Season 28: Episode 2 - Cops-R-Us
Posted on Mar 6, 2014 12:00am


On night 6, the Brains tribe returns to camp after Tribal Council feeling defeated. Since, Garrett was just voted out, Spencer is the now the only male member left on the tribe. He admits, “I’m definitely the odd man out right now. I’m going to have to resort to all kinds of crazy creative ideas, just to have a shot at this thing.” J’Tia is relieved that she was spared being voted off. Although, Latasha is still upset with J’Tia for dumping out their rice, she proposes to Kass and J’Tia that they form an all girl alliance against Spencer. The three women agree to work together. Kass is still concerned with J’Tia’s volatility and hopes that with this new alliance, J’Tia will be more loyal to her.

Meanwhile, at the Brawn camp, Sarah joins Tony at the campfire. Tony confirms Sarah’s suspicions and admits to Sarah that he is a cop. Sarah is thrilled and knows that cops are traditionally very loyal to one another. She comments, “You better believe I’m going to stick by his side. We’re going to be partners in crime.” Next, Tony lies to Sarah and tells her that he overhead Lindsey and Cliff discussing voting her out next, because she is too smart. Tony explains, “I just told her I heard stuff just so I could try to get her on my side.” It works because Sarah swears on her badge that she will work with Tony. Later that night, thunder and lightning appears, soon to be followed by a torrential downpour. Everything and everybody gets wet. The tribe is huddled together under the leaky shelter trying to stay warm and dry. The next morning there is no sun to be found. It is still raining, the wind is blowing fiercely, the ocean has white caps and everyone is tired, cold, wet and miserable. Woo comments, “This is what SURVIVOR’s all about!” Tony and Sarah brave the elements and try and collect palm fronds to fortify the shelter and wood to keep the fire going. Tony admits, “This is what I envisioned hell to be like.” Lindsey looks at her water drenched foot and notices that her toenail is gone. She says, “This is the most ridiculous situation I’ve every put myself in and I just wish I hadn’t.” Sarah finds Tony to confirm their conversation from last night. Tony assures Sarah that he heard Cliff tell Lindsey to vote Sarah out. Sarah shakes Tony’s hand and confirms her commitment to work with him. She says, “It is the most sincere handshake you’ll ever have in your life. I trust it to 110%.” Tony, on the other hand, reveals that he doesn’t trust anyone on the tribe.

The Beauty tribe is also trying to survive the miserable weather. Jefra is crying and complaining about the nonstop rain and the lack of sleep and food. Her hands have been wet for so long that they are all shriveled and hurting. Jefra comments, “I feel like I’m living in a SURVIVOR nightmare today.” In the middle of the storm, Jeremiah, LJ and Brice work to rebuild the shelter, while Jefra, Morgan and Alexis just watch. LJ vents, “I guess the stereotype of beauty is starting to come in to play. I mean these girls don’t do anything.” Rather than just sit in the shelter with the others, LJ decides to look for the hidden immunity idol by the reef that Morgan was at when they came to camp on the first day. He searches around all the rocks above and below the water. Much to his delight, he finds the hidden immunity idol tied to a rock at the bottom of the ocean. LJ comments, “Who the hell looks for a hidden immunity idol in the middle of a typhoon?” He is so glad that his hard work paid off and plans to keep it a secret from the rest of this tribe.

The rain finally stops and the Brains tribe comes out from their shelter. Spencer and Kass check tree mail and find a scroll with a small Buddha type statue attached. Latasha reads the tree mail to the tribe. It mentions exchanging water between tribe members using buckets and a reward that ensures a drier shelter. J’Tia decides to cook rice. Kass volunteers to redecorate the shelter after the storm. Spencer wants to boil water, but Latasha wants everyone to practice for the upcoming challenge. She vents, “It’s a mess around here. We have an impending challenge. Someone could possibly go home and my first inclination is ‘Let’s practice.’” Meanwhile, Spencer is having a hard time being the only guy left on the Brains tribe. He explains, “I have to be patient. I have to manage my emotions and not get too down.” Finally, everyone joins Latasha down at the water and starts practicing throwing water from one person to the next with hollowed out coconut shells.

The three tribes come together and the Beauty and Brawn tribes are shocked to discover that Garrett was voted off of the Brains tribe at the last Tribal Council. Host Jeff Probst takes back the two immunity idols and describes this next challenge. Tribe members will use a bucket to scoop water from the ocean and then work together to pass the water from tribe mate to tribe mate to fill a container. When the container fills, it will drop releasing a ball. Two tribe mates will then use the ball to solve a vertical maze. First two tribes to finish will win immunity, losing tribe will go to Tribal Council where the third person will be voted off SURVIVOR: CAGAYAN. In addition, the first tribe to win will be rewarded with comfort and shelter in the form of a tarp, mosquito net, pillows and blankets. The second tribe to finish will get shelter in the form of a tarp. Since there are two extra members on the Beauty and Brawn tribes, Jeff asks each tribe to choose the two members who will sit out this challenge. The Brawn tribe chooses Tony and Lindsey, while the Beauty tribe chooses Jefra and Alexis. The Beauty tribe takes the lead right away. LJ quickly tosses the bucket of water from the ocean to Jeremiah, who then tosses it to Brice, who finally tosses the water to Morgan’s bucket. Morgan then walks up a ramp to dump what little water remains into a container. The Brawn tribe is in second with Trish tossing to Sarah, who tosses to Woo with Cliff putting the captured water into their container. Even though they practiced, the Brains tribe is once again in last. Not much water is getting from Spencer to Latasha to J’Tia to Kass. The Beauty tribe keeps their lead and is the first to fill their container and release their ball. LJ and Jeremiah then take the ball and begin to work together to move it through the maze. Not too far behind them is the Brawn tribe, who are the second tribe to fill their container. Cliff and Woo quickly find their rhythm to move the ball through the maze. They easily catch up to and pass LJ and Jeremiah. Meanwhile, the Brains tribe is still struggling to get their container filled. Once they do though, Kass and Spencer grab their ball and successfully begin to work their maze. The Brawn tribe is the first to complete the maze, winning immunity and the deluxe comfort reward of tarp, mosquito net, pillow and blankets. Surprisingly, it is the Brains tribe that comes from behind to take second place, thereby winning immunity and the tarp. The Brains tribe is elated to have finally won a challenge. J’Tia even starts crying. So, the Beauty tribe loses their early lead and comes in last place. Jeremiah and LJ struggled too much with their maze. The Beauty tribe is very disappointed with this defeat and realizes that one of them will be voted out later that night.

The Brawn tribe returns to camp feeling victorious with their comfort reward consisting of pillows, blankets, a tarp, a mosquito net and a hammock. Tony suspects that the reward items might contain a clue to the hidden immunity idol or some sort of advantage, so he quickly checks out all of the items before the others do. He comments, “My brain is ticking while theirs is not, I guess. I don’t know what’s going on with the rest of my tribe mates.” As he unfolds the hammock, a piece of paper falls out and he discovers it is a clue to the hidden immunity idol that he has already found, so hides it before others notice. The tribe installs the tarp on the roof of the shelter. They also set up the hammock and Sarah volunteers to test it out. Unfortunately, the hammock does not support her and she falls to the ground. Everyone, including Sarah, gets a good laugh from this experience.

The mood at the Beauty tribe camp is a bit somber. Everyone is tired, hungry and now they have to go to Tribal Council. LJ asks the group “Is anyone ready to go home?” There are no volunteers. LJ believes he is aligned with Jeremiah, Jefra, and Alexis and encourages his alliance to vote Brice out, because he feels Brice will be tough to beat if he makes it to the end. Brice is worried that he may be on the chopping block. He explains, “I do worry that the tribe may come together and say Brice is really maybe not a physical threat, but Brice is definitely a social threat.” So, Brice approaches Jeremiah and encourages him to vote Alexis out. Jeremiah admits to Brice that LJ wants him out. Brice tells Jeremiah that it may be LJ’s ploy to get Jeremiah out. Jeremiah agrees with Brice to vote Alexis out. Morgan strikes up a conversation with Jefra and asks her to vote Alexis out. Jefra questions Morgan as to why they would not want to vote LJ out. Morgan responds that they still need LJ for future challenges. Morgan encourages Jefra to talk to Jeremiah about it. Jefra is confused and doesn’t know if Jeremiah is with her and LJ or with Brice and Morgan. She comments, “People are throwing out strategies I’ve never heard of before. I mean it’s just absolutely nuts.” Jefra catches up with Jeremiah and questions him about the vote. Jeremiah assures Jefra that he is not with Brice and Morgan. He knows that Jefra doesn’t want to vote against Alexis and he is feeling stuck. Alexis joins Jefra and Jeremiah. She suggests that they split the vote in case someone has an idol. The boys would vote for Morgan and the girls would vote for Brice. Alexis explains, “If neither one presents an idol, then a tie equals a revote and we’ll all vote for Brice.” Jeremiah is concerned about being caught in the middle of the two alliances when the vote results in a three-way tie. Alexis, Jeremiah and Jefra approach LJ with the plan to split the vote. He agrees to it. As they head to the Tribal Council, Jeremiah realizes that he is the one with all of the power tonight, which makes him feel good. At the same time, Jeremiah admits, “After I make this vote, somebody’s feeling are going to get hurt. Somebody’s going to lose their trust in me, and that’s probably going to hurt me more then anything.”

As they arrive at Tribal Council, Jeff Probst asks each member of the Beauty tribe to grab a torch and light it. Jeff tells the Beauty tribe that fire represents life and when their torch goes out, so does their life on SURVIVOR: CAGAYAN. Brice points out that beauty is not only about a pretty face, but also about inner strength. He feels that he has transformed from a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. Jefra describes the first couple days as great and like one big party. However, the storm came and the tribe lost their momentum. That became very evident at today’s challenge. Jefra admits that until today, no one had talked strategy. Brice discusses the alliances that have formed in the tribe. He points out the LJ and Jeremiah are together, Alexis and Jefra are together and he and Morgan are on the outside of those four. Brice then admits that Alexis is probably voting for him tonight, since she has not talked strategy with him. Brice then reveals that he is planning on voting for Alexis. Alexis is shocked to hear this. Brice claims she is not pulling her weight. Morgan is aware that some people suspect she may have a hidden immunity idol and just hopes the vote goes as planned tonight. The Beauty tribe then votes. Before revealing the votes, Jeff asks if anyone would like to play a hidden immunity idol. Nobody does. Jeff reveals all six votes. Alexis gets two votes. Brice gets two votes. Morgan gets two votes, which results in a three way tie. To break the tie, Jeff calls for a revote. Alexis, Brice and Morgan will not be able to vote. LJ, Jefra and Jeremiah will vote again, but can only vote for Alexis, Brice or Morgan. Those votes are then cast. Jeff reads the results. The first vote is for Brice. The second vote is also for Brice. Since Brice receives two of the three votes, he is has the majority and is the one voted out. So, the third person voted off of SURVIVOR: CAGAYAN is Brice Johnston, the 27-year-old social worker from Philadelphia, PA. Jeff tells the remaining tribe members that they now know how to play the game and it will be interesting to see how quickly they will