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Season 27: Episode 7 - Swoop In For The Kill
Posted on Oct 30, 2013 11:00pm


On night 16, Kat arrives on Redemption Island after just being voted out at Tribal Council. She updates John and Laura M. on what’s been going on in the new Galang tribe. Kat comments, “I’m going to do everything I can to make sure that I win however many duels that I have to in order to stay here.” She is worried that her boyfriend Hayden will be disappointed with her for being voted out so early in the game and dump her. As the sun rises the next morning, Kat is on the beach crying. She says, “I don’t think I played the right way. I wouldn’t be here if I did.” Kat is still so worried about what Hayden will think of her. She reveals, “I don’t want him to be ashamed of me, because I really care about him. It’s just been really hard without him, because we’re like a team. He’s my best friend.” John, Laura M. and Kat then head out to the Redemption duel.


The Galang and Tadhana tribes arrive at the Redemption Arena. John, Laura M. and Kat then enter the arena to compete in the duel. Kat looks at Hayden and says, “Come hug me.” He immediately gets up and gives Kat a hug. She apologizes to him for being voted out. Hayden tells everyone, “My relationship with Kat is more important than even this game.” Jeff Probst, the host, then challenges him to swap spots with Kat. Kat is worried that she will not do well in the duel and would gladly switch with Hayden. Hayden asks her what is best for them in the long term. Both Hayden and Kat are crying when Kat says, “I’ll play here. I want you to stay.” She feels he has a better chance at winning the game. Jeff then explains the rules of the duel. Each person will untie a machete and use it to chop a rope, which will drop a bag of puzzle pieces. They will then use those pieces to build a puzzle in the shape of a fire. The first two to finish will live to see another day and are one step closer to getting back in the game and having a shot at the money. The last person to finish is out for good. In addition, the winner of the duel will decide who gets a clue to the location of the hidden immunity idol. John is the first one to untie and release his machete and cut through his rope. He does this before Kat or Laura M. even get their machetes untied. So, John gets an early start on his puzzle.

Kat and Laura M. stay neck and neck until Kat struggles to get her puzzle pieces out of her bag. Hayden coaches her from the stands. This is the same difficult puzzle that Cochran won in the immunity challenge on a past season. John and Laura M. have placed a couple of pieces on their puzzle, but Kat is still struggling to place one piece. John then figures out the pattern of the puzzle and quickly places his pieces. Laura M. decides to look over at John’s puzzle to see how he is solving it. Kat feels this is cheating and continues to try and solve the puzzle by herself. She then places her first piece. John is almost finished with his puzzle. Kat is making good progress on her puzzle, but Laura M. is now struggling, and has to continue to copy John’s puzzle. In a short amount of time, John completes his puzzle and wins the duel. Now, Kat and Laura M. fight it out for second place and the right to stay in the game. Tina encourages Kat to look at John’s puzzle like Laura M. is doing, but Kat still doesn’t feel this is right. Kat does a good job of keeping up with Laura M., but in the end Laura M. pulls through and finishes her puzzle first. So, John and Laura M. win the right to return to Redemption Island for another day. Kat Edorsson from SURVIVOR: ONE WORLD, becomes the seventh person to leave SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS WATER. As the winner of the duel, John chooses to give the clue to the hidden immunity idol to Monica once again. Monica doesn’t want it and puts it right into the fire.


Back at camp, the Tadhana tribe consoles Hayden because his girlfriend Kat is no longer in the game. Hayden misses Kat a lot and feels guilty for not swapping with her at the Redemption duel. He reveals, “I was in a position to help her. I didn’t do it when I could have. It’s not something I’m proud of.” Tyson understands exactly how Hayden feels, since his girlfriend Rachel lost a duel in the past. Aras tries to focus on something positive, so he assures everyone that his brother Vytas will join their alliance of six and give them the majority in the game after the merge. Hayden does feel that it may be easier to play the game now that he doesn’t have to worry about Kat. He admits, “In fact I think it could strengthen my relationship with this tribe, because the majority of the tribe over here, they don’t have loved ones and its kind of one more thing we have in common, except Aras.” While all the others stay back at camp, Aras heads out to take a walk and meditate. Aras feels good about his position in the game. He is glad to be on the same tribe as his allies Tyson and Gervase, and feels confident that Vytas will work with them after the merge. Aras says, “I just need to let go, listen, be intuitive and I’ll be guided to the right places.” Meanwhile, back at camp, Tyson takes advantage of Aras being away and proposes to Hayden, Caleb, and Ciera that they vote out Aras next. Tyson warns them that the merge is near and they need to get rid of Aras before he can join up with his brother Vytas. He promises that if they work together, then he and Gervase will join them and they will be the final five in the game. Ciera is surprised that Tyson is the one to go against his friend Aras, but Ciera admits, “Tyson’s smart. Something right now we all have in common is we know we can trust each other, because we don’t have anyone over there that we trust more.” Caleb, Hayden and Ciera gladly commit to Tyson and Gervase that they will be the final five. Tyson feels Aras is getting too comfortable in the game and therefore his guard is down, so it’s the perfect time to get him out.


Vytas and Katie are the last two to wake up the next morning at the Galang tribe. They spent the night sleeping side by side on the beach. Tina wishes them both a good morning. She admits, “Even though he’s not part of our alliance, I’ve really come to like Vytas.” Tina respects Vytas for overcoming his drug habit. She even wishes that Vytas might take an interest in her daughter Katie. Tina comments, “One can dream. I’m ready for grand babies.” Later, Vytas talks to the Galang women in camp and admits that dishonesty is the toughest part of this game for him. Vytas knows that it will be difficult for him to get the women to keep him and vote out one of their own if they have to go to Tribal Council soon. He plans on using what he learned in yoga about the feminine energy to create a bond with the women. Vytas reveals, “I’m putting forward the parts of me that I want these women to see. I’m a likable person. I’m a trustworthy guy. It’s all very calculated, but it’s working.” Laura B. really likes how open and honest Vytas is and tries to be more open and honest herself with the tribe. She admits, “I’m kind of a quiet girl that’s slowly coming out of my shell.” Laura B. realizes that she needs to not let her fondness for Vytas influence her next vote. She will do what’s best for her game.


Later that morning, Galang receives tree mail. It tells them that the challenge includes being chained together. Vytas is worried about going into a physical challenge with all women, three of whom are in their forties or fifties. He admits, “We’re definitely going to be underdogs no matter how the cookie crumbles.” While Vytas is out of camp, the women talk about whom they would vote out next if they lose the challenge. They all agree that Vytas should go next, even though they all like him. Laura B. even cries at the thought of having to vote Vytas out of their tribe. She vows to win the challenge, so they can all stay together.


The new Galang and Tadhana tribes arrive on their respective mats. Jeff Probst explains the rules of this immunity/reward challenge. Four members of each tribe will be chained together at the ankles. The two people on the ends will have their wrists attached to a coil. At the start, they will release themselves from the coil and then, moving together, they will navigate through a series of obstacles collecting bags along the way. Once they have collected all the bags, the remaining tribe member will use the chains and balls inside the bags to create bolos. The first tribe to land three bolos on their target wins immunity and is safe from the vote. The losers will go to Tribal Council, where somebody will be voted out and sent to Redemption Island. In addition, they are playing for reward, which is all you can eat fried chicken, corn on the cob, mac and cheese, iced tea and lemonade. Tadhana has an extra member, so they sit out Ciera. Vytas, Laura B., Katie and Monica are chained together for the Galang tribe. Gervase, Caleb, Aras and Hayden are chained together for Tadhana. Gervase and Hayden quickly free their wrists from the coils and the chain gang from Tadhana gets on its way. Right on their heels, Vytas and Monica get through the coils, and Galang starts working together to get through the maze and to their bags. The difficult part is when the two tribes come together to retrieve their bags while chained together and trying to stay out of each other’s way. Both tribes get their first four bags quickly and make their way to the next set of four bags. Tadhana is slightly ahead of Galang. Galang tries to slow Tadhana down when Monica and Vytas block Aras and Caleb as they are trying to get by with their bags. The two tribes end up tripping over each other, but are now tied as they pass off their bags to the bolo people. Tina is the bolo maker and thrower for Galang. Tyson is the bolo maker and thrower for Tadhana. Both Tyson and Tina empty the bags and make their bolos quickly. Tyson lands his first bolo toss on the Tadhana target. Tina also scores with her first toss. They each only need two more points to win immunity and reward for their tribe. Tyson is the first to score his second point. Tina struggles to throw the bolo far enough to hit the target, but doesn’t give up. She finally lands her second bolo and ties up the game. Now, both Tina and Tyson need just one more bolo to land on their target. Tyson is the first one to accomplish this, so Tadhana once again wins immunity and a great chicken reward. Galang must go to Tribal and send one of their members to Redemption Island.


Tyson, Aras, Caleb, Gervase, Hayden and Ciera all run to the table that is piled high with their food reward. They immediately start filling their plates and enjoying the chicken and macaroni and cheese. Hayden is so happy that the tribe swap turned Tadhana into a winning tribe. He boasts, “Looking forward, I mean the future is bright.” Caleb asks if anyone would mind if he took some ice from the lemonade. Tyson encourages him to do whatever he wants, since that’s what Tyson has done since the switch. He proclaims, “I’m a one man wrecking ball.” Tyson admits that he has not gone to bed hungry since joining the Tadhana tribe, because he successfully encouraged them to eat as much rice as they want instead of rationing it. The Tadhana tribe wonders who will be voted out of the Galang tribe. Tyson is not sure but replies, “Anyway, we’re all safe.”


The Galang tribe gathers back at camp after losing the immunity/reward challenge. Laura B. decides to tell Vytas that it is him going home tonight. Since she admires Vytas so much, Laura B. did not want to offend him by blindsiding him at Tribal Council tonight. Not only is Vytas surprised to hear this news, but so are Monica, Tina, and Katie. The women did not expect Laura B. to reveal their plans for Tribal Council without clearing it with them. Laura B. explains to Vytas that he and Aras are just too big of threats in this game to keep around. She reveals, “It was really hard for me, but I feel like I did take the bull by the horns by taking more of a leadership position in the tribe.” Laura B. hopes that her action will not put a target on her, but instead earn her respect from the other women. Later, Monica and Katie take a walk and share their amazement over what Laura B. did. Monica comments, “I’m flabbergasted. I mean SURVIVOR 101, don’t you meet with your alliance before you make an ‘executive’ decision?” Monica is no longer sure she can trust Laura B. Tina is not sure who to vote for now. The women had all agreed to vote out Vytas, but now Laura B. is being unpredictable. Vytas checks in with Tina and asks her if he is really getting voted out tonight. Tina says, “I don’t think so. I think it could be Laura B.” Vytas is relieved to hear that he still may have a chance to survive tonight’s Tribal Council. He comments, “It’s like a pride alliance. Females are in control, but they always need one alpha male to keep around, otherwise there’s no future for the pride.” Katie feels it would be best to get rid of Vytas tonight, because he is a bigger threat in the end than Laura B. At the same time, she does know that Laura B’s independent thinking could hurt her alliance too. Katie admits, “So, I don’t know what’s going to happen, but whatever goes down, it’s not going to be pretty.”


Laura B. reveals to Jeff Probst that she told Vytas he is going home tonight. Vytas admits that he is bothered by this news because he has been honest and trustworthy with these women. Monica points out that it is important to discuss things with your alliance before revealing secrets and plans. Vytas reminds his tribe that they sent Kat home at the last Tribal Council because she wasn’t trustworthy. He feels that the Galang tribe with him in it can move forward well. Vytas is sure that his brother Aras will be disappointed if he is voted out, because they wanted to play together and work on their relationship. Laura B. reminds everyone that Vytas and Aras are a huge threat to win the million-dollar prize in this game. She explains that she was just trying to be herself and let her guard down, which is not easy for her. Laura B. says, “I’ve been in Rupert’s shadow for a while and it feels good just to be out here for myself and I feel like I’m coming into my own.” Tina explains that it is a difficult vote because she prides herself on making friends with people in the game. Vytas confirms that he will vote for the most untrustworthy person in the tribe based on what they have done in these 18 days of the game. The Galang tribe then votes. Before revealing the votes, Jeff asks if anyone would like to play a hidden immunity idol. Nobody does. Jeff reveals the first four votes. Vytas gets one vote and Laura B. gets three votes. So, Laura Boneham, Rupert’s wife, is voted out of SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS WATER