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Season 29: Episode 3 - Actions vs. Accusations
Posted on Oct 8, 2014 11:00pm


It’s night 6 and the Coyopa tribe returns to camp after voting out Val at Tribal Council. Baylor is not feeling safe, since she almost got voted out of the game tonight. She realizes that she cannot depend on Josh to protect her. Baylor admits, “At this point, I don’t trust anybody necessarily, but I’m still open to playing the game with just about anybody.” Meanwhile, John is upset that Val got voted out, since she did not play one of the hidden immunity idols that she claimed to have. He knows that her husband Jeremy is going to be upset with him, since he will think John did not protect Val, as he had promised to do on Exile Island. Later as John and Josh are walking to the well, Josh confesses that he changed his vote from Baylor to Val at Tribal Council, because he realized that Val and Jaclyn were going to vote for Baylor. Josh suspects that they changed their votes, because John had revealed his alliance’s voting strategy to Val before Tribal Council. He admits, “John’s credibility has gone way down for me.” Even so, Josh plans on sticking with his current five guy alliance and voting off Jaclyn or Baylor next.

The next morning over at the Hunahpu camp, Drew encourages his tribe to put more palm fronds on their shelter’s roof. He does not want them to get wet in case a storm comes. The rest of the Hunahpu tribe agrees with Drew ands starts collecting and weaving palm fronds. Missy shows Drew how to weave palm fronds together, but he quickly gives up saying, “I am not a weaver guys.” While the rest of his tribe continues to work around him, Drew decides to lie down in the shelter and take a nap. Keith is frustrated with Drew being so lazy and wishes he could teach him a lesson. He comments, “We still spank. We still whoop, whatever you want to call it in the South.” Natalie is also aggravated with Drew, so she wakes him up by tickling his nose with a palm frond. Drew is not amused by this. Natalie asks, “What have you done today Drew? Tell me one thing you’ve done.” Later, while taking a walk, Jeremy assures Natalie that Drew will not win the million dollars with that kind of selfish behavior.

The Hunahpu and Coyopa tribes arrive and take their seats at the SURVIVOR arena. Jeremy sees that his wife Val is not there and was voted out at last night’s Tribal Council. He shakes his head at John Rocker. Jeremy warns the remaining women on Coyopa that the men on their tribe are going to vote them out next. He recommends that Jaclyn and Baylor go after the men. John apologizes to Jeremy for not being able to honor his word and protect Val. John’s Coyopa tribe is surprised to hear that he made this promise to Jeremy. Jeremy shakes his head and will not even look at John. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the reward challenge. One person from each tribe will race across a very wobbly beam while using a paddle to transfer wooden squares from one end to the other. If at any point they drop a piece, they have to go back to the start and grab another from the stack. The first person to get six squares from one end to the other wins reward. The winning tribe gets to choose between two rewards, which are comfort items and fishing gear. Julie from the Hunahpu tribe goes against Jaclyn from the Coyopa tribe in a rock, paper, scissors duel to determine which tribe chooses who will compete first. Jaclyn wins the duel for the Coyopa tribe. Coyopa decides Wes should compete in the challenge for them. Since this is a loved ones showdown, Wes will compete against his father Keith from Hunahpu. The reward challenge begins. Keith and Wes are neck and neck as they transfer their first piece from one side to the next. Then Keith takes a slight lead over Wes for the next two pieces. Wes goes a little faster and is able to take the lead away from his dad. Keith drops his fifth piece and has to go back to the start to get another piece. This allows Wes to increase his lead. Keith is never able to catch up to his son Wes after this. So, Wes earns his Coyopa tribe their first win. Keith gets emotional as he congratulates his son for beating him. He is proud of Wes. Wes then tears up and reveals that he has only seen his father cry in the past when family members have passed away. Wes chooses his ally Josh to go to Exile Island with his father Keith. Coyopa chooses the fishing gear reward over the comfort reward. As, Coyopa exits the arena, John Rocker swears to Jeremy that he did everything he could to protect Val. Jeremy doesn’t believe him and vows, “I’m out to get him now.”

The Hunahpu tribe arrives back at their camp. Natalie knows how much it hurts to have a loved one voted out, so she tells Jeremy she is sorry about Val. Julie doesn’t stop to talk to the others. She immediately walks away from camp with tears in her eyes. Jeremy admits, “I was mad when I didn’t see Val, because John Rocker told me and shook my hand and said he’ll take care of her.” He hopes the Coyopa tribe realizes John’s sneaky ways and votes him out next. Jeremy then informs his Hunahpu tribe about what he knows of John Rocker’s past. They are shocked to hear that Rocker was a professional baseball player, who had reportedly said racist and homophobic things. Jeremy admits that he was giving Julie the benefit of the doubt for being John’s girlfriend. Natalie vents, “I don’t feel sorry for Julie at all. Julie is just covering his ass and trying to cover hers.” She too hopes that Coyopa gets smart and votes John out. Meanwhile, Julie is by herself crying. She knows that what Jeremy is telling others will put a target on her boyfriend John and also on her. Missy finds Julie and encourages her to play her own game. Julie comments, “I never thought in my wildest dreams that Blood vs. Water would be this difficult. I know it’s a game, but knowing that my boyfriend has kind of put me in a situation makes it hard.”

Keith and Josh are arriving at Exile Island. Josh sees that it is barren and full of rocks. He comments, “At least we get the clue to the immunity idol.” Even before they choose urns, Keith asks Josh if he is willing to share the clue. Last time when he was at Exile with Val, Keith did not get the clue and Val was not willing to share her clue. So, Keith explains, “I’m thinking this time by gosh, I’m going to get something.” Josh and Keith then choose their urns and each pull out the papers inside. This time Keith gets the clue to the hidden immunity idol back at camp and shares it with Josh. Keith and Josh realize that Jeremy or John may already have found the idols at their camps, since they had been to Exile before them. Keith admits, “I need to get back and find the idol and Jeremy is the only one kind of standing in my way.” Next Josh and Keith concentrate on cooking up some snails and getting their rock beds ready for nighttime. Josh comments, “I think it’s so cool to be able to hang out with people from a different walk of life that you wouldn’t get to normally do. Because how else do we change? How else do we grow?” Keith enjoys Josh’s company, but admits, “I just don’t see many Josh’s in Louisiana.”

That night, Coyopa enjoys fish that John caught with the new fishing equipment that Wes won for them at the reward challenge. John comments, “I try to provide for the tribe. I hope they’re appreciating that and hopefully it puts me in good standing with the rest of my tribe mates.” Wes is confident that his tribe will have an advantage in the next challenge because they are eating so much better now that John is providing fish. Later that night, after John has gone to sleep, Baylor tries to talk Wes and Alec into forming an alliance with Jaclyn and her instead of staying loyal to the guys, whom she argues will eventually vote them out. Baylor reveals, “I have been thinking about what I can say to push the younger guys in the direction of voting John out.” Alec admits to Baylor that John is negative, but he still thinks that he is a good guy. Baylor encourages them to think about the numbers and the right time to take control of the game. Alec knows that Baylor realizes that she is at the bottom of the tribe and is trying to save herself. He reveals, “We have a pretty strong group of guys. So, we’re still planning to get these girls out one by one.” Wes and Alec just hope that Coyopa wins the next immunity challenge, so they don’t have to vote anyone out of their tribe.

The next day, the Hunahpu and Coyopa tribes arrive at the immunity challenge and are joined by Keith and Josh from Exile Island. Jeff Probst explains the challenge. Each tribe will divide into pairs and be tethered together. One pair from each tribe will race through an obstacle course to retrieve their tribe colored ball. They will then attempt to shoot it into a basket. The first tribe to score three points wins immunity and is safe from the vote. The losers will go to Tribal Council where somebody will be the third person voted out of this game. Each tribe will sit one person out to even up the numbers. Keith sits out for Hunahpu, while Dale sits out for Coyopa. In the first round, Jon and Natalie from Hunahpu take on Josh and Baylor from Coyopa. Both pairs move quickly as they crawl under the obstacle trying to get to their tribe’s ball. Jon and Natalie get to their ball and Jon takes the first shot. He misses, so know they have to retrieve the ball and try again. Meanwhile, Baylor and Josh get to the Coyopa ball and Baylor shoots for the basket. She is short, so they go chase their ball. Jon doesn’t miss in his second attempt, so Hunahpu takes the lead with one point. In the second round, Wes and Alec from Coyopa take on Missy and Julie from Hunahpu. As both pairs crawl under the obstacle to get to their ball, Alec runs into Julie to slow the Hunahpu tribe down. Wes and Alec get to their ball first and Wes successfully lands the ball in the basket. So the challenge is tied up at one each. In the third round, Drew and Reed take on John and Jaclyn. John pushes Reed as they pass each other to pay Coyopa back for tackling his girlfriend Julie. John makes the basket for Coyopa and puts them in the lead two to one. The next round has Josh and Baylor from Coyopa competing against Jeremy and Kelley from Hunahpu. Baylor shoots first and misses. Jeremy makes the basket for Hunahpu and ties things up. The last round has Wes and Alec for Coyopa against Jon and Natalie for Hunahpu. Jon gets the basket and the victory for Hunahpu. So, Hunahpu wins immunity for the third time in a row. Natalie calls John a racist, bad sportsman and homophobe. She recommends that the Coyopa tribe vote him out at Tribal Council tonight. John responds, “If you were a man, I would knock your teeth out.” The shouting match upsets Julie. Josh comments, “I think John is playing haphazardly and he’s doing things that are not going to be helpful for the tribe right now. That’s a problem.”

The Coyopa tribe returns to camp upset after once again losing the immunity challenge. Baylor worries that she will be voted out tonight, if the guys continue to follow their pattern of voting out girls. She hopes that John will be going instead, because of his argument with Natalie at the immunity challenge. Baylor comments, “For John to be a professional athlete and act like that, I didn’t respect his responses whatsoever.” John hoped that he could get through the game without someone bringing up his past reputation. He is upset that Natalie called him a homophobe, especially since his closest ally and friend is Josh, who is gay. John comments, “Actions versus accusations don’t really gel there.” He does worry that the girls may target him tonight, so he comes up with a plan. John talks to Baylor and Jaclyn about voting for Dale, since he is weak in challenges. Baylor and Jaclyn tell John they will vote for Dale. In reality, John is planning on voting for Baylor and hopes his five guy alliance will agree. As soon as John leaves, Jaclyn says, “I don’t want to vote for Dale. I’d rather vote off John.” Baylor agrees. John then checks in with Wes, Dale, Alec and Josh to confirm that they will vote for Baylor. It looks as though all the guys are on board with his plan. John admits to Josh that he has an idol, in case something happens tonight at Tribal Council. After John’s outburst at the challenge today and his dealings with Val in the past, Josh no longer trusts and respects John. He admits, “In John’s case, if I don’t have to use him, then I don’t want to.” Josh decides to make a big move and get John out tonight. He tells the plan to Wes, Alec and Baylor. They all agree to vote for John and to make sure that John does not suspect anything, since he has an idol. Baylor comments, “I just really hope that Josh is telling me the truth and Wes is not just lying to my face.” Wes reveals the plan to vote out John to Alec. Alec is worried about losing the biggest and strongest guy on their tribe. John makes sure to get his hidden immunity idol from its hiding place as he gets ready to go to Tribal Council. Josh does worry about breaking the five guy alliance and voting out John tonight, but he feels that he can trust Baylor more than John. Josh admits, “I have no idea if I’m making the right decision tonight.”

Jeff Probst begins Tribal Council by asking John about Jeremy’s reaction to seeing his wife Val gone at the reward challenge. John hopes to get the chance after the merge to explain to Jeremy exactly what happened with Val and that he did his best to honor his word and protect her. Wes is not happy that John had secretly made an agreement with Val who was outside of their alliance. Jeff then asks about the impact of Hunahpu’s animosity toward John and their claim that he is the leader of Coyopa. John feels that he is not the leader of the tribe, but that the five members of his alliance share leadership. Jaclyn admits to feeling the pressure from Hunahpu to get rid of John. She feels that they will likely vote her out, if she makes it to the merge and John is still in the game. Jaclyn is hopeful that alliances are shifting in her tribe. As John starts to look around, Wes and Josh assure everyone that they intend on sticking with the plan. Baylor recommends, “The most important thing is get the dark cloud off of whatever is covering us.” She hopes that her tribe will not continue to vote off the girls, but she is also worried that she will get votes tonight. Jaclyn hopes the guys will stop picking on her and Baylor too. Jeff then calls for the vote. Before revealing the votes, Jeff asks if there is an immunity idol to be played. None are offered. Jeff reveals the first six votes. Baylor receives 2 votes and John receives four votes. So, John Rocker, the 39-year old former MLB player, from Atlanta, GA is the third person to be voted out of SURVIVOR: SAN JUAN DEL SUR.