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Season 29: Episode 2 - Method To This Madness
Posted on Oct 1, 2014 11:00pm

It’s night 3 and the Coyopa tribe is returning to camp after just voting out Nadiya at Tribal Council. Josh immediately takes Baylor away from camp, so he can explain why he unexpectedly voted for her at Tribal Council. He tells Baylor that he voted for her to keep his guy alliance from thinking that they were working together. Josh knew that the guys were voting for Nadiya, so his one vote for Baylor did not put her at risk for being voted out. He admits, “I don’t want the guys thinking that I was getting too close to Baylor, but I still wanted to keep Baylor as an asset.” Baylor listens intently to Josh and hopes that he is telling her the truth. She comments, “That was a smart move in a way, but it was also sketchy and scary that he didn’t tell me before.”

It’s now day 5 at the Hunahpu tribe and Reed, Jon and Drew are showing off their flexibility and muscles, by stretching, lifting weights and doing push ups. Jeremy and the ladies watch as Jon and Drew foolishly deplete their energy by trying to outdo each other. Jeremy comments, “They’re both like cartoon characters. They’re so crazy.” He is just happy that the ladies are also annoyed with Jon and Drew and feels this will help his game. Meanwhile, Julie is searching by the fire pit for the flint and can’t find it. Everyone immediately starts looking for it. Jon is the last one who had it and he is pretty sure that he was the one to lose it. He reveals, “I learned if you are wrong you admit it and you admit it emphatically.” Jon hopes that his tribe mates will recognize how bad he feels about losing the flint and how hard he will work to make up for it.

The Hunahpu and Coyopa tribes arrive and take their seats at the SURVIVOR arena. Natalie immediately notices that her twin sister Nadiya was the one voted out at Tribal Council, since she is missing from the Coyopa tribe. Natalie starts to cry as she realizes that she is now alone in the game and truly separated from her twin. She admits, “I haven’t cried in like ten years.” Natalie’s tribe mates try to console her. She assures Jeff Probst, the host, that she is okay. Jeff explains the reward challenge. One person from each tribe will balance a ball on a disk attached to a pole as they maneuver through a series of obstacles. If the ball drops, they must go back to the start. Once they finish that phase, they must roll three balls and land them in a series of targets. The first person to finish wins a reward of fishing gear for their tribe. Reed from the Hunahpu tribe goes against John Rocker from the Coyopa tribe in a rock, paper, scissors duel to determine which tribe chooses who will compete first. John wins the duel for the Coyopa tribe and volunteers to compete in the challenge for his tribe. Since this is a loved ones showdown, Julie will compete for Hunahpu against her boyfriend John from Coyopa. As the challenge begins, boyfriend and girlfriend, John and Julie carefully make their way through the obstacles as they try to keep the ball from rolling off the disk. John’s height proves to be a disadvantage as he drops his ball while trying to duck under a pole. So he picks up his ball and heads back to the start. Julie takes the slow and steady approach, as she carefully makes her way down the course. On his second attempt at getting through the course, John rushes to catch up to Julie, but once again drops his ball as he ducks under a post. So he once again heads back to the start, very frustrated with his performance in the challenge. Meanwhile, Julie successfully gets her ball to the end of the balance part of the challenge and now starts rolling three balls to land them in their targets. John gives her plenty of time to do this as he once again drops his ball trying to get through the first part of the challenge. After a few attempts, Julie lands all three of her balls in their targets before John has gotten through the first part of the challenge successfully. So Julie wins the challenge and earns the fishing reward for her tribe. Julie admits that it is rare that she will beat John at anything. John remarks, “I just got beat by a girl.” Julie picks Jeremy as the person from her tribe to go to Exile Island with her boyfriend John. Jeff invites the Hunahpu tribe to pick up their fishing equipment reward. Before they do, Reed asks Jeff if they can take the fishing reward, but trade their beans for flint, since they have misplaced their flint. Jeff points out to the Hunahpu tribe that it is not fair that after they have won the amazing fishing equipment to trade their less valuable beans, for the very valuable flint. He then gives them the option of trading the fishing equipment for the flint. Hunahpu is very reluctant to do that until Jeff warns them that if they ask again in the future to trade for flint, “The payment will be much tougher.” The Hunahpu tribe talks it over and decides to go ahead and swap their fishing equipment for the flint. Jon admits, “Losing the flint was a pretty big mistake. It was my fault we wasted our chance at fishing gear.”

The Hunahpu tribes returns to camp and congratulates Julie for winning the reward challenge. They are delighted to find a new flint back at camp, just as Jeff had promised. Natalie once again starts crying as she thinks about her twin sister Nadiya being voted out of the game. Her tribe mates give her hugs and encourage her to get it all out. Missy comments, “I would have said I think there is no other bond besides a mom and a daughter, but man those twins.” She is really moved by seeing Natalie cry. Natalie misses her sister. She vows, “Now, it’s just like really good motivation for me to keep my head in the game and just play hard. So that I can at least go as far as I can.”

Over at the Coyopa tribe, Alec talks about their tribe mate, John Rocker playing for the Atlanta Braves. Dale comments, “I’m not sure, but there was a pitcher for Atlanta that gave an interview and he let everybody know what he thought about the ethnic makeup of the people that ride the subways in New York.” He tells his tribe that this pitcher was subsequently ostracized from baseball. The Hunahpu tribe is shocked to hear this. Josh admits, “Just because John does things I don’t like, doesn’t mean that I don’t want to work with him.” Josh realizes that an unpopular person might be helpful in SURVIVOR.

John Rocker and Jeremy arrive on Exile Island. Jeremy sees that Exile is not an easy place to live with little food, no shelter and desolate surroundings. In addition, he is aware of John’s past. Jeremy comments, “I can’t even remember what he said, but I remember he said racist things.” He doesn’t know if John really is a racist though. John and Jeremy find the two urns waiting for them. They each choose an urn. John ends up with a blank piece of paper, while Jeremy ends up with the clue to a hidden immunity idol back at camp. The clue contains four symbols with the words: Dig, Water, North, Seven. Jeremy decides to share the clue with John. He explains, “Now I need him to protect my wife. So I’m going to try to buddy up to him for a little bit.” John agrees to protect Val, if Jeremy protects Julie. Jeremy hopes that John looking out for his wife Val will give her more time to strategize in the game.

The Coyopa and Hunahpu tribes are now at the immunity challenge. John and Jeremy return from Exile Island and join their tribes. Jeff Probst explains the challenge. Each tribe will square off one-on-one sumo style. Using a padded bag, each person will try and knock their opponent off the platform and into the water. The first tribe to score five points wins immunity and is safe from the vote. The losers will go to Tribal Council where somebody will be the second person voted out of this game. Since Hunahpu has one extra person in their tribe, Julie sits out of the challenge. In the first round, Jaclyn from Coyopa takes on Kelley from Hunahpu. Jaclyn comes out strong, but Kelley does a good job fighting back. Jaclyn doesn’t let up though and wins the round. The second round is a true blood showdown with Drew going against his younger brother Alec. Drew is happy to defeat Alec and get the point for Hunahpu. So the two tribes are tied at one point each. In the third round, Jeremy goes against Wes and gets defeated, which gives Coyopa a second point and the lead. The next match up is between Natalie and Val. They both fight hard, but Natalie wins the round and ties up the score at two each. Next round pits John Rocker against Jon Misch. It is a big battle. Even though John Rocker is much bigger than Jon Misch, Jon is able to out maneuver him and win the battle, which puts Hunahpu back in the lead. Missy and Baylor, mother and daughter face each other in the next round. In the first collision, Missy’s head hits Baylor’s lip. Baylor drops her bag and wipes away the blood on her lip and begins to cry. Missy is upset that she has hurt her daughter and doesn’t quite have the same energy when the round resumes. Baylor wins the point for Coyopa, which once again ties up that game at three each. In another loved ones match up, Reed takes on his loved one Josh. Reed is victorious putting Hunahpu back in the lead. In what Alec calls “clash of the old guys”, Dale takes on Keith in the next round. Dales ties things up when he wins the battle. The final round is a rematch between Kelley and Jaclyn. Dale has a hard time watching this hard fought round between his daughter Kelley, whom he loves and his tribe mate Jaclyn, whom he wants to win. In the end, Kelley pushes Jaclyn off the edge of the platform and into the water. So, one again Hunahpu wins the immunity challenge. Therefore, Coyopa will go to Tribal Council, where a second person will be voted out of the game. Val is worried that she might be that person. She comments, “I’m prepared to make big moves to make sure I stay in this game.”

The Coyopa tribe returns to camp after losing the challenge. Jaclyn is disappointed that she lost the final round to Dale’s daughter Kelley. Dale reveals, “I couldn’t have been prouder of anybody in my life than Kelley.” He just wishes that his daughter’s victory would not have sent his tribe to Tribal Council. At the water well, John tells Val that he enjoyed hanging out with her husband Jeremy on Exile Island. Val finds out from John that Jeremy got the urn with the clue on Exile and shared it with him. She lies and tells John that she found one hidden immunity idol on Exile and one here back at camp and that her intention is to use the idols to keep both her and Jaclyn safe at Tribal Council. Val admits, “I don’t have anything. I am just lying.” She hopes that the word will get out that she has idols, so her tribe mates will be afraid to vote for her at Tribal Council. Val encourages John to use his clue to look for a hidden immunity idol, so he can protect himself. After Val and Jaclyn leave the well, John decides to follow Val’s advice and look for the idol. He remembers the clue saying dig, well, north and seven. So, John takes seven paces from the well and starts digging. After a little while, he finds the idol and puts it around his neck. John comments, “I found at least an extra three days in the game.” He hopes it will get him through the merge, which is the time when historically people try to get rid of athletes, like himself. John now wants to honor his promise to Jeremy and find a way to protect his wife Val. So, John tells Josh and Wes that Val has two idols and recommends that they split the vote between Baylor and Val. They agree. John then heads out of camp with Val and tells her the plan to split the votes. He encourages her to use her immunity idol to protect herself tonight. Val is delighted to hear this news and knows how she can save herself without an idol. She explains, “Three of them vote Baylor and Jackie and I vote Baylor. That’s five against Baylor, so me and Jaclyn are safe.” Meanwhile, Josh is suspicious of John and Val leaving camp together just before Tribal Council. Josh admits, “Tonight what it ends up coming down to is what do I think is going to get me to the top.”

Jeff Probst begins Tribal Council by asking Dale why the Coyopa tribe has lost all of the reward and immunity challenges so far. Dale feels they have not been good about strategizing for challenges. For example, everyone wanted to go against their loved one, but except for Baylor, they lost all those matches. Alec admits that it wasn’t smart for him to go against his older and larger brother Drew, but he did it for sibling rivalry. John feels that his tribe will get their act together and win challenge. Josh feels they should make big changes now though, just the way a Broadway show does when it has a bad preview. The show will stop and fix things before opening night. Val feels that their tribe is weak because people like Baylor play both sides of the game. Baylor admits that Val has not liked her since she voted with the guys at the last Tribal Council and not with Val’s alliance of women. Jaclyn and Val both remind Baylor that she promised them that she would vote with them to get out Dale. Wes feels there is tension in the tribe, because Val claims she has two idols. So, Wes feels they need to vote for her to flush them out. Both Val and Baylor expect votes to come their way tonight. Baylor encourages her alliance not to flip their votes because of Val’s crazy talk. Jeff then calls for the vote. Before revealing the votes, Jeff asks if there is an immunity idol to be played. None are offered. Jeff reveals the votes. As expected, the votes are split evenly between Val and Baylor. They both receive four votes. So, Jeff calls for a re-vote where the tribe can only vote for Val or Baylor and Val and Baylor will not be allowed to vote. Jeff reveals the first five votes, which are one vote for Baylor and four votes for Val. So Val Collins, the 35-year old police officer from Foxboro, MA is the second person to be voted out of SURVIVOR: SAN JUAN DEL SUR.