Season 27: Episode 6 - One-Man Wrecking Ball
Posted on Oct 23, 2013 11:00pm


On night 13, the Galang tribe returns from their first Tribal Council where they voted out Laura M. Laura B. is glad that she was not the one voted out. She reveals, “Rupert gave up his game to let me play. I think he’s going to be so proud of me.” Kat asks the tribe if Laura M. looked at anybody before she was voted out. Aras responded, saying she was very angry. He hopes that Laura M. does not bash him at the next Redemption duel. Aras comments, “Unfortunately, it looks like I’m the ring leader and that’s never a good thing. You never want to be at the top.”


The next morning at the Galang camp, Tyson talks strategy with Gervase. Tyson is worried that Aras will join with his brother Vytas when the two tribes merge and start considering Tyson more of a threat than an ally. Gervase agrees that Aras is capable of big moves. Tyson comments, “That’s the tricky part, when to dethrone King Aras.” Tyson feels like the merge is coming soon, so he asks Gervase if he would vote out Aras if they lost the next challenge. He assures Gervase that he will only vote for Aras if Gervase agrees. Gervase reveals, “I think the new power couple out here is me and Tyson.”


Later that morning, the Galang and Tadhana tribes arrive at the Redemption Arena. Ciera is shocked and saddened to see that her mother Laura M. was the one voted out of Galang last night. John, Brad and Laura M. then enter the arena to compete in the duel. Jeff Probst, the host, points out that Ciera could swap spots with Laura M. Before Ciera can even respond, Laura M. says, “There’s no way she’s swapping with me. No way in hell.” Laura M. feels confident that she will survive Redemption Island and get back in the game. Jeff then explains the rules of the duel. Each person will race across a balance beam collecting bags of numbered tiles along the way. They will then place the tiles in order from 1 to 100. The first two people to finish will live to see another day, one step closer to getting back in the game and having a shot at the money. The last person to finish is out for good. In addition, the winner of the duel will decide who gets a clue to the location of the hidden immunity idol.

Laura M. quickly takes the lead as she makes her way down the beam to the first bag, getting it untied and to the puzzle table before John and Brad have untied their first bags. The first bag contains ten number tiles that need to be put in order on the puzzle table. John and Brad are neck and neck as they make their way to their puzzle tables with their first bags. Laura keeps her lead by getting the ten numbered tiles in the position first and runs back to the balance beam to get her next bag. John is the second one to finish with his first set of tiles. Brad is taking a little more time to place them. Laura M. and John are on the balance beam untying their second bags when John falls off, forcing him back to the beginning. Meanwhile, Laura M. has her second bag free and heads back to the puzzle table. John catches up to Brad. Once again, they are neck and neck for second place. John drops his bag and falls off the beam, so once again he has to go back to the start. Brad is now in second place and John is in last place. There are twenty number pieces in the second bag from 11 to 30. Just as John gets to his puzzle table with his second bag, Laura M. is done placing her pieces and heads out for her third bag. John quickly catches up and then passes Brad as he finishes his second bag of numbers and heads out for his third. Laura M. maintains her lead as she finishes her third bag, while John and Brad compete for second place. Laura M. then retrieves and starts work on her fourth and final bag, which contains tiles 61 through 100. She quickly gets through them and finishes the duel in first place. John and Brad are now working on their final tiles with only one spot left. John is at 90 while Brad is at 87. In the end, John completes his numbers before Brad, so John and Laura M. will be the two players to return to Redemption Island. Therefore, Brad Culpepper, Monica’s husband, becomes the sixth person to leave SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS WATER. Before he leaves the arena Brad says to Monica, “You’re free. Winds blowing, sail, sail hard. It’s all good.” Monica gives Brad a big hug. She admits, “I am going to have to do this all by myself.” Laura M. gets to choose who gets the clue to the hidden immunity idol since she won the duel. She gives it to Vytas, who quickly puts it in the fire. Laura M. and John head back to their camp at Redemption Island.


Jeff then announces to the Galang and Tadhana tribes that after 14 days of playing against their loved ones, there is now going to be a tribe switch. He tells them all to drop their buffs, because they are going to draw for new tribes. Everyone is both excited and nervous as they each select a small bamboo tube containing a hidden buff off a tray that Jeff passes around. Tyson asks to choose last, so he can let fate decide which tribe he will be on. Once everyone has chosen one, Jeff has them reveal their new buffs. The new Tadhana tribe consists of Aras, Tyson, Gervase, Hayden, Caleb and Ciera. The new Galang tribe consists of Tina, Monica, Laura B., Kat, Katie and Vytas. Ciera is nervous being the only woman on Tadhana. Katie is excited to be on the same tribe with her mother Tina. Jeff points out that Vytas is the only man on Galang. Vytas replies, “I fancy myself a ladies man, Jeff. So, this is the perfect place for me.” Aras is worried that this tribe switch will jeopardize his position in the game.


Caleb, Hayden and Ciera welcome Aras, Tyson and Gervase to their Tadhana camp. Caleb reveals, “Coming back from Redemption Island with three new tribe mates is a little different. You know, you don’t know really what to expect.” The new Tadhana tribe consists of three original Tadhana and three old Galang. With an even number of players from each original tribe, Caleb is not sure what would happen if they went to Tribal Council. Aras, Vytas and Gervase immediately start asking Caleb, Hayden and Ciera about past Tribal Councils and the hidden immunity idol. Gervase explains, “As soon as we got here, we tried to do a little fishing to find out what was really going on in their tribe.” Tyson asks Caleb if John ever told anybody about the hidden immunity idol clues. Without hesitation, Caleb and Hayden tell him that it is at the root of a serpent-like tree on the way to fresh water. Tyson is surprised they revealed the clues to him and comments, “Is it just because they’re new guys here and they haven’t played the game before. I don’t know, stupid will be stupid.” Next, Aras, Vytas and Gervase take a look at the food that Tadhana has in and around camp and start eating it. Hayden is annoyed and vents, “In the back of my mind, I’m thinking that’s my stuff.” Tyson knows that you can get in trouble in SURVIVOR when you eat more than the rest of your tribe. He decides to change the rules and encourage everyone to eat whenever and whatever they want. Tyson comments, “It’s definitely a goal to eat and steal as much food as I can from this tribe.” He doesn’t want to appear selfish and lazy though, so he opens a coconut, drinks half of it and then shares the rest with the tribe.


Over at the Galang camp, Monica, Tina, Laura B. and Kat welcome Vytas and Katie to their camp. Tina is excited to finally be on the same tribe as her daughter Katie. She comments, “I’ve been playing water and now I can play blood.” Vytas is not happy about the tribe switch. He was in a good position with the guys in the old Tadhana, and now he doesn’t feel safe. Vytas says, “There’s me and there’s five girls. You know, so, I’m the odd man out.” Later, Monica proposes to Tina and Kat that the original Galang members stay together and vote out Vytas if they have to go to Tribal Council. Kat is bothered that Monica is talking strategy so soon after the switch. She comments, “When you have an alliance, don’t over strategize. All that does is put heat on your back. You want to learn how to play SURVIVOR, shut it.”


Back at the Tadhana camp, Ciera starts preparing a meal for the tribe. Aras suggests that they cut off a couple tree branches to use as holders for the pot over the fire. Before anyone agrees, Aras starts chopping the nearest tree, which happens to be providing shade to the camp. Tyson apologizes to the others for Aras’ rude behavior in a joking manner. Since Tyson and Gervase were planning on getting rid of Aras next back at Galang, Tyson decides to make Aras look bad here at Tadhana. Tyson reveals, “I’m out here to play and I have to use my brain. So, hopefully the target will be a little bit smaller on me and maybe a little bit larger on Aras.”


On the morning of day 16, the Galang tribe starts their day with a prayer. Vytas knows he is in trouble because the women have a strong bond. He admits, “I don’t know that much about women, but I do know that when I’m a little bit vulnerable with women, you know it goes a long way.” Vytas decides to share his past experiences with drugs and jail with his tribe as they eat breakfast around the fire. Laura B. is really touched and impressed by Vytas sharing his story and emotions with them. She appreciates her husband Rupert for doing the same things. Vytas tells the ladies next about his struggle to rebuild his relationship with his brother Aras. They are all moved by his stories. Laura B. reveals, “I love Vytas. I feel connected to him already, but I’ve got to keep my heart out of it.” She realizes that Vytas and his brother Aras are strong players in SURVIVOR.


The new Galang and Tadhana tribes arrive on their respective mats. Jeff Probst explains the rules of this immunity/reward challenge. One pair from each tribe will race out to a cage at the bottom of the ocean. They will dive down and release a gate, retrieve a fish trap and swim it back to shore. Then the next pair goes. Once each tribe has collected all three fish traps, they will use the pieces inside to solve a vertical puzzle. First tribe to finish wins immunity and is safe from the vote. The losers will go to Tribal Council, where somebody will be voted out and sent to Redemption Island. In addition, they are playing for reward, which is a picnic of meats, cheeses, bread, brownies and sodas. Aras and Gervase are the first two out for Tadhana, while Tina and Laura B. are the first two out for Galang. Each pair swims out to their cage and starts untying the knots to release the first gate. Both pairs do so quickly. Aras and Gervase then grab their first fish trap and head back to the shore. Tina and Laura B. also head back but without their fish trap. Jeff and the Galang tribe try to yell at Tina and Laura B. to tell them to swim back and get their trap, but they can’t hear while they are swimming. When Tina and Laura B. arrive at the shore they learn about their mistake and quickly head back to get their trap. Meanwhile, Aras and Gervase have reached the shore with their trap and send Tyson and Caleb out next to get the second trap for Tadhana. Tadhana now has a huge lead because of Tina and Laura B.’s mistake. Tina and Laura B. finally make it back with Galang’s first fish trap. Vytas and Monica then head out to try and make up some time for Galang. Tyson and Caleb bring back Tadhana’s second trap, allowing Hayden and Ciera to swim out to get the third and final trap. Vytas and Monica bring Galang’s second trap back just before Hayden and Ciera bring back Tadhana’s third and final trap. So, Aras and Tyson start working on the Tadhana puzzle while Kat and Katie swim out to retrieve Galang’s final fish trap. Tadhana has a huge time advantage in solving the puzzle. By the time Kat and Katie get back with the final trap, Aras and Tyson have made good progress on their puzzle. Tina and Monica are the puzzle makers for Galang. They work quickly and do a great job of catching up to Aras and Tyson. In fact, Tina and Monica call Jeff over first when they think they have finished the puzzle, but Jeff tells them that something is wrong. Meanwhile, Aras and Tyson are working to try and fix the tails of the fish pictured on the puzzle. Monica and Tina struggle to fix the same parts of their puzzle. In the end, Aras and Tyson successfully complete their puzzle first. So, the new Tadhana tribe wins immunity and the picnic reward. The new Galang tribe will have to go to Tribal Council to vote someone out and send then to Redemption Island.


As they arrive back at camp, Vytas admits, “On the inside, I am so frustrated with Tina and Laura B. I would have never made a mistake like that.” Tina immediately apologizes to her tribe for her mistake and doesn’t blame them if they want to vote her out tonight because of it. Vytas knows that the women will determine who gets voted out tonight, since there is only one of him and many of them. Kat is still frustrated with Monica talking and strategizing too much. She would prefer that Monica, not Vytas, gets voted out tonight. Kat asks Tina what she thinks. Tina prefers to keep the girls together and vote out Vytas, so the women will not be in the minority when the two tribes merge. Kat understands but expresses her dislike of Monica and her desire to vote her out. Tina is bothered because Kat wants to change the plans. She comments, “So, Kat’s loyalty I don’t feel like is as strong, and that’s just information that needs to be out there for everybody to know.” Next, Tina walks with Monica and Vytas to the well and tells Monica that Kat wants her out tonight. Monica is worried that if Kat is not being loyal now, then they won’t be able to trust her after the merge. She reveals, “If I hear that Kat’s gunning for me, then I need to do what’s best for Monica.” Monica decides to talk directly to Kat. She asks Kat to explain her conversation with Tina. Kat denies talking to Tina about getting rid of Monica and gets very defensive. Monica knows now that she can definitely not trust Kat. Kat vents, “Monica is very dangerous because when she strategizes people actually might listen to her. So, my back is up against the wall and I’m going to do everything I can to stay here.” Kat realizes that her alliance is worried about her loyalty and assures them that she will vote for Vytas tonight. Meanwhile, Monica starts a campaign to get Kat voted out tonight. Vytas gladly supports the idea. Tina is not sure if they should stick with their original plan of keeping all the women or get rid of Kat. She admits, “Honestly, it is a coin toss. It is fifty-fifty.”


Jeff asks Kat who in the tribe is not getting along after the switch. Kat admits that she and Monica are having trouble. Monica explains that, while she loves Kat, she does not trust her. Kat assures the women in the tribe that she is with them and will stay loyal after the merge. Vytas points out that he can be trusted and has worked hard to build solid relationships with the women in his tribe. Kat is worried that she is going home tonight and begs her tribe to let her stay. Vytas reminds the tribe that he has not given his new tribe any reason to doubt him, unlike Kat. Kat replies, “I love these people and they know that.” She once again promises to stay loyal to them. Tina admits that it is a tough decision tonight, because she now has to consider the fact that her daughter is part of her tribe. The Galang tribe then votes. Before revealing the votes, Jeff asks if anyone would like to play a hidden immunity idol. Nobody does. Jeff reveals the first five votes. Vytas gets one vote and Kat gets four votes. So, Kat Edorsson from SURVIVOR: ONE WORLD, becomes the next person voted out of SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS WATER and heads to Redemption Island.