Season 27: Episode 13 - Out on a Limb
Posted on Dec 12, 2013 12:00am


It’s night 32 of SURVIVOR BLOOD VS WATER and Katie is arriving at Redemption Island. She drew the white rock at Tribal Council, which eliminated her from the game. Laura and Katie’s mom Tina waited up to see who would arrive. They greet Katie as she walks into camp. Tina admits, “Katie’s here with me. So of course I’m so happy to see her, but I’m not happy that she’s out of the game.” Katie tells her mom and Laura what happened at Tribal Council. They are amazed to learn that Katie got out by drawing the white rock. Katie comments, “Tonight was my shot to knock Tyson off of his throne, and I could have gone farther in the game if things went my way, but I had the white rock. So I was rocked out.” Tina is proud of her daughter for having the guts to draw rocks at Tribal Council. She reveals, “This will probably be the toughest Redemption arena, because Katie and I both can’t go back into the game. It’s got to be one of us.” Tina loves her daughter so much that she would be willing to lose the duel and give up her chance at the million-dollar prize just to ensure that Katie would stay in the game. Katie prefers that they both just try their hardest.


Over at the Kasama camp, Hayden, Ciera, Tyson, Gervase and Monica are just returning from Tribal Council. Tyson and Monica congratulate Ciera and Hayden for making a big move at Tribal Council. Hayden thanks Ciera for sticking with him and vows to be loyal to her. He comments, “Tribal Council tonight was insane. I literally, I’m fighting for my life in the game and then the very next moment we’re drawing rocks and I realize this worked. I’m safe.” Hayden wishes that Tyson would have drawn the white rock and gone home instead of Katie, but he is just happy that he is still in the game. Tyson scolds Gervase for telling Hayden that he was going to be voted out before Tribal Council. Tyson explains, “You can’t ever let the person at the bottom know they are going home. That’s SURVIVOR 101. It gives them a chance to be crazy.” Monica thanks Tyson and Gervase for sticking with her at Tribal Council when she could easily have been going home. Ciera draws a line in the sand with her foot separating Tyson, Gervase and Monica from her and Hayden. Monica pulls Ciera over to her side and jokes with Hayden that he is all alone now. Even though Monica feels safe in her alliance with Tyson and Gervase, she is still worried about the three of them making it to the end. She explains, “I’m concerned that if they have an idol, one of us is going home.” Monica tells Gervase and Tyson her fears about Hayden or Ciera having an idol. Tyson immediately calms her fears by revealing that he has found the hidden immunity idol. Monica is elated. Tyson reveals, “Monica is crucial to my game right now, but she will not stop talking and it’s annoying.” Monica continues to talk to Gervase about the game and different things that can happen. Tyson comes over to the two of them and tells Monica that everything is okay and to quit talking about it. Monica still remembers that Tyson and Gervase didn’t tell her the last time they had an idol, so she is not 100% sure that she can trust them. As Monica wishes Tyson and Gervase a good night and heads to bed, Tyson tells Gervase, “She’s not great at SURVIVOR, but she’s really come in handy.”


The next morning, Hayden and Ciera talk over their plans for the future. Ciera reveals, “After Tribal last night, I feel like a huge weight is lifted off my shoulders.” She is happy that she made a big move at Tribal Council by switching alliances and trying to better her position in the game. Unfortunately, Katie left the game and they lost someone from their alliance. Ciera is hoping that her mom Laura will make it back from Redemption Island and therefore add another person to her alliance. She admits, “Hayden and I are bound and determined to find the hidden immunity idol, to win a challenge and to find the crack in the alliance between Gervase, Tyson and Monica.” Ciera feels like she has nothing to lose and will do whatever it takes to win.


The Kasama tribe arrives at the Redemption Arena. Tina, Laura and Katie enter the arena to compete in the duel. Tina reveals that this is the hardest day for her, to have to compete against her daughter Katie in this duel. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the duel. Each person will use sticks and rope to put together a long pole. They will use the pole to retrieve three keys. Those keys open three locks. The first two to open all their locks and step through their door will live to see another day in this game. The last person is out of this game for good and will become the next member of the jury. In addition, the winner of the duel will decide who gets the clue to the location of the hidden immunity idol. As soon as the Redemption duel begins, Tina gives her daughter advice on the best way to build her pole with the sticks and rope. Tina, Laura and Katie work quickly to build poles that are long enough and strong enough to reach the three keys they need. Laura gets her pole finished first. It is the perfect length to retrieve the first key. So, she is quickly in the lead. As Laura attempts to retrieve her second key, Tina and Katie have their poles ready to try for their first keys. Tina’s pole is too short, so she pulls it back in to lengthen it. Katie’s pole is long enough and she successfully retrieves her first key. Laura retrieves her second key and maintains her lead. Laura reinforces her pole and goes for her third and final key. She successfully hooks it and brings it back. Laura now concentrates on opening her three locks. Meanwhile, Tina hooks and retrieves her first key. Laura opens her last lock and walks through her door. She wins yet another duel. So now Tina and Katie must battle it out of for second place and the right to stay in the game. As they both go for their second key, Tina’s pole breaks. Katie hooks her second key but then drops it in the sand. She must now user her pole to retrieve it from the sand, which is a difficult thing to do. Tina fixes her pole and retrieves her second and third keys. Katie is still struggling to retrieve her second key in the sand. As Tina starts opening her locks, she says, “Katie are you okay with this.” Katie replies, “It’s alright.” Tina walks through her door telling Katie that she is sorry and that she loves her. She immediately starts to cry. So, Tina comes in second in the duel and keeps her spot on Redemption Island. Katie is now out of the game and joins the jury. Katie hugs her mom and tells her how proud she is of her. Tina reveals to everyone that she was adopted and never really felt connected to anyone before she had her daughter Katie. That’s why it is so hard for her to be responsible for Katie leaving the game. As winner of the duel, Laura gives the clue to the location of the hidden immunity idol to her daughter Ciera. Tina tells Hayden to win the next immunity challenge.


Ciera shares the clue to the location of the hidden immunity idol that her mom gave her in the duel with Hayden. It tells them that they have to go out on a limb to find the idol, so Hayden starts searching in trees. Ciera comments, “Me and Hayden’s only hope in this game right now is one of us needs to win the challenge and one of us has to find the hidden immunity idol.” She knows if they are both safe, then Monica, Tyson or Gervase will be voted out next. As Hayden is up a large tree searching for the idol, Monica walks by on her way to the well. Hayden is upset that Monica saw him in the tree because now everyone will know that the hidden immunity idol is in a tree. Hayden admits, “I’m driving myself crazy out here. I really am, because I can win the immunity challenge all day long, but if I don’t find the idol, Ciera’s going home.” Hayden has searched all over a big tree that is logical place for the idol to be hidden, but he can’t find it. He is now worried that Tyson might have already found the idol.


Meanwhile, back at camp, Tyson points out to Monica and Gervase that Laura and Tina seem to be on Hayden and Ciera’s side and not theirs. Gervase comments, “Even though she’s a wild card, I know I’m going to need Monica to make it to the end of this game.” He wants to have Tyson, Monica and himself be the final three people in the game. Later, Gervase talks to Monica at the well. He confirms that she fully trusts him and Tyson, but not Ciera and Hayden. Gervase is pleased to hear this and assures Monica that he and Tyson trust her too. Monica really appreciates the fact that Tyson drew rocks in the last Tribal Council. If he didn’t, she could have easily been the one voted out. As much as she likes Tyson and Gervase though, Monica admits, “I am playing this game for Monica, not Tyson and Gervase … Monica.”


Hayden and Ciera realize they need to sway Tyson, Gervase or Monica over to their side in order to have any chance to stay in the game. They feel they have the best chance of doing this with Monica. Hayden reveals, “The Hail Mary plan for me and Ciera is let’s tell Monica that Tyson and Gervase are talking crap about her and see if we can get her to flip on over to the good guys.” Ciera volunteers to be the one to talk to Monica.


The Kasama tribe arrives at the challenge. Jeff Probst explains the rules of the individual immunity challenge. They will dive into the water and push a buoy along a rope and through an obstacle. Once they reach the shore, they will untie a bag of letter tiles to solve a puzzle with a classic SURVIVOR phrase. The first person to finish wins immunity and is safe at Tribal Council. The losers will go to Tribal Council and after 35 days somebody will be voted out and sent to Redemption Island. In addition, the winner is playing for a reward of food that they select from a SURVIVOR menu. Food choices include steak, lobster, pizza and a burger. The challenge begins and they all jump in the water, doing their best to move their buoy along the rope. Hayden and Tyson take the early lead, with Monica close behind them. Gervase and Ciera are bringing up the rear. Hayden and Tyson are neck and neck as they get to the obstacle, which is a platform that contains a pole wrapped with a rope that they have to get their buoy through. Gervase has caught up to Monica and they arrive at the platform obstacle next. Ciera is in last place and falling behind. Tyson and Hayden remain in the lead, getting to their bags of letter tiles first, and start working on their puzzles. Gervase and Monica are not far behind and start working on their puzzles. While everybody else is working on their puzzles, Ciera finally gets to her bag of tiles and unties it so she can work on her puzzle and try and catch up to the others. They are arranging their letter tiles, trying to come up with an eight word common SURVIVOR phrase. All of them begin to get frustrated when the letters aren’t forming the phrases that they are expecting. Jeff encourages them to try lots of combinations. Gervase and Ciera start making some progress and form six of the eight words. In the end, Ciera solves it first with the phrase “You are going to have to dig deep.” She wins both immunity and reward. She chooses Hayden to share the reward with.


Ciera is so happy to have won the immunity challenge and hopes that her mother Laura will be proud of her when she finds out. Ciera boasts, “Don’t ever count me out. My mom is potentially coming back into this game and then you have two Moretts to worry about, not just one.” Hayden congratulates Ciera for the win. He is relieved that at least one person in his alliance is safe tonight at Tribal Council. Ciera’s hamburger and Hayden’s pizza that they ordered from the SURVIVOR menu arrive at camp. They sit down at a table with chairs and are served their reward by waiters. While they are eating, Tyson, Monica and Gervase sit in the shelter and agree to vote Hayden out tonight. Back at the dining table, Hayden and Ciera confirm the plan to talk Monica into working with the two of them and vote for Gervase tonight.


After lunch, Ciera talks to Monica down at the beach. She tells Monica that Tyson is a villain and has been badmouthing her. Ciera elaborates by telling Monica that Tyson makes fun of her and says that he can get Monica to do whatever he tells her to and that she is weak and paranoid. Monica listens but then asks Ciera why Tyson would have risked his game for her by drawing rocks at the last Tribal Council. Ciera tells Monica that Tyson knew if he voted Monica out, then he would have been voted out next. Monica is hurt by hearing this and starts to cry. Monica vents, “It’s now become a me game.” Ciera gives her a hug and tells her to vote for Gervase with her and Hayden. Monica realizes that she is the swing vote for this Tribal Council. She can either vote for Hayden with Gervase and Tyson or vote for Gervase with Hayden and Ciera. Back at camp, Tyson admits to Gervase that he is nervous about Ciera talking to Monica. Gervase tries to reassure him that Monica is on their side.


The Kasama tribe arrives at Tribal Council and is joined by the jury members Aras, Vytas Caleb and Katie. Ciera confirms that the tribe is still divided into two alliances. Tyson, Gervase and Monica are in one alliance and Ciera and Hayden are in the other alliance. Hayden says that Tyson and Gervase are keeping Monica around because they think they can beat her in the end. Gervase points out that Hayden and Ciera are at the bottom, so they are throwing out lies to try and cause trouble. Monica reveals that Ciera has told her negative things that Tyson and Gervase have said about her behind her back. Tyson then reveals that Ciera has told him in the past that she would like to take Monica to the end with her because she feels she could beat her too. Ciera insists that she was telling Monica the truth about the vicious things that Tyson and Gervase have said about her. Gervase wonders why Ciera didn’t tell Monica these things earlier when they supposedly happened versus waiting until she needed Monica to vote with her. When Hayden suggests that Tyson is controlling his alliance, Gervase gets upset and insists Tyson is not. Monica admits that what Ciera told her about Tyson and Gervase hurt her, but that she is resilient. She says, “Morality and ethical issues are going to bite you in the ass in the end.” Hayden invites Monica to show everyone, including her family, that she is strong and independent and not Tyson’s lap dog. Tyson asks Monica if he has ever told her what to do. Before Monica can answer, Ciera encourages her to make it Monica Culpepper’s game. The Kasama tribe then votes. Before revealing the votes, Jeff asks if anyone would like to play a hidden immunity idol. Nobody does. Jeff reveals all five votes. Hayden gets three votes. Gervase gets two votes. So, Hayden Moss, Kat’s boyfriend is voted out of SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS WATER and heads to Redemption Island.