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Season 29: Episode 7 - Million Dollar Decision
Posted on Nov 6, 2014 12:00am

It’s the morning of day 16 and the Coyopa tribe is gathered around the fire. Missy admits to Keith that she and Baylor voted for him last night at Tribal Council, since they weren’t sure if Dale would play his idol or not. Keith responds, “You could have let me know.” He is upset that Missy did not reveal her plans to him before Tribal Council, since they are supposed to be in the same alliance. Missy and Baylor assure Keith that Dale was the one they wanted to vote out last night. Keith warns them not to lie again. He comments, “I need someone that stays loyal. Shoot, I’m done with y’all.”

Over at the Hunahpu tribe, Natalie reads tree mail, which tells them to gather all their belongings and follow a map to the trail where they will receive further instructions. Everyone is excited and feels confident that they have made it to the tribe merge. Josh is happy, but wishes that he gotten Jeremy out before the merge. Josh admits, “It makes it a little more precarious to get Jeremy out, but we can do this.” Jeremy feels a lot more confident about his future in the game. He let Josh and Reed run things on the Hunahpu tribe, but now he is ready to take control. Jeremy comments, “It’s merge time. Now it’s time to go and I want to crush them.”

Keith reads tree mail to the Coyopa tribe. They are also thrilled that the tribe merge is here. Jaclyn comments, “I’m really excited. It’s a big milestone for me and Jon to have made the merge together.” Jaclyn and Jon plan on keeping their options open. The Coyopa tribe packs up their camp and heads to the trail.

The Hunaphu tribe carries all their belongings out of camp and up a hill while following the trail. Reed admits, “It’s a whole new chapter. You’re all coming back together. You’re trying to figure out what still stands.” He also knows that loved ones complicate things, since they are naturally tied to each other. When both tribes reach the top of the hill they greet one another. They see a big feast waiting for them and start eating right away. They enjoy lobster, fruit, vegetables, trail mix, cheese, dessert, alcohol and more. Julie reveals, “Now that we’ve merged, we have multiple loved ones together and it’s really tough on me, because I miss my boyfriend John.” Reed reads everyone a note, which confirms that the two tribes have merged into one and that they will all live at the old Coyopa camp. He then hands out new green buffs to everyone. Wes admits, “That feast was the number one highlight of this game so far.” He instructs everyone to save the food they did not eat, so they can eat it later. Julie puts all the trail mix in her bag to carry it to the new camp. Keith is happy to finally be on the same tribe with his son Wes. He reveals, “I could care less about Missy and Baylor.” Everyone carries as much as they can and heads over to the old Coyopa camp. Josh comments, “This is where you make or break, if you are going to have the numbers for the rest of this game.”

The newly merged tribe arrives at camp. Jeremy comments, “This is a total different level of play. Like, we’ve got to all step our games up.” Jeremy knows that Natalie and Julie are on his side, now he wants to get two couples to join his alliance. He first checks in with Jon. Jon assures Jeremy that he and Jaclyn are still loyal to him and feels that they can count on Baylor and Missy to join them. Next, Jeremy checks in with Missy. Missy is glad to be back on the same tribe with Jeremy and promises that she and Baylor are with him. Jeremy is happy to now have confirmed that he has Natalie, Julie, Jon, Jaclyn, Missy and Baylor on his side. He gloats, “We have seven, that’s all we need.” Reed throws out some suggestions for their new tribe name. The tribe likes the name Huyopa and starts painting their flag. Josh is keeping an eye on who is talking to whom in the tribe camp. He is worried when he sees Jeremy talking to so many people. Josh reveals, “The goal is just to make sure that Jeremy doesn’t get the numbers before we get the numbers.”

The next morning Josh is the first one to wish Wes happy birthday. Keith admits, “It’s Wesley’s birthday today. Matter of fact, I woke up this morning and forgot all about it.” Keith makes up for his mistake by catching a crab for his son Wes, so he can have a good breakfast. Josh is determined to get the numbers on his side today. He plans on trying to unite the four couples, which would give them the majority with eight people. Josh explains, “Right now, my tightest alliance is me and Reed, Alec, Wes and Keith, but that’s still five and we need at least seven.” He plans on talking to Baylor first, since she owes him for saving her early on in the game. If Josh can get Baylor, then he will have her mother Missy too on his side. So, Josh checks in with Baylor. She promises him that they are still working together. Baylor reveals, “It’s difficult, because my mom has a bunch of alliances and I only have one, strong one with Josh.” Josh tells Baylor his plan to unite all of the couples. Baylor tells him that she will think about it and get back to him. Baylor wants to stay loyal to Josh because he has helped her in the past, but she prefers be in a different alliance than her mom. Josh senses Baylor’s hesitation to rekindle their alliance. He admits, “I honestly was a little hurt.”

Baylor tells Missy about her conversation with Josh and his request for them to be in the same alliance. She admits to her mom that she doesn’t want to disappoint Josh. Missy responds, “Baylor you’re going to have to be a little bit phony.” Missy knows deceiving Josh is going to be difficult for her daughter, who likes top please people and not hurt them. Missy tells Baylor that she has a strong alliance with Jeremy and they have the numbers, so she can’t flip to Josh’s alliance. Baylor doesn’t want Josh to hate her. Missy recommends that Baylor just smile and tell Josh that she has to talk things over with her mom. Missy is glad that Baylor is asking her opinion on the game, especially since Missy has not always made the best decisions in the past, especially when it came to husbands. She comments, “It’s like I get to kind of redeem myself here.” Josh realizes that he will probably not get Baylor to join his alliance. So, he sets his sights on Jon and Jaclyn. Josh admits, “We have to make a play for these people or we will be out of the numbers.”

Josh talks to Jon and Jaclyn about joining his alliance. He warns them against aligning with Jeremy since he is the strongest competitor and a good strategist. Josh also points out that they would have a better chance winning the million dollar prize, if they went up against he and Reed, than if they went up against Jeremy who is a fireman with two kids. Jon admits, “Once again we find ourselves in the middle.” Jon and Jaclyn go over the pros and cons of joining Josh’s alliance. If they went with Josh, they would likely make it to the top six. They are worried though, because Josh and Reed are performers, who could be lying to them. Jaclyn comments, “One wrong vote could be a million dollar decision.”

The Huyopa tribe has now eaten all the leftovers from the merge feast, so they are hungry again. Jon wonders what happened to the big bowl of trail mix that was at the merge. Julie reveals, “I still have a little trail mix that I took from the feast, but I’m keeping it in my bag and now I feel a little guilty.” At the same time, she knows that everyone else has eaten up their leftovers too quickly, so she knows there will be none left for her if she shares it with everyone. Jon recommends that they search everyone’s bags to see if they can find it. While Julie is down at the beach, Jon looks through her bag and finds the missing trail mix. He immediately takes a big handful and shares it with everyone. Everyone is upset that Julie was keeping it for herself. Wes admits, “It is one of the most selfish things that you can do in Survivor.” Baylor grabs another handful of trail mix from Julie’s bags and shares it with the tribe again. Jon is furious. He vents, “I can’t trust someone in my alliance who is stealing people’s food.” When Julie comes back to camp, everyone is quiet. Jon and Alec make comments about missing the trail mix. Julie feels the tension and suspects that her tribe realizes that she was hoarding the trail mix. She comments, “Things don’t look so good for me right now.”

The Huyopa tribe arrives at the immunity challenge. Jeff Probst, the host, takes the tribal immunity idol from Baylor and reveals the individual immunity idol that they will be playing for from now on. Jeff explains the immunity challenge. Each person is going to balance a ball on a disc, which is attached to ropes. At regular intervals, they will each move their hands farther back on the rope making it more difficult to balance. After 25 minutes, a second ball will be added. If at any point a ball drops, that person is out of the challenge. The last person left standing wins immunity and is safe from the vote. One of the losers will be voted out of the game at Tribal Council. The challenge begins and the castaways start balancing a ball on their disc by using two ropes attached to the disc. They need to keep things as steady as possible even when the wind blows. The first big gust of wind moves Jeremy’s ball too much and it falls off the disc. So, Jeremy is the first one out of the challenge. With just one minute left in the first round, Missy drops her ball and is also out of the challenge. A few seconds later, Julie is also out. Everyone else survives the first ten minute round. In the next round, each contestant is at the farthest end of their rope, which is about 6 feet away from the disc and ball. This makes it much more difficult to steady the ball. Reed’s ball falls, so he is out. Baylor, Alec and Jaclyn drop out shortly after. Only five people remain in the challenge: Natalie, Jon, Josh, Wes and Keith. A big gust of wind takes Natalie out next. Jon, Keith, Wes and Josh all last for the entire 15 minute round. Now they each must balance two balls on their disc. Just as the final round begins, Josh and then Jon drop their balls and are out. So, now Keith and Wes are the last two competing making it a father son challenge. In the end, Keith outlasts his son Wes and wins this first individual immunity challenge. Keith is so proud to beat his son. He admits, “Tonight is critical. We’ll know exactly where everybody stands after tonight’s vote.”

The Huyopa tribe returns to camp. Jeremy is so frustrated with being the first one out of the immunity challenge. He comments, “I thought I’d kill these challenges. I’m terrible at these challenges.” Jeremy is at least relieved that his alliance has the majority of people, so he is safe at tonight’s Tribal Council. Huyopa cooks some rice broth and wishes they still had food from the merge feast to eat. As the whole tribe is gathered around the fire Alec says, “Sure wish I had some trail mix.” Julie hears him and the rest of the tribe is silent, as they wait to see her reaction. Julie walks out of camp and reveals, “I’m feeling really low. I’m feeling really lost and confused.” Julie talks to Missy and admits that she is having a hard time staying in the game. She finds it difficult being in a game with so many people who still have their loved ones. Missy encourages her to keep going. Although Missy does not approve of Julie keeping all the trail mix for herself, she still wants Julie to stay in the game and vote with her alliance. Missy comments, “One mess up vote at Tribal could throw this whole plan into the toilet.” Julie understands that her alliance wants her to stay, because they need her vote to get Josh out tonight. So, she tells Missy that she will stay. Julie comments, “I see clearly what that is and I can make a decision right now based on what I need.” Meanwhile, Jon talks to Jeremy and warns him that Josh and his alliance are hoping to vote him out tonight. Jeremy reveals, “Josh is the only one in his alliance that is playing the game. You take him out and it is over.” Josh feels that Jeremy is playing the game really well too, but is frustrated because Jeremy is playing against him and not with him. Josh knows that he has to get Jon and Jaclyn to be in his alliance. He comments, “It would make sense to go couples together and singles out. Blood vs. water that’s what this game is about.” While Jeremy is away from camp, Josh and his alliance of Wes, Keith, and Alec talk to Jon about why Jeremy is dangerous to keep in the game. They feel that Jeremy will likely win immunity challenges and wants to vote out the couples. Josh talks about how fun it will be to continue to play with their loved ones. Jon weighs the options and reveals, “I’ve found myself making a complete 180, in terms of what alliances I’m supporting. Jon then talks it over with his girlfriend Jaclyn. He explains that it is the best thing for their game is to change their alliance and vote Jeremy out tonight. They both feel uncomfortable about switching alliances, but they agree that voting out a big threat like Jeremy is the best thing to do.

The Huyopa tribe is all back at camp and wondering where Julie is. Alec thinks that his comment about the trail mix may have gotten to her. Julie admits, “I never thought in my wildest dreams that blood versus water would be this difficult.” Jeff Probst meets with Julie at camp. Julie explains to Jeff how hard it has been to be without John, while so many other people have their loved ones here. She has never been apart from John for more than four days in the past, since they started seeing each other. Julie feels that her head is already out of the game and that her tribe will likely vote her out next, so she just wants to quit. She admits that she is used to being judged by others and is prepared to handle the consequences of her quitting. Julie feels bad for any negative consequences that her leaving will have on anyone else in the game, but she is sure that quitting is the best thing for her. Jeff then informs the Huyopa tribe that Julie has quit the game. He does give them some good news, which is that they do not have to go to Tribal Council tonight. Josh is disappointed that he did not vote Jeremy out tonight, but plans on accomplishing this at the next Tribal Council. Jeremy comments, “I’m upset that she left, because she really messed up my plan.”