Season 28: Episode 8 - Bag of Tricks
Posted on Apr 16, 2014 11:00pm

It’s night 22 and the Solarrion tribe is returning from Tribal Council, where they just voted out Morgan. Tony is upset that he received four votes at Tribal Council, which was just one less than Morgan received. Spencer tells Tony that they perceive him as a big threat. Tony sees himself as a bald middle-aged man who is not a physical threat like Woo or LJ. Tony vents, “Why am I a threat? Why is everybody trying to get me out?” Latasha assures Tony that they knew they did not have enough votes to get him out. Tony scolds Spencer, Latasha and Jeremiah for not joining with his alliance to vote out an unworthy player like Morgan. Tony comments, “Now here we are again, six against three, but it’s never that easy.” Tony knows that he cannot depend on the six to stay loyal.

The next morning, Trish and LJ are down by the water discussing Tony being upset last night at the vote. They clearly see that Tony is becoming paranoid and are worried about it. Trish comments, “This is a game of patience right now, so hopefully he doesn’t do anything stupid.” Later, Tony takes a walk with LJ. He admits to LJ that he is upset that people have voted for him at the last two Tribal Councils. Tony comments, “Looking at LJ is like looking at myself in the mirror. He’s sharp. He’s keeping himself two, three steps ahead.” Tony feels that LJ is too much of a threat to him and would like him voted out next. The problem is that Tony doesn’t want to go against his alliance of six by targeting one of them. So Tony’s goal is to get LJ to be the bad guy and betray the alliance, which would make the others want to vote him out. Tony reveals, “I’m not only leading the horse to the water, but I’m going to make the horse drink the water.” He then admits to LJ that he is sure that Woo has the idol and he hopes that Woo does not use it against them. LJ asks, “You wanna get rid of him now?” Tony got what he wanted. Now he can tell the rest of his alliance that LJ is plotting to get one of them out and can no longer be trusted. Tony plans on pitting everyone against LJ.

The Solarrion tribe members receive tree mail. It tells them about a reward challenge where they could win nourishment and rejuvenation. They think it may be a spa reward. Jefra is elated and comments on how dirty she feels. Tony knows that the people that go on a reward often make plans and alliances. So he wants to win the reward challenge. Tony admits, “If anybody is strategizing and coming up with plans, it’s going to be me.”

Host Jeff Probst introduces the next reward challenge. The tribe will be divided into three groups of three. One member from each team will have to throw a rope through a ring to release sandbags. The sandbags will then be thrown as far as possible through a net tunnel. Each team will work together to get the sandbags completely through the tunnel. Then one team member will bounce a sandbag off a trampoline attempting to land them in a series of baskets. The first team to throw a sandbag into each of five baskets wins the reward. The reward is a SURVIVOR spa, where they will be able to take a shower with shampoo and soap, enjoy a massage, and eat a lunch complete with chicken wraps, spring rolls and tropical drinks. Jefra, LJ and Trish are on one team. Kass, Woo and Latasha are on the second team. Spencer, Tony and Jeremiah are on the third team. When the challenge begins Jeremiah takes an early lead by getting his rope through the ring and releasing his team’s sandbags first. He then begins to throw the sandbags down the tunnel. Latasha tries several times to throw the rope through the ring but fails. So, Woo takes over for her. Meanwhile, LJ gets his rope through the ring and the sandbags fall. Woo’s team is the last to get their rope through to release the sandbags. Moving on to the net tunnel, Jeremiah is the first to get the sandbags thrown down the tunnel. Now his team has to work together to get them all the way through the tunnel with their hands. LJ quickly finishes throwing his sandbags into the tunnel and his team begins to work the sandbags through it. Meanwhile, Woo is still throwing the sandbags through the tunnel. He finally finishes and his team works on getting their sandbags through it. Jeremiah’s team stays in the lead and are the first to get all twenty of their sandbags out of the tunnel and they move to the trampoline. Tony throws the sandbags bouncing them off the trampoline and hopefully into the baskets. Tony is able to get three bags into three baskets before any other team even starts throwing their sandbags. LJ’s team is the next to finish getting their bags through the tunnel and they proceed to the trampoline. Jefra starts throwing the sandbags on to the trampoline and bouncing them into the baskets for this team. Meanwhile, Woo’s team finally finishes getting their sandbags through the net tunnel and they, too, proceed to the trampoline. Woo is doing the throwing and bouncing for his team. Tony then lands a fourth and fifth sandbag into the baskets. So, it is Tony, Jeremiah and Spencer who win the spa reward. Tony is happy to win the reward and get the chance to talk to Jeremiah and Spencer about blindsiding LJ. He comments, “You might as well just call me the opportunist, because if I see an opportunity I’m going to jump on it.”

Returning from the reward challenge, Woo is disappointed to have not won the reward and get the opportunity to eat and get clean. He admits, “On a lighter note, it’s kind of nice to know that my boy Tony is going to keep an eye on Spencer and Jeremiah and just make sure they don’t jeopardize our game plan.” Jefra and Trish are also disappointed not to be on the reward, but Jefra is happy that she is in a strong alliance of six. Later, LJ, Trish and Jefra go out on the boat. LJ tells Trish and Jefra how paranoid Tony is about being voted out and about Woo having the idol. He even tells them that Tony wonders if they should get rid of Woo now. LJ feels that he has a strong bond with Tony, because he used his immunity idol for him at a past Tribal Council. LJ, Jefra and Trish agree that Latasha, Spencer and Jeremiah have to be voted out before anyone else. Trish admits, “I can tell Tony that he needs to relax.” She volunteers to encourage Tony to stay loyal to the alliance of six. LJ comments, “As long as we go with the plan, we can control everything.”

Tony, Jeremiah and Spencer arrive at the SURVIVOR spa and are greeted with tropical drinks. Spencer admits, “For me, reward challenges are a chance to better my position in the game.” He knows that the odds are stacked against him, but he is not giving up. Spencer is close to Jeremiah and hopes to find out about Tony’s plans for the game. The three sit down on cushioned chairs to enjoy wraps, fruit and other food. As Jeremiah takes a shower, Tony and Spencer talk strategy. Spencer admits that he and Jeremiah are pawns in the game right now. Tony assures Spencer and Jeremiah that he will work with them in the future. Tony plans on using them when he is ready to get out LJ. He comments, “Whatever I tell them, they got to go with it. If they go against me, they are sealing their fate.” Next, the three enjoy a foot massage. Tony tells Spencer and Jeremiah that he knows people see him as a threat and he will therefore need the two of them to advance. He promises to keep Jeremiah and Spencer safe at the next Tribal Council. Jeremiah reveals, “He might be playing us. He might just be getting us pumped up, thinking we’re feeling all good and our names wrote down.” Spencer also has his doubts about Tony and he is grateful that he has an idol to keep him safe. Spencer admits, “I’m going to tell Tony that I trust him 100%, because if he can take me a little further down the road, I might find the little detour that could take me all the way.”

The next day, Latasha is analyzing the current situation and realizes she is in an alliance of three versus the alliance of six. She admits, “It doesn’t take a CPA, like myself, to do that math.” Latasha believes she has to get someone to flip to her alliance or make a big move. She decides to try and talk LJ into working with her. Latasha comments, “I think LJ is smart enough to realize that Tony is not going to take another strong guy to the end.” She invites LJ to meet her outside the camp and talk strategy. LJ is worried that Tony will be upset if he finds out that he talked to Latasha, since Tony is so paranoid right now. LJ comments, “Either way, there’s no way she could benefit me in my future game play.” So LJ decides that he still feels safe with Tony and the alliance of six and does not go to meet Latasha. Latasha is frustrated when she realizes that LJ stood her up. She was planning on inviting LJ to join with her, Spencer, Jeremiah and Jefra to vote Tony out of the game. Latasha sees how much Tony is running the game right now. She admits, “Unless something changes, I’m screwed.” Later, tree mail arrives inviting them to the next immunity challenge. Tony reveals, “If LJ doesn’t win immunity, he might be the next one going home.”

The tribe members arrive on their mat at the immunity challenge. Jeff takes back the immunity necklace from Spencer. After 25 days, it is now becoming evident on what this game has done to their bodies. This challenge will see what it has done to their minds. Jeff will show them a series of colored tiles. Each person will repeat them back to him. If they get a color wrong, they are out of the game. The last person left standing wins immunity and is safe at the vote. They are guaranteed a one in eight chance of winning SURVIVOR. One of the losers will be voted out at Tribal Council. In round one, Jeff shows them the following colors in order: yellow, blue, red and green. Trish and Woo are eliminated in this first round. In round two, Jeff displays the following colors in order: red, green, purple, black, blue, green and blue. Jefra, Kass, Spencer and Jeremiah are all eliminated at the second to the last color, leaving LJ, Tony and Latasha to display the last color in the sequence. All three choose different colors, but only Latasha chooses blue and wins the immunity challenge. She is safe at tonight’s Tribal Council. LJ reveals, “All we need to do is split the votes three-three between Spencer and Jeremiah.”

As they return back to the Solarrion camp, Latasha is congratulated for a job well done. Tony comments on how tough the challenge was. Latasha is happy that she has immunity and guaranteed safety tonight. She admits, “I knew that I had a one third chance of being voted out tonight.” Later, LJ recommends to his alliance of six that they split the vote between Jeremiah and Spencer. By splitting the vote, they protect themselves in case Jeremiah or Spencer plays a hidden immunity idol. LJ reveals, “I actually for the first time in this game feel comfortable.” He hopes that Tony sticks to the plan and will not want to blindside Woo tonight in case he has an idol. Jefra, Trish and Kass agree to vote for Jeremiah. Tony, LJ and Woo agree to vote for Spencer. Tony comments, “LJ’s a threat. So I’ve got to strike now, before he gets the idea of doing it to me.” Tony meets with Woo and tells him that LJ suggested voting him out because he suspects that he has the hidden immunity idol. Woo is shocked to hear that LJ was targeting him and willing to break up their alliance. Woo trusts Tony and agrees to vote out LJ. He admits, “It’s going to be another huge night at Tribal Council.” Next, Tony meets with Spencer and tells him to vote for LJ and to get Jeremiah and Latasha to do the same. Spencer hopes that he can trust Tony and is not just being deceived by him. Spencer comments, “I’m going to take anything I can get right now, because if I can get just a little bit further down the road, have a few votes go my way, then it’s a whole new game for me.” Spencer talks to Jeremiah and gets him to agree to vote for LJ tonight. Meanwhile, Tony tells Trish that LJ is targeting Woo and encourages her to vote for LJ. Trish finds it hard to believe that LJ is targeting Woo, because LJ told her that Tony was the one that wanted to get Woo out. Tony tells Trish that LJ is lying to her and that he is very tricky. Trish knows that Tony is paranoid right now. She is not sure if she should believe Tony or LJ. Trish reveals, “I am gullible, but I’m not stupid. There’s no way that I’m going to break up the six.” Later, Kass checks in with Trish to make sure they are still splitting the votes between Spencer and Jeremiah. Trish tells her that Tony is nervous, but she hopes that he will stick with their plan. Kass hopes so too, since she doesn’t feel like now is a good time to break up the alliance of six. Tony knows that he has a big decision to make. If he goes against LJ, then he might lose Trish’s support and she has been his strongest ally. Tony admits, “I’d rather make my power move now, but in life and in SURVIVOR, you got to know when to kiss ass and when to kick ass.”

Jeff Probst greets the Solarrion tribe as they enter Tribal Council and introduces the jury now made up of Sarah and Morgan. Jeremiah feels like he and Spencer are on the hot seat tonight, since the alliance of six is still strong. Kass doesn’t feel bad for leaving her old alliance of Spencer, Jeremiah and Latasha. She admits, “You can’t play this game and not get a little dirty.” Tony agrees and says that he does not know whom to trust so he brought his “bag of tricks” with him. He lifts his bag in the air as he says this. Jeff asks Tony what he has in the bag. Tony replies that they’ll find out tonight, but it makes him feel more confident. Latasha is glad that she is safe tonight, because she won the immunity necklace. She says that as the game goes on there may be fractures in the “tight alliances.” LJ believes his alliance of six is still tight and feels he is a pretty good judge of character. Turning to Tony, Jeff asks him what he does for a living. Tony responds that he is in construction. Sarah’s mouth drops open because she knows he is a police officer. Tony points out that trust is a difficult thing especially in SURVIVOR. Kass points out that loyalty is very important at home, but not in SURVIVOR. She feels that you have to be selfish, if you are going to do well in this game, but admits that it is not easy. Woo still feels his alliance is loyal to one another. Spencer admits that it’s time for people to put themselves in a position to win. Trish feels her alliance will start to turn on each other, but doesn’t think it will be tonight. The Solarrion tribe then votes. Jeff asks if there is an immunity idol to be played. None are offered. Jeff reveals the votes. Jeremiah receives three votes. Spencer gets one vote. LJ receives five votes. So, LJ McKanas, the 34-year-old horse trainer from Boston, MA is the ninth person voted out of SURVIVOR CAGAYAN. Jeff comments that if there is one thing they can count on, which is that SURVIVOR is an individual game.