night when the rest of the tribe sleeps, Malcolm leaves camp to look for the hidden immunity idol using the clue he purchased at the auction. The clue said that the idol was towards the water under a tree growing out of a rock. With that in mind, Malcolm heads toward the water well. He reveals, “At this point, any power that I can get in my corner is going to be necessary to ensure that I stick around.” Malcolm digs holes looking for the idol throughout the night. Before the sun rises, Andrea and Cochran walk down the path to the water well and find Malcolm searching for the idol. Andrea says, “Mmm I love the smell of fresh dirt.” Malcolm is disappointed that they have discovered where he is looking for the idol. Andrea decides to stay at the water well and keep an eye on Malcolm. She says, “I know if there’s an idol, it’s probably me going home.” Malcolm stops searching and Andrea stays put, so Malcolm makes no progress in his search. He admits, “I’m starting to feel like a bit of an idiot. $480 down the drain. A million dollars down the drain maybe.”

The Enil Edam tribe arrives on their mat, and Jeff explains the rules of this individual immunity challenge. Each person will hold onto a rope that is connected to a heavy log. At regular intervals, they will move one knot lower on the rope, which makes the weight more difficult to bear. If they drop their rope, then they are out of the challenge. The last person left standing wins immunity and is guaranteed a one-in-eight shot at winning SURVIVOR. One of the losers will be voted out tonight at Tribal Council. Cochran then reads the advantage that he bought at the auction. It tells him that at any point in the immunity challenge, he can move his hand up two knots on the rope. As the challenge begins, Jeff informs them that they are each holding one-third of their body weight at the start of the game. Everyone survives the first five minutes of the challenge. Then, the castaways move their hands down one knot on the rope. After another five minutes, they all move their hands down one more knot except for Cochran. He uses his advantage and moves back two knots to the beginning position. He is left holding much less weight than everyone else. Everyone stays strong and survives ten more minutes moving their hands down two more knots to the last one that they have to hold on to. After that, they will only have a little piece left at the end of the rope with no knot to help. Cochran, however, will still have two knots, since he played his advantage. They start to feel the full weight of the log. Brenda is the first one out as her foot slips. Erik loses his grip next. Only seven castaways remain. At the thirty-minute mark, the remaining Survivors move their hands to the tail end of the rope – except for Cochran. Dawn struggles to keep hold of the rope, but Sherri is the next one out of the challenge. Malcolm loses his balance and drops out. Only five players remain. Andrea and Dawn drop out next leaving only Reynold, Eddie, and Cochran competing for immunity. Reynold’s hand slips from the rope, and he is eliminated. It’s a showdown between Cochran and Eddie. In the end, Cochran triumphs and wins his second individual immunity.

The Enil Edam tribe returns to camp with Cochran proudly wearing the immunity necklace. He boasts, “I am the greatest challenge competitor in SURVIVOR: CARAMOAN.” He has won half of the individual immunity challenges so far, in stark contrast to his previous performance in SURVIVOR: SOUTH PACIFIC. Cochran hopes to keep winning. Malcolm admits to Reynold and Eddie that he is nervous going into Tribal Council without an idol. He can’t search for one because Andrea and the others will follow him and dig around him. Malcolm admits, “I’ve just got to bluff my way through this.” He plans to make everyone think that his alliance has an idol. Malcolm hopes that the Favorites’ alliance, made up of six people, will split their votes three and three. If he can get Sherri to vote with him, Reynold, and Eddie, then their four votes will successfully vote out one of the Favorites. Malcolm talks to Sherri next, tells her that he has an idol, and encourages her to vote for Andrea with them. Sherri seriously considers joining their alliance since the strong guys have a good chance of winning the rest of the immunity challenges. Reynold checks with Erik. Erik tells Reynold that he will vote with them, even though he hasn’t made up his mind about how he will vote tonight. Erik reveals, “I need to know as much information as possible. So I have to keep playing both sides.” Later, Erik meets with Dawn, Cochran, and Andrea. They tell him how important the vote is and how much they are counting on him. Erik assures them that they have nothing to worry about. After Erik leaves, the Favorites’ alliance agrees to split their vote between Reynold and Malcolm. If no idol is played, then they will vote out Malcolm. Dawn worries about splitting the vote in case one of the Favorites, like Erik, defects and joins the other alliance. Sherri realizes that she is the swing vote. She reveals, “Neither side realizes this is my game right now. I’m the one calling the shots.” As the tribe heads to Tribal Council, Sherri is still unsure which alliance to vote with.

Reynold feels that alliances have changed since Phillip was voted out. He points out that people will make changes to better their position in the game. Andrea insists that anyone that would flip to Reynold’s alliance would not make it to the final three because the guys are tight and would likely win immunity challenges. Sherri reveals that she has thought about switching alliances since she is at the bottom of the six person Favorites group. Dawn assures Sherri that she is not at the bottom of their alliance. Andrea thinks that Malcolm has found another hidden immunity idol after purchasing information at the auction. She feels vulnerable and hopes that everyone in her alliance stays together. The Enil Edam tribe then votes. Before revealing the votes, Jeff asks if anyone would like to play a hidden immunity idol. Nobody does. The vote results in a three-way tie among Reynold, Malcolm, and Andrea, each receiving three votes. Jeff calls for a re-vote whereby Reynold, Malcolm, and Andrea are not permitted to participate and the remaining tribe members can only vote for one of those three. Jeff reveals the first four votes – all for Malcolm. Malcolm Freberg, the 25 year-old Favorite previously from SURVIVOR: PHILIPPINES becomes the twelfth person to be voted out of SURVIVOR: CARAMOAN FANS VS FAVORITES 2 and the third member of the jury.