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Season 29: Episode 5 - Blood is Blood
Posted on Oct 22, 2014 11:00pm

The Hunahpu tribe returns to camp from their first Tribal Council on night 10. Jon is shocked that his strongest ally Drew was voted out. He is worried that his tribe will vote him out next. Jon admits, “I am very nervous and I’ve got a lot of damage control to do.” He begins by assuring his tribe that he would have voted for Drew, if they had just asked him. Later, Jon apologizes to Jeremy for not siding with him against Drew before Tribal Council. Jeremy comments, “This is perfect. I’m in a beautiful spot right now.”

The next morning Wes and Dale bring tree mail into the Coyopa camp. It invites them back to the arena where loved ones battle each other in the Reward Challenges. Dale is just happy that this time the Hunahpu tribe will be the ones who have voted out a tribe member and not them. Josh hopes that his loved one Reed will not be the one voted out from Hunahpu. Alec is pretty sure that his brother Drew would not have been voted out. He comments, “There’s another show down in the arena and I will absolutely be excited to face off against Drew.” Alec wouldn’t mind paying Drew back for socking him a couple times already in the game.

The Hunahpu and Coyopa tribes arrive and take their seats at the SURVIVOR arena. Alec can’t believe his eyes when he sees that his brother Drew was voted out of Hunahpu. He guesses that Drew must have been perceived as a big threat to his tribe. Jeff Probst, the host, then gives both tribes a shock when he tells them to drop their buffs. He gives each tribe a bag of concealed buffs. They each choose one and then remove the outer covering to see which tribe they will be joining. The new Hunahpu tribe consists of Jaclyn, Jon, Dale, Kelley, Baylor, Missy and Keith. The new Coyopa tribe consists of Natalie, Julie, Jeremy, Reed, Josh, Wes and Alec. Everyone finds it interesting that Hunahpu has three pairs of loved ones and one single Keith. While Coyopa has only one pair of loved ones and five singles. Keith is worried about being the odd man out on Coyopa, since he is the only one on his tribe without a loved one. At the same time, Josh and Reed feel uneasy being the only loved ones on Hunahpu. Jeff sends both new tribes back to their camps to get to know one another. Jon is so relieved to be on the same tribe as his girlfriend Jaclyn. He reveals, “When I was at Hunahpu, I was on the wrong side of the numbers. So the tribe swap came at the right time.”

The new Hunahpu tribe arrives back at camp and greets one another. Natalie says, “Our beach is pretty nice, but we have no food.” Josh is surprised to hear this, since his old Coyopa tribe still had plenty of rice left. Reed shows everyone that they only have two scoops of rice left in their bag. As they compare how both camps were eating, they realize that the old Hunahpu was eating twice as much each day as Coyopa. Wes is not happy about the lack of rice. He comments, “We probably had more than half a bag and they got a handful of rice left. So that had to have been why they were winning.” Jeremy is really upset about the tribe swap. He was in a power position with his old Hunahpu tribe and now he is at risk. Jeremy explains, “We get Wes and Alec and Josh together on our tribe. So, all they have to do is Josh work his magic on Reed and Reed could jump ship and my game is history.” Josh is so happy to be playing with his boyfriend Reed. Reed has always been a source of strength for Josh, even helping him come out to his family and friends. They are so committed to one another that they’ve agreed to remain abstinent until marriage. Josh reveals, “It’s that level of commitment that’s going to take us all the way to the end.”

Dale welcomes his daughter Kelley to the Coyopa camp with a big hug. Jon immediately checks the rice bag and screams with joy when he sees how full it is. His old Hunahpu tribe has so little rice left in comparison. Jon and his girlfriend Jaclyn take every opportunity to hug and kiss. They are so happy to be reunited. Jon reveals, “Being here with Jaclyn is a huge weight off my shoulders.” Jaclyn knowing about his father dying of brain cancer provides Jon much strength and comfort. In addition, Jon looks forward to working with Jaclyn to get further in the game. Jaclyn updates Jon on everything that has been going on at Coyopa prior to his arrival. She makes sure to let him know that she doesn’t trust Baylor or Josh. Baylor notices Jon and Jaclyn hugging and kissing once again. She comments, “Jaclyn and Jon are in love. It’s kind of like I was watching a honeymoon.” Baylor admits she is a little jealous of them and hopes that both her and her mom will find men they can love. While the three couples cool off in the water, Keith decides to try his hand at fishing. Keith feels a little uncomfortable being the only single on the tribe. He comments, “I might be by myself, but you know, I got a little idol.” Keith will use it, if he feels at risk.

Alec is pleased with his new Hunahpu tribe. He comments, “I feel like we have the more athletic of the two tribes, so maybe my tribe won’t suck like the last one.” Alec, Jeremy, Natalie and Reed talk about Alec’s brother, Drew. Jeremy and Natalie confirm that Drew had a hard time coping with the lack of food. Alec feels fine even though he is hungry and tired like the others. He boasts, “For the first time in my life, I can say that I beat Drew.” Later, Jeremy and Natalie take a walk and discuss strategy. They both feel that Alec is very important to their alliance. Jeremy explains, “I can only assume that Reed jumped ship with Josh, Wes and Alec.” Both Jeremy and Natalie need Alec to be in their alliance, since Reed, Josh and Wes all have loved ones still in the game to which they are loyal. Now that Drew is out of the game, Alec is a single like Jeremy and Natalie, so they plan on encouraging Alec to work with them. Jeremy decides to use a technique he learned in fire fighting called surround and drown to talk Alec into joining them. This technique has all the fire fighters surround an out of control fire and drown it with the water from their hoses. Jeremy comments, “We need to just down him with the water of the singles.” Natalie talks to Alec first and warns him that the couples will take out the singles one by one, if they don’t stick together. Later, Jeremy tries to win Alec’s loyalty by boosting his ego. He tells Alec that he has so much more heart than his brother Drew.

Back at Coyopa, it’s eating time. Missy scoops out some rice and pours it into the pot of water. Dale makes sure that Missy is using the small coconut shell to measure the scoops. Baylor encourages her mom to add more rice to the pot. Dale cautions Missy not to cook too much, since the rice has to last for 39 days. Missy is stuck in the middle and getting frustrated trying to please both of them. Baylor tells her mom that Dale has been trying to vote her out since the beginning. Missy vents, “The only thing I want to protect my kid from is that guy picking on her.” Dale is proud of how his original Coyopa tribe rationed out their rice, so they would not run out. He comments, “Missy comes in and starts dishing out double helpings.” Dale wants to yell at Missy and the others for eating too much rice, but he decides to hold his tongue for now. Kelley sees the tension rising between Missy and her dad Dale. She admits, “Missy plays that sweet mom role, but she can be a bit of a diva. My dad is a small town hardworking farm man and he doesn’t deal with that kind of stuff.” Kelley invites her dad to take a walk with her. She advises him not to be aggressive and bossy. Kelley comments, “I’m going to play peacemaker. I have too, otherwise my dad is going to put a big old bulls eye on his back, which puts a bulls eye on my back.”

The next morning, the Hunahpu tribe is laying in the shelter feeling hungry and lethargic. Reed admits, “Food’s getting dire. We’re down to just a handful of rice, a handful of beans and it takes its toll.” Josh points out that his old Coyopa tribe only had one meal a day in comparison with the old Hunahpu tribe, which had two meals. He comments, “There were some very fool hardy players on this side.” Reed and Josh wonder what to do about the food situation. Reed sees a flock of vultures on the beach and suggests that they try and kill one with a rock. Alec assures them that they do not want to eat those dirty nasty birds. He then suggests that they trade a reward for more rice. Reed feels foolish bartering with Jeff for rice. He concedes, “If that’s what it takes, that’s what we’re going to have to settle for, because we need food to be competitive.”

The new Hunahpu and Coyopa tribes arrive at the immunity challenge. Jeff Probst explains the challenge. Each tribe will race to dig up a bag buried in the sand, which contains two keys. They will then crawl through the mud and use one of the keys to open a gate. The next step is to shake a basket to release sandbags. Once a tribe has collected all their sandbags, then two tribe members will attempt to land those sandbags on wobbly platforms. The first tribe to land ten sandbags wins immunity and is safe from the vote. The losers will go to Tribal Council where somebody will be voted out of the game. The challenge begins and both tribes run to the sand to find their bag of keys. The Hunahpu tribe is very aggressive in their digging and the sand starts to fly. The Coyopa tribe digs a little more conservatively. Hunahpu’s method proves to be better, as they quickly uncover their bag of keys and head to the mud. Coyopa is still digging in the sand as Hunahpu gets through the mud and opens their gate. Finally, Coyopa finds their bag and heads to the mud. Hunahpu surrounds their basket and shakes it wildly to quickly release their sandbags. They release all their sandbags and Wes lands his first throw onto the wobbly disk. Meanwhile, Coyopa is still struggling to unlock their gate. Wes and Jeremy do a good job landing almost all of their sandbags on the wobbly disk for Hunahpu. Coyopa finally gets through their gate and starts shaking their basket. No sandbags are falling. The pressure is on as Hunahpu has over half their sandbags on the wobbly disk. In the end, Hunahpu wins immunity before Coyopa even threw their first sandbag. So, Hunahpu is safe tonight, but Coyopa will go to Tribal Council and vote someone out. As Coyopa leaves the challenge, Reed asks Jeff if Hunahpu can make a trade for a bag of rice, since they are running out of food. Jeff offers to come by their camp the next day and discuss the options. The Hunahpu tribe is glad to hear this. Julie admits, “I’m not really sure what’s going to happen, so I’m scared.”

As the losing Coyopa tribe arrives back at their camp, Keith worries that the three couples will vote him out tonight. If he goes, then none of the couples get broken up. Keith comments, “The three couples, one don’t like the other one, you know that could be real good for me.” The Coyopa tribe heads towards the water to clean off all the dried mud from the challenge. Dale realizes that all he needs to do is get one couple to vote with him and Kelley and they will control the vote, with four votes against three. Dales thinks Missy is too pushy and he has never trusted Baylor. He concludes, “We absolutely have to work with Jon and Jaclyn because they’re swing votes.” So, Dale and Kelley talk to Jon and Jaclyn in the shelter. Dale explains why he does not trust Baylor, since she has voted for him in the past and switched her votes at the last minute. Kelley tells them that she does not trust Missy either. Kelley admits, “If the whole point is to choose a pair and that’s the name of the game, then I’m choosing Jon and Jaclyn. Missy and Baylor are out.” Jon and Jaclyn listen carefully to Dale and Kelley and agree to vote with them. Jon realizes, “We have so many couples here, it really is all about finding your couple that you match up with.” As they take a walk by themselves, Jon and Jaclyn realize that they need to get to know the people on their tribe better, before they make their final decision. Later, Jon and Jaclyn talk to Missy and Baylor. Baylor tries to explain to Jon why she and Jaclyn have not always voted together prior to the tribe swap. She reveals, “Prior to the switch, Jaclyn and I never really worked together one on one. So, this is a new ball game with me and her for sure.” Missy asks Jaclyn how she feels about Dale. Jaclyn admits that he was supposed to be the next one voted out. Missy feels Dale and Kelley are dangerous, because they are so smart. Baylor hopes Jon and Jaclyn will work with her and her mom. When they are all back at camp, Missy notices Kelley and Dale heading into the woods. Missy warns Jon and Jaclyn that Kelley could be going to look for an idol, so they may need to split their votes in case she finds one. Jaclyn is not sure which couple to trust. She admits, “Baylor flipped on me once and she could do it again, but Dale is sneaky and I’m sure his daughter is the same way.” Kelley tells Jon and Jaclyn that she and her dad are going to vote for Baylor. Jon and Jaclyn tell her that they are planning on doing the same. In reality, they are not sure which way they will vote. They feel that this is a very important vote, since it will determine, which couple they will be playing with in the future. Jaclyn comments, “You’re going to have to vote out somebody’s loved one and somebody’s not going to be happy.” The Coyopa tribe leaves their camp for Tribal Council.

Jeff Probst begins Tribal Council by asking Keith how he feels about his new Coyopa tribe. Keith admits that he is worried about being the only single on a tribe dominated by couples. He hopes that his old tribe mates from Hunahpu that also ended up on Coyopa will be loyal to him. Jaclyn points out that if they break up a couple by voting one member out, then they will have to deal with the wrath of their loved one left behind. Jon admits that he has spoken with everyone on his new tribe to help make his decision tonight, but trusts his girlfriend Jaclyn the most. Dale admits that he has not spoken to Baylor about the vote, since she tried to get him voted out at the first Tribal Council. Dale calls Jon and Jaclyn “the hottest couple in camp”, since they are the valuable swing vote tonight. Since her father Dale does not get along with Baylor, Kelley definitely feels at a disadvantage coming into this tribe. Missy feels protective of her daughter Baylor and is ready to take out Dale. Kelley points out that Baylor came after Dale first. Missy counters with the fact that Dale has since always voted for Baylor. She admits that this does not bode well for her relationship with Kelley either, since she is Dale’s daughter. Keith understands how both Missy and Dale feel and hopes that the tribe will be more united after tonight’s vote. Jeff then calls for the vote. Before revealing the votes, Jeff asks if there is an immunity idol to be played. None are offered. Jeff reveals all seven votes. Baylor gets two votes. Dale gets two votes. Kelley gets three votes. So, Kelley Wentworth, the 28-year old marketing manager, from Seattle WA, is the fifth person voted out of SURVIVOR: SAN JUAN DEL SUR.