Season 27: Episode 2 - Rule in Chaos
Posted on Sep 25, 2013 10:00pm


On night 3, after just being voted out by her Tadhana tribe at the first Tribal Council, Marissa arrives on Redemption Island. Candice and Rupert wake up and give Marissa a hug. Marissa is mad and comments, “I just got blindsided at Tribal. I came in thinking that Katie is a go. No, Marissa is a go.” Candice and Rupert listen eagerly as Marissa fills them in on her tribe losing the immunity challenge and her Uncle Gervase being overzealous in his celebration of his tribe’s win. Rupert admits, “At least it wasn’t Laura who showed up tonight. That was my fear.” Candice tells Marissa that she may have been voted out because she called out Brad on the first morning when he talked about losing a challenge so his wife Monica could have a tarp. Rupert welcomes Marissa to Redemption Island and invites her to join them in being upset about getting voted out of the game.


The next morning, the Galang tribe of returning players is lined up giving each other back rubs, except for Colton. Laura B. is enjoying her back rub from Kat, relieved that Galang has been so nice to her after her husband Rupert traded places with her on the first day. Colton sits over in a corner of the camp looking bored. He explains, “I thought this whole Zen, calm, yoga mentality would be appealing to me. Well it was for like three days, but now I’m over it.” Colton is tired of everyone in his tribe getting along. He wants to strategize and figure out the order to vote people out. Monica encourages him to have patience. Colton tries to strategize with Aras, Tina and Gervase. Gervase tells Colton, “Shut it down. Nobody needs to talks strategy again until we lose our first challenge.” Aras is disappointed that Colton seems not to have changed, since he is playing the same way he did in SURVIVOR: ONE WORLD. Colton desperately misses his fiancé Caleb.


Over at Tadhana, the guys are catching fish using the Hawaiian sling after Brad shows them how to use it. Brad admits, “We feel great this morning.” The Tadhana tribe now has fire and fish to cook on it. Rachel feels a little uneasy though. She reveals, “I miss Tyson right now, but I have a good feeling that I’m more at risk in this game than Tyson is.” Rachel sees that alliances are forming, especially among the guys. With only three girls and five guys, she feels like she is in the minority. Rachel admits, “I’m living in a man’s world right now, which is why my strategy is to really play it cool with the guys.” Rachel feels comfortable with John, so she concentrates on forming an alliance with him. Ciera does not like the fact that Rachel is hanging around John and the other guys and not strategizing with her and Katie. She warns Katie that Rachel seems to be in an alliance with John. Ciera explains, “I’ve definitely taken it upon myself to let people know that John has an alliance in the tribe. So it puts a big red flag on John, which is great for me because the red flag is not on me.” Next, John brings tree mail to the tribe. It tells them to go to the Redemption arena to watch Rupert, Candice and Marissa compete to stay in the game. John looks forward to seeing his wife Candice and hopes that she is not mad at him for not switching places with her. He reveals, “If Candice looks at me and smiles and says she love me, like honestly that would take this weight that is like crushing my heart right now and just like throw it off.”


The Galang tribe arrives at the Redemption Arena first and anxiously waits to see the Tadhana tribe arrive to see which of their loved ones was voted out at Tribal Council last night. As the Tadhana tribe enters the arena, Gervase sees that his niece Marissa was the one voted out. Monica, Tina, Kat and Laura M. start to cry because they are so happy to see that their loved ones are still safe. Rupert, Candice and Marissa then enter the arena to compete in the duel. Candice gives her husband John a wink, which immediately makes him feel better. Laura B. throws a kiss at Rupert. Marissa stares down her Tadhana tribe who voted her out last night. She tells Jeff Probst, the host, “I don’t think I should be here at all.” Marissa feels she performed well in the last challenge and tells her Uncle Gervase that she got voted out because he celebrated too much when his tribe won, which was like rubbing salt in her tribe’s wounds. Gervase responds, “I’m going to rub some more. I promise you that.” Jeff then informs the two tribes that in this SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS WATER season, they have the option to swap spots with their loved ones. Gervase tells Marissa, “Handle your biz.” So Gervase does not swap places with Marissa. Jeff explains the rules of this Redemption Duel. They will use a long pole to maneuver a wooden spool through a metal channel. Once they get to the top, they will place their spool on a small platform and head back for their next one. To make it more difficult, the entire structure sits on a spring, which means if they touch it, it will wobble and may cause the spools to fall. They would then have to start over. The first two to get all ten of their spools placed stay alive. The last person to finish is out of this game for good. In addition, the first person to finish gets to decide which of the people still in the game gets a clue to the location of a hidden immunity idol. At the start, Rupert throws caution to the wind and tries to get his spool through the metal structure as fast as possible. He is the first one to get his spool through the structure, but it quickly falls off the platform at the top. So he has to go back to the start. Meanwhile, Candice and Marissa go slower and both successfully place their first spool and head back for their second. Candice takes the lead as she places her third spool, while Rupert and Marissa are still working on their second. By the time Candice places her seventh spool, Rupert has caught up to her. Marissa is only one spool behind. As Rupert is working on his ninth spool, his entire stack collapses and he has to start over. Candice is now working on her tenth and final spool. Marissa is placing her seventh spool and only has three more to go. Candice successfully places her last spool and comes in first in the duel. By now, Marissa only has one spool left and Rupert is working on his fifth spool. In the end, Marissa comes in second and wins the right to stay on Redemption Island with Candice, but Rupert is now out of the game. Rupert gives his wife Laura B. a hug and proclaims, “I love SURVIVOR, but I love my wife more.” Rupert then leaves the arena and throws his buff in the fire. As the winner of the duel, Candice chooses to give her husband John the clue to the hidden immunity idol. John is happy that she chose him and that she is not upset with him.


When the Tadhana tribe returns to camp from the duel, the members congratulate John for getting the hidden immunity idol clue from Candice. John is so proud of Candice and hopes that she will continue to win all the duels. Later, Vytas, Hayden, John, Caleb and Brad get together at the water well to talk strategy. Vytas proposes that they vote out Rachel next, so that maybe Tyson will switch with her and go to Redemption. If Tyson is at Redemption Island, then he will no longer be a strong opponent for Tadhana at challenges. Everyone agrees except John. John explains, “The selfish reason I have for not wanting to vote Rachel out is that if in fact Tyson does switch places with her, then he’s going against Candice at Redemption Island.” John does not want Candice to be defeated by such a strong competitor as Tyson. The five guys then discuss the idol. John assures them that it will help them all get to, and past, the merge. Brad is glad to hear that John is solid in the alliance. He admits, “I think it’s good for him to have the clue, because getting the clue in front of everybody is a curse and a blessing.” It’s a curse because it puts a target on your back. When John is finally alone, he reads the hidden immunity idol clue. It tells him that the idol is between the camp and the water. Along the way there is a tree where he has to be careful not to stumble over immunity. John debates whether to share the clue with his alliance. He decides, “I think I’m going to kind of be private about it and make sure that I’m the only one that can find it.”


Over at the Galang camp, the tribe comforts Laura B. now that Rupert is officially out of the game after finishing last in the duel. Laura B. is sad that she now has no chance of playing SURVIVOR with her husband Rupert, but she also feels a sense of relief that she doesn’t have to worry about him anymore. Colton is upset that his tribe is being so supportive of Laura B. and getting along so well, so he decides to stir things up. He starts by telling Gervase that Laura M. is a big threat and needs to go first. Then he tells Monica that Tyson wants to get rid of her and tells Tina that Gervase wants to get rid of Aras. Colton admits, “It’s not hard for me to like twist a story and lie to someone, you know to benefit me in this game.” He figures if he can make everyone suspicious of one another, then he can run the game. Later, Tina mentions to Kat that Colton is trying to discuss who to vote out soon. Kat reveals, “I do not want to play against Colton. I can’t have him against me, because he will turn on me.” After the sun has gone done, Kat tells Colton that Tina is upset with him. Colton demands that Kat tell him everything that Tina said to her. Kat can’t remember the exact words, so Colton goes and gets Tina. Kat is upset that Colton is making a big scene. Colton comments, “When I’m angry, I turn into like a raging bitch and hopefully this camp will erupt into chaos, because there’s one thing I know. I can rule in chaos.” In front of everyone, Colton attacks Kat and threatens to vote her out next. Tina is upset at Colton. She says, “There is just so much drama and you don’t want to deal with drama for 39 days.” As the Galang tribe sits around the fire, Aras encourages everyone to have a peaceful camp and concentrate on winning. Tyson is amused by Colton’s fight with Kat and suspects that he really has not changed. Colton admits, “I hope we get to the immunity challenge tomorrow and get slaughtered.” He wants his tribe to have to vote someone out and therefore start playing the game.


The next morning at the Galang camp, Colton says, “I woke up this morning and everyone’s being super sketchy.” He’s not sure what’s going on, so he checks in with Monica and asks her if he’s in trouble. Monica assures him that things are okay, but she promises to keep her ears open for him and tells him to calm down. She reveals, “I like Colton, but for the first time in my life I came to play for me.” Later, Aras, Tyson, Gervase, Tina and Monica get together outside of camp to discuss Colton. Aras warns them that Colton just wants them to turn against one another. Tyson recommends that they make sure they communicate with one another if they have any doubts about each other. Aras comments, “I’ve seen a side of Colton that is nasty. What he did to Kat last night at our camp was bullying.” Aras tells Tyson, Gervase, Tina and Monica that the five of them are an alliance to the end. Monica is elated with her alliance. She explains, “Wisdom is experience and everybody in this alliance of five that I have, have had lot of life experience.


The Galang and Tadhana tribes arrive on their respective colored mats. Jeff Probst explains the rules of the immunity/reward challenge. Three members of each tribe will be tied together while pushing another tribe member, who is inside a barrel, though a series of flagpoles. At each flagpole, the person in the barrel must grab a bag of balls. Once they have collected all four bags, the remaining tribe members will race to roll the balls, attempting to land them in a series of targets. The first tribe to land all six of their balls wins immunity and is safe from the vote. The losers will go to Tribal Council, where someone will be voted out of the tribe and be sent to Redemption Island. In addition, they are playing for a reward. The reward is fishing gear, which will help them catch fish and stay fed and strong in the game. Galang chooses to set Kat out of the game, since they have one member more than Tadhana. Katie is inside the barrel for Tadhana, while Laura M. is inside the barrel for Galang. Tyson, Aras, and Monica are pushing the barrel for the returning players on the Galang tribe. Vytas, Brad and John are pushing the barrel for the loved ones on the Tadhana tribe. Galang takes the lead after collecting their bag of balls at the second flagpole. Laura M. helps keep Galang in the lead by quickly untying the bag of balls from the flagpoles. Tadhana catches up to Galang by the fourth flagpole, where Katie unties her final bag of balls at the same time as Laura M. Tadhana then takes the lead, as they get their barrel in the final cradle quicker than Galang. This gives Hayden a head start trying to land the balls in their targets for Tadhana. Hayden lands two balls before Gervase even lands his first ball. Hayden then lands a third ball, but Gervase responds by landing two balls back to back. Galang and Tadhana are tied at three balls each with three more to go. Gervase scores the fourth point, but Hayden lands a fourth ball to tie it up. Gervase then finishes it off by landing two balls in a row, which gives Galang the victory. He yells, “Melissa, that’s for you baby!” Galang wins their second immunity challenge in a row and gets the fishing equipment reward. Tadhana must now go to Tribal Council, where they will vote out another member and send them to Redemption Island.


The Tadhana tribe is disappointed with losing after doing well in the challenge. Brad is annoyed with Gervase and vows to teach him a lesson in the next physical challenge. Katie is especially disappointed that they have to vote out another tribe member. She is worried that there are five guys and only three girls, so the girls are in the minority. Katie admits, “I don’t want to see the other girls go, but there’s only one person that wins the game and I have to do what I have to do to win.” The five guys get together to discuss the vote. All of them except John want to vote out Rachel in hopes that Tyson will switch places with her and go to Redemption Island, therefore weakening the Galang tribe. John doesn’t want Tyson to go to Redemption Island and compete against his wife Candice. Vytas is worried about John’s commitment to the five-guy alliance. He wonders, “Does John have more allegiance to the five guys or does John have more allegiance to Rachel?” Vytas tells Katie that they are voting out Rachel. John then tells Ciera that they are all voting for Rachel, but they are telling Rachel to vote for Ciera. Ciera does not like having Rachel vote for her, because if John has found the hidden immunity idol and gives it to Rachel to protect her, then Ciera will go home. Ciera comments, “That’s too sketchy for me.” Ciera talks to Katie. They both agree that it is too risky to have Rachel vote for Ciera when John may have an idol. So they agree to vote for John instead. Meanwhile, John is telling Rachel to vote for Ciera. John admits, “This is not the vote that I really wanted to make.” He wants his alliance to trust him, so he feels obliged to honor their wishes and vote for Rachel, even though he doesn’t want her to go. John spends some time searching for the hidden immunity idol before going to Tribal Council. Vytas doesn’t think that John will share the hidden immunity idol with his five-guy alliance. Vytas says, “I totally think that he could possibly have the idol and if somebody starts to show signs that they’re going to do their own thing and go against the group, then get them out now.”


Ciera admits that she is nervous about the Tadhana tribe with five guys and only three girls, especially when the five guys often hang out together without the girls. John admits that having the clue to the hidden immunity idol puts a target on him. Hayden points out that with the option for people to switch with their loved ones on Redemption Island, they could potentially weaken the other tribe based on who they vote out tonight. Jeff says, “There are probably more layers to votes this season than we have ever had before.” The Tadhana tribe then votes. Before revealing the votes, Jeff asks if anyone would like to play a hidden immunity idol. Nobody does. Jeff reveals the first seven votes. Ciera gets one vote. John gets two votes. Rachel gets four votes. So, Rachel Foulger, Tyson’s girlfriend, becomes the fourth person to be voted out of SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS WATER and heads to Redemption Island.