Season 28: Episode 11 - Havoc to Wreak
Posted on May 7, 2014 11:00pm

It’s night 30 and the Solarrion tribe returns from Tribal Council after just voting out Jefra. Kass is upset that once again Tony voted somebody from their alliance out without telling her ahead of time. Kass vents, “I feel like they didn’t learn the lesson from when I flipped from my other alliance, which was don’t leave someone out.” Tony asks Trish and Kass if they want him to explain why he voted out Jefra. Trish assures him that she knew he did it because Jefra was willing to vote him out. Tony points out that Jefra swore her allegiance to him and then was willing to backstab him, which made it necessary to take her out next. Kass warns Tony not to talk down to her. Spencer realizes that the dynamic has now changed. “Now we have Kass and Tony fighting like cats and dogs and that’s great for Tasha and I.” Tony apologizes to Kass. Kass wonders why she is being loyal to Tony, when he does not include her in the important decisions. She comments, “I am done with him.”

The next morning, Spencer is asking Tony what it’s like to be a police officer. Tony admits that he has been shot at three times, but does not get nervous on the job. Spencer is impressed by what Tony does as a police officer and as a SURVIVOR player. He comments, “He’s sly. He’s playing harder than anyone and he’s very, very dangerous.” Tony is surprised that Kass is still sleeping in the shelter, since she usually is one of the first people to get up in the morning. Kass, Latasha and Trish hear the guys talking, but remain quiet in the shelter. Kass hears Tony say her name and is sure that he is saying negative things about her. Latasha admits that Tony always talks about others. Kass says, “Not getting up and laying in bed is pretty smart. It shows me what Tony’s really thinking about me.” Meanwhile, Tony and Spencer continue to talk about police work and criminals. Kass asks Trish if she is awake and if she hears Tony. Trish did hear him say “Kass”. Kass comments, “Tony said ‘Kass is such a bitch, did you hear her last night?’” The more she listens to Tony, the angrier Kass is getting. Later, Tony tells Kass that he is surprised that she slept in so late. Kass assures Tony that she was not sleeping, but heard everything he said about her. Tony is confused, since he didn’t say anything bad about her and wonders why she is so upset. Woo tells Kass that Tony was not talking trash talking her. Spencer comments, “Kass legitimately misheard Tony.” Spencer decides not to come to Tony’s defense, but to just let Kass and Tony get further annoyed with each other. Tony continues to tell Kass that he said nothing bad about her. He wants to calm her down, so she will continue to work with him and he can take her to the end with him. Kass is already upset with Tony for making another big move last night, by taking out Jefra. She vents, “Tony is willing to do anything to anybody. I mean all the people who went with him were just cult members.” She feels it is time to get rid of the cult leader.

Feeling bad, Tony approaches Kass on the beach to again explain to her that he wasn’t talking about her. She still doesn’t believe him. This upsets Tony. Kass tells Tony, “Everything that comes out of your mouth is a lie.” She suggests that he has lied so much that he doesn’t even remember what he says anymore. Tony gives up on trying to reason with Kass and heads back to the shelter. Kass comments, “I like to see people at their breaking point in this game, because it brings out the worst in them.” Trish tells Tony to let it go. Latasha is happy that Kass and Tony are feuding, because it takes the focus off of her. Tony tells Kass, “You act like you are a four year old.” Kass vows to vote for Tony at the next Tribal Council. Tony warns her that she will go home instead. Tony admits to everyone that he has the special idol. Kass doesn’t believe that he has a special idol and thinks that he is just lying again. Tony says, “Just like that Tash and Spencer you move up another notch.” He is so irritated with Kass right now that he wants her out next.

Host, Jeff Probst, greets the remaining six tribe members and explains the reward challenge. The tribe members will be divided into two teams of three. Each team will race to get sandbags and throw them until one team destroys the other team’s wall. Then one member of each team will race to rebuild their wall. The winning team will go to a local elementary school and serve as SURVIVOR Ambassadors of Good Will by bringing school supplies for each student and the school. In addition, they will also enjoy hamburgers and hot dogs. It is Woo, Spencer and Kass against Latasha, Trish and Tony. Tony is the first one to knock a block off the other team’s wall. Spencer responds by knocking blocks off of Tony’s team wall. Everybody gets the hang of throwing the sandbags and the blocks come down pretty evenly from the two walls. Kass ends up being the one who knocks off the last block on the opposing team’s wall. So, the two teams now switch sides and start rebuilding their walls. Latasha quickly begins rebuilding her team’s wall, but Spencer initially struggles rebuilding his team’s wall. So, Kass coaches him and tells him where to put the blocks. Meanwhile, Tony is helping Latasha rebuild the wall for his team. Latasha makes steady progress and is now far ahead of Spencer. With the help of Kass, Spencer starts to catch up. Latasha then begins to panic as she struggles to find the next piece. In the end, Spencer completes his team’s wall first. So, Spencer, Kass and Woo win the right to deliver the school supplies as SURVIVOR Ambassadors and enjoy a feast.

Woo, Kass and Spencer are greeted by numerous school children as they arrive in a bus with the school supplies. They immediately begin to distribute the book bags, balls, globes, and other needed supplies. Woo comments, “Today’s reward was a phenomenal opportunity to give back to the Filipino community and to be an ambassador for SURVIVOR.” He is touched to see how much the kids appreciate what they are getting. Spencer admits to not being a kid person. He is at first overwhelmed by all the kids surrounding him and being so enthusiastic about what he brought them. Spencer reveals, “Once I got into it, I did enjoy it.” Later, Woo treats the kids to a martial arts demonstration, using Spencer as a helper. Kass is impressed with how comfortable Woo is with the kids. She comments, “I really like Woo a lot more after seeing how he was with the kids.” While they eat their meal, Kass tells Woo and Spencer that she is glad it was the three of them that made this trip and that it is now time to flush the idol. Spencer agrees. Kass recommends a three way split. She believes Tony and Trish will vote for Latasha. Kass suggests two others vote for Trish and the remaining two vote for Tony. This will hopefully force Tony to either play his idol or perhaps be voted out. Kass admits, “Spencer and I have had a lot of animosity in the past, but now we have a common enemy. I’m no longer the enemy. Tony’s the new enemy.” Spencer feels confident that he can get Latasha to join them in flushing out an idol. He and Kass haven’t always agreed on things in the past, but this time he agrees that Tony needs to go. Spencer explains, “If Tony has both idols, he goes from being a threat to the biggest threat there has been in the history of this entire game.” Spencer and Kass keep asking Woo what he thinks. Woo only responds that he will consider it. His response is not leaving Kass and Spencer feeling too confident. Woo reveals, “I’ve been in this game from day one with Tony. It’s hard to go against him.” However, as they walk back to camp, Woo commits to voting with them. So, Spencer agrees to speak with Latasha.

Spencer talks to Latasha about the plan to split the vote. She hopes that they can trust Woo. Meanwhile, Tony and Trish wonder if Spencer and Kass got to Woo, while they were on the reward. Woo then joins Tony and Trish in the shelter. Tony asks Woo if there was any strategy talk. Woo tells Trish and Tony that Spencer and Kass want to vote out Latasha. Tony admits, “Up to this point now, Woo has been a disciplined ally. So, I have no reason not to trust him.” Tony asks Woo if there was any mention of him or his idol. Woo says “no.” Tony is confused why Spencer would want to vote off his only ally Latasha. Tony comments, “In Woo’s mind, he might think about making a power move right now. I might have been wrong about Woo all along.”

Jeff Probst greets the Solarrion tribe and asks Latasha to return the immunity necklace. As it is being removed, Jeff reminds everyone that Latasha is one win away from tying the current SURVIVOR record of four consecutive wins achieved by Kelly Wiglesworth. Jeff then explains the immunity challenge. Each member will race out and count the number of items at six different stations. Those numbers will be used to solve a combination lock. If they pull on the lock and it won’t open, then they will need to head back out and count again. The first person to unlock the combo lock and break the tile wins immunity and has a one in five chance of winning SURVIVOR. The challenge begins and they are off and running to the stations to begin counting the number of items in each station. The stations have either buoys, bamboo, masks, rocks, crabs or fish traps. Jeff points out that this challenge will test them physically and mentally, because they will have to remember numbers and run back and forth numerous times in the sand. Tony gets done counting first and runs back to his combo lock to enter the numbers. Latasha and Spencer are close behind him. Woo, Trish and Kass come back next. Kass is the first one to enter all the numbers and try the lock, but is wrong and so she has to head back and count again. Meanwhile, the others are counting a few items, then running back to enter the numbers and then heading back out to count more items. Tony, Spencer and Latasha finally have all their numbers and try to open their combo locks, but they are wrong too. Woo tries next, but is also unsuccessful and has to head back out to recount the items. After twenty-five minutes, each tribe member has tried their combo several times and has had to go back out and recount. Finally, Spencer tries his lock and is able to unlock the combo and break the tile. He wins immunity. Jeff tells Latasha that she was one off on the bamboo category the whole time.

Latasha is very disappointed that she didn’t win but congratulates Spencer. She comments, “I’m not done yet. There is still havoc to wreak.” Tony complains that it is the same two people who always win immunity and they need to share the wealth. Later, Spencer, Woo and Latasha talk strategy. They agree that the girls will vote for Trish and the boys will vote for Tony. Therefore, if Tony doesn’t play an idol, then they will vote out Tony. If he does play an idol, then they will vote out Trish. Latasha hopes that Woo will honor his word and make a move against Tony. Latasha reveals, “I just have to put on an act like I could be going home tonight.” At camp, Latasha admits to Tony that she is in trouble tonight. She then heads out of camp to go to the pond. Tony is worried, because Latasha is not scrambling like she has done in the past, when she was in danger of being voted out of the game. Tony tells everyone that he will be playing his idol tonight. Spencer asks him if he has the special idol. Tony states that he will not confirm or deny it. He comments, “I don’t want to play my special idol tonight, but if they call my bluff that I’m not using the regular idol and they all put my name down, that special idol has to come out or I go home.” Next, Kass and Latasha talk. They both discuss how Tony is like a former player, Russell Hantz, because he uses fear to keep those in his alliance loyal to him. Kass admits, “I have to make a decision tonight based on if can I beat Tony in the final Tribal and nobody ever gives the jerk the money. So, maybe I keep him.” Kass likes to stir things up. She then pulls Woo aside and asks him if he is still sticking to the plan. Woo begins to wonder what will happen at tonight’s Tribal Council.

The six remaining Solarrion members return to Tribal Council and are greeted by Jeff Probst. He introduces the jury – Sarah, Morgan. JT, Jeremiah and Jefra. Latasha feels uncomfortable without the immunity necklace tonight. She admits that it has been made very clear to her that as soon as she loses an immunity challenge, she will be going home. Latasha points out that Tony is a bigger threat than her, because he claims to have the special idol and the hidden immunity idol. Tony admits that he is worried about his future, since Latasha was too calm today. He made sure to bring his bag of tricks with him tonight. Tony is also confident that his alliance is trustworthy and will be loyal to him tonight. Kass reveals that she would be paranoid if she had a bag of tricks like Tony. She recommends that they try to flush out an idol tonight. Tony responds by encouraging his alliance to keep idols away from the enemy. Trish confirms that Tony promised to give his immunity idol to someone on his alliance, if they needed it. Woo points out that the further Tony gets in the game, the more he can dictate who is to go and who is to stay. Spencer states that Tony has a way of getting back the members of his alliance even after he blindsides one of them. Spencer hopes to see what is in Tony’s bag of tricks tonight. Tony hopes that his alliance of Woo, Trish, Kass and himself stick together tonight and that Latasha goes home. Kass states there may be another blindside tonight. Latasha hopes there is a blindside, which benefits her. The tribe then votes. Jeff asks if there is anyone who wants to play their immunity idol. None are played. Jeff reveals the votes. Trish receives one vote. Tony receives one vote. Latasha receives three votes. So, Latasha Fox, the 37-year-old accountant from St. Louis, MO is the twelfth person voted out of SURVIVOR CAYAGAN. Jeff tells Spencer that it appears he still may be on the outs, but that based on what he is seeing, it may not necessarily be a bad thing.