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Season 29: Episode 6 - Make Some Magic Happen
Posted on Oct 29, 2014 11:00pm

Dale is upset as he returns from Tribal Council with his Coyopa tribe on night 13, since they just voted out his daughter Kelley. He comments, “It was the roughest thing I’ve ever watched my daughter go through and I don’t think there’s any father that could be more proud of a daughter than I am of Kelley.” As the rest of his tribe is sleeping in the shelter, Dales sits up by the fire. He vows not to give up. Dale feels he will be the next one voted out of the tribe. He admits, “I’ve got to do something drastic to make sure I don’t go home.” The next morning, Dale meets with Jon away from the others and shows him a fake immunity idol. He assures Jon that he will use it to protect himself. Jon believes that it is a real idol and is shocked to see that Dale has it. Dale found the fake idol at the water well on day one and is glad Jon is fooled by it. Jon admits, “If we lose in the next immunity challenge, the idol potentially could ruin our plan and that really scares me.”

Over at the Hunahpu camp, the tribe is worried about what Jeff Probst, the host, will want in exchange for the rice they asked for at the last immunity challenge. Alec is worried that Jeff will tear down their camp. Jeremy is upset that his tribe asked Jeff for the rice in the first place, since they may be able to win a food reward soon. He vents, “Come on guys suck it up.” Jeff walks into camp with a full bag of rice over his shoulder. The Hunahpu tribe gathers around anxious to hear what he has to say. Natalie shows Jeff how little rice they have left in their bag. Jeff informs the tribe that only one other time in Survivor history has a tribe needed their rice replenished and that was back in Australia. Reed admits that they foolishly let some strong personalities talk them into eating too much rice in the past. Josh and Alec feel it is unfair that their old Coyopa tribe managed their rice well and now they switched to a tribe that is out of rice. Jeff points out that no other tribe in the history of Survivor has needed as much as help as Hunahpu has and they are only 15 days into the game. First they lose their flint and have to get a new one by trading in their fishing reward and now they are out of food. Jeff feels that the reason Hunahpu has been dominating in the challenges is helped immensely by them eating so much more than Coyopa. To be fair to Coyopa, Jeff demands a stiff penalty from Hunahpu in order for them to get enough rice to last the remainder of the 39 days. The penalty is that they must give up all that they won in the comfort reward plus the hatchet, hammer, one pot and the extra flint. Hunahpu will therefore be left with only a machete, a pot and a flint. Jeff says, “You are starting over.” The tribe starts gathering all the items that Jeff requested for the trade. Reed will miss the items they are giving up, but he is happy to have the rice. Jeremy comments, “They’re all happy, like I’m pissed.” Julie is worried about losing all the comfort items especially the tarp. She admits, “I’m very worried about the rain. Being cold is really going to test me.” The Hunahpu tribe watches as Jeff leaves camp with all the items that gave up for rice.

The Hunahpu and Coyopa tribes arrive and take their seats at the SURVIVOR arena. Natalie is surprised when she sees that Kelley was voted out of the Coyopa tribe. Jeff explains the rules of the reward challenge. One person from each tribe will be blindfolded. They will race through a series of obstacles to a station where they will find a mask. They will study the mask using their fingers. Next, they will untie bags of puzzle pieces and head back through the obstacles to a second station where they will use those pieces to recreate the mask. To complicate issues, there are dummy pieces that will feel similar, but won’t be quite right. The first person to get it right wins a Survivor barbeque reward, which includes a grill, charcoal and skewers of meat and vegetables for their tribe. The loser goes to Exile Island. Jeff informs them that this challenge will not be a blood versus water, but instead each tribe should pick their strongest competitors. Hunahpu chooses Reed to compete for them. Coyopa chooses Baylor. The challenge begins. Reed and Baylor head to the first obstacle with their blindfolds on. They each crawl through a wooden structure. Reed bumps his head on the structure, but he doesn’t let it slow him down. Baylor goes through the obstacle more slowly than Reed. Reed gets to the mask first and unties his first bag of puzzle pieces. He then takes time to feel the completed mask to get familiar with it. Baylor gets to her station and decides to just untie her first bag of puzzle pieces and head back without feeling the mask. This allows Baylor to make up some time on Reed, but he still beats her back to the start. They both empty their first bag of puzzle pieces and head back to get their second bag. Baylor hits her head on the wooden obstacle two times in this round. Reed flies through the obstacle course and once again beats Baylor back to the start with his second bag. He takes the time to empty his second bag of puzzle pieces and carefully feel their shapes. Baylor doesn’t take time to do this now, as she is anxious to retrieve her third and final bag. When she gets to the bag and the completed mask, this time she feels around and studies it carefully. Reed retrieves his final bag of puzzle pieces and once again takes time to feel the completed mask. Baylor gets back to the start first and starts using her puzzle pieces to build her empty mask. Reed is close behind her. They each have to find the correct seven pieces to fill in their empty masks in order to recreate the completed one they have been studying. No one from their tribe can help them. Reed places two pieces in his mask quickly. Baylor places one piece, but it is the wrong one. It is one of the dummy pieces. Reed places two more pieces, but this time one of them is wrong. Baylor places her second piece. Reed places his final three pieces, while Baylor is still struggling to place her third piece. He reviews his puzzle and decides to swap out the dummy piece. With that, Reed successfully completes his puzzle and wins reward for his Hunahpu tribe. Reed starts crying as he takes off his blindfold. He admits that the challenge was stressful and that he is very hungry. Baylor starts crying too, because she feels she let her Coyopa tribe down. Reed chooses Julie from his tribe to go to Exile Island with Baylor. Natalie asks if she can go in Julie’s place, even though this means that she won’t get to share in the barbeque reward with her tribe. Reed grants Natalie’s wish and let’s her go to Exile. Missy thanks Natalie for going to Exile with her daughter Baylor. She comments, “I know that I have Natalie. I know that she’s with me and I think it will be super beneficial.”

Since Coyopa didn’t win the barbeque reward, Keith tries to catch fish with a stick to which he attached fishing line and a hook. The fish are nibbling on his bait, but so far he has not caught any. Meanwhile, Jon takes a walk with Jaclyn and Missy. They agree that Natalie is still Missy’s ally, since she volunteered to go to Exile with Baylor. Next, Jon tells Jaclyn and Missy about the idol that Dale showed him. Jon recommends that they vote Keith out next, instead of Dale. Missy comments, “So, today Dale decides to show Jon that he has an idol. That’s a little wrinkle in the plan.”

Natalie and Baylor arrive on Exile and head to the clue urns. Natalie hopes that her volunteering to go to Exile with Baylor will pay off for her in the long run. She explains, “Once I merge, this will prove to Missy and Baylor, listen we need to take care of Natalie.” Baylor gets the clue to the hidden immunity idol back at camp and immediately shares it with Natalie. It informs them that the idol is hidden ten steps from the flag. Natalie feels that getting this clue and any other information that she can get from Baylor is more important than the barbeque reward. Baylor and Natalie both agree to search back at their respective camps for the hidden immunity idol. If they got them both, then they would have a lot of power in the game. Natalie comments, “Me, Jeremy and Julie we’re on the chopping block now. Long term, whatever Baylor says I’m listening to, because Missy I trust.” She feels if she can trust Missy, then she can trust her daughter Baylor.

The Hunahpu tribe arrives back at their camp from the reward challenge. They thank Reed and are so excited to enjoy their barbeque. Josh admits, “I’m so proud of Reed for pulling it out.” Josh gives Reed a kiss and a big hug to congratulate him. Jeremy watches the two of them and sees how close they are. He comments, “These two hugging and kissing, that’s a threat.” The Coyopa tribe cooks up their meat and vegetable kabobs and devours them. Alec loves meat and therefore really enjoys the reward. He comments, “It was ridiculous. My skirt was blown up.” Jeremy is still upset that his tribe gave up their comfort and tarp for the extra rice from Jeff. He vents, “If we just left it for another day, we would have had a full meal. Like, they’re so dumb.” As the sun goes down, a rainstorm blows into camp. The tide rises, the temperature plummets and the rain pours down. The Coyopa tribe is huddled in their shelter, while the rain drips right through their roof. Julie breaks down and admits that she will not be able to handle being wet and cold all night. Jeremy comments, “Julie, Julie, Julie it’s a sad situation. She’s ready to go home.” But he needs Julie to stay, because she is in his alliance. Jeremy reveals, “If she has to go, I need her to go before I go.” He is determined to make it to the merge and turn things around for his game. The next morning, the rain has stopped, but Julie is still huddled in the shelter. Jeremy encourages Julie, not to let the weather break her down and that the sun will come out today. Julie tells Jeremy that she won’t be able to handle another night like that. Jeremy warns Julie not to let their other tribe mates see her like this. He promises to protect her and reminds her that they need each other to get to the merge. Julie reveals, “It was the hardest night of my life.” She thought about quitting, but she is proud of herself for surviving the storm.

The Hunahpu and Coyopa tribes arrive at the immunity challenge. Natalie and Baylor return from Exile Island and join their tribes. Jeff Probst explains the challenge. Each tribe will race up and over a tall wall. Each tribe will then work together to push a large wooden cube to a series of posts. At each post, they will grab a bag of puzzle pieces. Once they’ve collected all three bags, then two tribe members will use the scrolls inside to solve a flag puzzle. The first tribe to get it right wins immunity and is safe from the vote. The losers will go to Tribal Council where somebody will be voted out of the game. Since Hunahpu has one extra member, Julie sits out of the challenge. The challenge begins. The Hunahpu tribe is the first to get all their members over the ten foot wall and they start to move their cube. The Coyopa tribe catches up to them by the time they get to their first bag of puzzle pieces. Jeremy retrieves the first bag for Hunahpu, while Jon retrieves the first bag for Coyopa. At the second post, Jon quickly gets the bag for Coyopa, but Jeremy has trouble and slows down his tribe, when the Hunahpu bag gets stuck. Coyopa is able to take a big lead as they retrieve their third bag and start working on the puzzle, before Jeremy gets Hunahpu’s second bag. Jon and Missy work on the puzzle for Coyopa. Wes retrieves the third puzzle bag. Josh and Reed start working on the puzzle for Hunahpu. Jon has four of the eight pieces up for Coyopa before Josh puts up the first piece for Hunahpu. Jon realizes the fourth piece is incorrect and takes it back to Missy. Meanwhile, Josh and Reed make good progress on Hunahpu’s puzzle. Coyopa continues to struggle with finding the correct fourth piece, which gives Hunahpu time to take the lead. Jon takes a look at Hunahpu’s puzzle to see what’s wrong with his. He then corrects Coyopa’s puzzle and now it is a race for the finish. In the end, Hunahpu wins immunity once again. So, the Coyopa tribe is headed back to Tribal Council to vote someone out.

The Coyopa tribe gets back to their camp very disappointed about once again losing an immunity challenge. Keith admits, “It is frustrating, but now my job is to get Dale out of there and get to the merge.” He is happy to have an immunity idol that he can use if needed at Tribal Council. Dale knows he is in danger tonight and decides to make an offer to Jon. He tells Jon that he will give Jon his immunity idol, if he is not voted out tonight. Dale knows that his immunity idol is fake and cannot save him tonight, but Jon does not know that. He reveals, “Right now I’m bartering that idol for votes.” Dale plans on voting for Missy tonight, since she has the most ties to the opposing Hunahpu tribe. Jon is shocked that Dale would give him his idol. He shakes Dale’s hand to seal the deal. Jon comments, “It’s very tempting to take that offer, but you can’t just get hung up on small details.” He realizes that he needs to weigh all the options and check in with his alliance. So, Jon meets with Jaclyn, Missy and Baylor and tells them about Dale’s offer to give him the idol. Missy reminds Jon that the only way for the four of them to get further is to get rid of Dale. Baylor recommends that they split the vote three for Dale and two for Keith, in case Dale plays his idol. Missy comments, “If he plays his idol, Keith goes home. I’m sad about that, but better Keith than me and Baylor.” Before heading out to Tribal Council, Jon and Jaclyn discuss the options of voting out Dale, Keith or Missy. Jon admits, “The biggest thing I need to do for this vote is line myself up, so when the merge happens Jaclyn and I are a power couple.”

Dale points out that tonight’s vote will be tough because someone’s loved one will be voted out. He knows how that feels, since his daughter was just voted out at the last Tribal Council. Dale feels that challenges are easy compared to the emotions and constant mental strain that this game requires. Baylor reveals that on Exile Island she felt scared and alone like a lost child in a grocery store. Missy starts tearing up when she hears this from her daughter and feels bad that she wasn’t there for Baylor. Baylor starts crying when she sees that her mom is crying. She explains that she knows her mom will always love her no matter what happens. Dale admits that he is playing differently now that his daughter Kelley is no longer in the game and reminds everyone that he is now a valuable unattached vote. Jon and Jaclyn reveal that they are the swing votes once again at this Tribal Council. Baylor reminds Jon and Jaclyn that she and her mom are loyal to them. Dale reminds the tribe that Baylor was the one who was not loyal and switched her vote at the first Tribal Council. Jon plans on using his vote to keep the people he can trust and who can get him to the merge. Jeff calls for the vote. Before revealing the votes, Jeff asks if there is an immunity idol to be played. None are offered. Jeff reveals all six votes. Missy gets one vote. Keith gets two votes. Dale gets three votes. So, Dale Wentworth, the 55-year old farmer from Ephrata, WA is the sixth person voted out of SURVIVOR: SAN JUAN DEL SUR.