Season 27: Episode 11 - Gloves Come Off
Posted on Nov 28, 2013 01:00am


The Kasama tribe returns from Tribal Council on night 26, where they just voted out Laura. The tribe apologizes to Ciera for having to vote out her mom. Ciera admits that it was rough, but that she knew it was coming, because she also voted for her mom. Katie comments, “I was surprised that Ciera chose water over blood, but Ciera has a plan and I don’t think her mom was really a part of it.” Ciera hopes that writing her mom’s name down will prove to her alliance that she is trustworthy. She admits, “Moving forward, I hope people take me seriously in the game and I hope they want to work with me.” Tyson tells Ciera that he appreciates her writing her mom’s name down and realizes that it was a difficult thing to do. Tyson admits, “She’s actually shown a bit of loyalty, but at the same time it makes me a little scared of her.” He realizes that Ciera is playing the game pretty hard and may be dangerous.


Over at Redemption Island, Tina and Vytas are awake and waiting to see who shows up. Tina doesn’t want Katie to be voted out tonight, but at the same time she would love to see her daughter again. As Laura approaches the Redemption shelter, she yells, “Mom.” Tina immediately thinks it is Katie and runs up to hug her. She then realizes it is not Katie and has a good laugh with Laura. Vytas and Tina greet Laura and she tells them all about what happened at Tribal Council. Laura reveals, “I’m having a hard time deciding how I feel about Ciera writing my name down.” She doesn’t like the fact that Ciera voted her out, but she is proud of her for playing the game well. As Laura brings Tina and Vytas up-to-date about what’s happened in Kasama, Vytas is amazed that everyone is letting Tyson run things.


The Kasama tribe arrives at the Redemption Arena. Vytas, Tina and Laura enter the arena to compete in the duel. Jeff Probst, the host, asks Laura how she feels about Ciera voting her out of the game. Laura starts to cry and says, “I’m proud of her.” Ciera tells her that she is sorry and Laura assures her that she will be back. Jeff explains the rules of the duel. They will each race to remove four colored cubes from a long net tunnel. Once they have all four of their cubes, they must stack them so there are no repeating colors on any side. The first two to finish will live to see day 28 in this game. The loser is out for good and joins Aras on the jury. In addition, the winner of this duel decides who gets the clue to the location of the hidden immunity idol. The Redemption duel begins. Laura and Vytas quickly move their first blocks down the net tunnel. Tina is not as fast as they are and falls behind. Vytas and Laura retrieve their four blocks and start working on their puzzles while Tina is still trying to retrieve her third block. Vytas and Laura move their blocks around, trying to make sure there are no repeating colors on any side. Tina finally retrieves her fourth and final block and starts working on her puzzle. It is a tough puzzle, so it will be hard for her to catch up to Vytas and Laura. Laura is the first one to solve the puzzle, which wins her the duel and the right to return to Redemption Island. So, now Vytas and Tina are competing for the one remaining spot. Vytas starts looking over at Laura’s puzzle to help solve his. Laura surprises everyone when she starts helping Tina solve her puzzle. Jeff comments, “This is two moms sticking together trying to make sure Vytas does not advance.” Tina catches up to Vytas with the help of Laura, so now they are neck and neck in solving the puzzle. In the end, Tina is done seconds before Vytas. She has successfully solved the puzzle, so she gets to stay on Redemption Island. Vytas loses the duel and is out of the game, but is the second member of the jury. Vytas is disappointed to be out of the game, but appreciates getting to spend 27 days in SURVIVOR with his brother Aras. As winner of the duel, Laura gives the clue to the hidden immunity idol to her daughter Ciera. Ciera thanks her mom, but decides to burn it. Tina thanks Laura for helping her in the duel.


The Kasama tribe returns to camp after the duel. Tyson feels the next two Tribal Councils are important for him in order to keep control of the game. He reveals, “The wisest thing I can do right now, from my perspective, is to keep everybody against Katie.” Tyson meets with Gervase, Hayden and Caleb and explains to them that Katie is dangerous because she has three jury votes already from Aras, Vytas and Tina. He encourages them to vote out Katie next. Hayden agrees to do what Tyson suggests, but he feels that he has to make a big move in order to win the game. He comments, “You do not want to be the guy who waited too long to make a move and got blindsided yourself.” So, Hayden takes Caleb aside and recommends that they blindside Tyson and vote him out of the game next. He feels that Tyson is running the game and needs to go. Caleb agrees. Later, Caleb tells Katie the plan to vote out Tyson. Katie is happy to hear that they are planning to vote out someone besides her. Katie admits, “My best option going forward is to work with my original Tadhana members again and get rid of Tyson.” In order to have enough votes to get Tyson out, they need one more vote. So, Hayden and Caleb talk to Ciera next and tell her their plan. Ciera is excited to hear their plan and tells them that she will vote with them, but that’s not really how Ciera feels. She reveals, “I feel like these people that haven’t played the game before are so willing to flip and flop on each other. It’s too sketchy for me to invest in them.”


Ciera takes a walk with Tyson and reveals Hayden and Caleb’s plan to vote him out tonight. Tyson is nervous to hear this, but is encouraged when Ciera assures him that she is loyal to him and will vote however he wants her too. Tyson tells Ciera that he has her back and that the two of them plus Gervase and Monica will switch their vote and get Hayden or Caleb out tonight. He comments, “I was hoping to make it to six before I made my move and really locked the game down, but I may have to lock it down earlier.” Tyson trusts Gervase and Monica and just hopes that he can trust Ciera.


That evening Tyson meets with Gervase at the beach while everybody else is back at camp. He tells Gervase what Ciera told him about Hayden and Caleb. Gervase suggests they vote Caleb out next. Tyson was thinking the same thing, because he is so likable and therefore dangerous if he made it to the end. Gervase reveals, “Two days ago, the four guys, we had control of the game, but now we’re all plotting on each other and it makes me nervous.” Tyson and Gervase are disappointed with Hayden and Caleb, because they planned on going to the end with them.


The next morning Ciera and Tyson head out of camp to go get tree mail. Caleb and Hayden are nervous because Ciera won’t look at them or talk to them this morning. At tree mail, Ciera confirms with Tyson that the plan is still to vote out Caleb at the next Tribal Council. He tells her that he talked to Gervase last night and he is also on board with their plan. Tyson assures her that they are going to the finals together. Ciera admits, “I’m so glad I didn’t go along with Hayden and Caleb.” She feels like she is in a good spot now. Tyson and Ciera get back to camp and read tree mail, which tells them about an immunity challenge. Hayden is worried that Ciera told Tyson their plan to blindside him. He says, “I realize if Ciera flipped, we could be in big trouble here.” Hayden talks to Katie about his uneasiness with Ciera. Katie responds, “That makes me nervous.” As they walk out to the immunity challenge, Katie realizes how important it is for her to win immunity, since everything now seems to be up in the air.


The Kasama tribe arrives at the challenge. Jeff Probst explains the rules of the individual immunity challenge. They will each hold onto a rope handle which is attached to a bucket. Inside the bucket is 25% of each person’s body weight. As the challenge goes on, they will be unable to hold that weight. The rope will then unspool and the bucket will drop and they will be out of the challenge. The last person left standing wins immunity and is safe from the vote. One of the losers will be voted out tonight at Tribal Council and sent to Redemption Island. Jeff then tells them about a twist. If they feel secure enough that they don’t need immunity tonight, then they can choose to sit out the challenge and feast on barbeque steak, chicken and sausage. Jeff then hands each person a white rock and a black rock. If they want to eat and not compete for immunity, then they should show a black rock. If they prefer to compete for immunity and not eat, then they should show the white rock. They each stick out their right hands and reveal which rock they chose. Tyson, Gervase and Ciera show black rocks and therefore choose to feast and not compete. Monica, Caleb, Katie and Hayden show white rocks and get ready to compete in the immunity challenge. The challenge begins. Monica, Caleb, Katie and Hayden begin hanging onto their rope handles and holding the weight of their buckets. Meanwhile, Tyson, Ciera and Gervase start digging into their barbeque feast, which is located right next to the people competing in the challenge. After ten minutes, Katie, Caleb and Hayden’s buckets have dropped a little, but they are still holding on. Monica’s bucket has not moved. Tyson, Ciera and Gervase are enjoying their barbeque feast with cold beverages. Before long, Katie can’t hold on any more and is the first one out of the challenge when her bucket drops. Hayden and Caleb start complaining about how much their hands hurt. Meanwhile, Tyson, Gervase and Ciera are eating as much as they can before the challenge is over and they have to stop. After twenty minutes in the hot sun, Monica’s bucket starts to drop a little. Caleb’s hands start to bleed and he can no longer hold on, so his bucket falls and he is out of the challenge. As Caleb drops out, Tyson says to Ciera and Gervase, “We’re good.” So Monica and Hayden are the only two left competing. In the end, Monica holds on longer and wins her third individual immunity challenge.


Back at camp, the Kasama tribe congratulates Monica for her win. Hayden listens as Tyson, Gervase and Ciera tell everyone how good the barbeque food tasted. Hayden comments, “They obviously feel very comfortable and if the three of them feel that good, maybe they are all working together to get rid of one of us.” He shares his thoughts with Katie and she too is worried that Ciera is now working with Tyson and Gervase and not them. Without Ciera on their side to vote out Tyson tonight, Hayden, Caleb and Katie are in the minority. So one of them will likely be voted out tonight. Hayden talks to Caleb next. They decide to confront Tyson and ask him if he plans on voting one of them out tonight and bring up their concerns about Ciera playing both sides. Hayden and Caleb hope they can talk Tyson into voting out Ciera tonight. Next, Hayden and Caleb talk to Tyson. They tell him that they are worried about being blindsided by him tonight. Tyson admits that he has the same concerns about them. The three of them realize that Ciera is the reason they don’t trust each other. Tyson reveals, “Now I’m feeling like she’s too sneaky and too smart and too deceiving to be in the game anymore.” Tyson, Hayden and Caleb agree to vote out Ciera tonight. Tyson feels uneasy about Hayden and Caleb though. He worries that they are trying to trick him into voting for Ciera and then they will vote him out tonight. He reveals, “So, I might have to play my hidden immunity idol.” It would give him protection against being voted out. Hayden and Caleb feel better after talking to Tyson. Hayden is sure that they can trust Tyson. Caleb is not so sure. He comments, “Hopefully everybody’s on board and Ciera’s going home tonight.” Tyson brings Gervase up-to-date on his meeting with Caleb and Hayden. They talk about whether to vote out Caleb or Ciera tonight. Gervase admits, “You put your trust in the wrong person and you’re going home.” TRIBAL COUNCIL The Kasama tribe arrives at Tribal Council and is joined by the jury members Aras and Vytas. Hayden admits that he did not feel comfortable today, so he competed in the immunity challenge rather than eat like Tyson, Gervase and Ciera did. Ciera reveals that she didn’t feel like she could win the challenge, so she decided to eat instead. Tyson says he is surprised that more people didn’t eat, because he is comfortable with his alliance and therefore, they should be comfortable too. Gervase trusts the people in his alliance and hopes they will do right by him. He looks at Hayden as he says this. Hayden admits that he has had his doubts about his alliance, but confirms that he trusts them now. Ciera is now feeling uncomfortable hearing Hayden and Gervase say they trust one another. She reminds her alliance that she has been honest with them, even to the point of being overly honest. The Kasama tribe then votes. Before revealing the votes, Jeff asks if anyone would like to play a hidden immunity idol. Tyson plays his hidden immunity idol, so he is safe from the votes tonight. Jeff reveals all seven votes. Ciera gets three votes. Caleb gets four votes. So, Caleb Bankston, Colton’s fiancé, is voted out of SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS WATER and heads to Redemption Island.