Season 28: Episode 6 - Head of the Snake
Posted on Apr 2, 2014 10:00pm


On night 16, the Aparri tribe returns to their camp after just voting out Alexis at Tribal Council. Spencer is happy with the six remaining members of his tribe. He comments, “If we merge tomorrow that’s the best news possible for this tribe, because right now we control the game. We have six and they have five.” Sarah suggests they decide now whom to vote out first from the Solana tribe after they merge. The Aparri tribe members agree to go after Trish or Jefra and commit to stay loyal to one another until the end. Kass admits, “It sounds so simple, but the best laid plans often end up sprawled out on a murder scene floor “ The next morning Sarah tells Kass that the key to making this plan work is to be very tight lipped about whom they will vote out from the Solana tribe. Kass admits to Sarah that she is concerned about her and Jeremiah’s loyalty to the Aparri members. Sarah is offended by this and tells Kass that the demise of this tribe will be due to them not trusting each other. Sarah assures Kass that she will be loyal and gives her word and shakes Kass’ hand. Kass comments, “Show me blood on your hands from a former tribe mate and then we’ll talk.”

The Solana tribe members wake up to a bright and sunny day. Tony likes his current tribe members, but admits that it’s kind of boring not having to spy on or deceive them. Then Woo and Tony retrieve tree mail and read the message to the tribe. It tells the Solana tribe to pack up all of their belongings and join the Aparri tribe for the next twenty-two days. The Solana tribe congratulates one another for making the merge. LJ reveals, “Now that we have a merge, it’s an exciting thing and it’s a nerve wracking thing at the same time, because it’s six against five. We could be in trouble.” Both LJ and Tony go and dig up their idols before leaving camp. Tony admits, “I feel like it’s an extra person in my alliance. We have five plus the idol. If any of my tribe, the Solana five needs it, I’ll help them out.” Meanwhile, over at the Aparri camp, they receive their tree mail which states they are to tidy up a bit for their guests. Spencer says, “When those five get here, it is us against them and I’m not going to let anyone forget that.”

The Solana tribe members arrive at the Aparri camp by boat. The Aparri tribe members help unload the boat and are pleased the Solana tribe brought food with them. Everyone makes their introductions to those they haven’t previously met and reacquaint themselves with those they have already met. Sarah comments, “I was nervous to see my old tribe mates. It’s like, you know, that friend you have from high school that you haven’t talk to in years.” Jefra is disappointed to see that her ally Alexis was voted out, since she could have persuaded her to be part of the Solana tribe alliance. Another notice is attached to a small box that came with the merge feast. It tells them that the tribes have officially merged, the current immunity idols are still in play and a third idol, containing different powers, is hidden near them. In addition, a feast fit for a king is provided along with new black buffs. Everyone wonders what the different powers are that this new idol has. The new tribe decides to come up with a new tribe name as they enjoy their merge feast, which includes bread, meat, wine, juice, cheese and dessert. Spencer is elated and shocked to have made it to the merge. He admits, “I was at the bottom of a tribe that was one of the worst tribes in SURVIVOR history and somehow I’m here at the merge and I have new life.” Tony is worried that his five former Solana members are up against the six former Aparri members. He hopes that he can persuade Sarah to come back and work with him. Tony admits, “My biggest fear is that if Sarah doesn’t flip we’re done. I’m done. I don’t want to be done.”

The next day at the newly merged and named Solarrion tribe, Trish is leading the other women in a Pilates class. Meanwhile, Tony, LJ and Woo discuss their current position. LJ feels the former Brains members are the leaders of the former Aparri tribe. Woo suggests that Tony talk with Sarah to get her to realign with them. Tony plans on doing this, because having Sarah on their side will give them six people on their side and leave only five people on the other side. So, Tony takes Sarah aside and asks her where she stands. She tells him that the Brains are in control and that she is floating right now. Tony reveals, “My goal is to make Sarah believe that I want to sit in the top two with her.” Tony does his best to try and convince Sarah that she should come on his side. He even asks her to swear on her badge. Not ready or willing to do this just yet, Sarah declines to swear on her badge and fully commit to Tony at this time. She realizes that she is in a good position as a key vote for both sides. Tony suggests that she make a big move and work with his side to break the Brains up and take control of the game. Sarah admits, “Whichever side I go, I’m sitting pretty, because I will decide the fate of this game.”

Down by the water, Sarah, Kass and Jeremiah discuss who may have an immunity idol. Jeremiah strongly believes that LJ has one of them. The three of them begin discussing who should be the next to go. Sarah believes it should be a strong guy like LJ or Woo. Jeremiah suggests Jefra. Kass, on the other hand, names Trish. Sarah doesn’t believe that Trish is a threat. She feels they should vote for LJ. Kass and Jeremiah disagree and both state again that they believe LJ has an immunity idol. Sarah vents, “Don’t test me, because I will put you in your place and send you packing.” She then tells Kass and Jeremiah that Tony promised her that she could pick whom they voted for, if she joined his side. Kass is upset with Sarah’s attitude and still does not trust her. She admits, “In my view, no one in this game should have that much power. Who made her queen?” Jeremiah points out that it’s important to stay united.

Back at camp, Sarah joins Kass and Latasha at the fire. Trish overhears the conversation and senses the tension between Kass and Sarah. She is overjoyed to see a potential crack in the Aparri alliance of six. Latasha takes Kass and Sarah aside and tries to calm things down. Kass points out that Sarah refuses to vote for Trish. Sarah explains that Trish is not a strategic threat. Latasha admits, “I didn’t care who was right and who was wrong. My main concern was getting those two back on the same page.” Latasha reminds Sarah that she is now in a pivotal role and that it can be tough going against former tribe mates. Kass is upset because she feels like Latasha is siding with Sarah. She reveals, “I know Sarah’s against me. I know Tasha’s against me. I know where I stand, but at this point the six are falling apart.” Sarah knows she can decide the fate of five other people in this game. Latasha and Kass remind her that it could decide her fate.

Jeff Probst greets the newly merged tribe for the first individual immunity challenge. He takes back the tribal immunity idol and uncovers the new individual immunity necklace. Whoever wins the challenge and gets the necklace will be safe from the vote at the next Tribal Council. Jeff then explains the rules of this immunity challenge. Each person will balance on their own triangular platform with their feet perched on very narrow footholds. At regular intervals, the player’s feet will move up the platform, which will make it more difficult. When a person falls off their platform, they are out of the challenge. The last person left standing wins immunity. They will go to Tribal Council tonight where one of the losers will be the next person voted off SURVIVOR: CAYAGAN. The challenge begins. Jeff points out that no other part of their bodies except their feet can touch the structure. Therefore, no one can use their hands or butt to support themselves. Everyone successfully stands on the bottom foothold for fifteen minutes. So, they all progress to the second foothold. LJ feels the pain all over. Tony admits that this is not a fun challenge. After fifteen more minutes have gone by, Jeff tells everyone that they can now go to the top perch. Several struggle to make this transition and find their balance, as they are now higher on the platform and the wind is pushing them around. Spencer is the first to fall into the water. Kass is next. LJ, Sarah, Jefra, Latasha, and Trish all fall into the water one by one. So, only Tony, Woo and Morgan are left in the challenge. The wind picks up and knocks Morgan into the water. After several more minutes, Tony falls off the platform. So, Woo wins the individual immunity challenge. Jeff places the immunity necklace around Woo’s neck.

Back at the Solarrion camp, everyone congratulates Woo for winning the immunity challenge. Sarah knows she must decide which alliance she will support at Tribal Council. She admits, “I think there are harder competitors on Tony’s side and I would rather go with the weaker side.” Sarah feels she has a better chance of beating the physically weaker Aparri tribe in challenges, so she decides to vote with them tonight at Tribal Council. She just hopes that she doesn’t have any other conflicts with Kass. Sarah boasts, “I will make the decision on who goes home next. I get to decide. I’m the President right now.” Down at the water, the former Aparri tribe members meet to discuss whom to vote out. Spencer suggests Jefra as someone safe to vote out, because she is not likely to have an immunity idol. Sarah suggests Tony or LJ, because they are smarter and stronger players and it is time to vote one of them out. Meanwhile the former Solana tribe members are watching the Aparri tribe discussing their strategy. Trish doesn’t think Sarah will work with them, because she seems to be telling the Aparri alliance what to do. Tony confirms that they have Sarah on a pedestal and are allowing her to call all of the shots. He also wants to put Sarah on a pedestal to win her back on his side. Trish and Woo both doubt that Sarah will come back to them. Trish then tells Tony and Woo about the catfight between Kass and Sarah. Trish suggests that she talk to Kass and try to get her on their side. Tony wants to talk to Sarah first. Back at the Aparri meeting, Sarah persuades her alliance to vote Tony out. Kass is concerned that Tony has an idol. Sarah guarantees everyone that Tony doesn’t have an idol. While Kass reluctantly goes along with the decision to vote out Tony, she is upset that Sarah is calling all the shots and that no one else seems to see it. Kass vents, “If she’s going to destroy the game, I want to have the preemptive strike. I want to destroy it.” Next, Tony finds the opportunity to approach Sarah. He promises her that if she goes with his alliance, then she will be in the final three. Tony warns her that the other alliance will get rid of her much sooner. Sarah asks Tony for some time to think it all over and tells him that she will make her decision at Tribal Council. She admits, “Tony and I have a relationship because he’s a police office and I’m a police officer, but he is the biggest threat in this game.” As a fellow police officer, Sarah knows how observant and sneaky Tony is and therefore thinks it best to get rid of him next. Tony comments, “I talked to Sarah and I got a good strong feeling that she’s not coming on our side.” He vows to play his hidden immunity idol tonight to keep himself safe in the game. Next, Trish approaches Kass and mentions that she thought Kass was on top of her alliance, but it no longer looks that way. Kass looks over towards Sarah and tells Trish that she has been replaced. Trish then tries to coax Kass to join her alliance and asks her whom she would like voted out. Kass responds, “Sarah.” Trish tells Kass that her alliance would like to do the same. Kass is encouraged to hear this and considers switching her alliance. Trish returns to the former Solana tribe members and tells them that Kass is on their side and willing to vote out Sarah. Tony and LJ agree to vote for Sarah tonight. Trish passes the word to Jefra and Woo. Kass is delighted and amazed that the tables have turned this quickly on Sarah. She comments, “I think I have usurped Sarah’s throne tonight.” Kass is now the one in the middle determining the outcome of the vote.

The new Solarrion tribe arrives at Tribal Council. LJ admits that he feels very vulnerable tonight. Tony encourages the smart people to work with an alliance of people they can trust versus an alliance which seems to have the greatest numbers. Tony is worried that he may be targeted tonight. LJ points out that no hidden immunity idols have appeared yet, so they may not really exist. Tony quickly admits that they do exist, because he has one. Spencer challenges him to show it to them. Tony takes it out of his bag and puts it around his neck. Sarah is shocked to see that Tony has an idol. The Aparri alliance is now quickly passing the word to vote for “the other one”, which would be Jefra, since Tony has a hidden immunity idol. At the same time, the Solana alliance is passing the word to “keep the same vote.” Jeff decides to end the suspense and calls for the vote. Before revealing the results, Jeff asks if anyone would like to play a hidden immunity idol. Tony plays his hidden immunity idol for LJ. Jeff announces that any vote for LJ will not count. LJ then asks Jeff to hold off on showing the ballots as he is using his immunity idol to cover Tony. Jeff confirms that LJ’s is also a valid immunity idol and that any vote for Tony will not count. Jeff then reveals the votes. There are five votes for Jefra and six votes for Sarah. So, Sarah Lacina, the 29-year-old police officer from Cedar Rapids, Iowa is the seventh person to be voted out and the first member of the jury. As Sarah is leaving, she asks who flipped. Spencer glaringly looks at Kass and responds, “Kass.” Jefra thanks Kass. Spencer tells Kass that she has a zero chance of winning the game. Kass responds, “There’s a long way to go.” Jeff points out that this was a shocking vote and he predicts it will be a wild finish.