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Season 28: Episode 3 - Our Time to Shine
Posted on Mar 12, 2014 11:00pm

The Beauty tribe returns to their camp from Tribe Council where Brice was just voted out. They are feeling exhausted and hope they don’t have to go to Tribal Council again soon. Morgan is upset that Jeremiah betrayed her and helped to vote out her ally Brice and she feels that she could go next. Morgan reveals, “I guess I just got to save myself.” She confronts Jeremiah and asks him why he changed his mind. Jeremiah responds that his first alliance was with LJ, Jefra and Alexis and so he wanted to honor his word. He also points out that Brice was a social threat. Jeremiah comments, “We’ll see if I made a bone head play or not.” Later, Morgan apologizes to Alexis for voting for her. Morgan insists that it was Jeremiah’s idea to vote out Alexis, since this would weaken LJ’s power in the game. She claims that Jeremiah sees LJ as his biggest competition and knew that Alexis was the person closest to him. Not completely trusting Morgan, but realizing that she could be telling the truth, Alexis now realizes she has to watch her back.

The next morning on day 9, the Brains tribe receives tree mail. It mentions winning protein and not being able to see anything. They guess that they might be blindfolded with one of them telling the others where to go. So, Spencer, J’Tia and Kass use their buffs as blindfolds, while Latasha practices giving them directions on where to go to collect things around their camp. After dumping their rice a few days ago, J’Tia reveals, “I really want to help them win food, because I put us in this food situation. So, I’m going to be busting ass in this challenge.”

All three tribes – Brains, Brawn and Beauty, come together for another challenge. Host, Jeff Probst, announces that Brice was voted off SURVIVOR: CAGAYAN at last night’s Tribal Council. Jeff then introduces the next challenge. One person from each tribe will climb to the top of a tower and act as a caller. Three other tribe members will be blindfolded. The caller will have to verbally direct two of the blindfolded members to retrieve five items. Each time they get an item, they have to bring it back and hoist it up to the caller. After the five items are retrieved, the caller will send two blindfolded members out to retrieve the last item, which is their tribe flag. The first two tribes to get their flag up to the caller will receive rewards. The first tribe to finish will receive three egg laying hens and a rooster. The second tribe to finish will receive a dozen eggs. The third tribe to finish will get nothing. To keep the challenge with an equal number of players per tribe, the Brawn tribe sits out Woo and Sarah, while the Beauty tribe sits out Morgan. The challenge begins. Not only does the caller have to direct the teams to the various items, but they also have to help them navigate through various obstacles like crates, wooden barrels and wood rails. Good communication is a must in order to win this challenge. Right off the bat, the Brains and Beauty tribes are neck and neck. Latasha, the caller for the Brains tribe, successfully leads blindfolded members Spencer and Kass to retrieve the first item. However, it is the Beauty tribe, led by caller Alexis who gets blindfolded members LJ and Jefra to get their first item hoisted up the tower. Cliff is the caller for the Brawn tribe. He has a hard time directing blindfolded Tony and Lindsey away from the various obstacles and towards the items they need to retrieve. They are not the only tribe running into obstacles though. LJ and Lindsey find a few fence rails and Kass knocks over a wooden barrel. Throughout the challenge, the Brains and Beauty tribes vie for first and second place even though the Brains tribe has a few items slip off their platform. Blindfolded J’Tia has the hardest time hoisting her side of the platform without the retrieved items falling off. Surprisingly, the Brawn tribe is consistently in third place staying at least one item behind the other two tribes. The Beauty tribe is the first to retrieve the final item, which is the flag, and hoist it up the tower. So, they win the first place reward of three egg laying hens and a rooster. The Brains tribe is the second tribe to retrieve their flag, however J’Tia once again struggles to get it hoisted up to their platform. Meanwhile, the Brawn tribe has time to catch up and get their flag. In the end, the Brawn tribe comes from behind to get second place and earn the reward of a dozen eggs. So, the Brains tribe comes in last after having a huge lead on the Brawn tribe. Spencer is upset at the loss and pulls off his blindfold and throws it on the ground.

The Beauty tribe returns to camp with their chickens feeling victorious. Jeremiah finds a note that provides a clue to the hidden immunity idol in the chicken feed bag. He reads it in front of everyone. LJ comments, “Thank God I have [the hidden immunity idol] because it would have been found today - it would have been a group idol and it would have been a huge problem.” Alexis turns to the chickens and asks, “What’s the rooster for?” There was a discussion amongst the group whether the rooster was needed to create the eggs. LJ is amazed that his tribe mates don’t know how chickens are born. He realizes that many of them fit the beauty stereotype. LJ concludes, “We all know the egg came first because dinosaurs had eggs and they were before the chickens.” Meanwhile, Jeremiah wrings the neck off of one of the chickens and the group prepares it for a tasty meal. While he has no idea of exactly what he is doing, Jeremiah hopes to score some points by killing the chicken and providing nourishment to his hungry tribe members. However, Morgan still doesn’t like Jeremiah and considers him a liar. She adds, “I don’t really understand why he’s on this tribe. I don’t think he’s that beautiful and we’re supposed to be the beautiful tribe.”

Over at the Brawn tribe camp, Lindsey and Cliff are chatting. Sarah observes the pair and sees how close they are. Sarah is concerned the pair is out to get her based on what Tony has told her in the past. She comments, “You mess with me, I’ll mess with you way worse. So, I just, I want to get Cliff out.” Sarah approaches Woo and tells him that she likes Cliff, but he doesn’t need the money. Woo agrees that Cliff is a rich ex-basketball player and doesn’t need the money like he and Sarah do. He remarks, “It’s our time to shine.” Sarah is happy that Woo seems to be on her side and willing to vote out Cliff. Although Woo is a fan of Cliff’s, he still wants to win SURVIVOR. He reveals, “I’m just trying to affiliate myself with the majority and when the opportunity is presented to me, I got to take it.” Tony sees Sarah and Woo whispering and approaches them. Sarah informs Tony that Woo will work with them to get rid of Cliff. Tony comments, “A few days ago, I went to Sarah and fed her some kind of lie telling her that I heard Cliff and Lindsey talking about her and I think from that moment on, I think I changed the game by having her on my side.” Tony warns Sarah that he does not trust Woo, but he will trust him if she does. He is pleased to now be in an alliance of four with himself, Sarah, Trish and Woo against Cliff and Lindsey. Tony swears on his badge that he will not turn his back on Sarah. However, swearing on this badge does not mean anything to Tony, who reveals, “I’m here to drag people’s dreams through the mud so I can fulfill mine.” Sarah hopes that it will just be her and Tony at the end.

The next morning, the Brawn tribe receives tree mail, which announces the next challenge. It tells them, “You’re sunk today if you can’t sink the shot.” Cliff knows that the tribe will expect him to make any basketball shots. He reveals, “I played more games than Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, so hopefully it’s a walk in the park.” Later, Sarah talks to Trish down at the beach and suggests that they intentionally lose the game, so they can go to Tribal Council and vote Cliff out. She explains, “I heard Cliff wants me out, so I’m screwed if Cliff is still here.” Trish has never intentionally lost anything before, but she says that she will do it. Sarah next asks Woo to throw the challenge. Woo does not feel good about losing a challenge, but at the same time he does not want to go against the majority. As they get ready to leave for the challenge, Woo is not sure what to do.

Jeff Probst greets the three tribes and gets the immunity idols back from the Brains and Brawn tribes. He then explains this immunity challenge. A tribe member will dive down and release a buoy and bring it back to a basket. The next tribe member will dive down to retrieve the second buoy. This continues until all five buoys have been collected. Then one tribe member will throw the five buoys into their basket. The first two tribes to successfully get all five buoys into their basket win immunity. The losers will go to Tribal Council where the fourth person will be voted out of the game. Tony and Lindsey volunteer to sit out of the challenge for the Brawn tribe, while Alexis volunteers to sit out for the Beauty tribe. The challenge begins. The first buoy is 3 feet down. LJ is the first one to retrieve it, which puts the Beauty tribe in the lead. Woo retrieves the Brawn tribe’s first buoy, so they are a close second to the Beauty tribe. J’Tia struggles to get the first buoy for the Brains tribe and ends up swimming back to the platform with no buoy. This costs her Brains tribe a lot of time. Meanwhile, the Beauty tribe successfully gets their second and third buoy. Sarah struggles for the Brawn tribe with their second buoy, which slows the momentum of her tribe down. Latasha retrieves the first buoy for the Brains tribe, but Kass is unable to get their second buoy, which puts them even further behind. Over on the Brawn tribe, Trish also struggles with their third buoy and comes back empty handed. This gives the Brains tribe a chance to catch up. Spencer jumps right in and retrieves the second buoy for the Brains tribe. Latasha tries, but is unsuccessful in retrieving the third buoy for the Brains tribe. So, Spencer jumps back in and gets the third buoy. The Brains and Brawn tribe are now tied, each having retrieved three buoys apiece. Meanwhile, the Beauty tribe has all five buoys and Jeremiah begins to throw them into the basket. Spencer gets the fourth and fifth buoys for the Brains tribe, while Woo retrieves the fourth and fifth buoys for the Brawn tribe. Before the Brains or Brawn tribe even try to throw a buoy into their basket, Jeremiah already has landed all five buoys for the Beauty tribe and therefore earns them first place in the challenge. Beauty is spared another Tribal Council. Although exhausted from retrieving most of the Brains’ buoys, Spencer takes over trying to make their baskets too. Understandably, Cliff is chosen to throw the buoys into the Brawn tribe’s basket. It is now neck and neck for second place. In order to win, it is imperative that a buoy gets returned to the thrower quickly, if they miss the basket. J’Tia does not do a good job at getting the buoys back to Spencer. So, Cliff with his shooting skill easily earns the Brawn tribe a second place finish and immunity. Even though Sarah and Trish tried to slow their tribe down in the challenge, they still won immunity. Sarah comments on the losing Brains tribe, “Green tribe I tried to help you out, but that team sucks. They deserve to lose after that.”

The Brains tribe returns to their camp feeling very disappointed. Kass, Latasha and J’Tia apologize to Spencer for their poor performance in the challenge. Spencer is upset that he has to go to Tribal Council, even though he is doing well in the challenges, but his tribe is not. He comments, “The worst part about being on this tribe is the girls have succeeded in putting themselves in a power position. The problem is by doing that, they’ve run the tribe into the ground.” Spencer talks to Kass and Latasha and reminds them that he is valuable in challenges and that they would be smart to keep him or they will continue to go to Tribal Council and get sent home. Later, Kass and Latasha discuss the vote. They trust J’Tia more than Spencer, but feel that Spencer is much better at challenges. Kass and Latasha decide to vote out J’Tia and keep Spencer, but not let J’Tia know she is going. Kass and Latasha then meet with J’Tia and lie to her by telling her that Spencer is going home tonight. They assure her that she is much more trustworthy than Spencer and that’s why she is staying. J’Tia hopes they are telling her the truth, because she is still worried about them paying her back for throwing away the rice. She admits, “My best bet now is to hope my alliance sticks,” J’Tia promises to stick with Kass and Latasha even if there is a tribe swap in the future. As Tribal Council approaches, Latasha starts to doubt her decision to vote out J’Tia because she is a loyal ally, which is valuable if the tribes get mixed up. She has one more meeting with Kass and expresses her concern. Kass is used to making big decisions in her legal career. She is okay with voting out Spencer or J’Tia. Kass explains, “Either one is the same gamble to me, because I can’t predict what’s going to happen tomorrow.”

The four remaining members of the Brains tribe return to Tribal Council for the third time. J’Tia admits that swimming is not her strength and that she usually rises to the top in highly stressful situations. Latasha points out that J’Tia has been weak in most of the challenges and therefore they try to give her the easiest task. J’Tia responds, “In SURVIVOR it’s not just about outplay, it’s also about outwit.” Latasha admits that tonight they will either keep Spencer for his performance at challenges or J’Tia for her loyalty. Kass agrees that J’Tia is loyal and does not think that J’Tia’s throwing out the rice diminishes that fact. Spencer responds, “Unpredictability is just as dangerous disloyalty at times.” He promises his loyalty to Kass and Latasha. Latasha looks over at Kass and asks her about the vote. J’Tia and Spencer know their fate in the game is being discussed right there in front of them. Kass admits that it is impossible to know what the best decision is. The votes are then cast. Before revealing the votes, Jeff asks if anyone would like to play a hidden immunity idol. Nobody does. Jeff reveals all four votes. Spencer gets one vote. J’Tia gets three votes. So, J’Tia Taylor, the 31 year old Nuclear Engineer from Chicago, IL is the fourth person to be voted off SURVIVOR: CAGAYAN. Jeff tells the remaining tribe members that if there is one thing up to now that is consistent, it is their unpredictability. Hopefully this new tribe configuration can bring some stability because they need it.