Season 26: Episode 13 - "Don't Say Anything About My Mom"
Posted on May 9, 2013 12:00am

It’s the morning of day 35, and the Enil Edam tribe is just waking. Eddie works on starting the fire. His ally, Andrea, was voted out at Tribal Council last night. He reveals, “I think I’m pretty much a sitting duck target for the next Tribal Council.” Eddie shares these fears with Cochran. Cochran reminds him that he will be safe if he wins the next immunity challenge. Eddie warns Cochran that he will likely go next if he does win immunity. Cochran is shocked to hear this. He wonders, “Can I really get to the end of this game, or do I have an expiration date that is rapidly approaching?” Meanwhile, Dawn, Brenda, and Erik relax in the water. They are also discussing the next vote. Brenda confirms Eddie’s prediction and proposes that they vote out Cochran next if Eddie wins immunity. Dawn has two alliances. One is with Cochran and Sherri, but the other is with Brenda and Erik. She wonders which one will get her farther in the game. Dawn admits to Brenda and Erik that it would be hard for her to vote for Cochran, but she also realizes that he is a big threat to win the million-dollar prize. Dawn reveals, “The good thing here is that I have options, and hopefully that means I’m going to take responsibility for it in the end and prove to people that I played a game that was worth a million dollars.”

Erik marks day 34 on the tree calendar at camp. Cochran realizes that Erik has now been on SURVIVOR for a total of seventy days when combine his time spent on two seasons is combined. He admits, “I should be happy today, but I’m not.” Erik is hungry and feels trapped. He reveals, “I’m miserable here. This is the most beautiful prison that I’ve even been in in my life.” Erik stares at a tall coconut tree. He says that he feels like the coconuts in the tree are laughing at him because they are too high for him to reach. Erik decides to climb the tree to try and retrieve them. As he starts to ascend, Dawn warns him that it is too high and too dangerous. Erik comments, “I’m thinking you could fall out of this tree right now and break your leg and you’ll leave the game.” He hates thinking that way. As Erik continues inching up the tall coconut tree, he yells, “I just want food!”

Erik finally gives up and climbs down the coconut tree, much to Dawn, Sherri, and Brenda’s relief. He is disappointed that he did not make it high enough to get the coconuts. Meanwhile, Eddie retrieves tree mail and finds a box with the Sprint logo on top of it. He opens the box and finds a Sprint phone containing video messages. Everyone grows emotional as they display messages from their loved ones. Brenda sees her dad, Raymond, and starts to cry. He tells her that he is in the Caramoan Islands. She reveals, “The one person that I want to hug the most, I’m actually going to be able to hug out here.” Brenda’s father gave her the advice to stay humble in the game. Dawn starts to cry when she hears her husband, David. Sherri also breaks down when she gets a message from her husband, Jared. Cochran is touched by the message from his mom, Arlene. Eddie is thrilled to see his dad, Edward. When Erik sees the video message from his brother, Rich, he is also encouraged. Erik admits, “I’m 100% now. I have not been here this long to go home with nothing.” After watching all of the video letters, the Enil Edam tribe takes pictures with the Sprint phone, getting a first glimpse of what they look like after 34 days in the wild.

The Enil Edam tribe arrives on their mat. Jeff Probst, the host, takes the Sprint EVO LTE phone from Erik. He points out that the video messages from their loved ones can only be outdone by seeing them in person. Jeff then calls out Brenda’s dad, Raymond. Brenda and her dad run to each other and hug. Seeing their reunion touches the rest of the Enil Edam tribe and even Jeff. Next, Erik reunites with his brother, Rich. Sherri clings to her husband, Jared. Cochran and his mom, Arlene, both struggle to hold back tears when they see each other. Eddie’s dad, Ed, gives his son a bear hug when he sees him. Dawn is so excited and emotional when see hugs her husband, David, whom she’s been married to for twenty-one years. Jeff then explains the rules of the reward challenge. Each castaway will compete in the challenge with their loved one. Each pair will spin around in circles unscrewing rails. Once they have unscrewed three rails, they will then attempt to toss bolos onto those rails. The first pair to land three bolos wins reward. The reward is a floating backyard barbeque, located adjacent to shore in the water by the Enil Edam camp. The barbeque will include steaks, burgers, beer, and apple pie. As the challenge begins, the castaways and their loved ones run to their rails and start spinning them to unscrew them. Everyone begins to feel dizzy after running in circles. Erik and his brother, Rich, are the first to get a rail unscrewed. They run to place the rail on the stand. Brenda and her dad, Raymond, are right behind them, and the rest of the pairs are not far behind. Cochran and his mom, Arlene, are in last place. Brenda and Raymond stay in the lead with Erik and Rich as they unscrew and mount their second rails. Sherri and Jared are in third place, closely followed by Dawn and David. Edward and Eddie slow a bit because of the heat, but Cochran and Arlene remain in last. Rich lands the first bolo for him and Erik. Brenda lands the first bolo for her and Raymond. Jared is next to land a bolo for him and Sherri, and David is after that for him and Dawn. Ed and Eddie are behind them. Sherri, Brenda, and Dawn score their second bolos. In the end, Raymond scores the winning point for him and Brenda. Jeff tells Brenda that she can choose one other SURVIVOR and their loved one to join her and her dad on the backyard barbeque. Brenda chooses Dawn. Jeff then reveals another Sprint EVO LTE and gives it to Brenda. She sees a message from her sister and ones from second loved ones for everyone else, announcing that they are also here. This is the first time in SURVIVOR history that two loved ones have come for a visit. The second loved ones are Cochran’s dad, Sherri’s oldest son, Erik’s other brother, Eddie’s mother, and Dawn’s best friend. Everyone is so excited to hear the news. Sherri falls to her knees crying at the thought of seeing her son. Jeff then gives Brenda another decision to make. She can choose one more SURVIVOR and their loved one to take to the barbeque, or she can give the remaining four SURVIVORS and their loved ones the barbeque and take it away from herself and Dawn. Brenda decides to give the reward to the remaining four. Brenda and Dawn say goodbye to their family members. The remaining four get to use the Sprint EVO LTE to take pictures on the barbeque reward.

Cochran, Eddie, Sherri, and Erik arrive with their loved ones to join their second loved ones on a barge, which is visible from the Enil Edam camp. Cochran and his mom have been loyal SURVIVOR fans for 13 years, so he is thrilled to share this moment with her. Eddie’s mom, Elizabeth, is shocked to see her son. She reveals, “Eddie’s done great in the game so far, but he looks so thin.” Sherri is so happy to see her son, Parker, and she gives him a big hug. She says, “It was like when I gave birth to him, and they put him in my arms. I wanted that feeling again, to hold him.” After the greetings end, Cochran, Eddie, Sherri, and Erik quickly begin enjoying the food with their families. Cochran is amazed to see his father grilling the burgers, hot dogs, and steaks since this is not a normal activity for him. Meanwhile, back at camp, Dawn and Brenda watch their tribe mates and their families enjoying the barbeque. Dawn can’t stop crying. She admits, “I’m exhausted. I’m hungry. The game is just breaking me down.” Those on the reward yell to camp to show Brenda their appreciation. Dawn is bothered that Brenda got all of the benefit from her decision. She is also mad that everyone else will be full of food and love and she is left hungry. Brenda encourages Dawn to let all of her emotions out and not to forget that they are only four days away from the final Tribal Council. Brenda admits, “Whenever you do anything big in this game, whether you save someone, whether you do something bad to someone, it’s funny how it’s always a double edged sword.” She knows that her decision can either help or hurt her in the game. As Cochran, Eddie, Sherri, and Erik return to camp, they hug Brenda and thank her for letting them spend the time with their loved ones. Cochran worries about Brenda. He explains, “The better and more likable and more untouchable Brenda seems, the more people are going to want to get her out.” Cochran targets Brenda for his next vote.

The next morning, the six remaining members of the Enil Edam tribe arrive on their mat. Jeff Probst explains the rules of this individual immunity challenge. Each person will stand on a ledge over the water, while holding onto a handle behind their back. The handle is connected to a wench. Every time Jeff cranks the wench, it will lower them closer to the water. When the pain becomes too much to handle, they will fall into the water and be eliminated from the challenge. The last person left standing wins immunity and is guaranteed a one-in-five shot at winning SURVIVOR. One of the losers will be voted out tonight at Tribal Council. The players take their positions on the ledge over the water and Jeff immediately uses the wench to lower them. After fifteen minutes, Cochran is the first one to let go of his handle and fall into the water. After twenty-five minutes, Eddie falls. Erik drops out shortly thereafter. Only the three women remain: Dawn, Brenda, and Sherri. Sherri is next to fall. With only Dawn and Brenda left, Dawn lets Brenda know that she would really like to win this one. She also reminds Brenda that Eddie has already been eliminated. Brenda is not willing to give Dawn the win, so the challenge continues. Jeff uses the wench to lower Dawn and Brenda more. Brenda loses her grip and falls in the water. For the first time in her SURVIVOR career, Dawn wins individual immunity. Brenda reveals, “If that was Eddie up there, I would have hung on a lot longer.” Brenda is happy for Dawn, and she knows that Dawn will now be a lot less paranoid going into tonight’s Tribal Council.

The Enil Edam tribe returns to camp and congratulates Dawn on winning her first immunity challenge. Brenda reveals, “I think that it’s a straight forward vote tonight. Eddie is going home, and after Eddie, the plan is to take out Cochran.” Brenda is happy with the plan, and she hopes that everyone sticks to it. Cochran would actually like to vote Brenda out tonight, but he is worried that the other people in his alliance will not go along with his plan. Cochran talks to Sherri. He assures her that she is now in the final four. Before he even maps out his plan, Sherri guesses that Cochran would like to blindside Brenda tonight. Cochran admits, “It is the perfect move because tonight is the perfect night to make it. If Brenda has one more day in this game, she could upset everything.” He worries that Brenda will win the remaining immunity challenges. Later, Cochran checks in with Dawn. He makes his case that Brenda is a challenge threat and she is also well liked because she let the others enjoy the family visit. Dawn knows that Brenda is a big threat, but she is not sure that it is the right time to vote her out. She reveals, “I feel like I’m a little bit swayed by Cochran’s emotion and last time I left my game a little bit in his hands and he controlled it and I went home before him and I don’t want to do that this time.” As Dawn walks out of camp on her way to Tribal Council, she is not sure what to do. TRIBAL COUNCIL Dawn is proud to wear the individual immunity necklace because it provides safety and is a fulfillment of one of her SURVIVOR dreams. Brenda admits that she was okay with losing today’s immunity challenge because she knew Dawn would win it. Eddie feels confident that he will be voted out tonight. Brenda is still happy with the decision she made to give up her family visit so that her four tribe mates could enjoy time with their families instead. Dawn feels that Brenda will benefit from this decision. Cochran points out that it would be easy to vote Eddie out tonight. He comments, “The easy vote isn’t always the smartest vote. It’s about weighing short term gratification versus long term benefits.” The Enil Edam tribe then votes. Before revealing the votes, Jeff asks if anyone would like to play a hidden immunity idol. Nobody does. Jeff reveals all six votes. Erik gets one vote. Eddie gets two votes. Brenda gets three votes. Brenda Lowe, the 30 year-old Favorite who played on SURVIVOR: NICARAGUA becomes the fifteenth person to be voted out of SURVIVOR: CARAMOAN FANS VS FAVORITES 2 and the sixth member of the jury.