Season 28: Episode 9 - Sitting In My Spy Shack
Posted on Apr 23, 2014 11:00pm


It’s night 26 and the Solarrion tribe is returning to camp after just voting LJ out at Tribal Council. Jefra immediately asks who switched their votes and why. Tony admits that he and Woo did. Tony claims that he couldn’t tell her, Kass or Trish about voting for LJ, because he didn’t think they would understand, since they liked LJ. Trish feels that she should have been told about the vote, but understands why Tony did what he did. She admits, “I still trust Tony and Tony still trusts me.” Since LJ was her strongest ally, Jefra is now worried that she is at the bottom of the alliance. Spencer knows that Tony is unpredictable and likes to make big moves. He admits, “The sooner we make a move against Tony, the better.” Spencer plans on trying to get stragglers from Tony’s alliance to join him, Jeremiah and Latasha to take control of the game.

The next morning Tony feels uneasy. He knows that he stirred things up at Tribal Council last night by voting out LJ and is not sure how he stands with his alliance. Since a lot of people leave camp to talk strategy around the water well, Tony decides to build another spy shack near the water well. He puts loose branches and shrubs around the tree that is only five feet away from the well. Once finished, he hides inside his spy shack, so he can listen in on people’s conversations at the well. Trish and Jefra are the first ones to the well. Jefra tells Trish that she doesn’t feel she can trust Tony anymore. Trish encourages Jefra to stay with the alliance of five, so they can get rid of Spencer, Latasha and Jeremiah. She admits that Tony is probably in the wrong line of work. Trish explains, “I think he’s an Academy Award winning actor.” Jefra tells Trish that she is okay with LJ being voted out, but adds, “It’s the way that he went about it that makes me not want to trust Tony.” Tony hears this whole conversation from his spy shack. He knows that he can trust Trish, Woo and Kass. Tony reveals, “I don’t really trust Jefra anymore, because she doesn’t trust me.”

Host Jeff Probst greets the Solarrion tribe at the reward challenge. The tribe will be divided into two teams of four. Each team will have to race out to collect paddles via boat. Once all of the paddles have been collected, two tribe members will use them to solve a word puzzle. The first team to solve their puzzle wins a BBQ lunch, complete with chicken, ribs, potato salad, and chocolate chip cookies to be enjoyed at the beautiful Callao caves. The Orange team is comprised of Kass, Trish, Woo and Tony, while the Purple Team is made up of Latasha, Jefra, Jeremiah and Spencer. The two teams are off and paddling. Jefra is not able to get into the purple boat right away, which costs the Purple team some time. The Orange team struggles at first to control their boat. By the time they get to their first of four boxes, the two teams are very close to each other. Latasha unties the two paddles from the Purple team’s first box. Woo unties the two paddles from the Orange team’s first box with the help of Tony. The Orange team gets to their second box first and Woo and Tony start untying their next two paddles. Jeremiah and Spencer start untying their second set of paddles, when they get to their second box. Jeremiah hits Jefra in the head with a paddle as he quickly unties it and throws it into the boat. Jefra is fine and just encourages his to keep going. The Orange team is headed to their third box, when Tony loses one of the oars in the water and jumps in the water to retrieve it. This puts the Orange team back a bit and allows the Purple team to catch up to them. The two teams are now tied as they retrieve two paddles from their third boxes. The Orange team quickly retrieves their final two paddles, while the Purple team loses time when they paddle past their fourth and final box. So the Orange team is the first to get back to the beach and reach the platform with all their paddles. They begin to untie the covers off their paddles to reveal letters, so they can start work on their word puzzle. The Purple team makes it back to the beach next and they begin to remove the covers from their paddles. Kass and Woo begin solving the word puzzle for the Orange team. Spencer and Latasha work at solving the puzzle for the Purple team. Each team struggles to try and figure out the three-word phrase, trying several word combinations along the way. In the end, it is the Purple team that wins the challenge with the phrase “Worth Playing For.” Latasha, Jeremiah, Spencer and Jefra are so excited to have won the cave and BBQ reward. As the Orange team heads back to camp, Tony is worried about Jefra spending time with Spencer, Latasha and Jeremiah. He admits, “We’re all in trouble now.”

As Tony, Trish, Kass and Woo return to the Solarrion camp, Kass and Tony are worried about Jefra being influenced by Spencer, Latasha and Jeremiah at the reward. Kass vents, “I’m just tired of it, tired of losing, but if I want a million dollars I need to stick with this five – Woo, Tony, Trish and Jefra.” Tony does not threaten Kass. In fact, she doesn’t mind keeping him around, since he annoys the others. Kass would like Spencer to go next. Tony tries to talk strategy, but Trish wants to concentrate on the papayas and limes that she just discovered. She asks Woo to help her get the fruit down. Tony is frustrated that Trish finds papayas and limes more important than potentially losing Jefra’s allegiance at the reward. He decides to go strategize on his own and look for the idol with special powers. Tony admits, “Let me find that idol. I’ll be super Tony. Tony in trouble no more.” Meanwhile, Trish and Woo head for the papaya tree. Woo climbs the tree and begins to shake the papayas down. He latches on to a dead branch, which breaks and he falls several feet to the ground. Trish is worried that Woo is hurt and rushes over to him as he lies on the ground. Fortunately he is okay, but his butt is sore. He admits, “I was very lucky to come out of it okay.” Woo is just glad to bring fresh papayas back to camp.

Over at the reward, Spencer, Latasha, Jeremiah and Jefra make their way to their BBQ lunch that is inside a cave with beautiful waterfalls. A tour guide leads them through the cave and to their table filled with delicious food. They all sit down to enjoy their lunch of BBQ ribs, potato salad, rolls and cookies. Spencer sees this as an ideal time to persuade Jefra to join his alliance. Latasha asks Jefra how she feels about things. Jefra admits that she is upset that Tony pulled a big move on LJ without telling her, Kass and Trish. She doesn’t know where she now fits into that alliance. Latasha proposes that they get rid of Tony next. They all agree. Spencer asks her how she would feel about joining their alliance. She says she needs another rib to think about it. Before they can continue their discussion, the tour guide returns with letters from their loved ones back at home. Jefra immediately starts crying before even opening her letter. She reveals, “It was exactly what I needed. My mother’s words hit home for me so hard.” In the letter, Jefra’s mother tells her not to be afraid to lie, even though she is not that kind of a person. Jefra believes that everything happens for a reason and agrees to join Latasha, Jeremiah, and Spencer. They shake and agree to be the final four in the game. Jefra warns Jeremiah not to disappoint her this time.

Jeff Probst welcomes the tribe members to the next immunity challenge. Latasha returns the immunity necklace. Jeff explains the challenge. Each person will stand on a narrow beam and balance a ball on a hand held platform. At ten minute intervals, their feet will move down to a narrower beam and their hand will move further down the pole, making it more difficult to balance the ball. If they drop the ball or fall off the beam, they will be out of the challenge. The last person left standing will win immunity at the next Tribal Council and have a one in seven shot at winning SURVIVOR. As the challenge begins, the wind comes up and all of the balls begin moving on the hand held platforms. Jefra is the first one to drop her ball, so she is out of the challenge. Next come Trish, Tony and Kass, who all drop their balls and are out of the challenge. After ten minutes, Jeff asks the remaining four, Latasha, Spencer, Jeremiah and Woo, to move down to the next level on the beam and to also move their hands down one level on the platform. Jeremiah drops his ball and is out of the challenge. The remaining three hang on. After twenty minutes, Jeff tells Latasha, Spencer and Woo to move down to the narrowest portion of the beam and to drop their hands to the lowest point on the pole. Woo then falls off the beam and is out of the challenge. So, it is now down to just Latasha and Spencer. The wind comes up, Spencer drops his ball, and Latasha wins the immunity challenge. Jeff places the immunity necklace on her. So, Latasha is safe at tonight’s Tribal Council. As she walks out of the challenge, Jefra admits, “I don’t feel safe with Tony.” She is seriously considering voting with Spencer, Latasha and Woo to get out Tony.

Returning back to the Solarrion camp, Latasha is congratulated for her win. Latasha looks forward to voting for Tony with Spencer, Jeremiah and Jefra. She admits, “The problem is it could be four and four and we may have to do a revote and go to rocks.” Tony, knowing he is in trouble, rushes to find the special idol. He begins his search by checking a unique tree located near tree mail. Meanwhile, Trish and Jefra are in the water and Trish checks in with Jefra. Jefra tells Trish she doesn’t feel safe in their alliance anymore with Tony lying so much. Kass joins their conversation. Tony strikes out finding the idol by the tree mail. So, he heads back towards camp and notices another tree that looks like a rocket ship because of its big large roots. Tony begins looking around and hits something. He takes a large stick and begins digging. Tony is delighted to finally find the special idol. He falls to the ground and kisses the idol. Reading the note attached to the idol, it states that it can be played after the votes are read and that it cannot be given to another tribe member. Tony comments, “You know how powerful that is? I’m going to show you how powerful that is.” Tony looks for a hiding place for his special new idol.

Back at the water, Kass tries to convince Jefra that now is not the time to vote out Tony. She points out that history has proven that whenever you get rid of someone just because they are annoying you, it messes up your game. Trish agrees with Kass. She believes they will not be able to win, if they take Spencer, Latasha or Jeremiah to the end, instead of Tony or Woo. Tony joins the three women in the water. Trish immediately asks Tony if he can be trusted and accuses him of being a double agent. Tony replies, “Don’t insult me.” He then promises to vote out Spencer, Latasha and Jeremiah next and not target anyone from their alliance. Tony tries to assure them by swearing on his baby, his father, his mother and on everybody. Woo joins the group as Tony is telling them all this. Trish is glad that Jefra saw her question Tony and saw Tony promise to be loyal to the alliance. She comments, “I think she is pretty loyal. I don’t think she’ll flip.” Kass tells her alliance that she thinks that Spencer has the hidden immunity idol. This worries Woo, because he would prefer to get rid of Spencer next. He comments, “There’s one thing that we don’t have a 100% certainty on and that’s who has a hidden immunity idol.” Later, Jefra approaches Jeremiah and tells him that she has decided to stay with her former alliance and won’t be voting with him, Latasha and Spencer. Jeremiah tells her that he understands. He comments, “I did put a little trust in her. She shook my hand and all that. I guess they got the better of her.” Jeremiah then meets with his alliance of Spencer and Latasha and breaks the news about Jefra. He also decides to come clean and tell his alliance that he is a fashion model. Latasha and Spencer are not bothered by it, but appreciate his honesty. Spencer decides that this is the perfect time to give his alliance hope and reveals that he has a hidden immunity idol. Latasha and Jeremiah are thrilled to hear this. The three of them decide to vote out Woo, since he is a big challenge threat. Spencer comments, “If it works out, it’s another shot. You know the game is not over.”

The Solarrion tribe members arrive at Tribal Council and are greeted by Jeff Probst who introduces the jury – Sarah, Morgan and LJ. Spencer admits that Latasha, Jeremiah and himself are still in the minority and on the outside of the power alliance. Jeremiah concurs. He admits that they tried to sway Jefra at the reward but that she decided to stick with her old alliance. Jefra explains that she was very bitter with LJ being voted out and she didn’t know where she stood in her own alliance. Trish jumps in and said that Jefra was not the only one surprised that LJ got voted out. She and Kass didn’t know either. Jefra said that she prefered to stay with her current alliance, rather then try to beat Spencer or Latasha at end of this game. Spencer points out that Tony has sworn on his family members and that he has continually broken promises. Spencer encourages Jefra to look at the big picture and realize who she is aligning with. Tony asks Spencer to prove that he has broken a promise. Spencer assures Tony that he is not admonishing him and admits that he himself has lied. Spencer concludes by saying that if Tony makes it to the end with anyone else from his alliance, then he will vote for Tony, since he has been running this game, unlike the rest of them. Trish informs Spencer, Latasha and Jeremiah that there was a conversation earlier where they called him out on his playing both sides and that Tony said he would stop. Tony agrees that they need to stay together to move forward in the game. Woo explains that the challenge they have now is deciding whether to vote for Jeremiah or Spencer, since Latasha has the immunity necklace. They are not sure if Jeremiah or Spencer has a hidden immunity idol, which would threaten their alliance. Jeremiah says that he likes Spencer, but he is a big threat in the game. Spencer counters with the fact that Jeremiah is a big social threat, since he is so likable. Latasha tells everyone that they are not voting for Tony tonight, since he got so upset by the last vote. Tony responds that this is smart, since he has his bag of tricks with him. Spencer would like to see what’s in Tony’s bag of tricks. The tribe then votes. Jeff asks if anyone wants to play a hidden immunity idol. Spencer plays his. Jeff reads the votes. Woo receives three votes, while Jeremiah receives five. So, Jeremiah Wood, the 34-year-old fashion model from Dobson, NC, is the tenth person voted out of SURVIVOR CAYAGAN. Jeff states that if they want to win the game, they need to keep making big moves.