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Season 27: Episode 9 - My Brother's Keeper
Posted on Nov 14, 2013 12:00am


The merged Kasama tribe returns from Tribal Council on night 21, where they just blindsided Aras. Vytas congratulates those who voted his brother Aras out for making such a big surprise move, but admits that he will miss his brother. Tyson gives Vytas a hug and assures him that he loved Aras too and it’s just a game. Vytas comments, “Aras, myself, Tina and Katie got blindsided. I want to get, vengeance is going to be mine at some point.” Tina is really upset with Monica and Tyson for betraying their alliance and voting Aras out. In front of the whole tribe, Tina says, “Monica and Tyson, you won the battle but you didn’t win the war because you’ve got five jury votes that you will never get for flipping.” Tyson tells Tina it was Aras that was not loyal to the alliance. Ciera, Laura M. and Caleb then reveal that Aras had made an alliance with each of them. Tina is shocked to hear this. Tyson warns Tina not to accuse him of something that he is not guilty of doing. He reveals, “I knew Aras wasn’t going to take me to the end and I knew Tina had prioritized Katie over me.” Tyson is proud of the move he made.


The next morning, Tina talks strategy with her daughter Katie while they go to get tree mail. She admits that things are not looking good for them now that Aras is gone and another alliance has taken control. Tina tells Katie, “You need to further your game, because I’ve got a much, much, much bigger target on me.” Katie just listens as her mom recommends that she play her own game and get as far as she can without trying to protect her. Tina is proud of playing a loyal game, but admits that it didn’t work this time. Katie comments, “The idea of blood versus water, it’s hard trying to save myself without throwing my loved one under the bus.”


The Kasama tribe arrives at the immunity challenge. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules for this classic individual immunity challenge that first took place in season one with Gervase. It is an eating competition where they will race to get down local delicacies. They will compete in a series of elimination rounds. The last person left standing will win immunity and be safe at the vote. One of the losers will be voted out at Tribal Council and be sent to Redemption Island. The first round will eliminate four people. In this round, the tribe will be separated into two groups of five. Only the first three people to finish from each group will move on to the second round. The first group of five consists of Tyson, Vytas, Monica, Katie and Laura M. A covered plate is placed in front of each of them at a table. On each plate is a shot glass full of forty mealworms. Everyone in the group cringes when they see the worms actively moving around. The first three people to eat all forty worms and show Jeff an empty mouth get to move onto the next round. As the challenge begins, Tyson, Vytas, Monica, Katie and Laura M. pick up their shot glasses and try to eat the worms all at once. Katie and Laura M. hold their noses while they chew. Tyson quickly eats his worms and shows Jeff a clean mouth. So, Tyson is the first one to move on. Vytas gags and coughs out a few worms on the ground. He picks them up and puts them back in his mouth. Monica is the second one to successfully eat all the worms. So, Vytas, Katie and Laura M. are competing for the one remaining slot. Katie and Laura M. are having a hard time getting their worms down. This gives Vytas a chance to catch up and finish before them. So, Tyson, Monica and Vytas will compete against the three winners from the next group of five. The next group of five consists of Hayden, Ciera, Tina, Gervase and Caleb. They each have a shot glass of forty mealworms on their plates. As they begin to eat their worms, Gervase starts jumping up and down to try to distract himself from what he is doing. Ciera can’t take it and spits her worms out onto the sand behind her. Tina is having trouble when she tries to chew and swallow her worms. Caleb spits out a few worms onto his plate. Gervase is still jumping around and hitting himself. Hayden finishes first. Gervase finally swallows the last of his worms and finishes second. So now, Tina and Caleb are competing for the third spot, since Ciera has given up. Tina spits her worms out as Caleb reveals a clean mouth and moves on. So, Tyson, Monica, Vytas, Hayden, Gervase and Caleb step up to the table to compete in the second round, where only two people will move on. The next food item that they each have to consume is three ounces of pig intestines. As the round begins, they each take a big bite. Tyson spits some of his up back onto his plate. Monica and Hayden start gagging. Gervase tears his up into little pieces and consumes a piece at a time. He is doing much better than he did in his first season. Vytas makes steady progress. Monica ends up being the first person to finish her plate of pig intestines. Only one more person can move on. Vytas and Gervase are both on their last bites. The rest are not close to finishing. Gervase finishes next. So, Monica and Gervase make it to the final round to compete for individual immunity. Jeff reminds Gervase that the one food item that he could not get down in his first season was a grub. Gervase lifts the top off his plate to find two huge grubs moving around on his plate. Gervase screams, “I can’t do that!” With the encouragement of his tribe, Gervase gives it a try. Monica doesn’t say anything, but just concentrates on getting the job done. Gervase starts jumping up and down again as he starts eating the grubs. Monica starts gagging, but is determined to get her grubs down. In the end, Monica is the winner and runs over to show Jeff her empty mouth and give him a hug. This is the first time that Monica has won individual immunity in SURVIVOR. Monica is safe from the vote tonight, so someone else from Kasama will be voted out and sent to Redemption Island.


Tyson checks in with Laura M., Gervase and Ciera to see who they are voting for tonight. Laura M. tells Tyson that the four guys are going to vote for Vytas and the three girls are going to vote for Katie. She explains, “As of right now, we don’t know if anybody has found the hidden immunity idol. Vytas may have it. Tina may have it. Katie may have it.” So, if they split the votes between Vytas and Katie, one of them will surely be voted out if the other has the hidden immunity idol. Tyson knows that they don’t have to worry about splitting the vote, since he has the hidden immunity idol, but he doesn’t want to reveal that to his tribe and become a target. So, Tyson just goes along with his alliance’s plan. Vytas comes back into camp from the ocean and bluntly asks, “Which one of us is next?” No one gives him the answer to his question. Vytas knows that he is in danger tonight, since he didn’t win immunity at the challenge. He takes a walk with Hayden, who tells him that they are going to split the vote between him and Katie tonight. Vytas knows that there are seven people in the majority alliance, so he asks Hayden to make sure that four votes go to Katie and only three votes to him. Vytas comments “Just another two days in this game could lead to another twelve days in this game, could lead to a million dollars.” Katie also knows that she is in trouble tonight. She is trying to figure out who to align with and whether that alliance includes her mother. Meanwhile, Monica is keeping a close eye on who is talking to who and how many people seem to be scrambling, even though her alliance of seven has already decided to vote for Vytas and Katie. This all makes her nervous. Monica expresses her concern to Laura M. that she might have gone home tonight if she had not won the immunity challenge. Laura M. assures Monica that she is in no danger, especially with the immunity necklace. She comments, “That just goes to show you how paranoid of a person Monica is.” Vytas checks in next with Tyson and requests that they split the vote with three votes for him and four votes for Katie. Vytas points out that if they voted Katie out next, they would break her and Tina up. He also tells Tyson that he would more likely get his jury vote in the end if Tyson let him stay another day. Tyson reveals, “The main concern for me right now is if the girls wise up, they could perhaps form an all girl alliance. Sending a girl home would keep Vytas here and still keep the guys in the strong majority.” So, Tyson prefers that Katie go home next and proposes this to his alliance. Tyson tries to be careful to let his alliance decide the vote and not come across as too persuasive and powerful. He doesn’t want his alliance to think that he is running the game.


Tina admits that she called out Tyson and Monica because they betrayed her alliance and voted out Aras at the last Tribal Council. Vytas admits that he was very upset that they voted out his brother and wanted to pay the tribe back for what they did. Gervase understands the anger that Vytas feels, since he felt it too when his niece Marissa was voted out. Vytas points out that the majority alliance was successful in gaining support because they could easily talk someone like Monica, who is paranoid, into joining them. Monica fires back at Vytas and reminds him that he betrayed his alliance with her husband Brad and voted him out. Katie knows that it is herself, her mom or Vytas going home tonight. If she survives the vote tonight, then she plans on trying to find a crack in the majority alliance to get further in the game. Vytas pleads his case by warning the guys that the women can bond together against them, so they should vote out a girl instead. He encourages the others to target Tyson and Gervase, since they have the power in the game. The Kasama tribe then votes. Before revealing the votes, Jeff asks if anyone would like to play a hidden immunity idol. Nobody does. Jeff reveals the first seven votes. Katie gets one vote. Tyson gets one vote. Vytas gets five votes. So, Vytas Baskauskas, Aras’ brother, is voted out of SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS WATER and heads to Redemption Island.


When the Kasama tribe returns to camp, Monica is happy that she changed her vote from Katie to Vytas to pay Vytas back for voting out Brad and for his comments about her at Tribal Council. Gervase is not happy that Monica didn’t follow the alliance’s plan and switched her vote. He worries that actions like that could result in himself, Tyson, or someone in their alliance being voted out instead. Gervase comments, “It’s simple, don’t rock the vote. Moves like that make me say, ‘You know what, let’s get rid of Monica next.’”


The next morning, Aras tells Vytas that he was surprised he showed up at Redemption Island last night. Vytas tells Aras that it is all his fault, since he talked Vytas into joining his alliance, which then betrayed both of them. Vytas comments, “He made that mistake and now I’m here just guilty by association.” Aras reminds his brother that they are still both in the game. Vytas feels it is more like purgatory than being in the game. Aras reveals, “I love him no matter what, but the best things don’t come when you’re pessimistic. They come when you’re open and you’re light.” Vytas tells Aras that he will be the one to get out of Redemption Island, not Aras. Aras admits that he would be just as happy if Vytas got out as he would be if he got out. Vytas responds, “I can’t say the same for you.”


The Kasama tribe arrives at the challenge. Jeff Probst explains the rules of the individual immunity challenge. They will each balance a sword on a shield with one hand. Using their other hand, they will stack coins on the handle. When the stack becomes too high, it will be hard to balance and the coins will fall. When their coins fall, they are out of the challenge. The last person left standing will win immunity and be safe at the vote. One of the losers will be voted out at Tribal Council and be sent to Redemption Island. As the challenge begins, they each place their sword on their shield. Jeff instructs them to place a small coin first on the handle of the sword. When directed, they all continue adding a combination of small, medium and large coins to the handle of their sword, while trying to make sure the stack of coins does not fall over. With only a small number of coins placed, Monica is the first one out as she drops a coin while trying to place it. Ciera has shaky hands and is the next one out of the challenge. After placing a few more coins, Tina falters and drops a coin, which puts her out of the challenge. So now, only six people remain in the game. The next people out are Gervase, Laura M. and Caleb. So, the only three remaining are Hayden, Katie and Tyson. Their stacks of coins are getting very high and the wind is starting to kick up, which makes it more difficult. After adding four more coins, Tyson drops out, immediately followed by Hayden. So, Katie wins individual immunity and is safe from the vote tonight. One of the losers will be voted out at Tribal Council and sent to Redemption Island after being in the game for 24 days.


Back at the Kasama camp, Katie admits, “Winning immunity feels like winning the lottery, but right now we don’t have an alliance. It’s just me and my mom.” Tina is so proud of her daughter for winning the challenge. Tina is worried though, because she knows that she is likely next to go. She decides to spend the time she has before Tribal Council looking for the hidden immunity idol. Meanwhile, back at camp, Tyson tells his alliance to keep an eye on Tina and follow her, so she will not have a chance to look for the hidden immunity idol. Tina scurries out of camp and Tyson and his alliance set out to follow her. Tina reveals, “I don’t even have any clues to where the idols are, except Katie said that it was between salt water and fresh water. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack.” Tina digs around trees and bushes looking everywhere for the idol. Meanwhile, Tyson, Caleb and Hayden started out following her when she left camp, but lost her. So, they split up to try and find Tina. Tyson knows that she will not find the idol because he has it, but he doesn’t want everyone else to know that. Tyson catches up with Tina at the spot that he found the idol, but of course she had no success finding it. Tina stops searching. She figures if she continues to search, then they will know that she doesn’t have the idol. So, she just waits by the tree with serpent like branches hoping that Tyson and Caleb will go away and let her search in peace. Back at camp, Monica asks Laura M. if they should split the votes, since they are not sure if Tina has found the idol. Monica wonders who they should vote for besides Tina to split the votes, since Katie won immunity. Laura M. and Tyson seem flustered by Monica’s question. Monica wonders, “Could it be me?” Tyson assures Monica that Tina will not find the idol, because they are keeping an eye on her. Tyson reveals, “We can’t split the votes because then Monica feels like she is on the bottom.” He doesn’t feel that he can trust Monica if she feels like she is on the outs. Gervase is still upset with Monica for changing her vote at the last Tribal Council. He prefers to keep Tina and Katie and vote out Monica. Gervase finds Hayden and tells him to vote for Monica tonight, in case Tina has the idol.


Tina admits that she is likely to go next, so she looked for the hidden immunity idol. She says, “What was so hysterical is that I had babysitters all day.” Tina proudly admits that she did have two chances to look for the idol without them around though, which makes most people in her tribe wonder whether she found the hidden immunity idol or not. Next, Tina tells Monica that she is at the bottom of the alliance of seven. Monica admits that she sometimes feels like she is on the bottom, but hopes that the alliances she made on day one will be loyal to her. Tina points out that Monica is the last one told who to vote for because she talks too much, which makes her alliance nervous. Gervase agrees and says, “I don’t like wild cards, because they can ruin everything.” Monica reveals that her alliance would not tell her who they would vote for besides Tina, in case Tina had the idol. Hayden feels that it is smart to split the votes tonight in case Tina does have an idol, and maybe they should vote for the person at the bottom of their alliance. Monica reminds everyone how trustworthy she has been to their alliance. Tina points out that they don’t know whether she has an idol or not and tonight would be an ideal time for the alliance to execute a blindside. The Kasama tribe then votes. Before revealing the votes, Jeff asks if anyone would like to play a hidden immunity idol. Nobody does. Jeff reveals the first seven votes. Monica gets one vote. Tyson gets one vote. Tina gets five votes. So, Tina from SURVIVOR: THE AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK is voted out of SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS WATER and heads to Redemption Island.