Season 28: Episode 10 - Chaos Is My Friend
Posted on Apr 30, 2014 11:00pm


It is now night 28 and the seven remaining Solarrion tribe members return to camp and begin discussing the vote out of Jeremiah. Before Tribal Council, Jefra considered switching alliances and joining Spencer, Latasha and Jeremiah to vote out Tony. After thinking about it, Jefra admits, “I felt like it would probably hurt me worse to go against Tash or Spencer at the end of this game.” So, Jefra stayed with her old alliance and voted out Jeremiah. Kass tells Spencer that she knew he had a hidden immunity idol, since he was too calm before Tribal Council. Spencer is amazed that Kass read him so well. He is disappointed that he played his hidden immunity idol at Tribal Council, when no votes were cast for him. Spencer feels like he wasted it. Now it is just Spencer and Latasha against Tony, Woo, Kass, Jefra and Trish. Spencer comments, “Tonight we lost the battle. We have not lost the war.”

The next morning, Tony and Woo bring tree mail into camp. Before Tony reads the mail, Woo tells Trish that there is something on his back and asks her to lift up his shirt. She pulls it up and wallets of money are revealed. The tribe members each take a wallet and Tony reads tree mail which tells them about a SURVIVOR auction, where they will be able to purchase food and other things. They all excited to bid for things like burgers and pizza. Tony reveals, “Historically in the game of SURVIVOR, every time there’s an auction, there’s always some kind of advantage to a challenge.” Tony plans on bidding and winning that advantage. He definitely doesn’t want Spencer or Latasha to get it. Spencer also feels this auction will be important to his future in the game. He comments, “Me and Tasha have to be aggressive in this auction, because this is our life right now.”

Host Jeff Probst, welcomes the tribe members to the SURVIVOR Auction. He tells them that they each have $500 and that they cannot share money or food. Bidding is done in $20 increments. Jeff informs them the auction will end without warning, so if they see something they like, they should bid on it. Jeff uncovers the first item, which is a tray of popcorn, candy and a soft drink. Kass bids $40. Jefra then bids $60. Trish jumps in and offers $80. No one else bids, so Trish wins the item. The rest of the tribe starts drooling as Trish starts eating her candy, popcorn and soda. Jeff then brings out a second item, which he keeps covered. Jefra bids $60. Latasha offers $80. Jefra raises the bid to $100 and is the highest bidder. She goes up to the counter to see what she bought. Jeff uncovers a quesadilla, guacamole, salsa and a margarita. Jefra is so excited to get this, since she has been craving guacamole. The third item up for bid also stays covered. Kass bids $20. Nobody else offers a bid, so she is the winner. Before she can uncover the item, Jeff brings out another item that is under a red cover. He asks her if she wants to trade it for the item under the blue cover that she purchased for $20. Kass admits that she likes blue better than red and will stay with the original item under the blue cover. Jeff lifts off the blue cover to reveal a huge steak sandwich and an iced tea. She is thrilled and takes a bite of the sandwich. Tony is dying to see all this delicious food that he is missing. He admits, “My stomach is starting to tie up in knots. I didn’t know if I could hold out on the temptation.” Tony hopes he can honor his commitment to hold out for an advantage. Jeff then puts the item under the red cover that Kass rejected up for bid. Woo bids $40. Jeff congratulates Woo for finally bidding for something. Trish ups the bid to $60 and wins it. Jeff reveals that it is rice and water. Trish is disappointed to see she just paid for the very things that she has been consuming for the last 29 days on SURVIVOR. The next item up for bid is a tray of ribs and cold beer. Woo quickly bids $40. No one else bids. Jeff comments that Tony, Spencer and Latasha have yet to spend money. Spencer comments, “Because there are so few people vying for the food, this auction was a buyer’s market.” Spencer has the hardest time seeing his tribe mates devour this delicious food, while he holds out for something more valuable to his game. Woo wins the tray of ribs. As he walks up to pay for his tray of ribs and beer, Woo admits that he can’t wait to taste the tanginess of the BBQ sauce and the chewiness of the meat. All this talk of food is killing Tony, Spencer and Latasha. Jeff asks them what are they waiting for. Tony, Spencer and Latasha all are waiting for some sort of advantage in the game. Jeff decides to get right to it and brings up an “advantage” as the next item up for bid. Tony is the first to bid $500, but Jeff explains how this item is different. If the bidding reaches the maximum of $500, then anybody who wants a chance at it can pay $500 for a chance to draw rocks for the advantage. Tony bids $500. Spencer bids $500. Latasha declines to bid. Tony and Spencer each pay their $500. Jeff then asks them to take a rock out of a bag and to keep it covered. There are two rocks – one white and one black. Whoever ends up with the black rock will win the advantage. Tony gets the black rock and wins the advantage. Spencer only gets to take his white rock for the $500 he paid. Jeff then closes the SURVIVOR auction. Latasha reveals, “I was hoping that Jeff would offer one more item and that would be the clue to the hidden immunity idol, but unfortunately I left with nothing.” She knows that she must win immunity in order to ensure that she stays in the game.

As the Solarrion tribe returns from the auction, Tony tells Spencer that having the advantage is a catch 22, since he won the advantage at the auction, but he did not get to eat like Woo, who will now be stronger for challenges. Spencer understands what Tony is saying, since he too got no food, but he also got no advantage. He comments, “I needed an advantage in the game, because right now my head is top of the list on the chopping block.” Spencer feels like the greatest loser in SURVIVOR history for only getting a white rock after spending $500 at the auction. Kass does not feel bad that she enjoyed a steak sandwich at the auction, while Tony was the martyr for the alliance. She feels she has done enough for the alliance. Kass reveals, “I got to see Spencer have the true dejected look that I have come to know and love and expect from him, when he knows he’s on the block.” Woo, Trish, Jefra and Kass decide to take a nap because they are feeling so full. Meanwhile, Tony is working hard on the fire and asks one of them to go get water. At first, no one volunteers. Everyone in Tony’s alliance ate at the auction except for him and now they are not offering to help him with the chores around camp. Tony comments, “The girls don’t do anything. You guys wanted to eat. I starved.” Finally Trish goes to get water. Next Tony heads out of camp to open the advantage he won at the auction. As he gets to a quiet spot, he opens up the advantage, which is a clue to the location of another hidden immunity idol. The clue tells him that the idol is at the end of beach and buried near a big white tree. Tony heads down the beach to find it. He comments, “Once I have this bad boy, I’m in power.”

Latasha knows that she and Spencer are next in line to be voted out. So, she decides to join Trish, Kass and Jefra in the water in plain view of Tony walking on the beach. Latasha admits, “I want Tony to know that there is a possibility that we could form an all girl alliance and take him out.” Tony returns to camp with firewood and tells Spencer that Latasha looks like she is working the girls. Spencer warns Tony that Latasha is a social threat. He also reminds Tony that Jefra wanted to vote Tony out and was willing to switch alliances just two days ago, but then she backed out at the last moment. Spencer reveals, “I’m trying to plant the seed that will fester and make this alliance split.” Like Latasha, Spencer hopes to make Tony paranoid and perhaps take the focus off of them. Tony knows that Spencer is desperate and therefore not trustworthy right now, but he does plan on looking into the possibility that Jefra will vote against him. He is worried about the fact that there are four girls and just three guys left on the Solarrion tribe. Tony admits, “All the tell tale signs are there that they need to blind side me. They won’t want me to go to the end.” He vows to take matters into his own hands.

Day 30 begins with the girls once again relaxing and talking in the water. Spencer joins them. Meanwhile, Tony and Woo are back at camp around the fire. Kass is happy to be part of the majority alliance of five with Tony, Woo, Trish and Jefra. She comments, “No matter who wins immunity, we can get rid of Tash or Spence. I mean you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.” Back at camp, Tony checks on a crab they had stored in a basket. The crab is dead, so Tony asks the girls in the water what they want him to do with it. They tell him to just put it in water and cook it. Tony is bugged that they are barking orders at him, while they continue to just talk in the water. He is worried that the girls may be joining together to get him out of the game. So Tony leaves camp to go search for the idol again. This time Tony finds a big white tree and he digs up the hidden immunity idol. He is so happy to find his third hidden immunity idol. Tony admits, “Right now I currently have two idols in my possession.” He has the special one and this regular hidden immunity idol. Tony now feels invincible. He goes to each member of his alliance – Kass, Woo, Trish and Jefra to show them his new hidden immunity idol and assure them that he will use it for any one of them who needs it. Tony reveals, “What I really wanted to tell them is ‘I’m protected, so don’t even think about voting for me.’” He is confident that this will stop the success of an all girl alliance. Tony now feels good about spending $500 at the auction for that advantage.

Jeff greets the Solarrion tribe members and explains the immunity challenge. Each member will race to dig up bags from the sand. Once all five bags are collected, they will release the balls inside the bags. Next, they will maneuver the balls through a table maze. The first person to get all five balls at the end of their maze wins immunity and is safe from the vote. They will have a one in six shot at winning the game. One of the losers will be voted out tonight at Tribal Council. The challenge begins and they all begin digging in the sand to find the beginning of a rope and their first bag. Woo finds the rope first, quickly followed by Tony. Latasha, Spencer, and Jefra retrieve their ropes next. Kass and Trish are still digging. Meanwhile, Tony retrieves all five bags quickly, followed by Woo and Latasha. Kass finally gets her rope, but Trish is still digging to find hers. Latasha is the first to get the bags untied and release the balls. She heads to her maze. As the others are still untying their bags, Latasha gets two balls in the maze. Tony heads to the maze followed by Spencer. Woo retrieves his balls and heads to the maze. Tony gets a bit crazy and his balls go all over the place. Jeff tells them that the moves need to be subtle and it takes finesse to work the maze. Woo lands his first ball. Then Tony lands his first ball. Kass, Trish and Jefra are still untying their bags. Jefra finally reaches the maze as Latasha lands her third ball into the maze. Spencer gets his first ball and suddenly Woo ties with Latasha when he gets his third ball at the end of his maze. Latasha then gets her fourth ball in. Woo follows and ties it back up. Latasha gets the fifth ball in and wins immunity. This is her third straight immunity challenge win. Jeff places the immunity idol necklace on her neck.

Returning to camp, Latasha is congratulated for her victory. Latasha is so happy to be safe at Tribal Council tonight. She reveals, “The plan all the way up to Tribal Council is to continue to talk to the girls and have Tony be suspicious of the girls.” Latasha hopes that this will take the focus off of voting out her ally Spencer tonight. When Latasha and Spencer leave the camp to go get water, Kass, Woo, Trish and Jefra all agree to vote for Spencer tonight. Tony worries that if Spencer gets voted out, then only two guys – himself and Woo remain. He worries that the four girls would then unite to vote out Woo and him next. Tony admits, “I have to turn on one of the females in my alliance and the only female that I can turn on is Jefra.” Since Jefra was willing to vote for Tony in the past, she is the one that Tony trusts the least. Tony talks over the plan with Woo and gets his support for it. Woo comments, “Tony’s a brilliant player. Nine times out of ten we’re clicking on the same level.” Tony knows that he won’t be able to tell Trish or Kass that he is going to break up their alliance and vote out Jefra, so he needs to get Spencer and Latasha to vote for Jefra. Tony talks to Spencer and reveals his plan. Spencer admits, “The things that I said to Tony have had an effect and this paranoia about an all girls alliance is perfect.” Tony asks Spencer to talk to Latasha and get her support for the plan. Spencer agrees. Latasha is delighted when Spencer tells her the plan to vote out Jefra and agrees to support it. Spencer hopes that this plan is real; otherwise he knows that he is going tonight. Just in case he is at risk, Spencer decides to spend some time looking for the idol with special powers. Tony realizes what Spencer is doing and is not sure that he can trust Spencer. He also knows that Spencer is a much bigger threat in the game than Jefra. Tony reveals, “I don’t know what to do at this point. I would say I’m driving myself crazy, but I don’t think it’s me driving myself crazy. I think it’s the game that’s driving me crazy.”

Solarrion joins Jeff Probst at Tribal Council. Spencer admits to feeling pressure especially since Latasha won her third immunity challenge. Tony points out that it was pretty chaotic at camp today. Jefra is confused to hear this. Tony states that he was told that Jefra wanted to blindside him and vote him out. He pulls out his hidden immunity idol and places it around his neck. Jefra responds that she was just upset that Jeremiah had been voted out. Kass clarifies that Jefra had to come to terms with what had happened. Tony encourages his alliance to stay together for this vote, so they can make it to the top five. Spencer is happy to hear that there is dissension in the power alliance. Kass agrees that there is chaos everywhere and that everyone’s heads are spinning. Jefra points out that Spencer and Latasha are going to try and stir things up, since they are at the bottom. Spencer says that one reason people don’t win this game is that they get too comfortable and don’t make the right move at the right time. The Solarrion tribe then votes. Before showing the votes, Jeff asks if there is an immunity idol to be played. None are offered. Spencer received three votes and Jefra received 4 votes. So, Jefra Bland, the 23 year old beauty queen from Campbellsville, KY is the 11th person voted out of SURVIVOR: CAGAYAN. Jeff sees the faces of the remaining tribe members and tells them that it looks they were not expecting this blindside. If there is any doubt that this is an individual game, it has been put to bed tonight.