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Season 29: Episode 4 - We're A Hot Mess
Posted on Oct 16, 2014 12:00am

On night 8, the Coyopa tribe returns to camp after voting out John Rocker at Tribal Council. Baylor is happy that John is gone and feels the tribe will now be more positive. She admits, “Unfortunately, that leaves Dale on the outs.” As, the Coyopa tribe sits around the fire, Alec explains to Dale that they did not tell him about John being voted out before Tribal Council, since they knew he was John’s ally. Dale realizes that he got too comfortable with John and the five guy alliance and has not put enough time into the social game. He comments, “As of right now, if we lose the next individual immunity, I’m toast.”

The next morning at Hunahpu, Natalie finds the missing flint by the fire. Drew is once again upset that they traded their fishing gear for a new flint when they thought they had lost the missing flint. He vents, “I’m a big fisherman and I definitely could provide for the tribe, but now I’m literally starving to death.” Drew tells his tribe mates that he will try to barter with Jeff Probst, the host, to trade the extra flint for fishing gear. He tribe mates feel that it is a silly idea. Jaclyn vents, “All we can hear from Drew is ‘Fishing gear. Fishing gear. We should have got the fishing gear.’” Jaclyn thinks Drew is too lazy to use the fishing gear, even if they had it. Drew doesn’t care what the others say and is determined to be a leader and ask Jeff if they can exchange the extra flint for fishing gear. He comments, “Without me, these people would be nothing.”

The Hunahpu and Coyopa tribes arrive and take their seats at the SURVIVOR arena. With the exception of John’s girlfriend Julie, the Hunahpu tribe applauds when they see that Coyopa voted John Rocker out. Julie says, “I’m not surprised. I’ve kind of created a shell, because I saw kind of know how he was going to play the game.” She will continue to play her own game, now that John is gone. Before Jeff begins explaining the reward challenge, Drew makes a request. As the rest of the Hunahpu tribe cringes due to embarrassment, Drew explains to Jeff that they have found their missing flint and would like to exchange it for fishing gear. Jeff denies the request and explains the reward challenge. One person from each tribe will use a grappling hook to retrieve three bags of balls. Once they have the balls, they will use a catapult to launch those balls into a series of five baskets. The first person to get one ball in each basket wins reward for their tribe. The winning tribe will get the choice of comfort items, which include tarp, blankets and pillows or campfire food, which includes sausage, popcorn and smores. Missy from the Hunahpu tribe goes against Wes from the Coyopa tribe in a rock, paper, scissors duel to determine which tribe chooses who will compete first. Missy wins the duel for the Hunahpu tribe. Hunahpu decides Jon should compete in the challenge for them. Since this is a loved ones showdown, Jaclyn from Coyopa will compete against her boyfriend Jon. The reward challenge begins and Jon and Jaclyn throw out their grappling hooks. Jaclyn hooks a bag with her first toss and retrieves her first ball. She is able to retrieve a second bag, before her boyfriend Jon is able to get his first bag. Jon now has the feel of the grappling hook and quickly retrieves his second and third bags, which now puts him in the lead. As Jaclyn struggles to hook her third and final bag, Jon jumps on his catapult and starts launching balls at the baskets. He is able to land two out of his five balls in the baskets, before Jaclyn finally retrieves her last bag. She hurries to try and catch up with her boyfriend. Jon lands a third ball in the basket. Jaclyn finally lands her first ball for Coyopa. Jon lands his fourth with only one more to go. Jaclyn doesn’t give up though. She scrambles and gets three more balls in her baskets to tie the game with Jon. Now they are both trying to land their final balls into the most difficult baskets. In the end, Jon wins the reward challenge for his Hunahpu tribe and sends his girlfriend Jaclyn to Exile Island. Jon chooses his ally Drew to go to Exile Island with Jaclyn and assures her that Drew is a good guy. The Hunahpu tribe chooses the comfort items over the campfire food as their reward. As the Coyopa tribe leaves the arena, Alec is so disappointed that his tribe has lost once again. He wonders, “Are we going to be able to pick ourselves up or are we going to be the worst tribe is Survivor history?”

As the Hunahpu tribe returns to camp after the reward challenge, Jon is hoping that he made the right decision, when he sent Drew to Exile Island with his girlfriend Jaclyn. Jon trusts Drew, but worries that he will be lazy at Exile like he is around camp. Jon comments, “Jaclyn might be doing most of the firewood collecting, but she’s very strong. So, I think that she can handle somebody like Drew.” Keith asks Julie if she is okay with her boyfriend John being voted out of the game. She assures Keith and the rest of Hunahpu that she is fine and looks forward to playing her own game. Julie does miss John though and feels hurt that the others judged him so harshly. She admits, “To be without him right now is such a desperate feeling. All I can do is try my best and get myself back in the game.”

Drew and Jaclyn arrive at the desolate Exile Island and head right for the urns, one of which is likely to contain a clue to a hidden immunity idol. Drew is the lucky one this time, since his urn has a clue to an immunity idol hidden back at camp. He decides to share the clue with Jaclyn, since she is Jon’s girlfriend and Jon is his ally. Jaclyn tells Drew that his brother Alec warned her that Drew was a ladies man. Although Drew finds Jaclyn attractive, he reveals, “I’m really out here just to strategize and manipulate minds.” Later, as they wait for their food to cook, Drew shares information about his Hunahpu tribe with Jaclyn. He feels that he and Jon are the strongest on their tribe, but he worries that the girls are out to get them. Jaclyn reveals, “I just want to kind of figure out with Drew what’s going on like and collaborate.” She tells Drew that she is worried that her Coyopa tribe will lose the next immunity challenge. Drew assures her that will not happen, since he is planning on throwing the challenge. He reveals, “I’d like to start whittling down the people on our tribe, so I could get myself forward and win the million dollars.”

Over at the Hunahpu tribe, Keith heads over to the well to look for the hidden immunity idol, while the rest of his tribe is by the shelter enjoying the comfort items that they won at the reward challenge. The clue he got at Exile Island told him to look by the well. So, Keith looks under rocks and by trees around the well for half an hour. He gets discouraged and admits, “Unfortunately, it looks like I’m a day late and a dollar short. It looks like somebody’s already been through there.” Keith reveals to Missy, Natalie and Reed that he does have a clue to the hidden immunity idol, but has not been able to find it. He tells them that Jeremy must have found the idol, since he got the clue before him at Exile Island. Reed then heads right over to Jeremy to spill the beans and tell him that Keith claims he has the idol. Jeremy is furious to hear this, since he does not have the idol. He thought that Keith was an ally and not an enemy, who spreads damaging rumors. Jeremy immediately tells his alliance of Jon, Reed, Natalie and Missy to watch out for Keith. He vents, “Keith was chilling. He wasn’t on anyone’s radar, but now I want him gone.” Keith knows how valuable it is to have an immunity idol, so he goes back to the well to search again. This time he finds it. Keith reveals, “I’m probably not going to tell anybody that I have the idol, because the last thing I need is a target on my back.” He is fine with everybody thinking that Jeremy has the idol instead.

The next day, Alec and Baylor get tree mail for Coyopa. Alec gets annoyed when Baylor snatches the tree mail from his hand and he scolds her for doing it. Even though Alec is older than her, Baylor feels like Alec is her younger brother. She comments, “He likes to boss me around a little bit, so I’ve had to bite my tongue a bunch.” Alec reads the tree mail, which describes the next immunity challenge to the entire tribe. Josh asks for it to be read again, so Baylor once again irritates Alec when she takes it from him and reads it for Josh. Alec feels like Baylor has had a privileged life like his brother Drew, where everything was given to them. Alec vents, “She’s not my brother. So, I’m going to call her on every single thing she does.” Later, when Baylor wants to make rice, Alec insists she clean the pot. He says, “Don’t half ass it. If you didn’t half ass it, you wouldn’t have to do it twice.” Baylor reluctantly goes back to the ocean to clean the pot. Alec is just trying to teach Baylor what his father taught him, that hard work pays off. He hopes to inspire his whole tribe towards unity and hard work around camp and at the challenges too. Alec comments, “We can beat the other tribe. David can beat Goliath.”

The Hunahpu and Coyopa tribes are at the immunity challenge and are joined by Drew and Jaclyn from Exile Island. Drew admits, “Am I going to throw the challenge today? That is the million dollar question.” Jeff Probst explains the challenge. One person from each tribe will swim out, then race up a platform, dive into the water and retrieve a ring and bring it back. The next person from the tribe will then do the same. Once a tribe has collected all four rings, the two remaining tribe members will attempt to land those rings on posts. First tribe to finish wins immunity and is safe from the vote. The losers will go to Tribal Council where somebody will be voted out. Since, Hunahpu has three extra people Kelley, Jon and Jeremy sit out of the challenge. The first two swimmers are Baylor for Coyopa against her mother Missy from Hunahpu. It’s a pretty even match as Baylor gets her ring back to the start just before Missy. Next out is Jaclyn for Coyopa and Reed for Hunahpu. Reed gets his ring back before Jaclyn. Natalie and Alec are the next to retrieve rings. Alec catches up to Natalie and this time gets Coyopa’s ring back before Natalie gets Hunahpu’s ring bag. Wes goes against his father Keith to get the fourth and final ring. Wes extends Coyopa’s lead, so Dale can start trying to hook the rings for Coyopa, before Keith even returns the fourth ring for Hunahpu. When Keith does get back, Drew starts throwing the rings for Hunahpu. He misses on his first try. Before throwing another ring, Jeff reminds him that only one ring is in play at a time and he has to wait for Missy or Natalie to retrieve the ring out of the water for him. Meanwhile, Dale hooks Coyopa’s first ring on the platform, which puts them in the lead. Drew continues to miss for Hunahpu, while Josh scores the second point for Coyopa. Drew finally hooks his first ring for Hunahpu. When he shoots the second ring, he once again misses and then tries to throw the wrong ring once again. Dale lands a third ring for Coyopa, which puts them ahead by two. As Drew continues to miss and mess up, Jeff says, “Drew is single handedly losing it for his tribe.” On the next attempt, Dale lands the fourth and winning ring for the Coyopa tribe. This gives them their first immunity win. So this time, Hunahpu will go to Tribal Council tonight and vote someone out. Drew boasts, “If I don’t want to win, we’re not going to win and that’s what makes me the kingpin of my tribe.”

The Hunahpu tribe returns to camp. Drew apologizes for his poor performance in the challenge. In reality, he intended to lose the challenge. Drew comments, “We needed to start getting rid of some of the snakes on our tribe.” Jon gathers his alliance of Drew, Missy, Jeremy and Reed. He wants to keep as many couples intact as possible, so he suggests they vote out Julie, since she is now alone in the game and is also not strong at challenges. Drew disagrees and demands that they vote out Kelley instead. He explains, “She plays very low key, but at the same time she’s very observant.” Drew also feels she’s a threat because she is a super fan and very knowledgeable of the game. Jeremy disagrees with Drew and makes an argument to get Keith out, because he is spreading false rumors about Jeremy having an idol. Drew warns the guys that the girls will get together and vote them out. Natalie disagrees and points out that the guys outnumber the girls. Jeremy vents, “With Drew there is no throwing back and forth. He’s just like, Kelley’s going home and that’s it and it pissed me off.” Later, Natalie meets up with Missy. She tells Missy that Drew said that he did not trust the girls. Natalie comments, “Luckily the guys are kind of a mess. You know, they’re not on the same page, which is good.” Natalie and Missy decide that Drew is a big threat in future individual challenges, so it may be a perfect time to get rid of him. Back at camp, right in front of Kelley, Drew encourages Jon and Reed to vote for Kelley tonight. Kelley is shocked to hear Drew’s plan. She reveals, “Drew gets this vision in his head and he’s like the king of it and he has to be the one to give the final decision.” Kelley is annoyed by Drew and hopes the other are too. Meanwhile, Natalie is telling Jeremy that the girls want to get rid of Drew. Jeremy is not sure that he wants to get rid of Drew at this time, even if he is annoying. Before leaving for Tribal Council, Drew tells Missy that the guys are voting for Kelley and that he doesn’t trust the girls. Jon cautions Drew for talking this way to Missy. Jeremy comments, “Maybe we should get rid of Drew. He’s digging his own grave, but I’m just not sure if it’s the right time.”

Jeff Probst greets the Hunahpu tribe to their first Tribal Council. He instructs each tribe member to light his or her torch. The fire represents their life. So, when their torch is snuffed, they are out of the game. Julie feels that Jon and Drew have one of the closest relationships on the tribe and run around acting like kids. Missy feels like the tribe has more leaders than followers and also has a lot of selfish people. Drew assures everyone that he did his best at the challenge today. Jeremy complains about Keith falsely accusing him of having found the hidden immunity idol. Keith doesn’t feel that he has betrayed Jeremy just because he feels Jeremy has the idol. Drew wants to strengthen the tribe tonight and get rid of bad energy. Kelley points out that they don’t agree on who has the bad energy. Natalie feels that this vote is critical, yet some many people have different opinions on what should happen. Jon admits that he is not sure whom to vote for tonight. Jeff then calls for the vote. Before revealing the votes, Jeff asks if there is an immunity idol to be played. None are offered. Jeff reveals the first eight votes. Keith gets one vote. Kelley gets one vote. Julie receives 2 votes and Drew receives four votes. So, Drew Christy, the 25-year sales representative from Winter Park, FL., is the fourth person voted out of SURVIVOR: SAN JUAN DEL SUR.