Season 28: Episode 12 - Straw That Broke the Camel's Back
Posted on May 14, 2014 11:00pm


It is night 33 and as the remaining five Solarrion tribe members return to camp after Tribal Council, it is raining heavily. They are all wet and miserable. Spencer is upset that Kass and Woo broke their promise to him and voted for Latasha versus Tony. Woo explains that he already has a final three deal with other people. Since Spencer is in the minority and could not have acted against them, he wonders why they lied to him in the first place. Kass responds, “Why does anyone lie in this game? It’s part of the game.” Kass voted out Latasha versus Tony because she realized that Tony has burned a lot of people in this game, so maybe she could actually beat him in the end. Tony reminds Spencer that Woo and Kass are loyal to him. Spencer comments, “I’m playing against Tony, who has played all these people like a fiddle and three foolish players, who don’t think for themselves.” He feels pretty sure that he will be the next one voted out. Spencer hopes that his knowledge and understanding of the game can help him against his tribe mates who aren’t as bright.

The next morning, Tony and Woo go out in the boat to get away from camp and discuss strategy. Woo and Tony both hope to win the next immunity challenge instead of Spencer. Tony recommends that they take Kass to the final three, since nobody would give her the million dollars. Woo admits, “I feel like sitting next to Tony at the end of the game, in the top three, would be a lovely thing, since we started this game together.” He decides to reveal to Tony what he talked about with Kass and Spencer at the last reward. Woo tells Tony that Spencer wanted Tony out next and Kass agreed. He also tells Tony that Kass suggested the final three be Spencer, Woo and herself. Tony appreciates Woo’s honesty and loyalty, but he feels bad that he will eventually have to vote him out, since he may get votes at the end. Tony comments, “My wife told me, ‘Tony when you go there, don’t do anything stupid. Try to win the game.’ Taking Woo to the end is stupid. I’m going to listen to my wife on this one.”

Host Jeff Probst greets the Solarrion tribe and explains the details of the reward challenge. Each person will race to a mud pit, dive in and cover their whole body with the mud. Then they have to race back and scrape off the mud into a bucket. The person with the most mud in the bucket, after ten minutes, will win the reward of piping hot pizza delivered to them at the camp. As the challenge begins, they each use their own strategy to pack the mud on their bodies. Woo is the first to return back to his bucket and scrape mud off of his body, followed by Spencer, Tony and Trish. Kass takes the longest time loading mud onto her body. Woo, Spencer and Trish are the first back out to the mud pit. Tony and Kass soon follow. As they come back to their buckets, they are all removing a lot of mud from their arms, legs, hair, etc. They all go back out for a third time. Kass and Trish begin to fall behind. With only a minute left, they all take their final mud bath and rush back to dump the mud in their buckets. At the completion of the ten minutes, they all stop and look at each other, laughing at the site of all the muddy bodies. Tony’s bucket is the only one overflowing with mud, so the other tribe members agree to forego weighing the buckets. Tony is the clear winner of the reward challenge. Jeff tells Tony that he can choose one person to enjoy the pizza reward with him. Tony responds, “Anorexia, come on over.” Trish is so happy to be chosen by Tony and finally get to enjoy her first reward.

The group returns to camp where Tony comments about how much people pay for mud baths. Turning to Kass, they tease her about all of the mud in her hair, which can be formed to stand up. Kass is happy that Tony picked Trish for the pizza reward to show everyone how close they are to each other. She comments, “They are attached at the hip and everyone can see it and in my view, no one in this game should have that much power.” As they are all in the ocean washing off the mud, a helicopter arrives with pizza. Spencer admits, “Everyone seems to be handing Tony this game, much like the pizza on a silver platter.” Tony and Trish sit on a mat, under an umbrella on the beach and have their choice of five different pizzas and cold soda. Tony immediately starts eating the pizza, as fast as he can. Trish warns him to slow down. In between bites, they talk strategy. Trish emphasizes how important it is to beat Spencer at the next immunity challenge. She asks Tony if he has the special power idol. Tony confirms that he has the special idol and a regular hidden immunity idol. Trish is delighted to hear this. Tony tells Trish that he can use one with five people left and one with four people left. The truth is the last time he can use them both is when there are only five people left in the game. Tony explains, “If they do believe my bluff, I’m guaranteed final three.” Trish and Tony agree they should bring Kass to the final three, since she has made so many people in the jury angry.

The next day, Tony approaches Kass and tells her that he wants to take her and Trish to the end with him. He also tells Kass that Woo revealed Kass’ plans to get rid of Tony with Spencer and Woo when they went out in the boat. Tony assures her that he doesn’t take her betrayal personally and pledges on his wife and his baby that he still wants to take her to the end with Trish. Kass comments, “If I’m going to sit next to Tony in the final three, I need to show everyone that Tony is a bully.” She heads back to camp and asks Woo if he told Tony everything they talked about at the reward. Woo responds, “No way. I didn’t say anything.” Kass then confronts Tony and tells him Woo denied what he told her. Tony is stunned that Kass talked to Woo about what they had talked about in secrecy. In front of Woo, Tony assures Kass that Woo spilled the beans on her plan. Kass proceeds to tell Woo that Tony promised her final three and swore on his wife and baby. She wants to create as much paranoia and doubt as she can. Kass explains, “So, now he just screwed himself, because perhaps Woo doesn’t trust him.” Tony is upset with Kass for revealing his final three plan to Woo. Tony vents, “Strategically, Kass is perfect to bring to the end, but she’s such an insult to this game. So, as far as I’m concerned, we’re done.”

Tony and Trish leave camp to check for coconuts. Kass and Spencer take this opportunity to talk to Woo. Kass tells Woo that Tony is playing both of them, by offering to take both of them to the end with him and Trish. She admits, “The typical strategy would be to get rid of Tony, but he has at least one idol that we’re aware of, plus he’s such a jerk. I think I could beat him in the end.” Kass decides to make a plan with Woo and Spencer to mess up Tony’s game. Woo now doubts Tony’s loyalty to him. He realizes that it is not in Tony’s best interest to take him to the end, since he doesn’t have a bad reputation with the jury. Kass agrees with Woo and points out that Tony wants to take her to the end, because he doesn’t think she can win. Woo reveals, “My trust in Tony has gone down tremendously.” Spencer and Kass recommend that the three of them join together to vote out Trish. That would open up a slot in the final three and mess up Tony’s plan. Just as they are talking about this, Trish comes back into camp and overhears their plan to vote her out and Kass calling her a goat. Trish gets angry and comments, “She’ll be sorry she did that.” Spencer knows that he is likely the next one to be voted out, if he does not win immunity. He hopes that this plan just discussed with Kass and Woo will work, but there are no guarantees. Spencer comments, “Even with everything going on at camp, I need immunity and I’m going to fight my ass off for it.”

The Solarrion tribe arrives on their mat at the immunity challenge. Jeff takes back the immunity necklace from Spencer and explains the challenge. Each person will race to untangle a braided rope that will release a key. The key will unlock ladder rungs, which will be used to build a ladder. They will then use planks to build a staircase. Once complete, they will climb the staircase to the top of the platform and solve a SURVIVOR slide puzzle. The first person to solve the puzzle wins immunity and will have a one in four chance to win SURVIVOR – CAGAYAN. One of the losers will be voted out at Tribal Council. The challenge begins and they all start working to unbraid the rope, so they key will drop. While the others are making progress, Woo and Spencer struggle to get their rope unbraided. Tony is the first one to get his key and he uses it to unlock the chest to get the ladder rungs. Trish, Kass and Spencer soon follow and Woo is the last to get his key. Jeff tells everyone to be patient and focus for this long challenge. They are now all building their ladders. Tony maintains his lead and is the first one to finish his ladder. Meanwhile, Kass is still trying to find the first piece to her ladder, while the others each have at least a couple of pieces completed on their ladders. Tony moves up to build his staircase. Spencer completes his ladder and moves up to build his staircase. Tony completes the staircase and moves up to solve the slide puzzle, which is the final phase of the challenge. He has a huge lead. Woo completes his ladder and is soon followed by Kass. They move up to build their staircases. Trish is still working on her ladder. Tony is struggling to solve his puzzle and is rapidly sliding the pieces around. Spencer completes his staircase and moves on up to begin solving his puzzle. Tony is working at a feverish pace, while Spencer is methodically studying the puzzle. Tony’s huge lead is now slipping away. In the end, Spencer solves his puzzle first and wins immunity. Tony is upset that Spencer was the one to win immunity. He admits, “So now, we have to speed up the process of elimination from our own alliance, which is going to be very, very, very hard.”

Tony, Trish, Woo, Spencer and Kass return back to camp. Spencer is congratulated for winning immunity. Tony admits that he cannot solve puzzles. Spencer reveals, “Winning immunity didn’t just feel good, it was Nirvana.” He realizes that the remaining four are now going to now have to turn on each other and he gets to enjoy the show. Trish asks Kass, “Do you think I’m stupid.” Kass realizes that Trish is upset about hearing them talk about voting her out earlier in the day. Trish accuses Kass of being the one who plays both sides and then claims that she is the victim. She comments, “Kass, she’s an agitator. She loves to get people angry at each other and there’s only so much you can take of somebody like that.” Trish continues to verbally attack Kass, while Kass just listens. Tony tells Trish to stop and recommends they go for a walk. Kass comments, “Trish is pissed off because I threw her under the bus, which is part of the game. So get over it.” She realizes that she may now be the one voted out tonight. Tony, Woo and Trish walk off together leaving Spencer and Kass at camp alone. They agree to talk to Woo and encourage him once again to vote for Trish. Meanwhile, Tony asks both Woo if he has any questions for him. Woo asks Tony if he swore on his wife and baby to Kass that he would take her to the end. Tony admits that he had. He begins to scramble to try and convince Woo and Trish that the three of them are going to the end. In fact, he tells Woo that he is swearing on his wife, his baby, his mother and his deceased father as well, that he will take him to the final three with Trish. Tony is upset with how Kass has been playing. He comments, “Why would she go and tell him that I said all this stuff, unless she was looking to blindside me. Therefore, she’s going home.” Tony, Trish and Woo all shake hands and agree to vote Kass out tonight. Woo is not sure if he can trust Tony and thinks Tony will save Trish over him. Woo admits, “I’m thinking maybe it’s time to make that big move.” Woo then meets with Kass and tells her that he will vote out Trish. Kass hopes that she can trust him, because Woo has let her down before. Spencer joins Kass and Woo. Woo asks Spencer and Kass to agree to go with him to the final three, if he votes out Trish with them tonight. Kass and Spencer agree. Woo knows that he is the swing vote. He can either vote with Tony and Trish to vote out Kass or vote with Spencer and Kass to vote out Trish. Woo reveals, “I haven’t made up my mind at this point. I’m still trying to figure out what option is going to be the best for me.” Tony sees Woo talking with Spencer and Kass and later asks Woo what is going on. Tony assures Woo that he will take him to the end. He hopes Woo realizes that Kass does not deserve to go any further in the game. Tony admits, “I got to just make sure that me and Woo are on the same page. If not, I might have to break my promise and change the plan.”

Jeff Probst greets the Solarrion tribe as they enter Tribal Council. He then brings in the jury – Sarah, Morgan. LJ, Jeremiah, Jefra and Latasha. Tony admits that Spencer’s back was against the wall and that he won a much needed immunity. Kass lets everyone know how Trish verbally attacked her after the challenge. Trish points out that Kass always likes to be seen as the victim, although she is really a troublemaker. Spencer smiles and admits that with his winning immunity, it sped up the process of the other four turning on each other. Woo admits that he is now looking at this as three brawn versus two brain. This now puts Kass in a vulnerable position. Kass admits that she didn’t expect Trish to lash out at her today, but Tony was caught telling both she and Woo that they were going to be part of his final three. Tony thinks Kass is delusional and explains the conversations he had with Woo and Kass. Kass sits with a smile on her face as Tony explains how frustrating it is trying to work with Kass. Everyone, including the jury, is getting a kick out of listening to the two of them. Spencer is amused by it all, but also finds it frustrating to try and work with a bunch of crazy people. Woo feels like a foreign exchange student that is stuck with the worst family possible. Tony makes sure that he will not be the one going home tonight as he pulls out his hidden immunity idol and his special idol. Woo, Spencer, Kass and Trish are surprised to finally see and confirm that Tony has the special idol. Tony is not ready to disclose the powers of the special idol to everyone. Spencer notes that Tony is the biggest threat and should be voted out, but the two idols complicate things. It is time for the vote. Before revealing the votes, Jeff asks if there is an immunity idol to be played. Tony plays his hidden immunity idol. So, any votes for Tony will not count. The first four votes are then revealed. Kass receives one vote. Trish receives three votes. So, Trish Hegarty, the 48 year old Pilates Trainer from Needham, Mass. is the thirteenth person voted off SURVIVOR: CAGAYAN. As Trish leaves, Kass gives her the “finger.” Jeff tells the remaining tribe members that it is still anyone’s game.