Season 28: Episode 5 - We Found Our Zombies
Posted on Mar 26, 2014 11:00pm

On night 14, the Solana tribe members return to their camp after just voting out Cliff at Tribal Council much to Lindsey and Woo’s surprise. Trish knows that Lindsey is really upset that Cliff is gone, since he was her main ally and support. Trish tries to explain the vote to Lindsey, but Lindsey interrupts her right away and will not listen to a word she says. Lindsey tells Trish, “You know what, you disgust me.” Trish and Lindsey trade insults back and forth until Tony steps in and tells them to make the best of it. Lindsey admits, “I do not want to play this game with Trisha.” She decides to cool down and think things out. So, Lindsey heads down to the beach, while the rest of the tribe stays back at camp. After some time has passed and Lindsey has not returned, her tribe mates start to worry about her, since it is cold and dark and she is by herself. Jeff Probst, the host, joins Lindsey at the beach. Lindsey tells him how Trish said awful things to her and that she can’t handle it anymore. She is afraid that she will get so angry that she will flip out on Trish. Lindsey says, “I’d rather [it], you know, cost me a million dollars than for my daughter to see her mom act like that.” Jeff patiently listens to Lindsey and asks if she is quitting. Lindsey doesn’t know what else she can do and she knows that she will likely regret doing it. Jeff replies, “This is a first. No one has ever quit because they were afraid they were going to do something that they regretted and so they took a moment and said my best move is to just move on.” Lindsey admits that this game has been a big struggle for her. She asks Jeff to let the tribe know that she is leaving, so that she does not have to face them. Jeff honors her wishes and goes to the Solana tribe camp and informs them of Lindsey’s decision. Everyone is shocked to hear the news. Trish feels bad that Lindsey left after their argument, but she also is not surprised that she left now that Cliff is gone. Tony is also not surprised and is actually happy that two people left the game tonight. He remarks, “It was a beautiful thing. Two for the price of one.” LJ and Woo are both relieved that the tension is gone and the tribe can make a new fresh start. However, since Woo was in an alliance with both Cliff and Lindsey, he is worried about being the next to go.

The Aparri and Solana tribes arrive on their mats. The Aparri tribe is shocked when Jeff announces that Cliff was voted out and that Lindsey voluntarily left for personal reasons. Sarah is happy to see Cliff gone and shocked to hear about Lindsey. Alexis is happy that her two former Beauty tribe members, LJ and Jefra are still in the game. Spencer feels good that with two more people now out of the game, his changes for winning just got better. Jeff explains the rules of this reward challenge. The tribes will square off one-on-one. Each person will be holding an idol. The goal is to knock the opposing tribe’s idol off their mount before they can knock off yours. Every time a tribe knocks off the other tribe’s idol, they score a point. The first tribe to score four points wins reward. The reward is that two members of the winning tribe will be allowed to raid the camp of the losing tribe giving them the chance to better their life and make it more difficult for the other tribe. Alexis and Kass sit out this challenge for the Aparri tribe, because they have two more members than the Solana tribe. In round 1, Spencer takes on Woo. After a few moments of staking each other out, Spencer throws his idol in the air and knocks off Woo’s idol. Woo’s idol hits the ground first, so Spencer scores the first point for Aparri. In round 2, Latasha and Trish are matched up. Trish tries to swat Latasha to keep her away, but Latasha lunges at Trish’s idol. In the process, Latasha drops her idol, before Trish’s idol hits the ground. So, Solano gets this point and ties it up at one point each. In round 3, it’s Sarah and Jefra’s turn to battle. Sarah aggressively goes after Jefra’s idol and wins the battle. The score is now Aparri 2, Solana 1. In round 4, Jeremiah and LJ take their turns. As he tries to knock down LJ’s idol, Jeremiah’s idol begins to wobble and he is unable to stabilize it and it falls. The game is now tied at two each. In round 5, Morgan takes on Tony. LJ warns Tony not to look in Morgan’s eyes and be mesmerized. Morgan goes after Tony but drops her idol. So, Solana is now in the lead with 3 points compared to Aparri’s 2 points. Solana needs only one more point to win. In round 6, Spencer and Woo battle for a second time. This time Woo wins the point for Solana. So, Solana wins the match and the reward of a camp raid. Tony and Woo are selected by Solana to return with the Aparri tribe and raid their camp. Jeff gives Tony and Woo a sealed note to read when they get to Aparri. Both Tony and Woo lived at the Aparri camp, before the tribe switch, so they have a good idea of what they want to steal. Tony comments, “We made a statement. We’re less in numbers, but we’re high in morale and we showed it to them and we won the challenge.”

Tony and Woo return with the Aparri tribe to their camp. Latasha is disappointed because this current camp is so much better than her former Luzon/Brains camp and she hasn’t had much time to enjoy it yet. Tony and Woo excuse themselves and go to read the note Jeff gave them and begin strategizing. The first piece of paper instructs them to take two of the following items: comfort items, tarp and fishing kit. They decide to take the comfort items and fishing kit. A second piece of paper is a clue to the location of a hidden immunity idol back at their camp. Tony suggests that they pretend that the clue is for the Aparri tribe and they can pick someone to give it to. By doing this, they will put a target on that person and hopefully help to get them out of the game quicker. Tony explains, “I think it would be great to oust one of these people to stir up the pot and the strongest person on the Aparri team is Jeremiah." Woo thinks that is an excellent idea. Tony and Woo return to the Aparri tribe and inform the members that they are taking the comfort items and fishing equipment. Tony then tells them about the clue to the hidden immunity idol and gives it to Jeremiah. Latasha comments, “I think they are sending a signal to Jeremiah that we want to work with you.” Jeremiah leaves camp and reads the idol clue. He quickly realizes that it is the same clue that was given to his former Solana/Beauty tribe and so does not pertain to this Aparri camp, especially since it references a wall of rocks that is not at this camp. Jeremiah admits, “I’ve got six people watching me. They’re going to be watching every move I make. I might be the next one voted out.” Meanwhile, as Tony and Woo complete their raid of blankets, pillows and fishing gear, Tony realizes that he must get the clue back from Jeremiah. That way Jeremiah can’t show it to his tribe mates and prove to them that the clue does not apply to the Aparri camp. So, Tony takes it back from Jeremiah and he and Woo head back to their Solana camp.

Tony and Woo return to their Solana tribe with the blankets, pillows, mosquito netting, spices, fishing gear and a frying pan. Everyone is thrilled, especially Jefra since she and LJ never got these rewards on the Beauty tribe. Tony then shows everyone the clue to a hidden immunity idol and reveals how he used it to put a target on Jeremiah at the Aparri camp. Jefra realizes how hard Tony is playing SURVIVOR. She comments, “I’m just glad he’s on my side.” Tony decides to admit to his tribe that he is a police office and not a construction worker. He comments, “I come here to the new Solana tribe and we just bonded and it’s just harmonious now.” Trish tells Tony that she had no idea that he was lying to them before. LJ reveals, “I realize by him exposing all that stuff that I do need to be on my toes every single point in the game.” Tony pledges his allegiance to his tribe and vows to stick with them to the end.

Back at the Aparri tribe, Alexis realizes that with Jeremiah being chosen as the one who received the immunity idol clue, this puts the rest of them at a disadvantage. She explains, “The one person right now that I think is the most untrustworthy is Jeremiah.” Alexis approaches Spencer and expresses her concerns about Jeremiah. Spencer realizes that Alexis is just trying to protect herself. He comments, “You know Alexis is pretty phony to me and I think that hurts her. She is not to be trusted as far as making moves.” Later, Spencer, Alexis and Jeremiah are out collecting wood. Spencer asks Jeremiah why he thinks that Tony and Woo gave him the idol, instead of their old tribe mate Sarah. Jeremiah points out the fact that it doesn’t make sense that Aparri would get a clue, since they lost the challenge. He explains to them that the clue is for the Solana camp. Jeremiah comments, “Tony’s made a mess for me. Now I’ve got to work my way through it.” Alexis and Spencer doubt what Jeremiah is saying about the clue not being for their Aparri tribe.

Jeff Probst greets the two tribes and begins to explain the immunity challenge after taking back the immunity idol from the Aparri tribe. In this challenge, each tribe will use wooden poles to build a staircase. They will then climb the staircase and race through a bamboo maze to get to a slide. After going down the slide, one person from each tribe will maneuver a key through a rope obstacle. The key will unlock a machete which will be used to release puzzle pieces. Two tribe members will use the pieces to solve a puzzle, which reveals three numbers for a combination lock. The first tribe to solve the combination and raise their flag wins immunity. The losing tribe will go to Tribal Council where someone will be voted out. The Aparri tribe has two extra members, so they sit out Latasha and Morgan. The challenge begins and the two tribes are off and running. LJ falls down in the mud as Jeff explains that it had been raining and the course is very wet. The Aparri tribe completes their staircase first and begins their ascent to the bamboo maze. Both tribes work through the maze well and are now neck and neck in this challenge. Tony begins working the key through the rope obstacle for Solana, while Jeremiah works the key for Aparri. Jeremiah is the first to get the key released to unlock the machete and uses it to release the Aparri puzzle pieces. Sarah and Spencer begin solving the puzzle for the Aparri tribe. Tony is still trying to unlock the machete and is costing his Solana tribe a lot of time. Tony finally gets the machete and releases the Solana puzzle pieces. Woo and LJ begin work on the Solana puzzle, but argue as to which piece goes where. Even though the Aparri tribe has a head start on the puzzle, the Solana tribe catches up and is the first to complete the puzzle. LJ and Woo race to enter the combination lock and raise their flag. So, the Solana tribe wins immunity. The Solana tribe is so excited at the win and Tony yells, “Top Five, Baby”. Sarah hears Tony celebrate his new tribe’s victory and realizes she may no longer be included in his alliance. Sarah remarks, “I guess I’m moving on and I’ll make a new alliance.” The losing Aparri tribe must go to Tribal Council tonight.

Back at the Aparri camp, the tribe members discuss Tony’s comment of the five Solana members being the final five in SURVIVOR. Spencer and Jeremiah agree that it was stupid for Tony to think that his Aparri tribe of five would make it to the end, when they are competing against Solana, which will have six members after Tribal Council tonight. Alexis comments, “They’ve got to think that one of the new Aparri is with them post merge.” Since Tony and Woo gave Jeremiah the clue to the hidden immunity idol, Alexis feels that Solana must think Jeremiah is with them. So, Alexis meets with everyone in her tribe except Jeremiah and encourages them to vote for Jeremiah tonight. Morgan, Spencer, Sarah and Kass all agree to vote for Jeremiah in front of Alexis. Spencer feels that Jeremiah will be dangerous when they get to the merge. He reveals, “It’s a question of who is the bigger liability Jeremiah or Alexis. Both have connections on the other side. Both could potentially make deals against us.” Later, the former Brains tribe members, Kass, Latasha and Spencer get together to discuss the vote. It is down to who they see as the biggest threat to them – Jeremiah or Alexis. Kass is pleased that the Brains are in such a great power position in the tribe. She feels that everyone will follow their lead. According to Kass, “The brain needed a body. We found our zombies and now we’re in.”

Jeff greets the Aparri tribe and tells Sarah to grab a torch, as this is her first time at Tribal Council. He reminds them that the fire represents their life and when it is extinguished, so are they. Jeff asks Kass if it is safe to assume that the three Brain tribe members are together, the three Beauty tribe members are together and that Sarah is in the middle. Kass affirms the assumption. Morgan points out that she is not tight with Jeremiah. Jeremiah confirms that he lied to her when voting out Brice and that has put a big void between him and Morgan. Kass is glad to hear that all the former Beauty tribe members are not tight. Spencer agrees with Kass’s assessment but adds that going forward, the fractures need to be mended to form a unified tribe. Sarah doesn’t feel she can rely on her former Brawn alliances, so she is ready to work with her new tribe. She realizes that the Solana tribe has moved on without her, based on Tony’s comment of “Top Five” at the challenge today. Alexis states that Sarah’s comment sounds good but that there is still room for someone to connect to the other side. Jeff asks Alexis about the raid and what had happened. Alexis says that the Tony and Woo had pulled aside Jeremiah to give him the hidden immunity idol clue, which left everyone wondering what was going on. Jeremiah admits that it put a huge target on his back and he hopes that the tribe trusts him. Latasha points out that either Jeremiah or Alexis could flip. Sarah is happy with anything that takes the focus off of her. Spencer feels that tonight’s vote will be the most important decision they have had to make so far. The Aparri tribe then votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if there is an immunity idol to be played. None are offered. Jeff reveals the first five votes. Jeremiah receives one vote, while Alexis receives four votes. So, Alexis Maxwell, the 21 year old student from Addison, IL, is the sixth person voted off of SURVIVOR: CAGAYAN. Jeff tells the remaining tribe members that tonight’s vote was important and that it was unified. Now the question becomes, how deep does this unity run?