Season 27: Episode 3 - Opening Pandora's Box
Posted on Oct 2, 2013 10:00pm


On the morning of day 7, the Galang tribe sits around the fire and jokes about a belt that Tyson bought at a gas station with a cupcake on the buckle. Colton suggests that they concentrate on more serious things, like whom they will sit out at the next immunity challenge. The rest of the Galang tribe is having too much fun and suggest that they talk about that later. Colton is not used to playing with people that don’t strategize. He admits, “I’m so frustrated because it’s like I love the strategy component of this game and apparently that threatens people and I think that’s why they’re scared of me.” Colton talks to Aras and asks him if he is in trouble with the tribe. Aras is honest with him and tells him yes, but reminds him that he is still in the game and anything can happen. Aras comments, “Colton is a poison out here and he’s poisoning everyone’s mind.” Aras is frustrated that Colton tries to create chaos and play the game so differently that the rest of Galang. Colton feels helpless and admits, “I know that my days in this game are numbered.”


The Galang and Tadhana tribes arrive at the Redemption Arena. Tyson is disappointed to see that his girlfriend Rachel is missing and was therefore the one voted out at Tadhana’s Tribal Council last night. Candice, Marissa and Rachel then enter the arena to compete in the duel. Tyson admits to Jeff Probst, the host, “It’s not a bad move Jeff. They must have assumed that I would at least highly consider switching places with her. Pulling me off the tribe and making it easier for them to win.” Rachel confirms that this is what happened and encourages Tyson to stay in the game and not switch places with her. Tyson honors her wishes, but threatens Tadhana and Brad in particular, to watch out for him. Brad throws it back at Tyson and reminds him that because Galang is winning the challenges, it is forcing Tadhana to vote out their loved ones. Marissa loses her patience with Brad and yells at him for voting out the strong ones like herself. Colton starts crying and proclaims, “I don’t want to be here anymore.” He wants to quit and doesn’t care what negative impact it has on his tribe. Jeff is shocked that Colton is being so selfish. Colton explains, “When my back is against the wall, I turn into the person that I was in ONE WORLD and I don’t want to be that person.” Tina points out that the Galang tribe is not willing to play Colton’s strategic game and that has been aggravating him. Caleb is confused why Colton is quitting, since he loves the game so much. On his way out, Colton gives Caleb a hug and sits in his lap and tells him, “You can win this game, I can’t win.” Caleb comforts Colton and tells him to do whatever he needs to. Jeff is disappointed that Colton did not follow through with his wishes of proving to everyone that he has changed since last season. Colton leaves the arena and the game.

Jeff explains the rules of the duel. Candice, Marissa and Rachel will stack a series of blocks on an angular platform. While doing so, they need to avoid trip bars which could wobble their stack causing it to fall and forcing them to start over. The goal is to stack them, so they fall like dominos ultimately releasing a ball, which will smash a tile. The first two to finish stay alive and the loser is out. In addition, the winner of this duel decides who gets the clue to a hidden immunity idol. As Candice, Marissa and Rachel start the challenge, Jeff points out that the current temperature is 114 degrees. It takes a while to position all the blocks, but Candice does it successfully on her first attempt and wins the challenge. So, Marissa and Rachel are left to duke it out for second place. Marissa finishes her stack and gives it a try. The blocks tumble only for a short distance and then they stop, so she needs to fix her stack. Rachel bumps the trip bar and causes almost her entire stack to fall before she is finished placing them, so she too needs to start over. Meanwhile, both Marissa and Rachel are feeling the effects of the extreme heat. Marissa tests her stack a second time, unfortunately only of it third falls down, so she is forced to rebuild her stack one more time. Rachel and Marissa go back and forth trying their stacks and trying to avoid hitting the trip bars which make them fall down at the wrong time. Gervase encourages his niece to keep going just as she feels like she is going to pass out from the heat. In the end, Marissa builds a successful stack first and beats out Rachel for second place. So Rachel Foulger, Tyson’s girlfriend, becomes the third person to leave SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS WATER. Tyson gives Rachel a big hug and kiss before she drops her buff in the fire. Candice gives the second clue to the hidden immunity idol to his husband John.


When the Galang tribe returns from the duel, the women check in with Tyson to make sure he is okay after seeing Rachel leave the game. Tyson is strong in front of his tribe, but tears up when he is alone. He vows, “Now I have to get all the way to the end or I would regret not stepping in for Rachel.” Kat wonders why Colton quit. Laura B. replies, “He didn’t have control of all of us.” Monica admits to the tribe that she was bothered by all the f-bombs thrown at Brad, her husband during the duel. Tyson does feel a little uncomfortable around Monica, since it was her husband who orchestrated Rachel getting voted out. He realizes though that Brad is new to the game and therefore doesn’t realize that he is creating a huge target on his back.


Over at the Tadhana camp, Brad asks his tribe if they feel he is being a tyrant. They all assure Brad that they don’t see him that way. Brad admits that he doesn’t like the fact that Redemption Island gives people the opportunity to air their dirty laundry after they have been voted out. He does feel like he is running Tadhana though, but Brad reveals, “I’m making everybody else feel that decisions are being made as a group, not by me.” John takes the first opportunity he gets to read the second hidden immunity idol clue that Candice gave him at the duel. He reveals, “Originally I wasn’t going to tell anybody about the clue, but I like Brad a lot and I didn’t want him to think that I was being really shady and start being paranoid about our alliance.” So, John shares the hidden immunity idol clues with Brad at the water well. Brad offers to search for the idol with John. John asks him not to do this, because it might hurt their five-guy alliance, if the other guys and realize that John and Brad are in a tight two alliance. Brad respects John’s wishes, but wonders, “Does he trust me or not?” Brad hopes that John really is on his side.


The next morning, tree mail arrives at both tribes notifying them of an immunity challenge. It describes a very physical challenge like a pillow fight, where they can try to knock their loved ones into the water. Aras wants to go against his brother Vytas, who bullied him when they were boys. Aras explains, “This is a chance for us to compete on an even playing field.” Over at Tadhana, Brad is giving his tribe tips on how to block others based on his football days. Vytas looks forward to competing against his brother Aras, who has always been more athletic than him. Vytas admits, “This is my chance. You know I’ve got to beat him at something.”


The Galang and Tadhana tribes arrive on their respective colored mats, which are on wood platforms out in the water. Jeff Probst explains the rules of the immunity/reward challenge. They are each going to square off one-on-one Sumo style. Using padded bags, they will to attempt to knock their opponent off the platform and into the water. First tribe to five wins immunity and is safe from the vote. The losers go to Tribal Council, where somebody will be voted out and sent to Redemption Island. In addition, they are playing for a reward, which is comfort items, including a tarp, pillows, blankets and a hammock. Or they can trade comfort for fishing gear, which the Tadhana tribe might prefer, since the Galang tribe won it last challenge. The Galang tribe chooses to set out Monica, since they have one extra member.

The first match up is between Brad and Gervase, who have had some words with each other in past over Marissa being sent to Redemption Island. Gervase gets a first good push against Brad, but Brad is able to win the round by knocking Gervase into the water. The next round is between Laura B. and Katie. Laura B. wins this round, which ties up the challenge at one each for Tadhana and Galang. The third match up is between John and Aras. They both hold their ground and make good hits, but John wins in the end, which puts Tadhana back in the lead by one. In the next match, Ciera takes on Kat. Kat quickly wins the round by making one good push against Ciera. So once again the score is tied at two each. The next round is between Hayden and Tyson. Hayden gives Tyson a big hit, which immediately sends him into the water. Tyson says, “I’m done.” His shoulder popped with Hayden hit him and he can’t lift it. Jeff calls out the medical team to examine Tyson. Dr. Ramona determines that Tyson’s right shoulder is slightly popped out and he may have torn the ligament in his right arm. She recommends that he not participate anymore in this challenge to avoid further injury. Tyson vents, “My whole game is screwed.” The challenge then continues with Tina competing against her daughter Katie. It is a fierce battle with neither one wanting to back down, but Tina scores the point for Galang when she finally pushes Katie into the water. So once again the two tribes are tied at three each with two more points to go.

The next pair up is Aras and Vytas. As brothers, they have both been looking forward to this battle. Aras immediately puts his brother Vytas on the floor and tries to push him off the edge into the water. Aras then decides to let his brother get back up and continue the battle. While Aras is walking away from Vytas to get in position, Vytas takes a cheap shot and gets up quickly to hit Aras, while his back is turned to him. Aras recovers and quickly pushes Vytas over the edge to win the round and put Galang in the lead. Aras starts to cry after the victory. He says, “I don’t want to fight against him. We’ve done that enough, but I’m proud I beat him.” In the next round, Laura M. takes on her daughter Ciera. Laura M. is conflicted because she wants to win, but she does not want to hurt her daughter. Ciera assures her mother that she will not hurt her. Ciera puts up a good fight, but Laura wins the match and scores the winning fifth point for her Galang tribe. So Galang wins the immunity/reward challenge over Tadhana for the third time. Tadhana will go to Tribal Council and vote someone out tonight.


As the Tadhana tribe returns to camp, they are frustrated by their loss and wonder if they should have paired people differently during the challenge. Hayden, Vytas, Caleb, John and Brad meet at the water well to discuss which of the two remaining girls to vote out next. The guys are very disappointed that neither Ciera nor Katie was able to win their matches. John points out that Katie is valuable because she helps around camp and Ciera does not. The other four guys don’t care which of the two girls go home. John admits, “We have the five-guy alliance, so I’m not that worried about tonight. It’s going to be Ciera going home.” He still would like to find the hidden immunity idol to give him protection and to help his alliance. So John leaves the other four guys to search for the idol. Brad takes advantage of John being gone and recommends to Hayden, Vytas and Caleb that they make a big move and vote out John tonight. Brad explains, “If we go to a merge and they’re reconnected, Brad doesn’t control John anymore, Candice controls John.” Since Brad knows that Candice is a strong competitor and may therefore win all the duels on Redemption Island, he realizes that he needs to get rid of Brad before the merge and Candice gets back in the game. Hayden is shocked and concerned that Brad is willing to break up their five-guy alliance so soon in the game. He admits, “It’s been five guys since day one and if we’re voting one out now, it could be like opening Pandora’s box.” Brad tells Hayden, Vytas and Caleb about the details of the hidden immunity idol clues that John had shared with him earlier. Next, Brad encourages Katie and Ciera to vote for John and threatens to vote one of them out if they do not cooperate. Brad tells Ciera that he will vote for her and not John, just in case John gets back in the game. That way Brad may be able to get John to work with them again. Vytas does not like the fact that Brad does not want to vote with the rest of them. He comments, “Brad doesn’t want to be the bad guy. He orchestrated it all and he wants us to do the dirty work, which makes Brad a big target in my eyes.” Later, Ciera admits to Katie, Hayden and Vytas that she is afraid that their plan will backfire and John will play the idol. Hayden points out that Brad is making the call on this next more. Ciera asks if they should therefore vote out Brad. Vytas tells her it might not be a bad idea. Ciera comments, “If the boys are willing to vote out Brad, I would definitely do the same. I’ve always said, ‘Anybody but me.’” Vytas and Hayden wonder if Brad or John is the bigger threat. Hayden says, “One things for sure. It’s going to be a big blindside.”


Jeff points out that only the guys on Tadhana won their match ups at the challenge today. Katie admits that it was frustrating to lose to her mother Tina once again. Ciera says, “You are embarrassed that you lost to your mom and not only that, but you feel like you let your team down.” Even though only women have been voted out of their tribe so far, Vytas doesn’t think that it is men versus women tribe. He says, “I think trust is the currency of this game.” Brad admits that he is uncomfortable always being the one attacked when they go to the Redemption duels by the people just voted out. He doesn’t like taking all the blame when he is part of a group that is making the decisions. John points out that getting the clues from Candice for the hidden immunity idol definitely puts a target on his back. Vytas admits that he is glad that John has the clues and not him. Hayden says that he just has to trust John, since John has not shared the clues with him. The Tadhana tribe then votes. Before revealing the votes, Jeff asks if anyone would like to play a hidden immunity idol. Nobody does. Jeff reveals the first five votes. Ciera gets one vote. John gets four votes. So, John Cody, Candice’s husband, becomes the fifth person to be voted out of SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS WATER and head to Redemption Island.