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Season 28: Episode 4 - Odd One Out
Posted on Mar 19, 2014 11:00pm

On night 11, the three remaining Brains tribe members, Spencer, Kass and Latasha, return to their camp from Tribal Council. Spencer is relieved that Kass and Latasha voted out J’Tia instead of him. He comments, “It’s a complete roller coaster ride and I’m just happy that I haven’t fallen off the roller coaster yet.” Kass tells Spencer and Latasha that she decided to vote J’Tia when she felt strongly that they would just be at the next Tribal Council again if she didn’t. Spencer and Latasha agree. Kass doesn’t like the way her tribe has played SURVIVOR so far and she wants to change that.” She vents, “We’re not the Brain tribe. We’re the crap for brain tribe.” Spencer assures them that they will be final three as soon as they beat everyone else in the other two tribes. All three of them hope this to be true, but find it hard to believe based on their track record so far. The next morning, tree mail arrives announcing a challenge with a sweet reward. The Brains tribe hopes that this means a food reward. Latasha reveals, “The decision to keep Spencer will be tested today.” She hopes that Spencer will help her and Kass win this challenge and change their luck.

The Brains, Brawn and Beauty tribes arrive at the challenge. Jeff Probst, the host, informs the members of the Brawn and Beauty tribes that J’Tia was voted off of the Brains tribe. Much to everyone’s surprise, he then tells everyone “Drop your buffs”. The Brains, Brawn and Beauty tribes are no more, but two new Aparri and Solana tribes will be formed. Jeff then asks each person to pick a new buff from a basket. The buffs are covered up, so the castaways cannot tell what color they are choosing. Each castaway then opens their buff to see which tribe they will be on. Each member of the old Brains tribe ends up with an orange buff, so they are all going to the new Aparri tribe. All of the old Brawn tribe except Sarah stick together and move to the Solana tribe. The new Aparri, represented by the orange buffs, is now made up of Spencer, Kass, Latasha, Sarah, Morgan, Jeremiah and Alexis. The new Solana tribe, represented by the purple buffs, has members Cliff, Woo, Tony, Trish, LJ, Jefra, Lindsey and Tony. Latasha is elated with her new Aparri tribe and feels they will be strong in challenges. Jefra is nervous that her and LJ are now in the minority on her new Solana tribe, since all the other members are part of the original Brawn tribe. She hopes that the Brawn members will help her new tribe win challenges. Jeff explains the rules of the reward challenge. One member of each tribe will hold onto a pole. Two members of the other tribe will then attempt to remove the person from the pole and drag them to the finish line. The first tribe to get two members from the other tribe to the finish line will win a dessert reward of coffee, donuts, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, pastries, etc. The first round begins with all women. Morgan and Sarah from the Aparri tribe try to remove Lindsey, from the Solana tribe, off the pole and across the finish line. On the other side, Jefra and Trish from Solana attempt to remove Latasha from the Aparri tribe pole. Morgan and Sarah quickly remove Lindsey’s arms from her pole, but she holds on tight with her legs. On the other pole, Latasha does a great job of holding on with both her arms and her legs, which makes it difficult for Jefra and Trish. Lindsey puts up a good fight on and off the pole, but eventually Morgan and Sarah pry her away from her pole and drag her towards the finish line. So, Morgan and Sarah, score the first point for Aparri, when they get Lindsey across the finish line first. Round two finds Spencer and Jeremiah from the Aparri tribe working to remove Cliff from the pole, while LJ and Trish, for the Solana tribe, working to remove Alexis from the pole. LJ and Trish quickly remove Alexis from the pole. Spencer and Jeremiah have difficulty getting Cliff to budge from his pole. Meanwhile, LJ and Trish get Alexis across the finish line, so the challenge is now tied one to one. For the next round, Jeff asks each tribe to put forth their strongest players. Spencer and Jeremiah return for the Aparri tribe and they are again faced with removing Cliff from the pole. Lindsey and Tony team up for the Solana tribe and their job will be to remove Sarah from the pole. Lindsey and Tony are able to remove Sarah, but she puts up quite a struggle. Spencer and Jeremiah are finally able to remove Cliff’s arms and begin working on his legs. They get his legs free but not in time. Lindsey and Tony pull Sarah over the finish line. So, the Solana team wins the reward. As Spencer walks away from the challenge, he admits, “It’s nice to upgrade from the moms to the hot girls, but at the same time it’s tough to keep losing everything.”

The Solana tribe returns to their camp and begins eating the desserts and drinking coffee. Tony reminds everyone they should eat them slowly. Meanwhile, the members of the former Brawn tribe greet LJ and Jefra from the former Beauty tribe. LJ is worried, since the former Brawn tribe members outnumber him and Jefra two to five. He knows that his hidden immunity idol will only keep him safe for one Tribal Council. LJ reveals, “My only hope is that they absorb me as a team member as opposed to a threat.” The new Solana tribe chats and become acquainted with each other, as they enjoy their reward. Trish is thrilled to find out that LJ is from Massachusetts, like herself. LJ is also happy, because he hopes this will help him form an alliance in this new tribe. Lindsey is annoyed when she sees that Trish is being so friendly to LJ. She comments, “Trish totally exaggerates her life around guys and it makes me sick.” Meanwhile Woo and Cliff are thrilled that they are still on the same team and that most of the Brawn tribe are still together. Cliff begins to worry about Trish as he watches her flirt with LJ.

As they return from the challenge, Sarah welcomes everyone to her old Brawn tribe camp. She reveals, “I’m the only original Aparri member on a tribe with three Brain and three Beauty. It’s definitely a scary position to be in.” Sarah tells the others that they are fortunate to have two bags of rice, since Trish chose the extra bag of rice over the idol clue on day one. The old Brains tribe members are happy to hear about so much rice, but Morgan is not. Morgan comments, “Sarah sort of outted me when she said that Trish picked rice instead of the idol, because I chose the clue and kept it a secret the entire time.” Morgan assures everyone that she did not find the idol and hopes that Alexis and Jeremiah will forgive her, since she lied to them on day one. Alexis realizes that Morgan cannot be trust. She reveals, “So I’m going to protect myself and jump ship right away.” Later, Alexis approaches Kass, Spencer and Latasha and proposes that the four of them form an alliance. Spencer realizes that the former Beauty tribe has their weaknesses and he hopes to be able to play off of that. Alexis fills them in on how Jeremiah flipped alliances, how Morgan lied, is lazy and that she is close to Jefra on the other tribe. Back at camp, Morgan tells Kass, Spencer and Latasha about Alexis being close to LJ. Spencer admits, “The Beauty tribe is a very gossipy tribe. They’re almost like high schoolers.” While they are cooling off in the water, Jeremiah offers to align with Kass, Spencer and Latasha to create an alliance of four. Latasha is feeling good that the old Beauty tribe members are back stabbing each other, while the her old Brains tribe is sticking together. She reveals, “Just when you think you are out of the game, things switch up and you’re back on top.”

Back at the Solana camp, Jefra and Trish go to collect water at the well and begin chatting. Trish fills Jefra in on all of the former Brawn tribe alliances and urges her to stay clear of Lindsey as she is trouble. Jefra is surprised that Trish is sharing this information with her so quickly, but is thrilled to have Trish’s confidence. She comments, “I think there might be a spot for me and LJ to squeeze in.” Trish also tells Jefra that Lindsey is aligned with Cliff and that her alliance had been hoping to remove Cliff from the game. Jefra makes sure to tell Trish that she and LJ are allies. Trish admits, “I started this game being very naïve, but I’m starting to realize that I’d better start doing what I need to do to get to the top.” Trish and Jefra head back to camp, when they see Cliff coming their way.

The two tribes arrive on their mats at the immunity challenge. Jeff takes back the two immunity idols and informs the tribes that from now on, the two tribes are only playing for just one immunity idol. Jeff then explains this immunity challenge. Each tribe will take one large log and smash it through two walls. They will then maneuver the log through a table maze. The first tribe to work through the maze and bang the gong wins immunity. Jeff asks each tribe to choose one member to sit out for the challenge. Trish sits out for the Solana tribe, while Morgan reluctantly sits out for the Aparri tribe. The challenge begins. Both tribes pick up their log and are neck and neck as they reach the first wall and try to smash it down. Aparri has difficulty keeping their log up high enough to hit the wall. Solana has more success with Tony and LJ at the front of their log and breaks through the first wall and heads to the second wall. Meanwhile, the Aparri tribe changes positions and puts their strong team members Spencer and Jeremiah up front. Their strategy works as they finally break through the first wall and rush to catch up with the Solana tribe. Both tribes break the second wall down at the same time and proceed to the table maze. At the table maze, both tribes make mistakes and have to move their log back and forth to rework the maze. The tribes are neck and neck through the maze. In the end, Aparri gets through the maze first and bangs their gong to win immunity. Tony is dumbfounded at their loss and says, “How did that happen?” Latasha gladly accepts the immunity idol for the Aparri tribe. Tony sees LJ as the biggest threat and vows to send him home tonight.

Returning to camp, the members of the Solana tribe feel very defeated. They begin to relive the challenge and discuss the loss. LJ realizes that he is a prime candidate to be voted out and begins convincing the others that he can help them with the other challenges. Cliff is concerned about the LJ and Trish connection. Cliff comments on Trish saying, “She’s out here playing with her emotions. If you get your feelings caught up in this game, that’s when foolish things happen.” Cliff encourages Lindsey, Woo and Tony to vote out LJ tonight. Woo agrees and points out that despite their differences in the past, it is important for the prior Brawn tribe members to stay together in the vote. Lindsey does not trust Trish. Woo tries to convince her that Trish is not a threat. Meanwhile, Trish and LJ discuss the vote while out gathering wood. Trish assures LJ that he is safe and that she, Tony, Jefra and him should vote out Cliff tonight. LJ is so glad to hear this and just hopes that she is telling him the truth. He admits, “If what she says is true, I might not have to play my idol.” Trish feels LJ is a much more hard working and deserving person than Cliff. She reveals, “The best part about the whole thing is Cliff does not have one single clue.” Back at camp, Lindsey once again warns Woo and Cliff not to trust Trish. Trish finds Tony next and encourages him to vote for Cliff. She reminds Tony that Cliff is strong and therefore a threat after the merge and besides that he does not talk to her or help around camp. Tony thinks Trish is crazy for wanting Cliff out now. He comments, “There’s no reason to do this right now. What we need to do is get rid of LJ.” Tony knows that LJ is not only strong but he has a good strategic mind, so he finds him very dangerous. He is worried that if they keep LJ around too long, he will end up taking them out of the game. Tony knows that Cliff is dangerous too because he can easily charm people and he is also strong. Tony is not sure how to vote. Later, Cliff checks in with Tony and reminds him that the old Brawn tribe members need to stay together and vote out LJ, no matter what Trish may want to do. Cliff admits, “I’m actually looking forward to going to Tribal Council.” He wants to get rid of Trish’s new friend LJ and bring her back to her senses and back to the Brawn tribe alliance. LJ and Jefra hope that they can trust both Trish and Tony tonight, bur realize they have no other choice. LJ will only play his hidden immunity idol, if he thinks he needs to tonight.

Jeff Probst asks the Solana tribe members who do not already have a torch to get one and to get fire as it represents their life on SURVIVOR: CAGAYAN. LJ admits that it was very intimidating and uncomfortable for him and Jefra to bring five new members back to their old Beauty tribe camp after the switch and now be in the minority. Cliff points out that even though the old Brawn tribe has the majority of people at the Solana camp, there is always one person who doesn’t feel comfortable with where they are. Cliff is referring to Trish. He reminds everyone that playing SURVIVOR is about numbers and not emotions. Woo agrees and adds that it is important to trust and stay with your alliance. Trish feels that tonight’s vote is a test of loyalty for the five former Brawn tribe members. She adds that numbers are important but only if they work for you. Jefra sees cracks in the former Brawn tribe and points out that someone on the bottom of an alliance won’t make it to the top on their own. Lindsey believes that the former Brawn tribe should stick together and that the two former Beauty tribe members are on the outs. Cliff admits that being at Tribal Council is a lot like playing in the NBA playoffs. He feels that the competition doesn’t really start until you lose one of the playoff games. Since, the old Brawn tribe has never been to Tribal Council before, now they will find out which side everyone is on. Tony agrees that tonight’s outcome will definitely shift the game. They will either move forward as a team, referring to the former Brawn tribe, or will shift and move forward with a new team incorporating the former Beauty tribe members. The Solana tribe then votes. Before reading the votes, Jeff asks if anyone wants to play a hidden immunity idol. No one responds. Jeff reveals the votes. LJ receives three votes while Cliff receives four. So, Cliff Robinson, the 46 year old former NBA All-Star from Newark, NJ is the fifth person voted off SURVIVOR: CAGAYAN. Jeff tells the remaining tribe members that they came into this wondering “Where does the loyalty lie with this group? I think you got your answer.”