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Season 27: Episode 12 - Rustle Feathers
Posted on Dec 5, 2013 01:00am


On night 29, the Kasama tribe arrives back at camp after Tyson’s alliance just voted out Caleb at Tribal Council. Hayden congratulates Tyson for pulling off a blindside on Caleb. Hayden admits, “Tribal Council just blew up in our face. We were expecting to blindside Ciera.” As the entire Kasama tribe is gathered around the fire, Hayden warns everyone that Tyson is going to win this game if he makes it to the end because of the excellent game he is playing. Gervase immediately says, “Tyson can’t do nothing, if it wasn’t for me.” Hayden tells Gervase that while that may be true, everyone sees Tyson as the leader and mastermind. Tyson reveals, “I don’t really like the way Hayden threw me under the bus.” While Tyson is happy that Hayden complimented him for the good game he is playing, he didn’t like the target it put on him in front of everybody else. Tyson comments, “I wish I wouldn’t have played the idol, because then I would have it for next time.” At the same time, Tyson does have confidence that his alliance will stay loyal to him. Later that night, Tyson meets with his alliance of Gervase, Monica and Ciera to decide on whom to vote for next time. They agree to vote for Hayden, unless he wins immunity, then they will vote for Katie.


The Kasama tribe arrives at the Redemption Arena. Tina, Laura and Caleb enter the arena to compete in the duel. Jeff Probst, the host, notices that Caleb refuses to look at anyone on the Kasama tribe who voted him out at the last Tribal Council. Caleb admits that he has no hard feelings for Katie and Hayden. He explains, “A man’s word is a man’s word and in the south it means something, but in the game of SURVIVOR and Utah and Philly, it doesn’t mean as much.” Tyson is from Utah and Gervase is from Philadelphia. Gervase calls Caleb a sore loser and reminds him that he and Hayden were planning on breaking their word to Tyson and him too. Jeff then explains the rules of the duel. Each person will have 150 wooden tiles to build a house of cards. The first two to build a house of cards 8 feet tall, or the two with the highest stack of cards after 30 minutes, will live to see another day and have a shot to get back in this game. The loser is out of this game for good and will join the other members of the jury. In addition, the winner of the duel will get to decide who on the Kasama tribe will get the clue to the location of the hidden immunity idol. The Redemption duel begins. Laura, Tina and Caleb each start to build their house of cards. Tina and Caleb struggle with finding the right number of cards to put on each layer of their stack. Meanwhile, Laura is quickly building her stack with no problems. After 24 minutes, Laura has almost finished her house of cards and is approaching the 8-foot mark. She has a huge lead over Tina and Caleb, whose stacks are only 2 or 3 feet high. Laura has to be very careful as she adds layers to her stack, because it is very fragile. With only half a foot to go, she loses her top layer, but saves the rest. Slowly some of the wooden cards on the back of her stack start falling. Laura recovers and carefully builds the rest of her stack. She successfully makes it to the 8-foot mark and wins another Redemption duel. So now, Caleb and Tina are competing for the one remaining spot to stay on Redemption Island. There are now only three minutes left in the duel. So whoever gets to the 8-foot mark first or has the higher of the two stacks at the 30-minute mark will come in second. Tina and Caleb have stacks of equal height. Caleb picks up the pace and starts building his stack faster than Tina. Tina tries to put on another layer, but it keeps falling. Meanwhile, Caleb is making steady progress towards that 8-foot mark. With only 30 seconds left to go, Caleb is in the lead. Unfortunately, a gust of wind comes up and blows his stack over. Tina decides to stop building her stack so that she will not knock it over and let the remaining time tick away, since her stack is now taller than Caleb’s stack. So in the end, Tina comes in second and Caleb loses. After 30 days in the game, Caleb tosses his buff in the urn of fire and exits the game. Laura gives her daughter Ciera the clue to the location of the hidden immunity idol. Ciera decides to keep the clue this time. Laura encourages Ciera to find the idol.


The Kasama tribe returns to camp from the Redemption duel. Ciera is so glad that her mom won the duel and gave the clue to the location of the hidden immunity idol to her. Since Tyson played his hidden immunity idol at the last Tribal Council, Ciera is pretty sure that there is another hidden immunity idol out there now. Ciera reveals, “If Katie gets it or Hayden gets it, that’s bad news for us. So we’re going to open it as a group. We’re going to find it and decide what to do with it.” While Katie and Hayden are back at camp, Ciera meets at the well with her alliance of Tyson, Gervase and Monica. She opens the clue and reads it aloud to them. After hearing the clue, Tyson thinks that it will be in a tree near the well. Gervase, Tyson, Monica and Ciera spread out and start looking for the idol. Meanwhile, back at camp, Katie and Hayden decide to check out what the others are doing. They find them searching around the trees. Hayden realizes they are looking for the idol and starts looking around the trees too. He admits, “It’s really, it’s my last hope. I have to keep looking and I have to find the hidden immunity idol.”


Tyson heads toward a unique looking tree that he suspects contains the hidden immunity idol. He knows that the others see him as a big threat in the game, so he is intent on finding the idol to provide him with safety in the game. Tyson has been committed to getting to the end ever since his girlfriend Rachel left the game. While trying to hold back tears, Tyson reveals, “It’s the only way that it would be worth it for me to stay here and not go in when I could have saved her.” He climbs high into the tree and checks all the branches. Tyson is thrilled and so relieved when he finds the hidden immunity idol. He reveals, “I have the hidden immunity idol. It’s up to me to just stay focused and don’t let Hayden win the challenge.”


Hayden talks to Gervase and tries to talk him into blindsiding Tyson at the next Tribal Council. Hayden points out to Gervase that he will finish in second place if Tyson stays in the game. Hayden comments, “I struck a nerve with Gervase. So I think Gervase is open to working with me.” Gervase asks Hayden how he could blindside Tyson if he doesn’t have the majority of votes. Hayden assures Gervase that he has Katie’s vote and is trying to get Ciera’s vote. Gervase tells Hayden that he will not even consider voting for Tyson unless Ciera is on board with the plan. Gervase reveals, “I have my trust and faith in Tyson and it’s got me this far, but I do want those options out there and Hayden’s a good option to have.”


The Kasama tribe arrives at the challenge. Jeff Probst explains the rules of the individual immunity challenge. They will race through a series of obstacles while balancing a ball on top of a pole. At the end of each obstacle they will add another section to the pole, which makes it more difficult to balance the ball. If the ball drops, they need to go back. Once they reach the end, they will use the ball to release a key which unlocks a box of sandbags. They will then use the sandbags inside to knock over nine bamboo targets. The first person to finish wins immunity and is safe from the vote. The losers will go to Tribal Council where somebody will be voted out and sent to Redemption Island. In addition, the winner is playing for an ice cream reward. The challenge begins. Everyone puts a ball on their pole and starts down the obstacle course. Tyson drops his ball right away and has to go back to the start. As they start going over and under obstacles, Hayden, Ciera and Katie all drop their balls and have to go back to the start. Monica and Gervase both make it through the first set of obstacles without dropping their balls. They add another section to their poles and move forward to the next obstacle, which is a narrow balance beam elevated a few inches off the ground. Tyson is the next one to finish the first obstacle, followed closely by Hayden. Katie and Ciera are bringing up the rear. Monica, Gervase and Tyson get through the second obstacle in that order and each add another section to their pole. Hayden is really trying, but keeps dropping his ball. Katie and Ciera are dropping further behind. The third obstacle is another narrow balance beam, but this one is further off the ground. Monica and Gervase make it through quickly. Tyson and Hayden drop their balls and have to go back to the beginning of the obstacle. Monica and Gervase collect their keys and both open their box of sandbags. Monica knocks one of her sandbags down first. Gervase then knocks down three right away. Monica knocks down her second bag. Tyson is finally through the third obstacle and works on opening his box of sandbags. Gervase quickly knocks down four more bamboo targets and has only one left. Monica has five more left now. Tyson starts throwing his sandbags and tries to catch up. Gervase is still trying to get his final target while Monica is now down to only two targets. In the end, Gervase wins his first individual immunity challenge when he knocks down his final target before any of the others do. Gervase gets to choose two people to share in his ice cream reward. He chooses Monica and Tyson.


Back at camp, the Kasama tribe congratulates Gervase on his win. Gervase comments, “I’m in a great position no matter which way I play things. I’m in a secure alliance, me, Tyson and Monica.” He also hopes that Ciera is part of their alliance, which gives them a majority vote of four. Gervase, Monica and Tyson are so excited to see the ice cream cart arrive at camp. They start off with root beer floats. Meanwhile, Hayden takes this opportunity to talk to Ciera about making a big move. Ciera listens to Hayden, but admits, “I have no intention of doing anything with Hayden and Katie.” Hayden encourages Ciera to join their alliance and vote out Monica or Tyson tonight. He suspects that Tyson may have the hidden immunity idol, so he hopes to flush the idol and then vote out Monica tonight. Hayden assures Ciera that Gervase will join them if she agrees to go along. He stresses the importance of making a big move in order to earn votes from the jury at the final Tribal Council. Next, Hayden talks to Gervase and Ciera together and encourages them to vote for Tyson. He says, “If you want to get him out, it’s this Tribal right now when he’s not expecting it.” Unfortunately, he can’t convince them that this is a good move for them. When Tyson joins them, Hayden admits to Tyson that he can’t get Gervase and Ciera to vote for him. Hayden reveals, “Tonight, I’m going to go into Tribal with guns blazing.” He hopes that he can stir things up and maybe he won’t be the one being voted out tonight.


The Kasama tribe arrives at Tribal Council and is joined by the jury members Aras, Vytas and Caleb. Hayden confirms that the alliances have not changed from last Tribal Council. It is still Katie and he against Tyson, Gervase, Monica and Ciera. He adds that Tyson is controlling the other alliance. Ciera responds that she is comfortable with her alliance. Gervase explains that he chose Monica and Tyson to join him on the ice cream reward because they are original Galang tribe members and he has been with them since the beginning. Hearing this makes Ciera feel a little less confident in her alliance with Gervase. Hayden tries to prove that Tyson is the one in control by revealing that Tyson was the one that told he and Caleb who to vote for at each Tribal Council. Monica tries to encourage Ciera to stay with the alliance by saying, “Four is better than six.” Ciera is bothered to hear that she is number four in their alliance. Hayden tells Ciera that she will not be number four if she joins him and Katie, since there are only three people in their alliance. Gervase points out that Tyson, Monica and him are honest people, while Hayden and Katie are backstabbers; therefore Ciera would be better off staying with him, Tyson and Monica. While Gervase is talking, Hayden tells Katie and Ciera to vote for Monica. Tyson reminds Ciera that he has never betrayed her or written her name down like Hayden and Katie have. Hayden encourages Ciera to vote with him and Katie, which will force a three-three tie and result in them drawing rocks. He tells Ciera, “You make a big move and it works out, you’re a millionaire at the end of the game.” Tyson reminds Ciera that she could go home tonight by drawing the wrong rock. The Kasama tribe then votes. Before revealing the votes, Jeff asks if anyone would like to play a hidden immunity idol. Nobody does. Jeff reveals all six votes. Hayden gets three votes. Monica gets three votes. Since they are tied they will vote again. This time Monica and Hayden will not vote. Tyson, Gervase, Ciera and Katie can only vote for Hayden or Monica. After they vote again, Jeff reveals all four votes. This time Monica gets two votes and Hayden gets two votes. So they are tied again. Per the rules of SURVIVOR, since Tyson, Gervase, Ciera and Katie cannot decide between Monica and Hayden, then Monica and Hayden are safe from the next vote. Gervase is also safe because he won immunity. So, Tyson, Ciera and Katie will draw rocks to determine which one of them will go home. Jeff passes around a bag of three rocks. It contains two black rocks and one white rock. Whoever pulls the white rock will be out of the tribe and go to Redemption Island. When the three of them reveal the rocks they pulled, Katie has the white rock. So, Katie Collins, Tina’s daughter, is voted out of SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS WATER and heads to Redemption Island. As Katie walks away with her torch, Jeff informs the Kasama tribe that this is only the second time in 27 seasons that a tribe has drawn rocks at Tribal Council.