Season 28: Episode 7 - Mad Treasure Hunt
Posted on Apr 9, 2014 11:00pm


It’s night 19 and the Solarrion tribe returns to camp after just voting out Sarah at Tribal Council. Spencer is upset with Kass and tells her that she made a bad move. He comments, “She’ll go basically wherever her estrogen takes her, not where her brain takes her.” Tony, Woo, LJ, Jefra and Trish assure Kass that they appreciate her voting with them and will protect her. Kass tells Spencer that he needs to make big moves in the game, which may not make everyone happy, in order to win. Spencer is tired of hearing what Kass thinks and asks her to stop talking. Kass is happy that Sarah is gone and that Tony and LJ played their idols. She comments, “Everybody is mad that I messed up their game, because I’m playing my game.” Kass now feels like a free agent without an alliance.

The next morning finds Kass weaving palm fronds. A couple of other tribe members are rounding up food. Kass suggests that Morgan be the one to go get water, since she is still lying in the shelter and not helping with any of the work. Kass admits, “I’m fairly certain that Morgan is in a constant state of center of the universe.” Tony asks Morgan to go get the water. Morgan reluctantly agrees after complaining about Kass being rude. Kass assures Morgan that she will continue to be rude to her, since that’s the way that Morgan is treating her. Morgan comments, “With Kass, I feel like she is just a bitter, ugly, old lady.” Morgan looks forward to getting Kass out of the game.

Host Jeff Probst greets the Solarrion tribe members and informs them of the next reward challenge. The tribe will be divided into two teams. Each team will dive off a platform and race through a series of obstacles to reach a chest on the beach. They will drag the chest to the base of a tall tower. They will first climb up the tower and then pull the chest up the tower using ropes. Two tribe members will then solve a shrine puzzle. The first team to solve their puzzle wins the reward. The reward this time is a SURVIVOR themed Outback Steakhouse complete with steak, margaritas and dessert. The teams are randomly divided into Orange and Purple. Spencer, LJ, Jefra, Jeremiah, and Morgan are on the Orange team, while Latasha, Trish, Kass, Woo and Tony make up the Purple team. As they dive into the water and go over a teeter-totter, both teams are neck and neck. Woo falls off the balance beam and has to restart, costing the Purple team some time. They make it up though and it is the Purple team who is the first team to get their chest up the tower. Kass and Woo begin to solve the puzzle. Meanwhile, the Orange team gets their chest up their tower and LJ and Spencer quickly work to solve the puzzle. It is the Orange team who is the first to solve the puzzle. So, the Orange team of Spencer, LJ, Jefra, Jeremiah and Morgan win the SURVIVOR Outback Steakhouse reward. They are thrilled.

Kass, Woo, Tony, Trish and Latasha return to the Solarrion camp very disappointed that they did not win the challenge. They decide to cook their own meal of rice. Kass asks if they are more worried about Spencer than Jeremiah, since he is good in the challenges. Trish thinks Kass should be the one to decide who gets voted out next. Kass makes it clear that she does not want to be the decision maker. Right now, she wants to play a more passive game, so she can come in for the kill later. Kass reassures Trish and Tony that she is not a flipper. She is just voting the way she thinks is best. Tony finds Kass hard to read, which worries him. Tony reveals, “I’m hoping she stays with us, but again you always got to prepare for the worst.” He then recommends to Woo that they go look for the hidden immunity idol with special powers. Tony starts the search. He admits, “I need to find that idol. It’s a security blanket that I need to cover myself with.”

Spencer, LJ, Jefra, Jeremiah and Morgan arrive at the Outback Steakhouse. They are greeted warmly with margaritas. The next course is a healthy salad followed by a stuffed baked potato and juicy steak cooked to order. When it comes time for dessert, Spencer realizes that he hasn’t uses his napkin yet and that he had been eating with his dirty hands. So, he grabs his napkin to clean up. A piece of paper falls from the napkin and he quickly puts it in his pocket. He hopes that it is a clue to the hidden immunity idol. Spencer comments, “I need a game changer right now and this could be it.” The group returns to camp and as they do, it begins to rain heavily.

Spencer is anxious to read the note he found in his napkin. So, while the rest of the tribe is huddled under the shelter trying to stay dry, Spencer exits camp to find a secluded space to read the note. Spencer is delighted to find out that it is a clue to a hidden immunity idol. It tells him that the idol is in a mess of roots along the riverbank. As the rain stops, the other tribe members realize that Spencer is gone. As a fan of SURVIVOR, Woo suspects that Spencer may have gotten a clue at the reward. So, he leaves to try and find Spencer. Meanwhile, Spencer has headed down to the riverbank and taken off his pants and shoes to keep them dry as he wades in the water. Woo spots Spencer along the riverbank and hides in the bushes to spy on him. He is pretty sure that Spencer is searching for a hidden immunity idol. After a few minutes, Spencer changes direction and runs into Woo. They awkwardly tell each other that they are just out for a walk. Woo sees Spencer’s pants on the ground and picks them up to give them to Spencer. The clue falls out of the pants and Woo picks it up and runs away. Woo comments, “Who’s going to pick that clue up and hand it back to him? No way.” Spencer runs after Woo, but can’t keep up with him. He can’t believe that Woo took his clue. Spencer comments, “I knew that pandemonium was about to ensue.”

Woo returns to camp and tells the others he has Spencer’s clue to the idol. He reveals, “I knew that it wasn’t going to be easy to find the hidden immunity idol by myself.” Woo recruits LJ to help him find the idol. Woo heads back to the riverbank. Spencer then comes back to camp and asks Latasha, Morgan and Jeremiah to help him search for the idol. They gladly join him in the search. Spencer explains, “It’s a race to see who can get it first.” LJ shows the clue to Tony. Tony thinks he knows where it might be, so he runs out of camp to go find it. He comments, “It’s a mad treasure hunt for this idol.” Now everyone from both alliances is searching for the idol down at the riverbank. Tony is surprised to see Morgan searching, because she rarely gets out of the shelter. Spencer is so frustrated that he lost sole right to that idol clue. He comments, “Stress is at a peak right now. I’m in a bad position.” Woo asks Kass to watch Spencer as he goes and gets LJ. So, Kass searches for the idol in the riverbank right next to Spencer. Spencer apologizes to Kass for his behavior the previous night as he spots the hidden immunity idol. When Kass is not looking, Spencer grabs it and puts it in his pants. He then walks away and pretends to search in another spot. Later, Spencer reads the note that came with the idol. He realizes it is just a regular idol, but he is still so happy to have it. Spencer comments, “It’s a whole new game, as far as I’m concerned and I bought myself a lot of time potentially.”

The Solarrion tribe arrives on their mat for the immunity challenge. Jeff collects the immunity necklace from Woo and describes the next challenge. Each member will balance on their toes with a block wedged between their head and the top of a wooden frame. The longer the challenge goes, the more fatigued their legs will become. Eventually, their legs will give out and the block will fall. When the block falls, they are out of the challenge. The last person standing will win immunity and be safe at the next Tribal Council. One of the losers will be voted out of the game. Within a few seconds of the challenge beginning, Kass drops her block and is the first out of the challenge. Jeremiah, Trish and Tony soon follow. After twenty-five minutes and bugs swarming and landing on their bodies, the remaining six members are still standing, Morgan and Woo are the next two to drop out. After one hour of standing and balancing the wedge, Jefra and LJ drop out. So, only Latasha and Spencer are left standing. The clock ticks away and after one hour and thirty minutes Latasha finally drops her wedge. So, Spencer is the winner of this challenge. Jeff places the immunity necklace on him making him safe at tonight’s Tribal Council.

The Solarrion tribe congratulates Spencer for his victory. Down by the water, Kass, Jefra, LJ, Tony and Woo discuss who should be voted out. Tony asks Kass if Spencer, Jeremiah, Morgan or Latasha might have an idol. She doesn’t think they do. The group decides to come up with a Plan A and a Plan B. For Plan A, Morgan will be voted out, since she is unlikely to have an idol or be given one. Tony explains, “Tash is definitely a physical threat and a social threat, but Morgan does not deserve to be here.” He is frustrated that Morgan does not pull her weight around camp like the others. The alliance then decides if something happens at Tribal Council, then Latasha will be voted out as the Plan B. Tony hopes that Kass remains on their side and doesn’t flip. He is also worried about someone on the other side having a hidden immunity idol. Tony comments, “If they have an idol and we vote for the person that uses the idol, one of us six is going home.” Meanwhile, Morgan, Spencer and Jeremiah begin discussing their strategy. Morgan wants Kass out. Spencer wants Tony out. They don’t know how Kass is going to vote. Spencer admits, “The person who just screwed us over is the one person who might be crazy enough to help us.” So, Spencer approaches Kass and encourages her to vote with them, so she can get back in their favor and not lose their jury votes. Spencer tells her they want Tony out. She agrees that Tony is a big threat and tells Spencer she will consider it. Kass thinks Morgan is annoying, but she will stay that way and is not a threat. She considers herself a free agent. Kass admits, “I love the ambush and I love the blindside.”

Jeff greets the tribe members and introduces them to the first member of the jury, Sarah Lacina who was voted out at the last Tribal Council. Tony admits that there was a power shift at the last Tribal Council when his alliance took control of the game, because Kass joined them. Kass points out that she was given the cold shoulder and chewed out by members of her old alliance that felt betrayed by her. Spencer admits that he came down hard on Kass for switching. He is happy to have the immunity necklace on tonight, but his main focus is to make moves that will keep him and his alliance in the game. Tony reveals that he is basing his vote tonight on physical strengths, social skills and who would crack their alliance. His alliance came to a consensus earlier so there can be smooth sailing ahead. Morgan doesn’t see herself as a physical threat, but feels for some reason people don’t seem to like her. Jeff sees both these things as a positive reason to keep Morgan around and keep her to the end. Trish counters with the fact that Morgan does not help out around camp and assures Jeff that she has many other reasons not to keep Morgan around. Morgan admits that she doesn’t do a lot around camp, but attributes it to the fact that at the beginning, LJ and Jeremiah took really good care of the girls, even going so far as cooking breakfast. Morgan reveals that her good looks help her back home too, as people are always willing to do things for her. She says, “If any person in the world could decide to be ugly or cute, most would pick cute.” Jeff states that this has to be one of the best quotes ever heard on SURVIVOR. Morgan promises to work harder. Jefra assures Kass that she is not at the bottom of the alliance, just because she was the last one to join it. She explains that everyone in her alliance is equal and is just a link in the alliance chain. Tony believes that Kass is in their alliance even though she is unpredictable. Kass replies, “There was no alliance formed and there was no guarantee. When I go to Vegas and I sit down at the table with a friend, I don’t mind beating them.” It is time to vote. Jeff asks if there is a hidden immunity idol to be played. None are offered. He reveals the votes. Tony receives four votes. Morgan receives five votes. So, Morgan McLeod, the 21-year-old ex-NFL Cheerleader from San Jose, CA is the eighth person to be voted out of SURVIVOR CAGAYAN. Jeff comments that clearly the members did not vote out the biggest threat proving that you can’t trust what anyone says. The good news is that because you are on the bottom, doesn’t mean you are out.