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Season 27: Episode 14 - It's My Night
Posted on Dec 16, 2013 12:10pm


It’s night 35 of SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS WATER and Ciera, Tyson, Gervase and Monica are just returning from Tribal Council where Hayden was voted out. Ciera admits, “Tonight did not go according to plan. Hayden went home. I planted that little seed with Monica and it just didn’t work.” Ciera hopes that her mom Laura M. will win the next duel and come back in the game to work with her. Tyson would like to go to the end with Monica and Gervase. He still has the hidden immunity idol and is willing to use it to keep Monica loyal to him. Tyson then shows Monica the hidden immunity idol and tells her that she can take it, since he doesn’t plan on using it in the game. She refuses to take the idol, since she feels it belongs to Tyson. Tyson worries that the person who comes back from Redemption Island will woo Monica over to their side. He comments, “Gervase and my goal needs to be to keep Monica tight with us.” Monica does not feel like she is Tyson and Gervase’s lap dog, as Ciera and Hayden called her at Tribal Council. Her plan is to be open to staying with Tyson and Gervase or switching to an alliance with Ciera and whoever comes back from Redemption Island. Monica reveals, “I want to be on both teams. Two chances of going to the final three.”


Meanwhile, Hayden arrives at Redemption Island, much to the disappointment of Tina and Laura. They were hoping that Tyson, Gervase or Monica would show up tonight instead. Hayden admits, “This is the second time I’ve played a game like this and this is the first time I’ve been voted out and getting voted out sucks.” Laura is so happy when she hears from Hayden that her daughter Ciera won the immunity challenge today. Tina, Laura and Hayden discuss the fact that one of them will make it out of Redemption Island and will hopefully make it to the final three. Hayden hopes that he will be the one to get back in the game. He reveals, “I get to compete against two grandmas. I like my chances. I really do.”


The next morning Hayden reads tree mail to Tina and Laura. It tells them that they are going to compete in the final duel where the winner will return to the game and the other two will join the jury. As Hayden, Tina and Laura are walking out to the duel, Laura reveals, “I am so ready for this duel today.” She plans on winning the duel and getting back in the game so she can join up with her daughter Ciera. REDEMPTION DUEL: A LEG UP The Kasama tribe arrives at the Redemption Arena. Tina, Laura and Hayden enter the arena to compete in this final duel. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the duel. They are each going to place one foot at the end of a balancing board. At the other end of the board is a ceramic vase. When their vase falls, they are out of the duel. The last person left standing with their vase intact will rejoin the game and continue their quest for the million dollars and the title of sole SURVIVOR. The losers are out for good and become the fifth and sixth members of the jury. As soon as the Redemption duel begins, Laura immediately has trouble keeping her balancing board steady. This causes her vase to wobble. She stabilizes it, hoping to make it to the end and win her sixth duel. After fifteen minutes have passed, Hayden and Tina look strong, but Laura starts to move around again. She is determined not to drop her vase so she hops around to try and stabilize it. After a lot of work, Laura makes a good recovery and her vase is no longer moving. Hayden wipes sweat out of his eyes, which unfortunately causes him to slip and drop his vase. So, Hayden is the first one out of the challenge and becomes the fifth member of the jury. Now only Tina and Laura are competing to stay in the game. As Laura starts to wobble again she pleads, “Tina let me have it please.” Tina responds, “No way sister. I love you, but this is a million dollar challenge honey.” After thirty minutes, Tina’s leg starts to shake. Her vase almost falls but she saves it. Laura’s vase then begins to move again. This time she can’t stop it from falling. So, Laura is out of the duel and becomes the sixth member of the jury. Tina wins the duel and earns the right to get back in the game. Before he tosses his buff in the urn, Hayden admits that SURVIVOR has taught him to appreciate his loved ones. Laura feels like a failure for losing the duel. Ciera tells her mom that she is proud of her and that she has taught her to be a better person and a better mom in this game. Since, Tina won the duel and is back in the game, she keeps the clue to the location of the hidden immunity idol.


Ciera is disappointed that her mother Laura is out of the game. She admits, “I’m by myself. My mom is not coming back.” Tina is so happy to be back in the game. She knows it will not be easy to make it to the end though with a strong alliance of Tyson, Gervase and Monica. Tina comments, “I definitely either have to find the idol or I have to try and talk Monica into going to a three girls or all moms alliance.” Tina shares the clue to the location of the hidden immunity idol with Ciera. It tells them that the idol is in a large tree with wide branches behind their camp. Tina immediately locates the tree which matches the description and starts climbing and searching through it. Ciera comments, “For a fifty some year old women, she has no fear and she acts like she’s a twenty year old.” After much searching, Tina doesn’t find the idol. Ciera tells her that Tyson may have already found it. So, Ciera and Tina move to their second option of trying to get Monica to join the two of them and go against Tyson and Gervase. Tina, Ciera and Monica talk at camp. Tina tells Monica that the jury is mad at her for not being loyal. Monica is surprised and upset to hear this. Ciera tries to encourage Monica to work with them using a softer approach than Tina. She starts by complimenting her on doing well in the challenges and playing a good social game. Ciera says, “To make a move at this point against Tyson and Gervase would be epic.” She tells Monica that this type of move could win her the game. Monica listens to Tina and Ciera. She comments, “I got a lot of sorting out to do. I don’t know what direction I’m going to go, but this is a brutal game.”


The Kasama tribe arrives at the challenge. Jeff explains the rules of the individual immunity challenge to the final five contestants. They will each pull on a rope to level out an unbalanced table. They will then race out and collect wooden blocks while holding onto the rope to keep the table balanced. They will bring the blocks back one at a time and attempt to place them on the table. If their table wobbles and the blocks fall, they will have to reset them. The first person to get all ten blocks on their table wins immunity and is safe tonight at Tribal Council. They will be guaranteed a spot in the final four. After 37 days, one of the losers will be voted out tonight. The challenge begins and they all pull on their rope to level their table and place their first block. As they go to retrieve their second block, Gervase and Tyson don’t keep their tables steady, so their block falls and they have to go back to set it upright again before bringing back a second block. Ciera, Monica and Tina all successfully place their second block with no problems. As the challenge continues, Gervase stays one block behind the rest, while Tyson catches up with the women. So, Ciera, Monica, Tina and Tyson are all on their fourth block. On the way to get her fifth block, Monica’s table moves too much and all four blocks fall. So she has to go back and reset them before retrieving her fifth block. The same thing happens to Tina and Ciera, so now Tyson is in the lead. Monica and Ciera are the first to recover and start putting new blocks on their table, trying to catch up to Tyson. Tina keeps knocking over her blocks as she rushes to try and catch up with the rest of them. As Tyson places his eighth block, Monica and Gervase are only one block behind him with seven blocks. Tyson only needs to place two more blocks. Ciera almost catches up, but then her blocks fall. With only two more blocks to go, both Monica and Gervase knock over their blocks. In the end, Tyson wins immunity when he places his tenth and final block before any of the others. As he walks out of the challenge, Tyson reveals, “I never really imagined myself in this position with the immunity necklace on day 37, but I’m not going to celebrate because I’m not done.”


Tyson is in a good position going into Tribal Council with both the immunity necklace and the hidden immunity idol. He admits, “It feels good. I can relax a little bit today. The main thing is, who do we vote out tonight?” Tyson, Gervase and Monica step away from camp and discuss whether to vote out Ciera or Tina tonight. Gervase wants Ciera to go, since he feels she is more dangerous in the game because she has made bigger moves. Monica prefers that Tina go because she doesn’t have any enemies on the jury. Tyson sees merit in both their arguments and decides to take the heat off himself and let Monica and Gervase make the final decision. Gervase and Monica debate whom to vote out. Gervase doesn’t trust Ciera and feels she lies too much. Monica points out that Tina bullied her and that Tina has too many friends on the jury. Gervase accuses Monica of letting her emotions dictate her vote instead of strategy. He doesn’t want Monica to win this argument and pushes strongly for her to vote Ciera. Monica feels bullied by Gervase and doesn’t appreciate it. She vents, “Gervase if you are in an alliance with someone, you’d better be nice, because in the end you really might need them.” Later, Tina, Ciera and Monica are at camp, while Tyson and Gervase are down by the beach. Monica approaches Tina and Ciera and offers to vote with them to get Gervase out tonight. Tina is worried that Tyson may have the hidden immunity idol and use it to keep Gervase safe. Monica feels that he would not expect Gervase to be in trouble. Tina comments, “I would love for this season to go out with a huge upset and a big bang. The cards are all in Monica’s hands.” As they walk out to Tribal Council, Monica reveals, “Tonight, it’s my call. I’m going to say who goes home and I’m going to make my choice based on what’s best for me.”


The Kasama tribe arrives at Tribal Council and is joined by the jury members Aras, Vytas Caleb, Katie, Hayden and Laura M. Tina admits that it is her and Ciera against Tyson and Gervase. Monica reveals that Ciera and Tina encouraged her to make a big move and vote with them to take out the villains Tyson and Gervase. Tyson swears that he has never called Monica a lap dog and only referred to her as someone he can count on. Monica admits that it has been a very difficult day and the game is definitely getting to her. She vows to vote and play the game in the way that is best for her. The Kasama tribe then votes. Before revealing the votes, Jeff asks if anyone would like to play a hidden immunity idol, because it is the last night that anybody can play it. Tyson pulls out the hidden immunity idol and gives it to Gervase to play. Jeff reveals four votes. Ciera gets two votes. Gervase gets two votes. Since Gervase played the hidden immunity idol, the votes against him don’t count. So, Ciera Eastin, Laura’s daughter is voted out of SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS WATER and is now a member of the jury.


Tina tells Monica, Tyson and Gervase that she was shocked that they voted out Ciera and not her. She reveals, “Once again I’m going to have to win at the challenge tomorrow.” Monica realizes that Tyson and Gervase were not sure how she was going to vote tonight since Tyson gave Gervase the idol to play. In fact, she felt blindsided herself when Tyson pulled out the hidden immunity idol and gave it to Gervase, since they had not discussed that as an alliance. Monica comments, “Now my strategy is to regroup and to win the fourth immunity tomorrow, so I can be in control of my own destiny.” IT’S DO OR DIE The sun is rising on day 38. Tina is sitting on the side of a hill enjoying the view as the sun rises over the ocean. She reveals, “The only way that I’ve got a chance in this game to get to the final three is to win today’s challenge.” Tyson is over by the fire. He no longer has the hidden immunity idol to keep him safe, so he also feels that he must win the immunity challenge today. Tyson comments, “It’s make or break. It’s do or die right now.”


The Kasama tribe arrives at the final immunity challenge. Whoever wins this challenge guarantees themselves a place in the final three and a chance to plead their case for the million-dollar prize. Jeff explains the rules of the individual immunity challenge to the final four contestants. They will race through a series of obstacles collecting bags of puzzle pieces two at a time. They will then run up the stairs to their puzzle station and drop them off. Then they will race down a giant water slide to go through another obstacle to collect the next two bags of puzzle pieces. Once they have all six bags, they will use those pieces to solve a puzzle. The puzzle will help you solve a combination lock. The first person to finish and raise their flag wins immunity. One of the losers will be voted out at Tribal Council tonight and become the eighth and final member of the jury. The challenge begins and they all run off to different obstacles to collect their bags of puzzle pieces. Monica is the first to collect two bags and heads up the stairs. Gervase is right behind her. As they are climbing up the stairs, Gervase tries to pass Monica and yells, “Oh your left!” Monica doesn’t let Gervase by, but instead gets in the middle of the stairway and puts her elbow out to her left to block Gervase. They both make it to the top, drop off their bags and head back down the water slides to their next obstacle. Tyson in is third place and Tina is in fourth place. After collecting two more bags, Monica is still in the lead, with Tyson now a close second. Gervase is now in third place and Tina is still last and slowing down. Tyson is the first to get his last two bags and start on his puzzle, but Monica and Gervase are close behind. Tina still needs to collect her last two bags. She finally gets them and joins the other three after they have already made good progress on their puzzles. Tyson is the first to finish his puzzle. He reads it to get the clues to solve the combination lock. After he reads the puzzle, Tyson heads down the slide and starts climbing up the stairs again, counting the steps this time. When he returns to the puzzle stand, he puts numbers into his combination lock and opens the lock. Tyson wins the final immunity challenge and insures himself a spot in the final three.


The final four return to camp from the final immunity challenge. Monica and Tina congratulate Tyson on his win. Tyson comments, “This is the first time I’ve made it to day 39.” He considers it to be one of the best days of his life. Monica teases Gervase about blocking him on the stairway during the challenge. Gervase comments, “I was a little bummed by not winning, but then I’m even more bummed because Monica checked me.” He thought they had a common goal of not letting Tina win. Gervase and Tyson celebrate getting to day 38 and having the end in sight. Gervase reveals, “The agenda’s real simple tonight. Three votes for Tina and she goes home. So now it’s every man and woman for themselves.” Next, Gervase spends some time with Tina and explains his game plan for playing SURVIVOR, all the while hoping to win her jury vote. Monica listens in as she sits by the fire. Monica comments, “Gervase is playing really hard for that jury vote and so I need to be on my A game for Tribal Council tonight. Maybe it’s Gervase’s time to have his name written down.” Monica talks to Tina and tells her how mad she was when Tyson played the hidden immunity idol that she was never told about. Tina recommends that they both vote for Gervase tonight. Since Tyson and Gervase would vote for Tina, that would tie up the vote at two to two and would force Tina and Gervase into a fire making challenge. Tina feels confident that she could beat Gervase in making a fire. Monica doesn’t mind voting for Gervase and paying him back for the nasty comments he has made about her behind her back. She comments, “Here’s the dilemma. What if Tina won? Would I want to sit next to Tina?”


The Kasama tribe arrives at Tribal Council and is joined by the jury members Aras, Vytas Caleb, Katie, Hayden, Laura M and Ciera. Jeff reminds them that whoever survives tonight’s Tribal Council will make it to the end. Tina admits that she either has to win today’s immunity challenge or convince Monica to vote with her in order to survive the vote tonight. Monica explains that she stopped Gervase from passing her at the challenge to pay him back for talking smack about her. Gervase admits that he was surprised by her move. Monica is proud to have been a crucial vote in the last three Tribal Councils. She explains, for this Tribal Council Tina came to her and recommended that they vote for Gervase and force a fire making challenge to break the tie. Gervase feels uncomfortable to hear this and hopes Monica stays loyal to him. The Kasama tribe then votes. Jeff reveals all four votes. Gervase gets one vote. Tina gets three votes. So, Tina Wesson from SURVIVOR AUSTRALIA is voted out of SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS WATER and is now a member of the jury. Jeff congratulates Tyson, Gervase and Monica informs them that now the power is in the hands of the jury. Those eight people voted out will now be the ones to determine the winner of SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS WATER.


Monica, Gervase and Tyson enjoy the beginning of day 39 by going to tree mail and finding a box full of food with champagne and orange juice on ice. Tyson is pleased and amazed that he made it to the final 3 and to the final Tribal Council. He comments, “Now I have to focus on winning a million dollars.” As they eat their breakfast, Gervase, Monica and Tyson toast each other with glasses of orange juice. Monica comments, “It’s just amazing, the final 3 and Monica did it without Brad and without her safety net and without anybody else.” She feels like this experience helped her to find herself again. Gervase is sitting at the fire feeling good about making it to the end. He comments, “After 13 years, I come back to a game that is totally different than the way I left it and I ended up in the finals.” Gervase is proud of the way he played the game.


At the final Tribal Council, Tyson, Gervase and Monica give their opening statements. Gervase addresses the jury and points out that he used the best old school and new school tactics to get to the end. He feels proud to be at the top of his game after being away from SURVIVOR for thirteen years, which is an unusual accomplishment. Gervase is especially proud of being instrumental in getting Aras voted out of the game. Monica tells everyone that she knows that they think that Tyson and Gervase drug her to the end like a puppy, but she assures them that this is not true. She made a conscious decision to go to the end with Tyson and Gervase because she felt that she could beat them since they made hurtful moves and broke promises, unlike her. Tyson knew he was a big target from the beginning, so he just wanted to have fun this season. This strategy worked until his girlfriend Rachel was voted out of the game in order to hurt Tyson. From that point on, he took the game seriously and was determined to get to the end for Rachel. Tyson starts to cry as he talks about Rachel. He assures everyone that his moves were strategic and not made to hurt anyone. Tyson reminds them that he found both hidden immunity idols and won immunity challenges when he needed to. The jury addresses Gervase, Monica and Tyson, asking them vital questions to help make their decisions as to who is the most worthy of the million-dollar prize. Vytas compliments Tyson on his game. He then reminds Tyson that his last play was telling him, “If you get me out, I promise I’m not going to give you my jury vote.” Vytas tells Tyson that he plans on keeping his word tonight. Vytas comments on Gervase’s game by saying that old school doesn’t work in SURVIVOR. He just feels that a brilliant new school player named Tyson carried Gervase through the game. Vytas then tells Monica that she turned on him and didn’t honor their friendship. He does not want to hear anything from Tyson, Gervase or Monica in response to his statements. Vytas is just going to wait and see how they respond to the questions of the other jury members. Katie only has one question, and it’s for Tyson. She first reminds him of the day she left the game when she pulled the white rock. As she was leaving the game, Tyson pointed toward a jury seat and told her that it was hers. Katie felt he did this out of malice and asks Tyson, “If you were in my shoes, would you vote for Tyson Apostol?” Tyson apologizes to Katie for saying that to her. He hopes that she will look past that, but he is honestly not sure what he would do if he were in her place. Caleb asks Gervase what his best move was in the game. Gervase responds, “I think my biggest move in the game was voting out Aras.” He explains that Tyson looked like he was making all the moves. Gervase preferred this so Tyson would get the heat. He assures everyone that he was the brains behind many of the big moves. Caleb encourages Monica to be vulnerable and answer from the heart. With tears in her eyes, Monica tells everyone how hard the game has been for her and how hard she has worked to make it to the end to make a name for Monica and to be seen as a person other than a wife and a mother. Ciera asks Tyson whether he sees himself as a villain or a hero. Tyson responds, “Everything I did was pure strategy and for that reason I would say I’m definitely not the villain.” Gervase admits that he did have plans on voting out Tyson, but the opportunity never came about when it wouldn’t have resulted in Gervase himself being voted out next. Laura starts her question by saying, “Monica I don’t know who you are.” She invites Monica to show that she is vulnerable. Monica admits that all the negative things that people have said about her devastated her, but she stayed in the game and fought past it. She adds, “Why … because it’s my time.” Tina asks them all to give her one word that best describes who they are. Monica says generous. Gervase replies honorable. Tyson answers fun loving. Hayden learns from Tyson that the hidden immunity idol was in the same tree that he was searching for it in. Hayden tells Monica that the jury perceives her as fake and they want to know her better. Monica responds, “Have you all never met a nice person? Have you all never met a person that isn’t selfish?” She is tired of being beat up and tired of trying to find the answer that they are looking for. Aras asks each of them to exclude themselves and pick one of their two opponents to recommend that he vote for and explain why. Gervase picks Tyson because he was on top of his game at all times by constantly being aware of what was happening and making plays like following people who were searching for the hidden immunity idol that he already had. Monica also picks Tyson for finding the idols and winning challenges. Tyson picks Monica because she was always loyal to him and Gervase, but acted like she was at the bottom to get information from others.

The jury members then cast their votes for the winner. Host Jeff Probst reads the votes live from Los Angeles, and with seven out of the eight votes cast for him, Tyson Apostol wins the title of Sole Survivor and the million dollar prize for SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS WATER.