Season 28: Episode 13 - It's Do or Die
Posted on Jun 11, 2014 04:35pm


It is night 36 and the remaining four Solarrion tribe members return to camp, after just voting out Trish at Tribal Council. Spencer asks Tony if he voted for Trish. Tony confirms that he did, because she was too well like and therefore a threat. He admits, “I’m a little sad that I had to oust one of my best allies.” Tony, Woo, Spencer and Kass congratulate each other for making it to the final four. Spencer is amazed that he made it to the final four with all the challenges that he has faced so far in the game. He admits, “Tribal was demoralizing when Tony pulled out his second idol.” Tony hints that the special idol guarantees him to be in the final three, but refuses to provide any details. Spencer is worried about this special idol, because he does not want Tony to make it to the end and jeopardize his game. The truth is that Tony’s special idol is no longer usable, since it expired at tonight’s Tribal Council. Tony comments, “Out here, all I’m doing is bluffing and I’m lying my ass off.” He just hopes that Woo, Kass and Spencer believe his bluff that the idol is still powerful. Kass has her doubts that the special idol can be used at the next Tribal Council.

The next morning, Kass and Tony discuss Trish. Kass feels that Trish was pretty harsh to her yesterday. Kass thinks Tony made a mistake when he voted out Trish, because she feels Trish was not that well liked. Tony disagrees and feels that Kass just doesn’t understand Trish. Kass comments, “I think they made a mistake yesterday in voting out Trish, but it wasn’t me, so I don’t care.” Tony explains to Kass that his idols have and will continue to keep him safe in the game.

As everyone is sitting in the shelter, they see a boat coming towards them. Tony hopes that it is food. As the boat gets closer, Kass recognizes her husband and runs towards the boat. As Kass’s husband jumps off the boat, she gives him a big hug. Woo greets his cousin. Spencer embraces his sister. He reveals, “Right in front of me is my sister, who loves me unconditionally and it was the best surprise of the game.” Tony welcomes his best friend, Arnold and immediately asks about his wife and child. Tony cries when Arnold tells him how much his daughter has grown since he left for SURVIVOR. Woo admits, “After 37 days out here, to see blood, to see family, there is nothing more fulfilling.” The final four and their loved ones enjoy a peanut butter and jelly feast. Woo reads tree mail, which tells them about the upcoming immunity challenge. Woo hopes to win the challenge, win the million dollars and propose to his girlfriend. Kass and her husband get away from the others and chat. Kass tells him that she is up against the boys and is hated by the girls. She comments, “I respect my husband and I love him and I am the last woman. I guess for him to see that, probably shows him a different side of me.” Kass tells her husband that she hopes the women on the jury will end up respecting her for playing so aggressively. Meanwhile, Spencer tells his sister that he has been giving his all in this game. He admits, “I have to go into this immunity challenge out for blood, ready to win at all costs, because this is it.” The final four and their loved ones leave camp and head for the immunity challenge.

Jeff Probst, the host, greets Tony, Woo, Spencer, Kass and their loved ones. Jeff asks Kass what it was like to see her husband. She replies, “Great surprise, especially for me who as, we all know, I’ve been a little hated out here.” Tony appreciates having his childhood friend visit him, since he is someone that can be completely trusted, unlike his competitors in SURVIVOR. Jeff asks Spencer’s sister for one sentence that will explain who Spencer is. She replies, “This man is neurotic. Everything he does, he does it like full.” Woo feels rejuvenated and more energetic now that his cousin is here with him. Jeff explains that their loved ones have been invited to watch them participate in this immunity challenge. Spencer returns the immunity necklace. For this challenge, each castaway will be perched on top of a pole located in the ocean. They will use a bucket to retrieve water to pour down a chute, which as it fills, will raise a key. Once the key is obtained, they will swim back to shore to unlock puzzle pieces to solve a block puzzle. The winner will get immunity and be guaranteed a spot in the final three. One of the losers will be voted out at the next Tribal Council. As the challenge begins, Kass and Tony are amazed at how high the poles are and how much the wind is causing them to shake. They all drop their buckets into the water to fill them up and pull them back up with a rope. Tony gets the most water into his chute on his first try. Kass is shaking on the pole and none of her water goes into the chute. As they continue to fill up their buckets and pour the water into their chutes, Spencer and Tony take the lead. Kass is fumbling and still unable to get much water into her chute. Her husband yells words of encouragement to her. Woo is getting the hang of things and works quickly to try and catch up with Tony and Spencer. Tony is the first to get his key. He is not a good swimmer, so he decides to climb down the pole, rather than jump into the water. Spencer is able to reach his key after his next pour. So, he grabs his key, jumps off the pole and swims to shore. Kass is finally starting to get the hang of it. Woo is next to get his key and heads for shore. Kass is still struggling and to make matters worse, her rope gets tangled with the key. So, she has to stop retrieving water and untangle the rope. Meanwhile, Spencer is making good progress on his puzzle and has placed the most pieces. Kass finally gets her key and swims to shore. She quickly catches up, as she works to solve the puzzle. It is Kass and Spencer who are now tied for the lead. Tony and Woo are working hard to catch up. All of the loved ones are cheering on their castaways. In the end, Kass is the first to solve the puzzle and wins immunity. Jeff is impressed with Kass’ performance in the challenge, since she was so far behind and came back to win it. Kass tells her husband that she just needed him there. Spencer is so disappointed that he lost to Kass. He admits, “It’s time to play my ass off.”

As the four tribe members return back to camp, Kass is happy that she can finally vote Spencer out. She comments, “It levels the playing field and gives me a far better chance at winning.” Tony regrets never winning an immunity challenge, but feels safe because his tribe mates think his super power idol is still valid tonight. Spencer requests a meeting with Tony. They get out of camp and Spencer tells Tony that he is pretty sure that this game will have a final two at the end versus a final three. As a fan, Spencer points out that Jeff did not say final three with a chance to plead your case to the jury as he usually does. Tony realizes that if there is another immunity challenge and Kass wins again, then she will take Woo with her to the end. Also, if Woo wins, then he will take Kass with him. Tony realizes this would put him in a bad position. Spencer encourages Tony to keep him in the game and vote out Woo tonight. He admits, “Tony is my last hope.” Meanwhile, back at camp Kass and Woo are also discussing the upcoming Tribal Council. Kass wants to vote out Spencer and Woo is glad to hear this. Woo admits, “Anything could happen at Tribal Council.” He realizes that if there is a tie vote at Tribal Council, then he and Spencer would have to compete in a fire making challenge. Kass reveals, “I’m sitting pretty and I’m not handing my necklace to anyone.

Jeff Probst greets the remaining four tribe members and introduces the jury – Sarah, Morgan, LJ, Jeremiah, Jefra, Tasha and Trish. Kass admits that having her husband cheer her on at the challenge helped her to win, even after a horrible start. Tony agrees having a visit from a loved one gives you a huge lift. Spencer points out that it was an emotional day for him, because he saw his sister. He adds, “This will bite, if I leave the game two days short of my dream.” Spencer makes his plea to Tony to vote out Woo, since this will give Tony a better chance of making it to the final two. He then makes a promise in front of everyone to take Tony to the final two, if he is the one to win the next immunity challenge. Spencer asks the jury not to vote for him in the end, if he breaks this promise. Tony is not sure that he could win against Spencer in the end. Woo admits that he has played a good game, but most of it has not been visible to the others. He has worked more behind the scenes. Kass points out that no one knows what “special” powers Tony’s idol has and that if the jury is bitter, Woo will win. If the jury is not bitter, she and Tony have a shot to win. Tony asks Kass if she thinks she can beat him. Kass responds that she has a better chance of beating Woo. Tony realizes that he will be the target if there is another Tribal Council. Spencer tells Tony that he better win the next immunity challenge, if he decides to vote him out tonight. The tribe then votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, Tony explains that his idol can be played after the votes are read, but only if there are no less than five remaining members. The idol is in therefore useless tonight. Jeff reveals the votes. Woo receives one. Spencer receives three votes. So, Spencer Bledsoe, the twenty one year old economics student from Chicago, IL is the fourteenth person voted off SURVIVOR: CAGAYAN and the eighth member of the jury. Jeff tells the remaining tribe members to prepare for tomorrow’s immunity challenge. FINAL 3 Woo, Tony and Kass return to camp after Tribal Council and congratulate each other for making the final three. They are a disappointed that they have to compete in another immunity challenge and vote out another person, before they go to the final Tribal Council. Kass comments, “One of the three of us is going home and I think the boys are more depressed about it than me, because they may have to go at each other’s throats.” She feels pretty confident that Woo and Tony will take her to the final two, even if she doesn’t win immunity, since they are confident that they can beat her. Later, as Tony is busy chopping a coconut, Kass talks to Woo in the shelter. She promises that she will take Woo, if Woo takes her to the end. Woo agrees to this. He admits, “I’d be the stupidest SURVIVOR player taking Tony to the end.”

Jeff Probst greets Kass, Woo and Tony for the final immunity challenge. The three of them are amazed at how massive the challenge is. Kass returns the immunity necklace. Today’s challenge involves racing through a maze of turnstiles. Some will turn, some won’t. Along the way, they will be collecting four medallions to open a chest. Inside the chest are cogs that will need to be arranged correctly to work together to raise a flag. The first person to raise their flag will win immunity and a spot at the final Tribal Council, where they will plead their case to a jury of their peers, as to why they deserve the sole SURVIVOR title and the one million dollars that goes with it. The challenge begins. Tony and Woo go quickly through the turnstiles and get to the first station and untie their first medallion. Kass soon follows and retrieves her first medallion. They all bring their medallions back and head out for their next one. Woo follows Tony through the course, but it is Kass who gets to her second medallion first. Tony and Woo finally get to their second medallions, while Kass is now working on getting her third. Soon Woo and Tony catch up. They are all now working on their fourth medallions. Woo is the first to get the fourth medallion. Tony catches up as Woo heads back to the chest. Kass finally gets to the fourth medallion, as Woo begins to open his chest. Tony is on his way to the chest. Woo begins to work on the cogs. Tony opens his chest, while Kass is on her way back. She opens her chest and begins to quickly place the cogs in place. She and Woo are down to the final two pieces while Tony is still trying to get his cogs into place. Kass and Woo both get all their pieces in, but Woo is the first to raise his flag, beating Kass by a half a second. Kass is disappointed and now worries Woo will beat her in this game. Woo kisses his immunity necklace which guarantees him a spot in the final Tribal Council. So, either Tony or Kass will be the one voted out tonight.

Woo is congratulated by Kass and Tony as they all return to camp. Woo is totally stoked that he won immunity, but quickly realizes he has to decide who to take to the end with him. Tony invites Woo to take a walk on the beach, so they can talk strategy. Tony knows it will not be easy to convince Woo to take him along. Tony comments, “I’m just planting the seeds once again, hoping something catches.” Tony reminds Woo that as a Tae Kwan Do teacher, he exhibits discipline and loyalty and that Woo has been loyal to Tony from the beginning. Woo will break that loyalty, if he chooses to take Kass to the end. Tony also argues that Kass will beat Woo in the end, because Kass made bigger moves than Woo in the game. Tony reveals, “Woo has based his game around loyalty, honor, and integrity.” He hopes to prove to Woo that getting rid of him now would invalidate his whole game plan and give Kass the win. Woo assures Tony that he respects him and just needs time to think about it. Later, Kass pleads her case to Woo. She reminds Woo that Tony has kept her all this time, because he thinks he can beat her. Kass tells Woo that he is like a past SURVIVOR, Fabio right now, because he hasn’t hurt anyone and everyone likes him. She warns him that Tony will just tell the jury that he did all the work and just brought Woo along in the game. Kass comments, “It’s horrifying. The person who hasn’t made a decision the whole game is in charge of my fate.” Woo tells Kass that he needs to think about it and will make his decision tonight at Tribal Council. He would like to take Tony with him, but realizes that means his chances for winning are not as good. At the same time, Woo feels like, if he chooses Kass, then he breaks his loyalty to Tony and that makes him a hypocrite. Woo admits, “I want to be the sole SURVIVOR and to have a million dollars.”

Jeff greets the Tony, Woo and Kass and introduces the jury – Sarah, Morgan, LJ, Jeremiah, Jefra, Tasha, Trish and Spencer. Woo is grateful to have won the final immunity challenge, but is nervous about the decision he has to make at Tribal Council. He admits that Tony was loyal to him at the last Tribal Council when he voted out Spencer instead of Woo. Tony hopes that Woo will return the favor and vote Kass and not him out tonight. Kass is disappointed that she lost the immunity challenge today, especially since she was only a second behind Woo. Now she struggles with Woo and not herself having control of her fate tonight. Kass feels that if Woo stays loyal to Tony and goes to the final two with him, then Woo will lose the million dollar prize. Woo does not want to discuss the decision that he has to make between Kass and Tony. He hopes they will respect his decision and asks Jeff, if they can just get the vote. Jeff honors his wishes and calls for the vote. Since Tony can only vote for Kass and Kass can only vote for Tony, which cancels each other’s votes out, Woo is the only one that gets to vote. Woo then casts his vote for who will be the ninth and final person on the jury. Jeff reveals his vote, which is for Kass. So, Kass McQuillen, the 41 year old attorney from Tehachapi, CA is the fifteenth person voted off SURVIVOR: CAGAYAN and the ninth and final member of the jury. Jeff congratulates Tony and Woo for being the final two. He reminds them that the power now shifts to the jury who they will face the next night at the final Tribal Council.

It’s night 38 and Woo and Tony return to camp from Tribal Council. Tony thanks Woo for taking him to the final two. Woo reveals, “My decision tonight is a big power move that I can finally claim as my own.” He feels that the jury will respect his decision to take Tony versus Kass to the final two with him. Woo explains, “You want to go up against someone who is just as strong, maybe even stronger, so if you do win it’s that much more honorable.” The next morning on day 39, Woo and Tony check tree mail. They are elated to find everything they need for a feast. A big basket contains eggs, bread, bacon, sausages, juice and champagne. They immediately start to cook their breakfast and enjoy the delicious food. Tony finds a piece of paper in the food basket, while Woo is busy cooking the meal. He immediately hides it in his pocket and exits camp to read it. The paper tells him to go to the back of the camp for a surprise. Tony takes off to see what it is, while Woo is still cooking. Tony comes upon a full length mirror and a scale. Tony is amazed at what he looks like and steps on the scale to find out he has lost 21 pounds in his 39 days SURVIVOR. Tony calls Woo to join him. Tony admits, “The million dollars was my main priority to come out here to better my life, to better my wife’s life.” Woo is surprised and happy with how he looks in the mirror. He reveals, “I’m a martial arts instructor and we abide by the five codes of Tae Kwon Do, discipline, integrity, loyalty, respect and harmony between mind and body. I did a valiant effort abiding and honoring those codes of conduct, throughout this game play and no one can question me on that.” Woo hopes to win the million dollars to help him start a martial arts studio and to help make life easier for his family and soon to be fiancée. Tony and Woo grab their torches and head towards Tribal Council.

At the final Tribal Council, Tony and Woo give their opening statements to the jury. Tony welcomes any questions that the jury may have for him. He also assures them that none of his actions in the game were personal or emotional. Tony says, “All the choices I made throughout this whole game was based on strategy.” He then thanks Woo for taking him to the final two. Woo admits, “I came into this game knowing it’s a game of lies and manipulation. It was probably one of the hardest challenges that I would have to face.” He lists the five codes of Tae Kwon Do, which he teaches his students and abides by himself. Woo is proud of how he played the game, because he honored those codes of conduct. He reveals that his motivation to get through the many difficult times in this game was his mother, who survived a massive heart attack and the difficult recovery. The jury then addresses Woo and Tony, asking them vital questions to help make their decisions of who is the most worthy of the million-dollar prize. Sarah lets Tony know that she is not sure that she can vote for him tonight, since he broke his promise to her after swearing on his police badge. Sarah asks Woo whom he would vote for if Sarah were in the final two against Tony and had played the same game as Woo. Woo replies that he would vote for Sarah, since she was able to get to the end without the help of immunity idols. Jefra wants Tony to own all of his lies and backstabs, including voting her after assuring her she was fine. Tony is happy to own everything, but doesn’t feel he backstabbed Jefra, since she was planning on backstabbing him first. He wasn’t trying to be a villain, just a good player who made the right strategic moves. Next up is Morgan who asks Tony how he was able to keep guys in his back pocket in this game, when she has always used her good look and female charm to do it. Tony explains that he treated people genuinely by sharing his last sip and water and scoop of rice with them. As for his game play, he was selfish and did what he needed to do in order to get further in the game, but he always treated Woo fairly, since he stayed loyal to him. Morgan compliments Woo for taking a strong player like Tony to the end, versus a goat like Kass. Jeremiah asks Tony if he really does have a wife and kid, because he swore on them and then broke those promises. Tony confirms that he does in fact have a wife and child. Jeremiah responds, “From where I’m from, when people promise and swear on their wife and kid and then break that promise, that’s absolutely pathetic and pitiful.” Jeremiah doesn’t let Tony say any more. Woo assures Jeremiah that he has been playing to win the million dollars from the beginning. Latasha asks Tony to explain how he kept his alliance loyal even after he lied and betrayed them. Tony points out that he always explained why he voted someone out to his alliance. Therefore, he could prove to them that he only voted someone out, if they broke their promise to him first. Tony admits, “The only person I broke my promise to, regretfully, was Trish.” He explains that she was never disloyal to him. Latasha wonders why Woo was loyal to Tony versus anyone else in his alliance. Woo explains that Tony didn’t initially trust him until they got to the Solana five, at which point Woo adapted himself to what the alliance needed him to do. LJ wonders who the real Tony is. Tony reveals that he knew LJ was a strong strategic player and he needed to get him out, so he tricked him into saying they should vote out Woo. Tony could then talk the rest of his alliance into voting out LJ, since he betrayed them. Kass asks Woo why he decided to take Tony to the end, when this reduced his changes of winning the game and taking home the million dollars. Woo explains that by taking Tony, who he feels is the stronger and more deserving player to the end with him, he hoped to win respect and votes from the jury. Trish congratulates them both. She asks Woo whose idea it was to blindside her. Woo admits that it was his idea, because Trish was too nice and well liked by the jury. Trish tells Tony that he would not be there without her support. She starts to tear up, when she reminds him that he swore on his father’s grave that he would take her to the end. Trish lost two brothers and assures Tony that she would never dishonor them by breaking a promise in their name. Trish asks Tony, “Was it worth it to you for a million dollars to sacrifice your own father to get you here?” Tony responds, “Yes.” Spencer is the final jury member to address Woo and Tony. He compares Woo to a dog that obeyed everything that Tony told him to do. Woo asks Spencer, as a student of the game, if he would have respected him taking a goat like Kass to the end. Spencer says that he would have expected Woo to take a goat to the finals, so he had a chance to win. Woo explains that he is different and needed to take someone to the end that deserved it. Spencer then addresses the jury and reminds then that Tony played the game really hard. He points out that Tony spent more time than anyone else to find the hidden immunity idols and was behind all the big strategic decisions. Spencer admits, “Tony played this game with a ferocity that this game very rarely does see.” He encourages everyone to vote for Tony tonight. The nine jury members then cast their votes for the winner. Host Jeff Probst reads the votes live from Los Angeles, and with eight out of the nine votes cast for him, Tony wins the title of Sole Survivor and the million dollar prize for SURVIVOR: CAGAYAN.