Season 27: Episode 5 - The Dead Can Still Talk
Posted on Oct 16, 2013 11:00pm


On night 10, the Tadhana tribe returns to their camp after having just voted out Brad. Caleb apologizes to his tribe for initiating Brad’s unexpected vote out. Katie asks Vytas if he is upset by the vote. He responds, “I love Ciera too. You know what, if this is Brad’s time, it’s Brad’s time. I turned that second vote.” Ciera realizes that Vytas and Hayden were not planning on voting out Brad tonight. She hopes that she can get Caleb to join her and Katie’s alliance and have the majority. Ciera admits, “Either way, I’m happy to be here another day.” Caleb reveals that he didn’t trust Brad anymore, so he encouraged Ciera and Katie to vote with him and get Brad out. Vytas and Hayden compliment Caleb for making such a bold move. Hayden worries about Caleb’s allegiance now and says, “I don’t know if that means now he’s with the girls and Vytas and I are on the outs. I have no clue where I stand right now with the tribe.”


Meanwhile, Brad arrives on Redemption Island to face John and Candice. He is unsure how Brad and Candice will treat him since he blindsided John. As Brad approaches John and Candice, who are asleep in the shelter he says, “John and Candice. Before you guys hit me, I’m waving the white flag.” Brad apologizes to Candice and reminds her that it’s just a game. Candice is happy to see that Brad was voted out. John is shocked that the guys in his old Tadhana alliance voted out Brad. Candice comments, “Brad came in trying to say no hard feelings, but his wife voted me out on day one and he voted John out, when John trusted him. So I have no love for him.” Candice looks forward to beating Brad at the next duel and eliminating him from the game.


Over at the Galang camp, the tribe is still awake and talking. Laura M. is giving Aras a massage. Aras compliments Laura M. on her work and appreciates how good it makes him feel. Laura M. reveals, “In this game of SURVIVOR, you need to get a group of people that you trust and you need people to like you and that’s what I’m trying to do in this game.” She trusts Aras and hopes that he trusts her too. Aras realizes that Laura M. is being especially nice to him so that she will get in his good graces and perhaps be added to his alliance. He reveals, “My core alliance is me, Monica, Tina, Tyson and Gervase.” Laura B. watches as the rest of her tribe talks and cuddles up to one another, while she is by herself in the corner. She reveals, “All of the veterans on the tribe have this unspoken bond. They’ve all done SURVIVOR before. I have not.” Laura B. feels like an outsider and admits that it makes things difficult.


The next morning, the Galang and Tadhana tribes arrive at the Redemption Arena. Monica starts crying when she realizes that her husband Brad was voted out last night at Tribal Council. Candice, John and Brad then enter the arena to compete in the duel. Monica tells Brad that she is sorry and offers to take his spot. Brad replies, “Monica, you’re my rock. I adore you. You’re never going to take my spot.” He assures his wife that he will battle his way back into the game. Jeff Probst points out that the majority of negative comments about Brad have come from Candice, who has not actually spent any time at the Galang or Tadhana camps. Candice replies, “I’m just repeating things that I have heard from people that were voted out.” Monica tells Candice that she hurt her feelings too. Candice is quick to point out that Monica hurt her feelings when she voted her out of the Galang tribe. Jeff then explains the rules of the duel. Candice, John and Brad will take apart a crate and use the planks to build a bridge. Once they’ve completed the bridge, they will take it apart and use the pieces to solve a puzzle. The first two people to finish their puzzle stay alive in the game and continue their quest to get back in and have a shot at the million-dollar prize. The last person to finish is out for good. Candice takes the lead right away as she quickly takes the wood planks off the crate and starts assembling her bridge. John is in second. Brad takes all the planks off his crate first before he starts assembling his bridge. After the first four planks are in place, Candice starts slowing down, allowing John and Brad to catch up to her. They are now all placing planks at the same time. Johns ends up finishing his bridge first. He then goes back and takes it apart looking for planks that have paint on the bottom. These are the ones that will be used to build the puzzle. Brad finishes his bridge second. Candice is now in last place. She finally finishes her bridge and joins John and Brad in the puzzle-solving phase. They each have twelve planks with paint, but only eight of them will be used to solve their puzzles, each of which have a yin yang symbol. John quickly solves his puzzle and comes in first in the duel. Now Brad and Candice are fighting it out for second place and the right to stay in the game. They are neck and neck in putting their puzzles together. In the end, Brad finishes before Candice and wins the right to return to Redemption Island. Candice Cody becomes the fifth person to leave SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS WATER. Before she leaves the arena, Candice admits that it is harder to play with your loved one than a bunch of strangers. John is heartbroken to see his wife leave the game. Since he came in first in the duel, John gets to decide who gets the next clue to the hidden immunity idol. He once again gives it to Brad’s wife Monica. Monica doesn’t want it though and throws it in the fire.


Monica thanks her Galang tribe for cheering and supporting her husband Brad during the duel. Monica reveals, “Today was probably the most demoralized I’ve been out here. I didn’t think Brad was going to be there.” She knows that Brad is a strong competitor and hopes he will get off Redemption Island, so they can play SURVIVOR together. Tina realizes how tight Monica and Brad are and is worried about it. Monica makes sure to tell Tina that she is still committed to their alliance. Tina comments, “I can’t say that I one-hundred percent trust Monica. She’s either going to be a big threat or she’s going to be a great asset. I just haven’t determined which one of those she is yet.”


The members of the Tadhana tribe are experiencing the difficulties of surviving in the wilderness. Ciera is covered in bug bites. Vytas has open wounds from the challenges. Katie is losing her toenails. Ciera admits, “I don’t know if it could get any worse at this point. We’re losing. Slowly our bodies are disintegrating. We’ve had it rough.” Vytas is worried about what will happen if they lose the next immunity challenge. In particular, he is not sure if Caleb will vote with he and Hayden or with the girls instead. Vytas does not trust Caleb anymore after he turned on his alliance and voted out Brad. So, Vytas goes out on the boat with Caleb to spend some time with him. He admits, “It’s important right now that I ensure Caleb is still with me, so of course I’m trying to be nice to Caleb.” At the same time, Caleb realizes that he is the swing vote now and appreciates being in that powerful position.


The next morning, as the sun is rising on day 13, Vytas is doing yoga. He reveals, “Since we voted Brad out, it’s been so peaceful. It’s just a different energy around camp.” Later, Hayden, Vytas, Caleb, Ciera and Katie sit on top of a mountain and enjoy looking down at the ocean. Hayden wonders how they will do without Brad leading them in today’s challenge. Vytas encourages his tribe to do their best. Ciera is especially nervous about today’s challenge. She worries that she will be the one voted out next if they lose. She comments, “To win this next challenge would just be sweet and perfect timing for us, perfect timing.”


The Galang and Tadhana tribes arrive on their respective mats. Jeff Probst explains the rules of this immunity/reward challenge. One member of each tribe will race down a giant SURVIVOR slide and grab a ring along the way. They will then toss the ring attempting to land it on a post. First person to land their ring will score a point for their tribe. First tribe to five wins immunity and is safe from the vote. The losers will go to Tribal Council, where somebody will be voted out and sent to Redemption Island. In addition, they are playing for a reward, which includes steaks, vegetables, spices and a wok. Or they can trade it for fishing gear, which the Tadhana tribe might prefer, since the Galang tribe won it in a past challenge. The Galang tribe chooses to sit out Monica, Laura B. and Laura M., since they have three extra members. The three of them take their places on the bench. Before the challenge begins, Laura M. says, “I hate sitting out.” Monica agrees. Laura B. just listens. In the first round, Gervase from Galang takes on Caleb from Tadhana. They both go down the slide. Gervase picks up his ring first and tosses it, but misses landing it on any of the five posts. Caleb didn’t pick up his ring on the way down the slide, so he has to go back for it. He steps up, takes his first toss and lands it. Caleb scores the first point for Tadhana and puts them in the lead. The next round has Tyson going against Hayden. Both get down their slides quickly and pick up their rings on the way down. Hayden tosses and misses, as does Tyson. Hayden misses his second toss. Tyson lands his second toss and scores for Galang. The game is now tied at one each. The third round has Kat for Galang against Katie for Tadhana. They both miss their first toss, but Katie lands her second. Tadhana is back in the lead by one. The next round puts Aras against his brother Vytas. Vytas lands his first toss and Aras doesn’t. Vytas is elated to finally beat his brother and put his tribe up by two points in the challenge. Tadhana leads three to one. Tina goes up against Ciera in the next round. Tina beats Ciera and puts the score at Tadhana 3 and Galang 2. In the next round, Caleb goes against Tyson. Caleb once again scores for his Tadhana tribe putting them one away from the win. Tadhana has 4 and Galang only has 2. Hayden takes on Gervase in the next round. They each make three attempts at landing their rings. Gervase misses all three, but Hayden lands his third, which brings Tadhana their first victory. Tadhana is so excited to have won their first immunity/reward challenge. They choose the steaks over the fishing equipment for reward. For the first time, Galang must go to Tribal Council and send someone to Redemption Island.


Back at camp, the Galang tribe is surprised and disappointed to have lost the immunity/reward challenge. This is Laura B.’s first Tribal Council and she is nervous about it. She comments, “The first tribe ousted me right away and who’s to say this tribe won’t too.” Laura B. decides to stir things up in the tribe, so she tells Kat that Monica and Laura M. were badmouthing her for participating in the challenge while they had to sit on the bench. Kat pretends to be concerned about it, but reveals, “When you know someone is at the bottom, all you can do is accommodate their conversation.” Tyson and his alliance of Aras, Gervase, Monica and Tina plan on voting out Laura B., since they find her the most annoying and therefore an easy vote. Aras and Laura M. go out on the canoe to discuss the vote. Aras tells Laura M. to vote Laura B. Laura M. reveals, “Aras is the one I completely, explicitly trust in this game.” Aras knows that Laura B. is the easy vote for tonight, but he is not sure that it’s the smartest vote. Later, Aras meets with Tyson and suggests that they vote out Laura M. instead. He feels she has a good chance of beating Brad on Redemption Island. If Brad is gone, then Monica will surely be loyal to their alliance. Aras admits, “Laura M. just seems like the best choice right now.” Aras and Tyson run the idea of voting out Laura M. tonight by Monica. Monica reveals, “Laura Morett’s name is being thrown around. Could she beat Brad at Redemption Island? That’s my worry.” Monica suggests they vote out Laura B. instead. Aras reveals, “It’s the tribe’s decision. People on my tribe know that I’m playing the game and the more that I try to manipulate a vote, the more danger I put myself in.”


The Galang tribe lights their torches for the first time at Tribal Council. Gervase admits that SURVIVOR has changed since he played on the first season. He says, “These people make moves. You know they are wheeling and dealing from day one. Either I need to get on board or I need to go home.” Tina agrees that the strategizing is more intense than when she played on SURVIVOR: THE AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK, and that playing with your loved one complicates things. Monica feels the same way and reveals that alliances are complicated by whether or not your loved one is still in the game. Aras and Laura M. both reassure their tribe that they are aligned with their Galang tribe mates and not their loved ones right now. Laura B. feels strongly that she belongs in Galang even though she started out on the Tadhana tribe. She reminds everyone how much she works around camp and has fit in with the people. Laura M. points out that Laura B. is new to SURVIVOR and therefore does not know what it feels like to be voted out of a tribe. The Galang tribe then votes. Before revealing the votes, Jeff asks if anyone would like to play a hidden immunity idol. Nobody does. Jeff reveals the first six votes. Laura B. gets one vote and Laura M. gets five votes. So, Laura Morett from SURVIVOR: SAMOA becomes the next person voted out of SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS WATER and heads to Redemption Island.