Season 27: Episode 4 - One Armed Dude and Three Moms
Posted on Oct 10, 2013 10:25am


On night 8, John arrives on Redemption Island after having just been voted out by his Tadhana tribe. John reveals, “I was completely shocked. I had no clue that was coming tonight.” He wakes up his wife Candice who is both shocked and disappointed to see him. Candice admits, “He’s so trusting and I love that about him, but it doesn’t help you win SURVIVOR.” Candice gives John a big hug.


Meanwhile, the Tadhana tribe is returning to their camp. Brad praises his tribe for successfully blindsiding John. Brad explains, “John has no connection on the other side and we need to think about connections, so when there’s a merge, couples can become a unified power.” Caleb is worried about Brad’s plan, since he is the only one on Tadhana without a loved one still in the game. He comments, “Who knows what’s going to happen, but I can definitely see myself in trouble.”


The Galang and Tadhana tribes arrive at the Redemption Arena. Candice, Marissa and John enter the arena to compete in the duel. Candice gives Brad the finger as she passes by him. Jeff Probst, the host, asks Candice, “What was the reaction last night when your husband walks in?” Candice admits that she was really upset that John had been voted out of the game and blames it on Brad. Brad does not react to Candice, but just stares at her. Monica tries to stick up for her husband and reminds everyone that it takes more than one person to vote somebody out. Candice accuses Brad of not respecting or listening to the women on his tribe. Brad denies it. John says, “Everybody that’s been voted out and sent to Redemption Island, every single time has been Brad’s idea.” He encourages his tribe to consider that and perhaps vote out Brad next. Jeff explains the rules of the duel. Candice, Marissa and John will each race across a ladder bridge, while maneuvering a key along a twisting rope. When they reach the end of the ladder bridge, they will use the key to unlock a bag. They will then use the puzzle pieces inside the bag to solve a very complicated SURVIVOR puzzle. The first two to finish stay alive, but the last person to finish is out for good. In addition, the winner of this duel decides who gets the clue to the location of a hidden immunity idol. Marissa and John are the first ones across the ladder bridge with their keys. They are neck and neck as they unlock their bags of puzzle pieces and start their puzzles. Candice joins them shortly and starts working on her puzzle. It is a complicated puzzle that will take them a while to solve.

When finished, the puzzle will be a square with a symbol on top. John and Marissa quickly start placing pieces on their puzzle, while Candice decides to organize all her pieces first before starting on the puzzle. John is the first to figure out the pattern of the puzzle, so he takes the lead. Marissa is having trouble getting her pieces to fit. Candice is in last place with the least number of pieces on her puzzle. John continues to quickly place his puzzle pieces. Brad sees one of John’s pieces is wrong and coaches him from the side, much to the surprise of many. Candice and Marissa have many more pieces to place on their puzzles as John finishes his puzzle and therefore comes in first in the duel. Marissa starts to panic, but Candice stays calm. Gervase tries to help Marissa by encouraging her to look over at John’s completed puzzle to see how it was put together. She responds, “It’s not helping me at all.” Meanwhile, Candice’s slow and steady approach pays off as she completes her puzzle and comes in second, so she stays alive in the game. So Marissa Peterson, Gervase’s niece, becomes the fourth person to leave SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS WATER. Gervase tells his niece how proud he is of her before she drops her buff in the fire. John gives the clue to the hidden immunity idol to Monica in order to put a target on her back, but Brad tells her to throw it in the fire. Monica agrees and throws the unopened clue in the fire. Monica reveals, “It worries me that constantly when I go to duels, people are so aggressive towards my husband.”


Candice and John enjoy having Redemption Island all to themselves. They go out in the ocean fishing together. John reveals, “I came out into this game to play with Candice. In a weird way, I should thank Brad and the rest of my tribe for giving me the opportunity to hang out here with my wife on this beautiful beach and still be in the game.” Candice hopes that either her or John will get back in the game and win it all.


As the Galang tribe returns from the Redemption duel, Monica is upset because her husband Brad keeps getting attacked at the duels. Laura M. tells Monica that people are just hurt and bitter, when they confront Brad. Monica knows what a giving and loving man her husband is and therefore can’t understand why others can’t see that. She comments, “Is there ever going to be a duel that my husband is not verbally accosted by a bunch of people that don’t even know him?” Monica knows that her husband is a strong player and a leader. She worries that his tribe will vote him out before the merge. Gervase points out that Brad is just actively playing the game and in doing so, can be perceived as a bad guy. Monica appreciates her tribe’s support and assures them that she is still on their side.


Over at the Tadhana camp, the tribe is also talking about Candice and John attacking Brad at the duel. Brad agrees that it was a rough day. He comments, “Everyone just assumes that if someone is voted off the island that I’m the grand pub bah. It’s just natural for me to kind of lead my family and I have become leader of this group.” Brad thinks that he may vote out Caleb next, since he is not connected to anyone on Galang, because his fiancé Colton quit the game. Therefore, if Caleb were voted out, no one at Galang would be mad at him. Brad reveals, “I could send a message to the other side that we’re wanting to play ball with you guys and get some connections over there as we have connections here.” Later, Brad goes out fishing. This gives Caleb, Hayden and Vytas a chance to talk without him. Caleb admits, “Brad is public enemy number one. We see that every time we go to Redemption Island.” Hayden feels uncomfortable that Brad targeted John for the last vote, since he was in their alliance. At the same time, Hayden points out the merit in keeping Brad around to take the heat off them at the merge. Caleb comments, “I think me, Hayden and Vytas are pretty solid. Brad is the bottom guy on the totem pole.”


The next morning on day 10, the Galang tribe is busy boiling water and getting wood. Both Monica and Gervase encourage Tyson to rest his arm, so that it will get better. Tyson agrees and rests in the hammock, while the others work around camp. He comments, “I hurt my arm at the immunity challenge. Everyday it gets a little bit better, but I do like to play it up a little bit because then I have to do less work around camp.” Tyson enjoys the sympathy that he gets from his tribe mates. Later, the Galang tribe goes out fishing except for Tyson and Gervase. Tyson and Gervase take advantage of being alone and go search for coconuts. They find some and use a crow bar to drill a hole in them to get to the coconut milk. By using a different method to cut into them, Tyson and Gervase hope that the tribe will not suspect they have been opening them and not sharing them with the tribe. As Tyson and Gervase enjoy their coconuts, Gervase says, “The coconuts bandits are back.” Later, Laura B., Monica and Gervase go out searching for coconuts. Laura B. is upset to find that so many of them have a cut in them and their coconut milk is gone. Gervase worries, “I thought our cover was blown right then and there. I’m like, ‘Oh man, how are we going to explain this one off?’” Thankfully, Laura B. and Monica accept Gervase’s theory that a crab must have done it. Gervase is happy that no one suspects that he and Tyson have been eating them in secret. Tyson reveals, “I’m definitely with Gervase right now. If that lasts through the finals, so be it.” Tyson feels it’s an advantage for he and Gervase to stick together, since neither one of them has their loved one still in the game. He points out the Aras will work with Vytas, if they both make it to the merge. Those two strong brothers working together is a dangerous pair.


The Galang and Tadhana tribes arrive on their respective colored mats. Jeff Probst explains the rules of this immunity/reward challenge. Each tribe will paddle out in a boat to a series of crates. At each crate, they will dive down, untie knots to release the crate and then put it in their boat. Once they have all five crates, they bring them back to shore to build a staircase. Two tribe members must then solve a puzzle revealing a combination that will release a key. The first tribe to find the right key will use it to raise their flag and win immunity. The losers go to Tribal Council, where somebody will be voted out and sent to Redemption Island. In addition, they are playing for a reward, which includes tea, coffee and croissants. Or they can trade it for fishing gear, which the Tadhana tribe might prefer, since the Galang tribe won it in a past challenge. The Galang tribe chooses to sit out Tina and Kat, since they have two extra members. Jeff is surprised that Tyson is going to play with his injured arm. Tyson reveals, “I’m better than most everybody in my tribe with one arm. So I want to win.” Once again Tadhana proves to be better at controlling their boat. They quickly get their boat down the course and around their flag to their first crate, while Galang is struggling to keep their boat from veering off course. Hayden releases Tadhana’s first crate and gets it in their boat before Galang is even at their first crate. Laura B. dives down to release Galang’s first crate. She quickly releases it and makes up some time for Galang. Brad releases the second and third crates for Tadhana. Tadhana almost tips their boat over as they load the heavy crates onto their boat.

Meanwhile, Monica and Laura B. release the second and third crates for Galang. Tadhana still has a slight lead over Galang. Brad keeps working for Tadhana and releases their fourth crate, so they now have only one more to go. Monica brings up Galang’s fourth crate. Brad continues to untie the crates for Tadhana, but when the fifth and final crate is loaded on the boat, it tips and two crates fall off. This gives Galang a chance to load their fifth and final crate brought up by Laura B. and get back to shore before Tadhana and take the lead. Galang gets their crates to the platform first and starts building their staircase, which should read “Blood vs. Water”. Tadhana scrambles and catches up to Galang. They are now neck and neck as they work on building their staircases with the wooden blocks. Tadhana gets their staircase done first, so Vytas and Ciera start solving their puzzle. Galang is not to far behind, so Tyson and Laura M. start work on their puzzle. The puzzle when completed will spell out the combination needed to release the key, which will then release the tribe flag resulting in victory. Once again Laura M. proves that she is better at puzzles than her daughter Ciera, as she and Tyson finish their Galang puzzle first. They then retrieve their key and raise the Galang flag for the win of both immunity and reward. Galang remains undefeated in challenges. Laura M. is happy for her tribe, but sad that her daughter Ciera now has to go to Tribal Council with her Tadhana tribe again and may be the one voted out tonight.


As the Tadhana tribe returns to camp, Hayden is upset that his tribe lost again. He vents, “We lost to a one armed dude and three moms. That’s brutal.” Vytas, Caleb and Hayden head out of camp to get water and yell at Brad to follow them. Ciera knows they are going to talk about whom to vote out tonight. Brad stays behind for a while and tells Katie and Ciera to vote out Caleb tonight. He assures them that they are safe and that he is not lying to them. Meanwhile, Hayden, Vytas and Caleb start their strategy talk. Vytas recommends that they vote out Ciera, based on her poor challenge performance. Caleb is uneasy about Brad talking to the girls so long. He reveals, “We just got rid of John. So, as easy as it went down from five guys to four guys; it could just as easily go down to three guys.” Brad finally joins the other three guys and tells them that he convinced the girls to vote for Caleb. Vytas tells Brad that they feel Ciera should go next. Caleb doesn’t trust Brad, but he does trust Vytas and Hayden. Brad agrees with his guy alliance and says, “Ciera’s going home.”


Brad admits that he is not happy about losing challenges. He points out that they have lost two challenges because of puzzles that Ciera has not been able to solve. Ciera admits she may not be as good at puzzles as she thought, but feels she can still benefit people in her tribe. Brad expresses his frustration for the false acquisitions being made about him at the Redemption duels. He knows how valuable it is to play the game realizing that everyone has loved ones and connections on the other tribe. Brad admits that it would be smart to vote out a loved one who no longer has a connection on the other tribe. Caleb is not happy to hear this and reveals that he doesn’t mind being a goat or decoy, but he does not want to be tricked and really voted out tonight. Brad tries to assure Caleb that he is not going home tonight. Ciera and Katie don’t like what they are hearing. Caleb assures Ciera that he does not want her to go home tonight. He tells everyone, “I’m going to write Brad’s name down.” Caleb encourages Ciera and Katie to vote with him. Everyone is shocked to hear this news. Brad says, “I’m not writing your name down Caleb.” Caleb suggests that maybe they are losing the challenges because Brad is calling all the shots. The Tadhana tribe then votes. Before revealing the votes, Jeff asks if anyone would like to play a hidden immunity idol. Nobody does. Jeff reveals all six votes. Ciera gets three votes and Brad also gets three votes. The tie results in a re-vote where neither Brad nor Ciera can vote. The other four can only vote for Brad or Ciera. Caleb, Hayden, Vytas and Katie then vote. . Jeff reveals all four votes. Ciera gets one vote. Brad gets three votes. So, Brad Culpepper, Monica’s husband, becomes the next person voted out of SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS WATER and heads to Redemption Island.