Season 28: Episode 1 - Hot Girl With a Grudge
Posted on Feb 27, 2014 01:00am


Calling SURVIVOR “television’s greatest social experiment of all time,” the host Jeff Probst reveals that this season is going in a new direction. There are eighteen contestants, forming three groups, who represent the qualities they rely on in their daily lives – beauty, brains, or brawn. Arriving by helicopter to the island first is the Brains tribe. Each member has an individual IQ of 130 or above. They use their intellect to accomplish their goals. Spencer Bledsoe, a 21-year-old college student from Chicago, IL, is an Economics major at the University of Chicago. Spencer tied for first place in the World Open chess tournament and admits, “I certainly don’t look diabolical or a genius, both of which I am.” David Samson is also on the Brains tribe. He is 45 years old and the President of the Miami Marlins, a major league baseball team, and lives in Plantation, FL. David says, “In baseball, there is only one winner at the end. SURVIVOR is the same. So, I’ve been playing this game for a long time.” Next is Kassandra “Kass” McQuillen, a 41-year-old undefeated attorney from Tehachapi, CA. She feels others will assume that she will be just the mom of the tribe, but boasts, “I am more cunning and ruthless than 95% of the population.” Heading to the island in a speedboat is the Beauty tribe. This group includes cheerleaders, fashion models and pageant queens who rely on their looks to get ahead. Morgan McLeod, a 21-year-old ex-NFL cheerleader is from San Jose, CA. Morgan admits, “From a guy, I usually get what I want.” Also on the Beauty tribe is Jeremiah Wood, a 34-year-old male model from Dobson, NC. With his southern drawl, he says, “I’m going to win them over with my looks.” Former teen pageant queen Jefra Bland, a 23-year-old from Campbellsville, KY, has a slightly different attitude. She reveals, “I believe that beauty will help me with the social aspect of the game.” The third group this season is the Brawn tribe, who heads to the island in an open-air truck. This is the “muscle” group who believe that sheer strength is what it takes to win. Former NBA player, Cliff Robertson, 46-years-old and residing in Newark, NJ, admits, “I always played for bread and meat. If I don’t win, I don’t eat.”

Next is Sarah Lacina, a police officer in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Sarah, who is 29-years-old, describes how she took up martial arts in 2009 and says, “Getting paid to punch someone in the face. It doesn’t really get better than that.” From the same Brawn tribe is Tony Vlachos who, like Sarah, is also a police officer. Tony is 39 and resides in Jersey City, NJ. He says, “I am always jumping over cars, climbing over fences, jumping over roofs and chasing people. This game should be easy for me.” Latasha Fox, a 37-year-old accountant from St. Louis, MO who is on the Brains tribe, says, “I’m super smart. I have what it takes to win this game.” Beauty tribe member Alexis Maxwell, a 21-year-old student at Northwestern University and who resides in Addison, IL, states “I don’t see the guys going ‘Oh, I want to vote her off right away’. They don’t want to look at ugly girls all day.” Finally, Lindsey Ogle, a 29-year-old hairstylist from Kokomo, Indiana and a member of the Brawn tribe acknowledges, “I’m known as the tough brawny girl. When I feel like someone‘s out to get me, I’m going to get you back and I’m going to get you ten times harder.” As the contestants assemble into their three tribes, host Jeff Probst greets them. Jeff asks Morgan (Beauty tribe) to take a look around and decide what group she is in. Morgan responds, “I don’t want to sound conceited but I think we’re the beauty.” Spencer describes his tribe as “the nerds” compared to the third very physical looking tribe. Tony is glad to be on the Brawn Tribe and remarks, “We’re going to stomp on beauty and going to stomp on the smarts.” Jeff then surprises them all when he asks each tribe to choose a leader even though they haven’t even talked to each other yet.

The Beauty tribe selects LJ McKanas, a 34-year-old horse trainer from Boston, MA. LJ comments, “Clearly I’m the inner beauty of the group”. The Brawn tribe chooses Sarah. Her tribe mate Trish Hegarty, a 48-year-old Pilates Trainer from Needham, MA explains, “She’s pretty confident. She looks like she can get the job done.” The Brains tribe chooses David for their leader. They feel he looks like a leader because he is wearing a blue blazer. Adding another twist, Jeff asks each leader to now choose the weakest member of their group. LJ of Beauty tribe selects Morgan. LJ explains, “Morgan, she’s hot, whereas the other girls are like cute. Me, personally, I trust cute more than I trust hot.” Sarah from the Brawn tribe reluctantly selects Trish. Trish is disappointed, but tries to stay positive. David is used to making tough decisions and quickly chooses Garrett Adelstein, the 27-year-old Pro Poker Player from Santa Monica, CA as the weakest from the Brains tribe. Everyone is surprised by this choice since Garrett looks like one of the physically strongest member of the Brains tribe. David reveals, “My strategy for choosing Garrett is that he’s built like a Mack truck. He’s got brains too? Now that’s going to be a formidable combination.” Jeff informs the three outcasts, Morgan, Trish and Garrett, that they are not out of the game or their tribes. Instead, they will be taken to their camps ahead of the others via helicopter. They will then each make a decision for the tribe that just voted them out. The remaining contestants watch and worry as Morgan, Trish and Garrett board the helicopter and wonder what decision they will be asked to make. Jeff then gives each tribe a map to their camp. The Beauty tribe is named Solana and their color is purple. The Brains are named Luzon and their color is green. Finally the Brawn tribe name is Aparri and their color is orange. Jeff tells them to grab their stuff, head to the camp and begin building their shelters, as it could be a wet season.

Garrett is upset that David chose him as the weakest in the Brains tribe when he knows it is not true. He vows to get David out of the game. Reaching the Luzon camp, Garrett finds a note attached to the flagpole that gives him the choice of helping himself by taking a clue to a hidden immunity idol or helping his tribe by taking an extra bag of rice. He is not happy with his tribe, so Garrett quickly decides to help himself and reads the clue to the hidden immunity idol. It tells him to look for the idol near where water falls. Garrett comments, “I was valedictorian of my high school class, 99 percentile SATs, and for a living I am a high stakes professional poker player. So anything I do in my life I go all in.” Garrett immediately starts searching for the hidden immunity idol before the rest of his tribe gets there.

As Trish reaches the Aparri camp, she doesn’t blame Sarah for choosing her. She admits, “When I looked around, I was clearly the oldest. I was clearly the thinnest. So, I wasn’t surprised that it was me.” Trish reads the same note that Garrett received, allowing her to help herself or help her tribe. Trish struggles with the decision. Despite being divorced for 15 years and a single mom, she considers herself a team player. Struggling with the decision to be made, Trish decides to support the team and takes the rice. Walking away with the bag of rice, Trish says, “I just hope I don’t regret it.”

The helicopter drops Morgan off at the Solana camp. She can’t believe that LJ chose her as the weakest one. She wonders, “Maybe LJ was tempted by my looks and didn’t really want me around to mess with his head. That’s what I’m good at.” She reads the note and immediately decides to be selfish and take the idol clue instead of the extra bag of rice for her tribe. She knows that the hidden immunity idol can make a big difference in her game.

Back at the Brains camp, Garrett follows the clues to the hidden immunity idol, which takes him through the thick green jungle amid snakes, iguanas and other interesting animal life. Reaching the waterfall, he spends a lot of time searching through rocks and water. He starts to worry that he won’t be able to find it. With a little more searching, he is thrilled to uncover it among the rocks at the bottom of the waterfall. Garrett says, “I don’t know what the hell David was thinking, but I promise you I’m going to do everything in my power to get rid of him.”

Over at the Beauty camp, Morgan is searching through all the nooks in a huge rock formation on the beach. She is determined to find the hidden immunity idol before the rest of her tribe arrives at camp. Morgan climbs the huge rock to search more places. When she looks up from her search, she notices her other tribe mates walking down the beach towards the camp. Morgan is worried what her tribe will think about her climbing on the rocks searching for something. She admits, “If I don’t come up with something. I’m going home for sure.” As they get to the tribe flag, Morgan’s tribe wonders where she is and what decision she had to make for them. As Morgan heads towards the group, she wonders what to say to them. She decides to lie and tells them that she picked the rice, shelter material and fishing stuff over comfort items. Much to her relief, they praise her for her choices. Morgan comments, “I for sure think I fooled them. Now I have however many days to look for the idol.” LJ encourages everyone to work together to build a shelter and start a fire to boil water. He is suspicious of Morgan for being so calm after just being kicked out by her tribe. LJ comments, “She either already has an immunity idol or she has a clue. So, I’d better be on my best behavior, because she can be a hot girl with a grudge.” Brice Johnston, a 27-year-old Social Worker from Philadelphia, PA decides to align with Morgan. He assures her that he would not have voted her out. Brice points out that LJ seems to be pairing up with Jeremiah and Alexis is pairing up with Jefra, so he recommends that the two of them work together. Morgan agrees. Later, the Beauty tribe is thrilled when LJ and Jeremiah start a fire with bamboo and dried out leaves. Alexis is proud of her Beauty tribe. She says, “We can kick butt out here. We’re doing it.”

Trish greets the Brawn tribe to their camp with a big group hug. She tells everyone she had the opportunity to go for the hidden immunity idol but opted for the bag of rice for her tribe instead. Everyone is thrilled, especially Sarah, who made the decision to pick Trish as the weakest. Tony reveals, “If I was in Trish’s shoes there would have been only one bag of rice and one idol in my pocket.” The tribe begins work on their shelter. As they chop down bamboo and tree limbs and gather palm leaves, Lindsay states, “Looking through all of my team members, I can tell that any challenge that will have physical strength in it, we’re definitely going to dominate.” Yung “Woo” Hwang, a 29-year-old Martial Arts Instructor from Newport Beach, CA, strikes up a conversation with Cliff while working on the shelter. Woo admits to Cliff that he recognizes him from playing with the Portland Trailblazers. Other tribe members ask Cliff about his basketball career, but nobody seems to be making a big deal about it. Cliff is relieved by this and comments, “I can play this game and not worry about my tribe mates judging me for what I did.” Meanwhile, Tony and Sarah are working on starting a fire. Both are police officers but neither of them knows that yet. Sarah notices that Tony has the “look” of being a cop and asks him if he is. Tony lies to her and says that he was in construction. He feels that if he admits he is a cop, he will be seen as a threat. Tony asks Sarah what she does for a living and she tells him she is a cop. Sarah states, “I don’t think I can trust him, so he has to go as soon as possible.”

Garrett greets the rest of the Brains tribe as they arrive at their camp. Spencer believes that David was wrong in selecting Garrett as the weakest member. Garrett tells the group he found still water and a waterfall. He admits that he didn’t start building the shelter though, because he is no architect. J’Tia Taylor, a 31 year old Nuclear Engineer from Chicago, IL quickly speaks up and tells everyone that she has a plan for a shelter. They are all thrilled to hear it. J’Tia says, “I’m going to build that shelter. I’m not going to cut the bamboo, but I’m going to tell them how to build and it’s going to be an awesome shelter.” She begins ordering her tribe mates on what to gather, how to cut it, and how to put it all together. Latasha comments, “J’Tia took the leadership role, and her approach is not the sleekest, and she does come off really confrontational and bossy.” The team quickly gets frustrated with J’Tia’s leadership style. As the foundation of the shelter is complete and they start putting bamboo down to lay on, Latasha sits on the bamboo and the foundation immediately collapses. Kass admits, “Not very smart for the Brains tribe.”

Jeff Probst greets the contestants and introduces the first challenge. They will have to maneuver a cart through an obstacle course. At each tower, they will have to retrieve a key to unlock a chest, put the chest on the cart and continue on until all three chests are on the cart. Then the cart must be disassembled, slid through a barricade, put back together, and taken to the finish line, where two people from the tribe will put together a giant dragon puzzle from the pieces in the chest. The first two tribes to finish will receive immunity and be safe from the vote at Tribal Council. The first tribe to finish will receive a deluxe fire making kit. The second tribe to finish will get fire in the form of flint. The losing team will go to Tribal Council and have one member voted out. Both the Beauty and the Brawn tribes do well in the first part of the challenge. They work together well to move their carts through the obstacle course and collect their chests of puzzle pieces. The Brains tribe on the other hand has a difficult time using the keys to unlock their chests and get them on the cart. The Brawn tribe is the first to get their cart and the chests through the barricade and start working on their puzzle. The Beauty tribe is a close second. The Brains tribe has the hardest time figuring out how to get their cart and crates through the barricade, which puts them even further behind. Jeff comments, “One of the worst performances out of the gate in the history of SURVIVOR.” LJ and Alexis make quick work of the puzzle for the Beauty tribe and win them the first place spot, therefore winning them both immunity and the deluxe fire making kit reward. Lindsey and Sarah complete the puzzle for the Brawn tribe, coming in second and winning them immunity and the flint reward. Kass and Latasha try their best on the puzzle for the Brains tribe, but they can’t even get half of it done before the challenge is over. So the Brains (Luzon) tribe will go to Tribal Council and have to vote out one of their members.

The Brains tribe returns to their camp after the challenge on day 3. Garrett, Spencer, Latasha and J’Tia are in the water relaxing while discussing their poor performance. Latasha says, “We’re book smart, but when it comes to playing this game, we’re dumb.” David and Kass take a walk out of camp and discuss the challenge. Kass points out that there has been no execution in camp or at the challenge. David asks Kass her opinion on voting out Garrett or J’Tia. He views Garrett as more of a threat than J’Tia and is disappointed with Garrett’s performance at the challenge. Kass disagrees. She sees Garrett as physically strong and a workhorse while J’Tia is dead weight and disruptive to the tribe. Later, J’Tia approaches Kass to discuss the vote. Kass is honest with J’Tia and tells her that she is leaning towards voting her out because she is not helpful around camp. J’Tia gets upset when she hears this. She reveals, “I just hope I have not ruined my chances. I might have.” A little while later, Latasha checks in with J’Tia. J’Tia tells Latasha that Kass wants to vote her out. Latasha points out to J’Tia that she was bossy and not helpful with the shelter building and that may have aggravated some people. Garrett joins Latasha and J’Tia and tries to reassure J’Tia that she won’t be voted out. He tells them that they are all safe and that David is the one going home tonight. Garrett explains, “I do think he’s a schemer and he’s already made it clear that he wants to get rid of me.” Garrett leaves to go talk to Spencer to see if he will be the fourth and final vote to oust David. Spencer is worried that David may have a hidden immunity idol. He has seen that David and Kass walk off and wander around. Spencer recommends, “Since J’Tia’s a pain in the ass, let’s just vote her out.” Garrett is the one with the idol but he is keeping that secret to himself. He’s worried about voting for David without four solid votes. As the thunder and rain approach, the Brains tribe heads off to the Tribal Council.

Jeff Probst instructs each tribe member to light his or her torch. The fire represents their life. When their torch is snuffed, they are out of the game. J’Tia quickly opens up and states she thinks she will be the one voted off. J’Tia admits that her big plan for the shelter didn’t work and, in fact, it fell on its side. David confirms that J’Tia was bossy and her plan for the shelter did not work. J’Tia responds, “I’m always open to suggestion. I want to succeed as a tribe.” Jeff asks Garrett how it felt to be chosen by David as the weakest member of the tribe. Garrett responds, “It sucks. It’s never fun to be sort of cast as the outsider.” He feels pretty confident though that he can trust his alliance and will not be voted out tonight. David confirms that Garrett is safe tonight. As it nears the casting of the votes, J’Tia points out that she does not want to be voted out tonight. She recommends, “I think if you are talking about getting further as a tribe, you can’t think about the last two-thirds. You got to think about that first third and getting there.” J’Tia is referring to David’s original reason for choosing Garrett as the weakest member. She then proposes that David be the one voted out tonight. As the thunder and lightning become louder, the tribe casts their votes. Before he reveals the votes, Jeff asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. Garrett coughs and looks away. J’Tia receives 2 votes. David gets 4 votes. So, David Samson, the 45-year-old President of the Miami Marlins from Plantation, FL is first person voted out of SURVIVOR: CAGAYAN. David leaves with no hard feelings and considers himself the luckiest person in the world. Jeff gives the remaining tribe members fire in the form of a flint and tells them they should get their act together.

The next morning, the Brains tribe is regrouping from last night’s Tribal Council. J’Tia gets to work on building a fire. Garrett feels accomplished with David’s departure, but is having a hard time dealing with living in the outdoors with very little food. He comments, “I want to play SURVIVOR like to outwit and outplay people. I don’t want to play SURVIVOR to survive in the wilderness.” Garrett and Spencer discuss their next vote. Garrett suggests that they work with Kass and concentrate on voting off J’Tia or Latasha next. Spencer agrees. So, they approach Kass to discuss the plan. Kass knows she is the odd man out now that David was voted out. Latasha and J’Tia have bonded and Spencer and Garrett are working together. So, Kass agrees to join forces with Spencer and Garrett, but will only do so if it works to her benefit. She reveals, “It’s game on as long, as long as it’s not me.”

Over at the Brawn tribe, Cliff and Woo decide to take the boat out to do some fishing. Cliff comments, “I like Woo and you got to have a wing man. Batman always had Robin. Jordan had Pippen. Cliff has Woo.” Unexpectedly, their boat tips over and throws Cliff and Woo over board. When Cliff and Woo get the boat back to camp, they get help from Tony to turn it over and get the water out. Sarah notices that Cliff is the most likeable guy on the tribe. Tony is also aware that Sarah, Lindsey and Woo like Cliff. He doesn’t know what basketball team Cliff played on and doesn’t care. Tony admits, ”This is a game. I understand how the game is played. I just got to make sure I’m aware of what’s going on.”

Like the other tribes, the Beauty tribe members begin to form their alliances at Solana camp. Brice keeps a close eye on everyone. He reveals, “There’s a lot of people playing dumb out here and I’m onto it.” He feels Alexis is just being a flirt. Brice is not sure about Jefra, who is asking the others about urinating and bowel movements. Brice comments, “All of her crayons in the crayon box aren’t bright.” Jeremiah and Morgan are hitting it off. Morgan thinks of Jeremiah as just a friend, but admits, “I think if I needed to, I could definitely reel him in and he would be right there in my back pocket.” Brice proposes to Morgan and Jeremiah that the three of them work together and be the brains of the tribe. Morgan and Jeremiah agree. TONY BUILDS A SPY SHACK Back at the Brawn tribe, Trish brings a pile of wood into camp for the fire. She suggests to Lindsey that they could always use more wood to keep the fire going for 39 days. Lindsey confronts Trish and asks if she has an issue with her. Trish responds, “Well, we’re all trying to chip in.” Trish leaves camp to go get some more wood. Lindsey mocks Trish in front of the rest of the tribe. She vents, “I can’t stand her voice. I can’t stand her attitude. I can’t stand the fact that she’s so judgmental.” Trish talks to Tony about Lindsey. He encourages Trish to stay strong and assures her that he will support her. Tony goes back to building the shelter and tells Trish that he will fill her in on the details of his plan later. As Tony is building the shelter he is including a concealed area where he can secretly listen in on conversations. He calls it the “spy shack.” Tony reveals, “My main target is Cliff.” He sees Cliff as the current leader of the group, so he wants to take him out first.

The three tribes come together for this next challenge. The Brawn and Beauty tribes learn that David was voted off the Brains tribe. Jeff Probst takes back the immunity idols and announces the next challenge. Each tribe will swim out to a large bamboo cage. Each member will climb up over the wall and jump into the water to find four large fish traps. Then the cage doors are to be untied and opened to push the traps through. Each tribe needs to swim their traps back to shore. One tribe member will then use the pieces inside the fish traps to solve a very complicated fish puzzle. The first two tribes to finish will win immunity. Losers will go to Tribal Council where the second person will be voted out of SURVIVOR: CAGAYAN. In addition, the first tribe to finish will win a large fishing kit that contains everything they need to not only catch fish but to also cook it. The second tribe to finish wins a slightly smaller fishing reward – weights, lures and fishing line. Because both the Brawn and Beauty tribes each have one extra member on their team, Jeff asks each tribe to select the person who will sit out this challenge. The Brawn tribe selects Cliff, while the Beauty tribe chooses Brice. The Brawn tribe swims out fastest and reaches their cage first, followed by the Beauty tribe in second. J’Tia from the Brains tribe is the slowest swimmer and causes her tribe to be the last to reach their cage. Once over the wall and into the water, all three tribes work well together and take turns to unlock their cages. The Brawn tribe is the first to get their gate released while the Beauty tribe is the last to get theirs released. Now each tribe works to get the heavy fish traps out and back to shore. The Brains tribe makes up a lot of time and is the first to get back to shore with their fish traps. The Brawn tribe is now in second. The Beauty tribe is in last place. J’Tia begins working on the puzzle for the Brains tribe. The Brawn tribe reaches shore and the Beauty tribe is still struggling to get their fish traps to shore. The Brawn tribe begins removing their pieces only to realize that two members are now bleeding – Tony from his foot and Sarah from her finger. Sarah begins solving the puzzle for the Brawn team despite bleeding all over the puzzle. The Beauty tribe is still in the water. Sarah has now placed the fourth puzzle piece while J’Tia has only placed one piece in the puzzle. The Beauty tribe now reaches shore to begin putting their puzzle together. Brawn is the first tribe to complete their puzzle, winning immunity and the large fishing reward. LJ is working on the puzzle for the Beauty tribe and is now tied with J’Tia. LJ picks up speed and beats J’Tia at solving the puzzle. The Beauty tribe wins immunity and the smaller fishing reward. The Brains tribe must once again go to Tribal Council. J’Tia is sad and says, “I feel like I let my tribe down.”

The Brawn tribe returns to camp feeling victorious. They congratulate Sarah for quickly solving the puzzle. Both Sarah and Tony were cut up during the challenge. Sarah comments, “That’s the Brawn tribe for you. That’s what we do – blood, sweat and tears. We get the job done.” Tony is thrilled with the fishing reward but wonders if there is a clue to the idol in the basket and begins to search. He finds a piece of paper and puts it in his pocket. Tony later reads it and realizes it is a clue to the hidden immunity idol. He begins searching for it and finds it in the pond behind the camp. Tony is thrilled and decides to keep the idol to himself. He raises his arms and proclaims, “ I’m King of the Jungle”.

Returning defeated to their Luzon camp, Garrett asks the tribe if they should have individual conversations or discuss the vote as a group. He is trying to determine Kass’ loyalty and asks her for her opinion in front of everyone. Kass quickly responds that J’Tia should go based on her poor performance in the challenge. Spencer says it makes sense, but asks Garrett if they are having an open forum. Garrett confirms the open forum and agrees to vote J’Tia. Latasha objects to the open forum and wants to talk individually to each group member. Latasha comments, “I absolutely love SURVIVOR and now that I’m here, it’s frustrating to play with people that don’t want to play the game.” Garrett refuses to have side conversations, so Latasha suggests that he quits, since it appears that he really doesn’t want to play the game the way it should be played. Spencer thinks that Garrett is being stupid for wanting an open forum, saying, “Now that you guys have put it all out in the open, we have to baby sit these girls and make sure that they go home.” Later, Kass and Latasha get away from the others and talk at the beach. Latasha suggests shaking things up and encourages Kass to join with her and J’Tia to vote out Spencer or Garrett. Not trusting Kass and Latasha, Spencer and Garrett join them at the beach, thereby leaving J’Tia alone at camp. J’Tia is so angry that she decides to take matters into her own hands and dumps out the bag of rice into the fire. She says, “This is what happens when you leave crazy people alone.” The group returns and finds that all of the rice has been poured out on the fire. J’Tia tells them that she doesn’t know what happened. Garrett comments, “I had such a hard time out here already. It just brings me to a new rock bottom.” Kass begins wondering what the criteria are for being on the Brains tribe. She was going to approach J’Tia about changing the game but admits, “I can’t align with someone like that.”

The Brains tribe returns for a second time to the Tribal Council. Jeff Probst sees the sad looks on their faces and asks Spencer what is going on. Spencer talks about the open forum they had to discuss the Tribal Council, which is something that is not done on SURVIVOR. Latasha admits that she wanted to talk to Spencer and Garrett alone and didn’t want the open forum. Garrett explains that he wanted Kass to know that they were going to be working with her. J’Tia is tired of Garrett calling all of the shots and admits that she threw the rice in the fire. She adds, “Not my best moment.” Latasha explains why she wanted to have private conversations, as J’Tia can be volatile. Jeff comments, “There’s a reason blindsides work. It’s not because they’re fun. It’s because they’re effective.” Kass feels everyone is paranoid. She explains if Garrett had not been so paranoid about what her and Latasha were talking about down at the water, then J’Tia would not have been left alone with the rice. Latasha feels like her game is being stifled when Garrett won’t let them strategize. Garrett objects to Latasha’s comments and accidentally mentions an alliance but quickly corrects himself and says “tribe.” Kass chuckles and assures everyone that she is not in the alliance with Garrett. Garrett shoots back and asks her, “You don’t think you, Spencer and I worked out an alliance on day four?” Latasha and J’Tia are surprised to hear Garrett’s comment. Garrett backtracks and tries to shift the blame to Kass as the mastermind for the alliance. The other tribe members begin to see through Garrett’s double talk. Now it is time to vote. Before counting the votes, Jeff asks if there is an immunity idol to be played. None are offered. Jeff reveals the votes. Garrett receives three votes and J’Tia gets two. So, Garrett Adelstein, the 27 year old Pro Poker Player from Santa Monica, CA becomes the second person to be voted out of SURVIVOR: CAGAYAN.