Season 27: Episode 10 - Big Bad Wolf
Posted on Nov 21, 2013 01:00am


The Kasama tribe returns from Tribal Council on night 24, where they just voted out Tina. Tyson tells Katie he’s sorry that her mom had to go. Katie feels bad that her mom is no longer in the tribe. She is also worried about her future, since the alliance of seven doesn’t seem to have any cracks. Katie admits, “If I don’t figure something out tonight and get it rolling tomorrow, then I’m doomed.” Laura M. and Ciera are thrilled to be the last loved ones couple still in the game. Ciera comments, “A loved one is going to be a huge target eventually, so moving forward is going to be difficult.” Laura M. and Ciera agree that Katie or Monica need to go next, depending on who wins immunity at the next challenge.


The next morning, Laura M. and her daughter Ciera talk strategy. Laura M. loves the fact that she and Ciera together have two votes and therefore a lot of power in the game. Ciera warns her mom not to play too hard and to just let Tyson make the decisions instead. She feels a little odd telling her mom what to do because that’s not the way that things have worked in the past. Ciera comments, “I think I’ve proven to be the better player. I mean I’ve had to go to way more Tribal Councils than my mom so far and I’ve lasted and she went to her first one and she gets voted out.” Laura M. trusts Ciera and vows to follow her suggestions. Ciera hopes to go far in the game with her mom, but she is ready to make a move if needed. She reveals, “If my mom needs to go in order for me to win the game, she needs to go, because I have a better shot of winning than she does.”

REDEMPTION DUEL: PUPPET MASTER The Kasama tribe arrives at the Redemption Arena. Aras, Vytas and Tina enter the arena to compete in the duel. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the duel. Each person will use a grappling hook to retrieve three bags. Each bag has a ball inside of it. Once they have collected all three bags, they will use one of those balls to solve a table maze. The first two to finish will stay alive and live to see another day on Redemption Island. The loser is out of the game and becomes the first member of the jury. In addition, the winner of this duel decides who gets the clue to the location of the hidden immunity idol. Even though she could, Tina will not allow Katie to switch spots with her. The Redemption duel begins. Tina hooks a bag with the first toss of her grappling hook. She continues doing well and gets all three of her bags with just four tosses. Meanwhile, Aras has hooked one bag and Vytas has hooked none. So Tina gets a big head start on her table maze, while Aras and Vytas are still trying to retrieve their bags. Aras hooks his second bag. Vytas finally gets his first and second bags. So, now the two brothers are competing to get their third and final bags. Tina is already working on the table maze. Vytas and Aras snag their third bags and join Tina to start working on their table mazes. Aras tries to hurry and catch up to Tina, but ends up dropping his ball in a hole in the maze and has to start over. Meanwhile, Vytas catches up to Tina on the table maze. They are both very close to the end, where they will land their balls into a center spot. Tina is in the final section and she maneuvers carefully to get the ball into the finish spot. Unfortunately, she is not careful enough and causes it to drop through a hole. So, Tina has to start back from the beginning of the maze. Vytas is being very careful with his maze and lands his ball in the ending center spot. So Vytas comes in first place and wins the duel. Now Aras and Tina are competing to come in second, so they can stay on Redemption Island. Aras races to get his ball to the finish. Tina carefully takes her time and ends up getting there first. Tina comes in second and Aras loses. Aras becomes the first member of the jury after 25 days in the game. Aras admits, “I’m really happy for Vytas, and I didn’t win the million dollars, but we got a lot closer and that’s worth any money in the world.” As he throws his buff in the urn of fire, Aras assures the Kasama tribe that he has no hard feelings against them. As the winner of the duel, Vytas decides to give the clue to the location of the hidden immunity idol to Katie. Katie keeps the clue and hopes to find the hidden immunity idol in order to keep herself in the game.


Katie is so proud of her mom for beating Aras in the duel and winning the right to stay on Redemption Island. She leaves camp to read the clue to the location of the hidden immunity idol that Vytas gave her. Katie is anxious to find the idol since she feels certain that she could be voted out next. The clue gives her very specific information on where the hidden immunity idol is buried. Katie comments, “This is a great clue and I think I know exactly where it is.” Katie walks to the tree that matches the description of the clue and now knows where to start searching. Meanwhile, back at camp, Laura M. suggests to the rest of the tribe that they hide all the sharp tools so Katie can’t use them to dig for the idol. She and Ciera suggest that they follow Katie and dig right next to her as she is searching for the idol. Tyson is not worried about Katie finding the hidden immunity idol since he has already found it. He reveals, “The only thing I’m thinking about is how to make my next move.” Tyson knows that the rest of the members in his alliance don’t like to be seen as making the big decisions. So he admits, “I’m going to have to take another one for the team and be the bad guy again.” Later, Tyson meets with Hayden and Caleb down by the water and suggests that they vote out Laura M. next. He explains, “The safe bet right now is to take Laura M. out before she gets further in the game and then collaborates with someone with her daughter, because then there’s two votes that you’re worrying about, instead of just one.” Caleb and Hayden like the plan and vow to make sure Laura M. does not win the next immunity challenge.


Ciera is worried that the four guys will target her or her mom to be voted out since they are the only couple still in the game. She admits, “If I go with my mom right now and I say ‘Okay let’s try and get to the end.’ It’s not going to happen.” Laura M. and Ciera get away from the others to talk strategy. Ciera tells her mom, “If you were not in the game right now, I know I would be in the final three.” Laura M. questions Ciera whether she would be able to win though. Ciera responds that she would have a better chance than her mom, since no one wants to take her to the end with them. Ciera finds it difficult to say these things to her mom, but she knows that her mother loves her and appreciates honesty. Laura M. listens to her daughter and realizes, “The fact that my daughter has the courage to say that to me shows that she has grown as a woman.” Laura M. is proud of her daughter and is thrilled to see how much confidence Ciera has gotten by playing SURVIVOR.


Early the next morning, while the rest of her tribe is still sleeping, Katie heads out to search for the hidden immunity idol. Laura M. wakes up as Katie leaves camp and rushes to catch up to her. Laura M. reveals, “If Katie finds the idol, it could be me.” After her conversation with Ciera yesterday, Laura M. knows that she is perceived as a threat by the rest of her tribe. She quickly catches up to Katie and starts digging right next to her. Katie admits, “It’s frustrating, but I’m digging in all the wrong places, so she doesn’t know exactly where it is.”


Tyson realizes that he needs to be careful of how his tribe mates are feeling about him and the moves he makes in the game. He admits, “They like me just fine here, but the second I vote them out they hate me.” Tyson decides to get Ciera’s support for voting her mom out of the game so that she will be willing to stay in his alliance and not work against him. So Tyson takes a walk to the well with Ciera. He tells Ciera that Hayden and Caleb are voting for her mom at the next Tribal Council. Ciera assures Tyson that she is okay with that. Tyson assures Ciera that he will watch out for her. Ciera reveals, “Honestly, I have no idea what I’m going to do at this point.”


The Kasama tribe arrives at the challenge. Jeff Probst explains the rules of the individual immunity challenge. They will each be standing on a very small platform over the water leaning back while holding onto a rope. Every five minutes they will move their hands further down the rope, making it more difficult to hang on. When they can’t hang on any longer, they will fall in the water and be out of the challenge. The last person left standing will win immunity and be safe at the vote. One of the losers will be voted out at Tribal Council and be sent to Redemption Island. In addition, they are playing for reward. The winner of the challenge will be able to feast on hamburgers, hot dogs, french fries and soda. Shortly after the challenge begins, Hayden’s arms and hands begin hurting. He desperately tries to shift his weight and get comfortable, but he ends up being the first one out of the challenge. Caleb drops out shortly after Hayden. So, now only six people are left in the challenge. Jeff instructs them to move down to the next knot on the rope. This puts more pressure and weight on their arms. Gervase and Ciera quickly fall out of the challenge. So, Katie, Tyson, Laura and Monica are left competing for immunity and reward. Katie and Laura are the next ones to fall out of the challenge. Tyson and Monica are now the only two left in the challenge. Tyson’s torn rotator cuff makes it especially hard for him to hang on. Tyson ends up dropping out, so Monica wins immunity and reward. Jeff places the immunity necklace around Monica’s neck and tells her that she can pick someone else to share in the food reward with her. Monica responds, “How about if I have none and they have it all.” She gives up the food reward to the rest of her tribe, because she knows they are hungry and because immunity is the thing that she really wanted to win. Her tribe is so thankful to Monica for her generosity. As Monica sits on the sideline with the immunity necklace and watches, the rest of her tribe enjoys the hot dogs, hamburgers, fries and soda.


Back at the Kasama camp, Ciera is worried about her mom being voted out of the game next. She tells Katie that she has a secret. Katie pinky swears with Ciera and promises not to divulge her secret. Ciera tells Katie that Monica, Gervase, Tyson and herself are voting out her mom tonight. Katie responds, “I’m still playing the idol just to be safe.” Ciera then tricks Katie and tells her that she cannot possibly have the idol, because she has it. Katie then admits that she doesn’t have the idol, which is exactly what Ciera wanted to know. Ciera reveals, “That was easier than I thought it was going to be.” Next, Ciera finds her mom and tells her that people are voting for her tonight. She then tells her mom that she is going to tell Tyson that Katie doesn’t have the idol, in the hopes that Tyson will change the vote to Katie instead. Laura likes the idea. So Ciera finds Tyson, Caleb, and Hayden all together and recommends they vote for Katie tonight, since she knows that Katie does not have the idol. Tyson asks the group what they would prefer to do. Caleb and Hayden are fine with voting Katie tonight. Tyson comments, “It was so perfect. We had it until we told Ciera that we’re voting her mom. That was the mistake.” He now realizes that Ciera is playing the game harder than he thought she was. Tyson still prefers that Laura go tonight, so he can break up the last remaining couple in the game. So, he checks in with Monica and Gervase and confirms that they are voting out Laura tonight. Meanwhile, Caleb prefers that Katie go next, since he feels she is more of a threat if she makes it to the end.


The Kasama tribe arrives at Tribal Council and is joined by Aras, who is the first member of the jury. Katie feels that she is likely to go home tonight and feels fortunate that she got the clue to the location of the hidden immunity idol from Vytas. Caleb points out they don’t know who has the idol, so they have to vote wisely. Tyson is concerned about the power that Laura and Ciera have as the last remaining couple in the game with a block of two votes. Caleb and Hayden point out that Laura and Ciera are both competitive and may be willing to vote each other out. Hayden adds, “At the end of the day, the bond they have is way stronger than the bond any of us have. So you have to kind of take that into consideration.” Laura reminds everyone that if they get Ciera or her on their side, then they can count on having two votes, which is a big advantage. Katie points out that the disadvantage to keeping both of them is that they both want to get to the end with their loved one, which is a threat to anyone else in their alliance. Laura says, “If you send at this point, a loved one home, you have somebody lobbying for those jury votes for their loved one.” She argues if she stays in the game, then she won’t be able to influence the jury to vote for Ciera in the end. Laura also points out that it is dangerous to start voting out people in your alliance when there are people outside of your alliance still in the game. Caleb admits that tonight they are either going to take out Katie or one of the loved ones in the last remaining pair, which would be Laura or Ciera. The Kasama tribe then votes. Before revealing the votes, Jeff asks if anyone would like to play a hidden immunity idol. Nobody does. Jeff reveals the first six votes. Katie gets one vote. Laura gets five votes. So, Laura Morett from SURVIVOR: SAMOA is voted out of SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS WATER and heads to Redemption Island. Before she leaves, Ciera gives her a big hug and apologizes for voting her out. Laura assures her that she will come back for her.